Features: Autograph Gallaery


The images in this gallery are scans of the autograph cards that were sent out to fans of the show. Many cast members had several versions of their card, including a pre-printed version, and one with space for a handwritten signature.  This gallery will focus on the hand-signed versions for the time being, but more will be added at a later date…



Tony Adams as “Adam Chance”


Rebecca Hazlewood as “Beena Shah”


Gilly Gilchrist as “Billy Taylor”




Luke Walker as “Bradley Clarke”


Rhea Bailey as “Chloe Simms”


Marc Jordan as “Des White”




Colin Wells as “Jake Booth”


Jane Rossington as “Jill Harvey”


Rebecca Clarke as “Joanne Gibson”




Jane Gurnett as “Kate Russell”


Natasha Marquiss as “Mandy Stocks”


Peter Dalton as “Minty Sutton”




Julia Burchell as “Nicola Russell”


Di Sherlock as “Oona Stocks”


Joanne Farrell as “Sarah Jane Harvey”




Neil McCaul as “Patrick Russell”


Neil Grainger as “Phil Berry”


James McKenzie Robinson as “Ray Dobbs”




Roger Sloman as “Rocky Wesson”


Toby Sawyer as “Tom Curtis”

Cindy Marshall-Day as “Tracey Booth”




Sherrie Hewson as “Virginia Raven”


Sarah Nerwall as “Kully Gill”


Kieran Hardcastle as “Scott Booth”




Max Brown as “Mark Russell”


Jim Dunk as “Dave Stocks”


Holly Newman as “Sarah Harvey”




Kathy Staff as “Doris Luke”

Jack Curtis as “Daniel Curtis”