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Matthew has a great collection of Central memorabilia which he has gathered over many years. Many of the items came directly from the people at Broad Street and Lenton Lane. Matthew also has many other interesting items from other ITV regions and these can be found on Page 2 (Scroll down). Larger versions of some of these images are available on the ATVLAND website. Click HERE.


Original endcap boards from Central – 3 versions shown here.


Matthew says “I first got in ITV memorabilia collecting when I was 17. I wrote to Yorkshire TV to see how they made our local News programme CALENDAR with the late great Richard Whiteley.


I went to the studios and when they had finished filming I was invited to the studio floor to meet Richard Whiteley and Marylyn Webb for their autographs. While I was there I saw a studio camera filming the Yorkshire TV production endcap board on the caption stand in one corner of the studio. I asked the camera man if I could have the board as a memento of my visit to the studios in Leeds.


The camera man gave me the board and suggested that I try and collect all of the ITV regions because they were in the process of moving to computer graphics soon and would not be made from cardboard. He suggested they could be worth something in the future. I took the his advice and wrote to every ITV station up and down the country.


When I managed to get all the ITV endcaps I then started to collect information on all the ITV stations and any publicity materials such as pens, keyrings, stickers etc. I also started to collect plastic studio camera badges from the studio cameras.


After collecting such a vast amount of ITV memorabilia I was invited to go on Channel 4's “Collectors Lot” TV programme and appeared on TV with my collection. They were impressed with my knowledge and collection of ITV history.”


The 3D version of the Central Cake that used to appear behind the continuity announcers.

Matthew got this directly from the Continuity studio.


A Central camera


A sign from the lighting grid at ATV – The Birmingham home of Central.


A “Part 2” board designed for the later Central years of “Crossroads”


The “Newsdesk” sign from early Central bulletins


Genuine parts from Central cameras.


An unused sticker designed to be used on studio cameras.


Matthew has many signed photographs in his collection.


A bendy bully, left-over from the original series of Bullseye.


The cover to “TV Times” (Central region) from the first week of Central Television.


“Welcome to Central” feature from TV Times.


Matthew visited Central many times and has a great collection of personal photographs.


Design images showing the now familiar Central Cake ident – collected from the Design department in Birmingham.






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