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Destination Crossroads: Video Clips


The following videos were written and produced for Big Centre TV to show during their popular “Crossroads Check In” programme. The videos were written and presented by John Drury. The producer was Lee Bannister. They were shown on Big Centre TV in 2015.


Click on Each Picture to view the video (YouTube)


Crossroads On Location: Episode 1 – The Early Years


In this episode we look at some of the earliest locations used in the series – mainly set around the village of Baschurch in Shropshire. We visit the earliest version of the motel and get to see some early location paperwork from ATV. Locations also include: “Heathbury Manor” and the “Passing Out Parade” that took place with Marilyn Gates as guest of honour.


Crossroads On Location: Episode 2 – Coventry


In this episode we look at the historic city of Coventry, which featured heavily in the storylines set around the time of Sandy Richardson’s accident. We visit the Coventry cathedrals, the statue of the “Coventry Boy” and the location used as the hospital where Meg received the devastating news that Sandy would never walk again.


Crossroads On Location: Episode 3 – Birmingham


In this episode we look at how the producers of Crossroads were often very inventive – using locations right on their doorstep. We visit Barnaby’s toy store in Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham Cathedral, Gas Street Basin and the famous Register Office.


Crossroads On Location: Episode 4 – Chateau Impney


In this episode we take a very special look at one of the most beautiful and iconic of all of the locations used during the series – the Chateau Impney Hotel – or as we know it “The Droitwich Hotel” – the location of Meg’s engagement to Hugh Mortimer – and their subsequent wedding reception and honeymoon. Scenes filmed at the hotel also featured as alternative areas within the Crossroads Motel…