Features: Art Department – Props and Set Dressing


Elsewhere on this site you can see some of the props created for the programme. On this page you can see just a small sample of the work needed to make the world of King’s Oak look “real”. All of the documents and props below were created especially for the show by the art department at Carlton Studios in Nottingham.

With thanks to Carlton Television and Matthew Gulliver.




The Hotel Master Key – as used by Jake Booth in Episode one

Share Dividend Certificate made out to Sarah Jane Harvey

Menu from the King’s Oak Café

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A cheque made out to Phil Berry from Patrick Russell’s bank account.

A delivery note from Food Services, Churchbury, Warwickshire. CLICK to read

Room Service Menu CLICK to read




Salon Price List. CLICK to read

An invitation to the Salon re-opening party

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Hotel Signage