JULY 1982: Episodes 3631 – 3643

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Crossroads Episode: 3631: Original TX: 01-07-82 (Thursday)


David Hunter writes an important letter to Reg Lamont. Arthur Brownlow is worried about his prospects of becoming bowls club secretary, and Benny reveals a big surprise to Doris Luke. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: Malcolm Taylor


David and Barbara cross reception. They greet the guests and Ellie the receptionist – who gives them a pile of post. When they enter the office David complains that Ellie should be sorting the post for them. “Her mind is not on her job” he remarks. David goes on to say that there are other members of staff wasting time, and names Valerie Pollard as a prime example. “She’s not really staff” Barbara reminds him. “She is when she nominates herself to work in the bar and then spends time gossiping here instead.

David brings up the discussion that he interrupted between Barbara and Valerie the day before. Barbara explains that Valerie had been arguing with Jill in the bar and that she asked her into the office to warn her against a repetition. David asks whether they dicussed anything else – but changes the subject to Reg Lamont when Barbara seems concerned.

“When I left – you stayed on – anything serious was it?” asks Barbara. “I was just being polite – she hadn’t finished her drink” he explains… before beginning to dictate the letter.


At the Brownlow’s Kevin collects the mail from the doormat. Glenda is concerned that there might be something from Nottingham, from the people that Kevin owes money to. She suggests that maybe they have written off the debt and put it down to experience.  Kevin sarcastically agrees, suggesting that “Harrison is big hearted”.


He goes upstairs while Glenda takes the post into the living room. Arthur opens the letter, which is from the bowls club. “It never rains but it pours – they want me to stand for secretary”. He suggests that it would have been good news – had Kath not “opened her big mouth and put her foot in it” about the open day. Kath tells Glenda that she suggested that Mac might like to go along. “Is that all? What’s the big calamity?” she asks.  “You dad was concerned he’d come along in African war-paint, brandishing a spear” she jokes. Glenda tells Arthur that she thinks the idea is a “stroke of genius” Kath tells her that Arthur is worried that it will spoil his chances of becoming elected. “Have you told your committee that Mac is foreman at the Crossroads garage? It could do the club a lot of good!” Glenda suggests.


Mac walks into the garage office and tells Sharon that Mr. Dobson is outside filling up his car.  “Did you show his estimate to Kevin Banks?” she asks. Mac admits that he told Kevin what was in it. He promises that it wont happen again and leaves – just as Mr. Dobson arrives. Sharon asks whether he would be willing to “come down a bit” on his estimate. “I could come down a lot, but then it wouldn’t be the sort of work I do” he replies. “The motel told me you were very reasonable” she tells him. He informs her that he is on a contract with the motel, and for a job such as the garage he would have to take on additional men. Sharon tells him that she has been given another estimate that is a lot cheaper. “Not from a local firm you haven’t” he replies confidently. “We’re not talking about Kevin Banks are we?” he asks. Dobson tells her that Kevin is a good decorator, but that he is “steady” and likely to still be working on the job at Christmas. He goes on to say that he has named his price, and that it would be up to her to come to a decision. “I can guarantee the work I do – but I don’t go in for ducking and diving”


In the motel office, Barbara is ready to leave for the post office. David hands her the letter for Reg Lamont. “Are we sure? It’s a tremendous increase on your first bid?” she asks. “Reg Lamont will understand that I have bid to my limit” he replies.  “I also have to bid higher than Reg Lamont’s estimation of Sharon Metcalfe” he adds. “Whom J Henry wants you to throw out of the garage as soon as you buy it” Barbara reminds him. “I’ll do as much for her as I can” he promises. “Her head’s on J Henry’s block, and when you dictated this, you sharpened the axe” she tells him dramatically.


As Barbara leaves, Paul Ross arrives. David hands him a file concerning the pre-paid lunches project – more specifically the transport aspect that was Jill’s suggestion. Paul nods enthusiastically.


In the garage office, Sid is talking to Mac. Sharon walks in and asks if either of them have seen Benny. Sid tells her that he has given Benny a couple of hours off “A bit urgent” says Sid. Sharon is intrigued, but Sid tells her that it is hush-hush business. Sharon is even more intrigued, but she has to leave.


Mac asks whether Sid has started Benny gambling again. “As if I would” replies Sid. “YES YOU WOULD” Mac answers immediately. Sid eventually reveals that Benny has bought a house.


In the motel bar, Sharon  gets a drink for herself and for Kevin. She admits to him that they are not celebration drinks. “You cant win em all” says Kevin. Sharon tells him that he will get another job. “Does Carole know you’re back?” she asks. “That is why you went to Nottingham isn’t it?” she adds. “Did she tell you?” he asks. “She didn’t have to” Sharon replies. “Its past history” Kevin tells her. “Is it? Carole works in the garage – you wanted to decorate the place – it would have taken you quite a while…” Kevin pretends not to have worked this out. “That wasn’t a consideration?” she asks. “I wanted the job because I’m broke” he replies. “You didn’t turn me down because of that did you?” he asks. She apologises again and suggests that he get in touch with Carole. As she leaves he orders another drink from the bar. (END OF PART ONE)



At the Brownlow’s Glenda arrives back to find Kath on the phone. She is talking about a blocked flue with her friend Edith. After the call Kath sets the table – just as Arthur arrives with a very long face. He asks whether tea is ready, and is unimpressed to find that it isn’t. “If you want anything you can ring for me – because I’ll be in the kitchen” she tells him. “If you’re in one of your moods I want to be as far away as possible. He apologises to her “Its been a bad day” he admits. She fixes them both a sherry. Arthur tells her that he never should have got up. “It started badly with that letter from the bowls club” he adds. He then tells her about his day… the cleaner was off, the girl who makes the coffee hadn’t put any sugar in, his steak pie from lunchtime has given him indigestion, George Beal can’t spell – so he has been landed with his work “And just to cap it all – just as I was putting the key in the door, the African Queen was shaking her mat out of the bedroom window” – Kath pretends to be horrified. “Not in front of the neighbours!” she exclaims. Arthur doesn’t see the joke “Exactly” he agrees.


In the garage Benny arrives back and is full of excitement for his new house.


He tells Mac and Sid all about his adventures with the bank bloke, Mr Jessop – with the for-sale sign, and the legal bloke. “Have you seen Miss Luke?” he asks them. Mac tells him that she has been and gone. Benny chases after her. “I’ve got to tell Miss Luke!”


Back at the Brownlow’s Arthur is on the telephone. “Its not a matter of race, colour or creed, it’s a matter of creating a precedent.” says Arthur. Kath and Glenda look on – unimpressed. “You let one of them in – and its more or less a takeover”


When he gets off the phone he tells them that he has been speaking to the deputy chairman of the bowls club – apparently they are going to put the “issue” on the agenda for the meeting. Glenda says that she thinks he is stupid. “You don’t get to his position if you’re stupid” he tells them – before going upstairs for a bath.


As he leaves Kevin comes home and tells them that he didn’t get the decorating job at the garage. He is clearly dejected and reveals that if things don’t improve then he may have to look to London for work. “I’ve hit rock bottom – theres only one thing I can do…go South”


In the garage Sharon is exhausted. She makes another mistake on some paperwork, and is just about ready to drop when Paul Ross arrives, unannounced with smoked salmon and white whine. “You shouldn’t work so late so often” he tells her.  He goes on to say that he expected her to try and convince David Hunter that she was the right person to take on a role in his pre-paid luncheon scheme.  “Your name didn’t come up at all” he tells her. “Jill Harvey is against you – fine. But why don’t you see if David Hunter isn’t?” he asks. “Because by the time your idea gets off the ground I might not be here” she reveals.


In her room, Doris is having a wash. There is a knock at the door. It is Benny. Doris tells him that she waited so long for a bath that she eventually gave up – blaming the girl from number 4. Doris complains about her day – including the fact that she had to empty the bins because Archie Gibbs was off.


Benny struggles to get a word in, but eventually reveals that he is buying the house on Jubilee Terrace. “I’ve seen all the blokes – and they’ve said I can have it” he reveals.  “If you’re sure that’s what you want –a place like that – all for yourself” she tells him. Benny shakes his head. “Oh its not for me… its for you Miss Luke”




Benny: “I’ve got the keys so you can go and have a look at it any time you like and see how nice it is…. Miss Luke?”


Well I didn’t see that coming. Actually I did – perhaps the most signposted plot development ever – I’m surprised Doris didn’t pick up on it as well. Why else would Benny have insisted on visiting Jubilee Terrace again and again? I wonder whether Jubilee Terrace is a sneaky “Coronation Street” reference – since actress Kathy Staff appeared in that show several times over the years. Probably not now I come to think about it. I’m not very perceptive. Obviously Sharon is much more perceptive than me though – putting two and two together about the REAL reason that Kevin might want to work at the garage – namely Miss Carole Sands. Although does she still work there? I haven’t actually seen her since…well actually 32 episodes to be precise. With references to their “affair” and mentions of Reg Lamont it does seem as though the series is going back in time a little. Could this be one of the reasons that Crossroads had a reputation for nothing happening? LOADS has happened, but we seem to be looking backwards. However, in the present there is a lovely friendship developing between Paul Ross and Sharon – which I am enjoying but the real elephant in the room has to be Arthur’s telephone call….“You let one of them in – and its more or less a takeover” For a long time I’ve tried defending Arthur in my mind – but that has to be out and out racism – and its not nice to watch.


Super-long episode today as well – at least a couple of minutes longer than usual.


Site Ref: D13 V8 E4



Crossroads Episode: 3632: Original TX: 06-07-82


Benny is upset by Doris Luke’s rebuff. Trina MacDonald thinks her husband has gone mad – but David Hunter, after a confrontation, has some sympathy for Valerie Pollard (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: Malcolm Taylor


Benny tells Doris that the house he has bought is  a gift for her. “Its great isn’t it?” he asks. “Why didn’t you say something to me?” she replies. She checks whether he has signed anything or paid anything. He tells her that he hasn’t yet. “You cant go saddling yourself with property, just to provide me with a home” she tells him. He replies by telling her that he has bought it – and that he intends to give it to her. Doris tells him that it is too much.  “I cant put into words what the offer has meant to me – to know that you care that much.” She tells him that for the last few weeks she has wondered whether life was worth living, but dismisses the idea. “Everything I do – does wrong” Benny tells her. He goes on to say that he thought he had found the chance to do something “proper” with his money. She tells him that their conversations about the house had only been dreams. “I wanted to make them come true” he replies.


In reception Shaheen is on the telephone to a customer, but she struggles to hear the other end of the call because of the noise coming from the bar…


…when Valerie is holding court with at least half a dozen men.


Diane comes into reception and hears the noise. She asks Shaheen what the “circus” is in the bar. Diane points out that it is long past closing time and that she is in the mood to let Valerie know. Just then Barbara comes out of the office and checks her watch. She asks what the noise is about. Shaheen explains that the group of men came in together – and Diane adds that they have “elected Mrs Pollard as their cheerleader”. When Barbara also finds out that they are not residents she is cross…


But by the time she makes it into the bar, the gentlemen have all decided to leave. Valerie greets her “Barbara darling, you’ve missed quite a party” she tells her. Barbara asks why Valerie didn’t close the bar an hour ago.  “I closed the bar dead on time” she replies. “However, one second later, having discharged by duties, I was no longer in the pertinence of this place. NO DRINKS were served from the bar” she insists. “Only from the residents store… and none of the bar staff did any work” Valerie points out that she is a resident. “You know Barbara, you really should stop fussing. Its  a sign of rapidly advancing something or other.” Barbara points out that – had the police dropped in – they would not regard her as a resident, but as an employee. “Barbara – you should join the force” she replies, a little worse for wear.  Barbara tells Valerie that she would like to speak to her tomorrow…


…She goes back into reception and asks Shaheen to make an appointment. Shaheen goes into the office leaving Diane to watch the desk.


In the bar, Valerie knocks over some glasses. Whoops.


At the MacDonald’s Mac comes rushing down the stairs wearing his pants and a dressing gown. He switches off the radio, which has been blasting out. He asks Trina whether she is trying to wake Ben. “He would sleep through a reggae concert” she replies. Mac points out that the neighbours may not. Trina tells Mac that she has seen an advert for some second hand swings. Mac tells her that whatever the price it will have to wait until next week as he has to buy some bowls for when they go to the bowling club. She points out that Kath invited them, not Arthur. “When I get onto that green, you might be looking at ‘Mr Bowls 1982’ – the Mohamed Ali of the greens!” They both laugh






Valerie is checking the till in the bar. She realises the time and heads for the office. “I wont be long” she tells Malcom the barman. “I hope”.


Just as she is about to enter the office the receptionist hands her the phone. It is J. Henry. “Is this a social call, or suspicious husband checking up on suspected wife?” she asks. She explains that she is about to have a meeting with ‘the headmistress’ (i.e. Barbara) “She had the hockey sticks without the jolly look” she adds, sarcastically. After exchanging further pleasantries – and promising to be good, Valerie puts down the phone and knocks on the office door…


…to find David where she expected to find Barbara. He explains that Barbara felt it better if he spoke with her. “Alright David – go on – read me the riot act.” she tells him. He explains that it is rather more serious than that….serving drinks after hours to non-residents, upsetting residents, getting drunk on duty… “The boys were just having a good time – that’s all” she explains. David tells her that it is bad for business, and he is sure that J. Henry would agree. “Its because of him that I’m in this hole in the first place” she replies. He tells her that he will be taking her off bar-duty. “Cant you see my predicament?” she asks. “I can certainly see ours – if we allow you to continue” he replies.  “You know I’m not used to this sort of existence” she pleads. “I don’t want to do this sort of work, but I need the security that ‘J’ gives me” she adds.  David relents “One more go – I’ll tell Barbara”


At the Browlow’s Doris is speaking to Kath about how upset Benny was the night before. Arthur arrives home. “We’re having a gossip” she tells him. “Who’s the victim this time? Not me I hope” he jokes. Kath fetches Arthur a drink. Doris tells him that Mac is excited about the invitation to the bowls club. “Its possible that their enthusiasm might be a bit premature” He explains (somewhat unconvincingly) that “the committee are trying to limit the numbers.


“I think he’s already bought one of those funny hats” she explains. Kath returns “As acting honorary treasurer – Arthur has the right to invite anybody he chooses” she tells Doris. “Then what’s the problem?” asks Doris. “There isn’t one” Kath reassures her. Arthur rushes off… to get changed… and the women return to talk of Benny buying the house.


“Couldn’t you accept it?” Kath asks. “It would have been wonderful for him as well” she points out. “What sort of a life has he got now? You can hardly call it settled can you? Doris tells her that he has the life that suits him. Kath asks about his future. Doris says that Diane looks after him – but Kath suggests that one day Diane might move out to America to be with her son, or marry someone else. “What happens then? The lad’s all alone isn’t he?” she asks. “If you could give him a home – that would solve it – for both of you!”


At the MacDonald’s Mac returns with a bowling hat for Ben and the news that he has acquired some play equipment for Trina’s playgroup idea. She shows him a letter that she has received from the council “No Playgroup – it would lower the tone of the neighbourhood” she quotes. “Well that’s that then” he replies. “Is that all you’ve got to say?” she asks. 


She points out that the letter states “It has been brought to our attention” -  She asks by whom. Mac suggests that it is the adverts that she put in the shop windows. She isn’t so sure. “And you think its Arthur Brownlow?” he asks. “Well who else?” she replies.


“I’ll go to the council tomorrow and find out” says Trina…




“You seem to think our neighbours can do no wrong. Well I don’t share your confidence!”


Not much actually happened today, although I enjoyed the scene where Kath pointed out to Doris how selfish she was being in not accepting Benny’s offer. It was down to Kath again to stand up to Arthur’s bowls club racism. Speaking of which – part of  me thinks Trina is being rather foolish jumping to the conclusion that it is Arthur that has reported her to the council – after all… he was round her house having a drink yesterday.  I sound a bit like a broken record, but I like the friendship that seems to be developing between David and Valerie. I am surprised that he is willing to give her another chance, but pleased as well, as she livens up the motel no end.


And – oh dear – just like the Eddie Lee shot from a few months ago – today we had Mac in his pants for no reason. Nightmares will follow this evening…


Site Ref: D13 V8 E5




Crossroads Episode: 3633: Original TX: 07-07-82


Sid Hooper has reason to be unhappy that his wife is about to leave hospital. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: Malcolm Taylor


Sharon is in the garage office, sorting through paperwork when Kevin comes in. He asks whether she would be willing to have a word with Percy Dobson about a job. Sharon tells him that he might be in a strong position since Dobson has been after a maintenance contract with the motel. While she waits on the phone for Dobson to speak to her, Kevin confesses that things are so desperate that he would consider working for the Boston strangler. “Oh I don’t think Mr. Dobson’s quite that class….” she replies, covering the mouthpiece. When Dobson does eventually answer he asks her a question (about the garage decorating) she tells him that she hasn’t yet made up her mind, and that she is phoning about something else. “Kevin Banks…..”


In his room, Paul Ross is on the telephone to J. Henry Pollard. He reveals that Sharon is likely to walk out of the garage if Reg Lamont accepts David Hunter’s offer. He opens up about Sharon “I consider her extremely honest and efficient and I think she would be an acquisition to any organisation” J. Henry questions Paul’s motives. but Paul assures him that he has not let his judgment be clouded. “I simply felt I should state my opinion” J. Henry then asks about Valerie. “Yesterday she came out of David Hunter’s office looking angelic.” J. Henry asks for clarification “Yes – I said angelic!” Paul promises that he is checking up on everything before reporting back.


Glenda is busy taking food orders in the bar, and is about to walk to the restaurant when she is caught by Kevin, who gives her a kiss in reception. She asks why he is dressed in a suit, and he admits to going for an appointment with Dobson. “DO you think he’ll give you anything?” she asks. “Why shouldn’t he?” Kevin replies. “After all that union business…” she suggests. He tells her that Sharon Metcalfe has sorted things out and Glenda wishes him luck.


In the garage office, Sharon and Sid are at the end of their tether when Paul Ross drifts by/ “See if you can give her a boost eh?” Sid tells Paul as he leaves for lunch. Paul sits down and tells Sharon that David may not be the obstacle that she thinks he is. He suggests that her problems started when she wouldn’t give priority to the service of J. Henry’s limousine. “My impression is that he’s been leaning on Hunter to buy Lamont out – and fire you ” Sharon tells him that what he has said is accurate but warns him not to say it in public or he will risk being ‘out’ as well “The last time I saw Mr. P he was looking at you with considerable contempt” she reminds him. Paul suggests that Sharon put in her resignation before David has the chance to tell her that he has bought the garage.  “But J. Henry would cackle with delight” she tells him. “Not if you told him that you were quitting to find a better position” he suggests. “I think we should think about it over a really good meal” he tells her. “Are you asking me out?” she questions him. He corrects her “actually ‘in’ I said a really good meal and that means one cooked by an expert – ME!” She reminds him that the flat belongs to Diane and that she may not take kindly to sitting on the kerb eating a takeaway while they enjoy caviar. Paul suggests that Diane join them.  “I am aware that she doesn’t very much like me as her boss, but I feel fully confident that she will enjoy my cooking”


Diane bursts into the bar – she asks Valerie whether she can give an answer to a query sent by Paul Ross the day before about a Dupuis white wine. “I expected an answer, not the day after” Diane tells her. Valerie tells her that she had a heavy night. “You had a heavy night in the bar chatting up the fellas after closing time” Diane corrects her. Valerie enjoys telling Diane that there is no such thing as a Dupuis white. “The Dupuis vineyards produced only claret” she informs Diane. “Then I obviously know my wines much better than you do” Diane replies confidently. “I doubt if you’ve ever been in a position to know about anything other than ‘plonk’” Valerie answers dryly.


Paul, who has been listening steps in. “The Dupuis vineyard ferments only red grape, but on one of its bins it puts a white label, thus, although the general public only know about Dupuis reds, in the trade, we address this particular fermentation as a Dupuis white!” Diane asks for clarification. “You haven’t lost – it’s a draw!” Valerie concedes. She thanks him for his “excellent adjudication” and walks off. “Well I suppose I’ve got to stand here while you have a go at me?” she asks Paul. “For being rude to Mrs Pollard, or not knowing enough about Dupuis white?” he asks. “I thought you handled an extremely difficult woman, if not tactfully, with commendable courage – may I give you this nice ‘white’ menu as a token of my appreciation.” he says (handing her a burgundy menu!) Diane smiles. Paul smiles.


In the garage Sid tells Sharon that there is  customer outside that has forgotten his wallet. She says that she will deal with it and hands Sid his pay…early. Sid isn’t complaining. She points out that since he has paid Benny off – for once, the whole pay packet can be his. “How did you manage it Sid? Did you back a winner?” she asks. Sid doesn’t answer. Sharon leaves as Glenda comes in. Glenda tells Sid that Iris sent £5 to get Mavis some flowers while she is in hospital, and that she took some round the night before. “She had one eye on the door looking for you” she tells him. Sid tells her that he had overtime and couldn’t make it. “Wont matter after the weekend!” Glenda says. She reveals that Mavis is being released. “I’m over the moon” says Sid – rather unconvincingly. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Sharon is back in the office with the customer’s watch – which she is holding onto until the customer returns.  “You’re a hard case Sharon” he tells her. “I’m famous for it” she agrees. Diane walks in with some cash for Sharon and asks her to do some shopping while she is out – including bread, butter, a tin of tuna, some cooking oil, a bottle of soy sauce, half a cabbage, a tube of tomato puree and some spaghetti. When she has finished giving Sharon the list, she asks what is wrong with Benny. Sharon reminds Sid that he gave Benny a couple of hours off the day before for some ‘hush hush’ business. “Have you been up to your old tricks again?” Diane asks him. “He’s investing – Rock solid!” Sid replies. “That’s all I’m prepared to say”. Diane leaves. “Why does that woman always act suspicious of me?” he asks Sharon. “Shifty eyes” she replies dryly. Sid tells Sharon that Mavis is coming out of hospital and that he wants to decorate the bedroom for her. He asks for an advance of £200. She tells him that she can’t manage that much. “Just a thought” he tells her. “Nice one Sid” she replies.


Kevin arrives at Percy Dobson’s building yard. He tries speaking to an ex-workmate, but he doesn’t get a reply. Dobson comes out and reveals that he may have a job in about a week – something to do with a subsiding property. Kevin is confused as what Dobson is suggesting is labouring. “What’s the matter? Afraid of getting your hands dirty?” Dobson asks him. Kevin reminds him that he is a decorator. “That’s a matter of opinion isn’t it?” he replies sarcastically.


Dobson goes towards a man called Les and enquires after some kitchen units that he ordered six weeks ago. “If you can’t deliver you shouldn’t have taken on the order” he suggests.


Kevin asks Dobson whether he is putting him down. “I promised Miss Metcalfe I’d find something for you – I have” he explains. Kevin asks whether he is holding a grudge. Dobson tells him that when he went over to Nottingham, he willingly gave him a good reference when they contacted him. Dobson reveals that Kevin’s employers contacted him again this week – “You took one of their customers and set up on your own” he adds. “I didn’t take him – he came to me” replies Kevin. “You’re in too much of a hurry – its taken me 20 years to build up this business” Dobson tells him. “Ive offered you a job – take it or leave it. Let me know by Monday.”


In the garage office Sharon is showing Diane the fruits of her shopping trip “I don’t like chicken pie “Diane tells her. “I love it” replies Sharon. She also reveals that they were out of tomato puree. Sid walks in and tells Sharon that the customer has returned for his watch. Sharon leaves – to work her magic.


Sid suggests to Diane that they look again at the loan. She reminds that he has paid it off. He tells her that it has left him a bit short. “You never give up do you?” she asks. “The money I paid Benny back with was taken from Mavis without her knowing” he admits. Diane tells him that if he lays one finger on Benny’s money, his feet won’t touch the ground….


The phone rings (CREDITS)


“Hello Mave – Hiya love, Course I’m looking forward to seeing you Mave…”


Ooh that Paul Ross is smooth. I’m not entirely sure what his endgame is, but I like the way he plays. He’s wining and dining Sharon, being nice to Diane, standing up to J. Henry and generally strutting about like some kind of peacock – although at one point today he sounded more like Sean Connery than his usual accent.


Anyway – big things happened today – a whole outdoor sequence set in Dobson’s yard. There was movement, numerous extras and a great location. This series doesn’t look cheap at all – in fact – far from it. I have to be honest and say that my sympathies lie entirely with Dobson here. Kevin did try and instigate union trouble. He did try to steal clients in Nottingham – even though Dobson had given him a good reference.


The only thing that let this episode down was the dubious acting of one of the extras in Dobson’s yard, who smiled so much he was almost gurning at the camera. Oh yes… and Paul Ross’s room – which appears to be another one of those “wall and pictures” sets that we have come to know and love!


Site Ref: D13 V8 E6




Crossroads Episode: 3634: Original TX: 08-07-82


Sid Hooper tries to explain to Benny why some people can’t accept his offers of money or the gift of a house. Kevin Banks has a little money-making scheme of his own. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: David Dunn


Valerie sees David working in reception and leaves the clearing up in the bar. She approaches him. “Did you manage to do that little favour for me?” she asks Shaheen, the receptionist. “Was it any particular play you wanted?” she asks. Valerie replies “Not really – they’re all much the same to me.” Shaheen asks whether Valerie is asking on behalf of one of her customers. “I have developed an interest of my own” she replies coyly. Shaheen asks how many tickets Valerie will require. Valerie asks for three. David has been listening in, and points out that people often cancel one ticket, and occasionally two, but seldom in threes. “You’d better remember that when Shaheen produces the tickets for me” she jokes. She then invites David and Barbara to dinner… and the theatre. “Have you asked Barbara?” David enquires, as they enter the office. “You know I haven’t – she’d have turned me down” Valerie answers – suggesting that David can be the bearer of her olive branch. “Of course, if she is the only romantic novelist in the world that doesn’t like Shakespeare…I won’t be offended – just very disappointed” As she leaves the office, she asks Shaheen to book three tickets on her absent husbands’ personal account.


In the motel garage Sid is counting money when Mac comes into the office. “We need a new air filter for that Lancia” Mac reminds him. “Well pop down the road and get one eh?” Sid responds. Sid asks Mac what he thinks about a racehorse. “I don’t” replies Mac. Sid tells him that he needs a winner. “Why don’t you just pack it in and take up bowls instead?” he asks. Benny also comes into the office to look for more polish. “Don’t spread it on like butter… try to save some” Sid tells him. Benny goes into the washroom. Sid closes the door and quietly asks Mac how he is fixed. Mac asks what Sid means. Sid asks for £200 as a “short term loan.” “You must be joking” Mac replies. Benny has been listening. “I heard what you were saying” Benny tells him. Benny offers to lend him the money – and promises not to tell anyone. Sid refuses. “I don’t need it for nothing” Benny tells him. “You need it for the house” Sid reminds him. “I’m not getting it” Benny replies sadly. Benny tells Sid that Doris has refused his offer of a house. Sid tells him that she probably saw the dangers and had to resist. “Why won’t people let me help them?” Benny asks. “Funny isn’t it? – Some people you’ll take it from – some people you can’t take it from.” Sid tells him. Sid tells him that he would ask Sharon or Mac for money, but not him. “Any you’re the only one with any spare!”


Barbara enters the office with some good news. She tells David that Paul has told her they have had the best day for lunch bookings all summer. David isn’t listening. “Shughie says it’s his food and not Paul’s service” she laughs. David still isn’t following what she is saying and continues to work. She tells him to go on brooding. “You’ve been brooding all morning” she tells him. He reveals that Valerie has invited them out. “I understand why you’ve been brooding” she agrees. “I’m sure you found a polite way to turn her down” she says. “I didn’t feel it polite to do so instantly” he reveals. “If you’re having difficulty finding a convincing excuse – I have no difficulty in finding an unconvincing one” she tells him. David tells Barbara that he will do it for the paradoxical reason that he doesn’t find her company unendurable. “You undertook to discipline her yesterday – it seems she disciplined you”. Barbara begins to get cross and the conversation becomes heated. Barbara points out that if they all go out together it will be too much responsibility for Jill to run the motel single handed. “What do you imagine she will have to do when we go on holiday?” he asks her. Barbara concedes that it isn’t a convincing excuse, but suggests that one of them will have to offer it to Valerie. They are interrupted by Shaheen, who glides into the office. After a pregnant pause Shaheen leaves. “Anyway David – I’m a writer – and I don’t like Shakespeare” she tells him, before leaving through reception…where she passes Doris and Glenda. “It’s very upsetting” Doris tells Glenda, who are talking about the Benny situation. “He’s avoiding me” she adds. “Don’t you think you could be wrong about this house?” Glenda asks her. Doris is shocked. “He needs somewhere – and so do you” she points out. “There’s no way I could take it” Doris replies, before leaving through the entrance.


”What if Benny were to buy the house for himself and you moved in to look after him?” she asks. “Well he never mentioned anything about that.” Doris confesses. “I can understand his disappointment in a way – he’s like a child about some things isn’t he?” Glenda asks. Doris agrees that she didn’t like the idea of having the house signed over to her, and that if he kept ownership it would be different… “I wonder what he’d think about that idea….” She suggests. “Only one way to find out” Glenda adds.  (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) David returns to the office. “Have you spoken to Valerie Pollard?” Barbara asks. His silence reveals that he hasn’t. She points out that he has had all day to turn down her offer. “It’s been a very busy day” he adds. David tells her that he needs time. “Not to quash that sort of invitation – I could do it with a look” she replies. “Perhaps you’ll have done it by time I get back…?” she adds. Barbara leaves and David picks up the phone. He asks for Valerie and is told that she is in the restaurant. “Don’t worry… I’ll….” He tells the receptionist. “….worry” he adds to himself as he puts the phone down – and steels himself to speak with Valerie…


He makes it as far as the reception area before he is headed off by the woman herself. “Are you loitering with intent?” she asks him. David reveals that they will be unable to accept her offer as Barbara has to go away for some time in connection with her new book. Valerie settles in the sofa area. “When?” Valerie asks. “She couldn’t say when – but it wouldn’t make any difference…” he tries to ad-lib. “So I’m afraid we can’t make up that threesome you so kindly thought of” he adds. She smiles. “Good” she smiles. David is confused.  Valerie tells him that her sister is now coming over, and would be delighted if he were to accompany them to the theatre instead. David smiles – and leaves. Valerie pours a coffee.


At the Browlow’s, Arthur is on the phone to Richard from “the committee” – “You’ll have to leave it to me – I’ll do what I can” he promises.  Glenda arrives home and is surprised not to find Kevin there after a job interview.. Arthur complains about the fact that Kath has invited Mac to the bowls club do. “I know what I would do if I was Mac, I’d tell you exactly what to do with your club” she tells him. “Frankly I wish he would – it would save a lot of red faces.” He admits. “And Black ones?” she jokes.  She goes to make a tea, but asks whether the committee have instigated a colour ban. He tells her that is a rubbish suggestion. “It’s just that the club is a ‘family’ club’ and the open day is a special occasion” he tells her. “The ladies make the tea, and we relax some of the formalities – let our hair down a bit”. Glenda returns. “What has that got to do with Mac and Trina?” she asks. “They won’t fit in – they’ll be regarded as intruders” he answers. “…and they’ll put the blame on me” he adds. “I’ve got nothing against MacDonald as an individual – he’s got feelings the same as everybody else” Arthur says. “I just don’t want him to feel embarrassed – that’s all”. Glenda tells him that Mac is really looking forward to it.


“I’ll have to invent some sort of diplomatic illness” he tells her. “That will mean that you can’t go wont it?” she points out. “Well if necessary that’s what it will have to come to – isn’t it? He replies.


At the MacDonald’s Trina is cooking when the doorbell rings. It is Arthur. Trina shouts upstairs for Mac – who tells her that he will be a few minutes. While they wait, Trina shows Arthur a letter from the council, telling her that she can’t run a playgroup. She tells him that she is interested most in the first sentence of the letter “Our attention has been drawn….” She points out.


They go into the lounge. “It seems somebody has gone behind my back – I would like to know who it was” she tells him. He tells her that he is sorry. “Are you? I thought you’d be glad?” she tells him. He gets upset that she is accusing him. He points out that an agreement was discussed in the very room they are standing in. Mac enters the lounge wearing an OTT bowls outfit – that he is clearly loving. Trina tells Mac that Arthur assures her that he is not responsible for objecting. “I told you – not his style” Mac replies.


Back at the garage Doris arrives to talk with Benny. He sees her and tries to leave. She calls after him. Eventually he comes into the office. He is upset and complains that nobody seems to care how he feels. “I do” she tells him. “Suppose you buy the house for yourself?” she asks. “I don’t want a house” he replies. “I’m sick of this money – I was better off before” he adds. “Please Miss Luke – why don’t you just have the house?” he asks. She shakes her head. Benny leaves her alone in the office.


Arthur returns to his own home. “Well – how did it go?” Glenda asks. Arthur reveals that he didn’t get around to putting Mac off. Kevin comes into the house. He reveals that he got the job – and that he starts next week. “Everything comes to those who wait” Arthur assures him.


Arthur goes into the kitchen and Kevin reveals that Dobson offered him a labouring job. “He was out to cut me down to size – and he made a good job of it” Kevin tells her. He goes on to admit that he wants everything today – not in the future.  “You’ve got to be down to earth – practical” she tells him. “I’ve got a little scheme buzzing round my mind”… he tells her. He reveals that if it comes off - it will be great for them – not in ten year’s time …. NOW!




And if it doesn’t – you could be in more troubles still! 


Now this is a cracking episode – and directed beautifully by David Dunn again. There are some lovely shots of the motel, and areas of the set simply used because they are there – to add establishing shots – or to bring life and movement to the scenes. In the garage the characters move from the washroom, to the office and then to the workshop. There is a great scene that starts in the office, moves to reception, then to the restaurant and suddenly the motel feels much more real. At the Brownlow’s the movement is a lot less realistic, and compromises of the usual “getting the table ready” – but I will forgive this. All the performances were great, except Shaheen, who appears to be acting at half the speed of everyone else.


There is also some witty dialogue – delivered especially well by David, Barbara and Valerie…. And the less said about threesomes – the better.


Also nice to hear that Shughie is still knocking around the kitchen.


Site Ref: D13 V8 E7




Crossroads Episode: 3635: Original TX: 13-07-82


Sid Hooper admits to where he got the money to repay Benny, and finds help from an unlikely source. Arthur Brownlow gets a shock. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: David Dunn       OB Directed by: Malcolm Taylor


Sharon is typing a letter in the garage when she is visited by Mr. Paul. She tells him that she is busy. He asks her what time he will need to arrive later that evening as he will need an hour to cook. Paul asks whether Diane has expressed any objections to his coming round to the flat. “I haven’t asked her yet” Sharon confesses. He suggests that she is leaving it rather late. “Yes – the last possible minute” she agrees. “The only way is to spring it on her and pretend that I forgot to mention it” she adds. He points out how unlikely this is. “She’ll know I didn’t forget wont she?” she agrees.


At the Brownlow’s Arthur is taking a telephone call about the bowling day. One of the team members has gone down with the flu –and won’t be able to play. He calls Kath downstairs to tell her the news. “It’s probably summer flu – some of the girls have been off with it at the hotel” she suggests.  “Well whatever it is – they’ve asked me to go on the receiving line” he tells her proudly. “That’s nice” she agrees. Arthur is concerned that Kath is not yet ready, but she tells him that she will travel later, with the MacDonald’s. “She still coming is she?” Arthur asks, crossly. “Members, families and friends” Kath reminds him. “Well she’s no friend of mine” he answers crossly. “Well she is of mine! Look Arthur, it’s a nice day, and it promises to be a nice afternoon – now don’t spoil it!”. Arthur is having none of it, and suggests that if Trina arrives there won’t be enough catering. Kath suggests that she will buy some sausage rolls, and that her and Trina will eat them in the car. Arthur tells her that he doesn’t find that funny. “As a matter of fact, neither do I!” she retorts.


In the motel office, David is looking out of the window, deep in thought when Barbara comes in. She asks him to look at her. “Either you have – or you haven’t…. which is it?” she asks (referring to letting down Valerie) “I did as you wish. I told her that you could not let us accept her invitation” he replies. “What sort of excuse did you dredge up?” she asks. “I’m not sure” he replies solemnly. Eventually he reveals that he has agreed to go to the theatre without Barbara. “I had no choice” he squirms. “I am to escort her, and her sister…” he explains. “Her WHAT?” she asks. “She’s probably hired an actress” Barbara suggests – before making up a scenario where the ‘sister’ leaves, enabling the two of them to have a quiet diner alone…“The awkward thing is… her sister wants me to wear a dinner jacket” he confesses. “I’ll be the only one there! It’s not even a first night!” he adds. “Oh David yes, that would be most awkward for you” Barbara feigns concern. “I can’t imagine where you can find the courage to make a spectacle of yourself while you’re allowing Valerie to make one out of me.” He reminds her that she won’t be there. “Oh David – sometimes you can be so thick!” she tells him.


At the MacDonald’s Joe is surprised to find Trina in her underwear sewing her jeans. She tells him that she is sewing a patch onto them. “You want me to look smart don’t you?” she asks him. “If you’re going to come you’re going to wear something smart alright?” he tells her. She gets annoyed and points out that it isn’t a royal garden party. “All I want to do is spend a quiet summer’s afternoon playing a quiet game of bowls” he replies.  He suggests that while he is playing she should spend the afternoon talking to the other wives. “Pity I thought I would strip off and do a West African tribal dance” she jokes sarcastically. “You wouldn’t know the difference between West Africa and West Bromwich” he jokes back. The doorbell rings. It is Kath, who asks whether she can get a lift with them. Trina asks whether it is okay for families to attend. “Of course it is – you’re more than welcome” she replies. Trina tells her that Ben will have to come along as her mother is unable to babysit. Trina asks whether Mr. Brownlow will mind. “I’m sure he’ll be delighted” replies Kath uneasily. (END OF PART)


PART TWO In the garage, Sid is on the phone to Mavis, while Sharon works. “There’s no need for you to come home right now” he suggests. “I’m only thinking of you…” he tells her – somewhat unconvincingly. On the other end of the phone (unheard) Mavis is clearly disagreeing with this prospect. Sid tells her that he will be round shortly to pick her up. “So the big day’s here at last” Sharon asks him when he puts the phone down. “The big homecoming” Sid confesses that he owes Mavis £200 from the housekeeping. She is shocked. Sid comes to the realisation that he has no choice but to confess, and goes to leave. Sharon hands him an envelope to post. He points out that there is no address on it. She tells him to look again at the addressee “S. Hooper, Esquire”. He opens the envelope to find £200. “To be paid back at twenty quid a week for the next 10 weeks. You’re back in the black Sid”

she tells him. He calls her an angel. She prefers “Soft hearted fool” As Sid leaves, Percy Dobson arrives, and tells Sharon that he will be able to start the garage redecoration next week. He also tells Sharon that she doesn’t seem to be making the best use of her space. Dobson suggests that they move a partition wall to create a bigger office. Sharon tells him that a decision like that would have to be up to Reg Lamont. “Where is he these days?” asks Dobson. “Off sunning himself in far off places” Sharon replies.


In the flat the phone rings. Diane is busy eating a sausage, and tells the caller to wait. It appears that she is not happy about speaking to whoever it is on the other end of the line. She tells him that her date book is as full as her mouth. Sharon arrives back and reveals that Paul Ross will be round to cook them dinner. “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that” Diane replies, chomping on her banger. Di tells Sharon that Paul is welcome to use her kitchen. “I’d rather have a pickled onion and a glass of Castor oil” she adds. “You stay and have dinner with him here – because I am going to the pictures”. Sharon tries some emotional blackmail “He’s in a position to help me – he really is.”


In the motel office, Barbara brings David a telex containing Reg Lamont’s answer to his question. “I didn’t expect him to impose a condition that Sharon Metcalf becomes co-owner of the garage” he reveals. “…Acting on his behalf – as his representative” Barbara points out that Sharon is a capable woman who has invested a huge part of her life into the garage. David points out that it would be the motel that became co-owner of the garage, and that it would give Sharon “a toe – however fractionally – in the motel itself – in which I have invested rather more than an important part of my life.” Barbara nods. “I see your difficulty” she agrees.


At the bowls club the event is in full swing. Arthur is enjoying his role in the line-up – organising people and introducing the club chairman to the various guests. His happiness is interrupted when Mac, Trina Ben and Kath arrive. Arthur introduces Mac to the chairman, who instructs Arthur to show Mac the changing room. Kath takes hold of baby Ben and walks away. The hostile stares of the gathered club members speak volumes…


Kath shows Ben the buffet – which is instantly a bad idea, as he drops his toy bear into a trifle.


Mac also seems a little out of his depth. Loud celebrations and a victory run across the green do not sit well with the conservative attitudes of the other players. “If you don’t mind, I’ll sit this one out” Arthur tells the other plyers.


While Trina is distracted, cleaning the rabbit, Ben disappears….. He is soon spotted – sitting on the floor - eating a stolen pudding. Trina (who has not yet been reunited with her son) is obviously distraught…. Until she sees him sitting in the middle of the green.


She ignores the “Flat shoes only on the green” sign, and runs towards him in her heels.


“Arthur – how long have you been a member of this club?” the chairman asks. “A couple of years” Arthur replies. “You’re not ill are you? You haven’t suffered a nervous breakdown?” the chairman asks. “Premature senility?” Arthur tells him that there is no need to take that sort of tone. Arthur offers to pay for the damage to the green. The chairman tells him that he is more concerned with the application form that he is holding in his hand “for full membership – from your sun-burnt friend”. Arthur is furious. “He wants to join the club?” asks Arthur. “And what’s more – he’s got you down as proposer!” Arthur is stunned. (CREDITS)


Mac continues to play bowls…. Loudly. 


An episode with two directors! Unusual, but given the tremendous amount of location footage within the episode it is not surprising. In fact, the first half of this episode is unusually short by comparison and the whole episode comes in at around 19 minutes long… But what a 19 minutes. Diane with a mouthful of sausage is perhaps one of my favourite scenes in a long time. Sharon’s kindness, and Sid’s relief at somehow coming up with the money – just in time to pay Mavis are lovely moments.


The blatant racism on display at the bowls club is horrific to watch these days – I wonder how it was received in 1982. The reference to “sun-burnt friend” is too much I feel.


Onto more positive matters – David’s dialogue concerning giving Sharon “a toe – however fractionally – in the motel” was sublime. Ridiculous – but sublime. As was David’s ignorance at Valerie’s plan. My favourite moment was the bunny in the custard. Where else – but “Crossroads” could you find something so wonderful?


One criticism – of course… the post-credits clip was exactly the same shot as that used earlier in the programme. (See captures!)


Site Ref: D13 V8 E8





Crossroads Episode: 3636: Original TX: 14-07-82


Diane Hunter, horrified at having to entertain Paul Ross alone in her flat, has romantic cause to change her mind. Kevin Banks gets a sub-contract job. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: David Dunn


It is the morning after the bowls club do the night before. At the Brownlow’s Glenda and Kath are discussing the events that have clearly upset Arthur. “All this trouble because Trina walked on the grass!” exclaims Glenda. Kath corrects her “the green!”. Kevin smiles at them from the back of the lounge as they mock the way that bowls players protect their green. “The way people are talking, bowling’s no longer a sport – it’s more like a religion!” she says. Kevin says he can imagine the scene when a “black baby” waddles onto the green. “Poor old dad must have thought the sky had fallen on him” Kevin says. Kath reveals that the real cause of upset is the fact that Mac has applied for club membership, and put Arthur down as a sponsor. “If they decide to take a narrow minded attitude it could put him in a very awkward position” she adds sympathetically. Kevin reveals that he might have to ask a favour of Arthur in the near future. Kevin asks whether it would be alright to have a meeting at the house. Kath agrees and asks whether it is to do with “Nottingham”. Kevin gets agitated and points out that he owes someone money – that is all. Kevin storms out. “Theres some beer in the fridge if your caller is thirsty” Kath tells Glenda.


At the flat, Diane is laying the table for dinner. She questions whether Mr. Paul will be offended at the thought of eating off a card table, covered with a cloth. Sharon tells her that he only cares when he is on duty – “off duty he cant give a damn” she assures her. “He’s a very nice fella – and don’t go calling him ‘ Mr Paul’ will you?” she asks. “That was one of the nicer things I had in mind” confesses Diane. Sharon changes the subject and reveals to Diane that Benny was planning to buy a house on Jubilee Terrace.


Diane is shocked to hear this. They don’t have the chance to continue the conversation as they are interrupted by a telephone call. David Hunter invites Sharon over to the motel to discuss Reg’s telex. “It requires friendly but objective discussion Sharon” he tells her. When she puts the phone down Diane is not happy to learn that Sharon will be shooting off, leaving her with Mr, Paul. Sharon assures her that she will return shortly…


At the Brownlow’s Kevin is arguing with Glenda about the fact that Kath knows about his problems in Nottingham. They are disturbed when the doorbell rings. It is Kevin’s visitor – (Mr. Hanford) the man from Dobson’s yard.


Kevin reminds the man that he overheard a discussion between him and Dobson about some irregular sized kitchen units. “I was hoping I could solve that problem” Kevin tells him. The man points out that Kevin will be starting from scratch, with no premesis tools or stock. In fact Kevin wants a contract based on promises and good intentions. “Talk costs nothing….” He tells Kevin.


In reception, David meets Sharon. He takes her through to the office. David notices that Sharon is dressed for dinner – and tells Sharon that Barbara has gone to freshen up.


Sharon tells David that she hopes Barbara understand her position.


Davis phones Shughie in the kitchen to order a special meal: The cold watercress soup and the lobster.


He hands her Reg’s telex. “You’ll see there are certain conditions that need to be discussed.” David tells her that is HAS to be discussed that evening.


At the Brownlow’s Kevin’s visitor finishes his beer. He invites Kevin over to discuss costings. It seems the meeting has actually gone reasonably well.


Once the man has left Glenda asks Kevin about the offer from Dobson. Kevin tells her that he should be fully aware of what he can do with the offer.


“You could do both jobs – I know it’s only labouring – but it would be money coming in” she argues. “I think it would be safer – that’s all” Kevin is cross. “Safe isn’t what I really need right now is it?” he argues. He tells her that she isn’t helping him – criticising everything he tries to do






Paul Ross arrives at the flat carrying bags of shopping. Diane points through to the kitchen. The phone rings… “What do you mean you can’t come Sharon?” she asks. Paul overhears this. “The Hunters are giving her dinner already” she tells him. “I know” he replies. “Well love, it looks as though you’ll be eating two dinners – doesn’t it?” she tells Sharon. Sharon hangs up. Diand turns to Paul, “If you knew Sharon wasn’t coming, why did you?” she asks him. “I wanted to” he replies. “You bought the food and you didn’t know what to do with it?” she asks. She ponders for a while and then invites him to use the kitchen. “You never know, with a bit of luck Sharon might be back before desert”. He invites Diane into the kitchen to cook with him.


At the Brownlow’s Kath and Doris are having some tea. They are discussing Benny. “He’ll come round in time” Kath assures her. “It must have been an awful disappointment for him” she adds. “It was too much” Doris explains. “We all have our dreams” Kath adds. Doris reveals that she has been thinking about Tom Logan recently “I wonder if he feels as empty about it all as I do” she says. “You can’t live in the past – it’s gone” Doris adds. Kath suggests that it would have been better if they had been strangers that met. Doris considers this. “He’ll be back in Yorkshire now, and I’m stuck down here” she ponders. “I can’t help feeling I’ve missed my last chance.” She says sadly.


At the motel, David, Sharon and Barbara leave the restaurant and cross reception. They walk into the bar. David points out that Jill is on her way over from Chimney’s and that she has a right to know what they MUST decide that evening. “Brandy in the office then?” suggests Barbara. It seems Diane will be left on her own with Paul for a little longe…which is just as well, since they are getting very cosy on the sofa… In fact things are starting to get rather steamy… and it’s not the cooking! “How did that happen?” Diane asks. “I expected you to be dead smooth” she tells him. “I expected you to be as always – unpretentious.” He answers back. “I do like your accent” she tells him. “I like yours too” he returns the compliment. They kiss again. Diane points out that Sharon has  a key – and that she could be back at any moment. Diane tells Paul that neither of them can tell Sharon what has happened between them. “We’ve got to work in the same restaurant” she points out. “It’s been very nice Paul, but we’re just not one another’s type.” He seems relieved. “Thank God! My type so far has been the Valerie Pollards of this world” he replies.


“Has Sharon told you anything about my past?” she asks him. “I’m not interested in your past” he assures her. “If you’re playing a game… don’t” she pleads with him. “And if I’m not?” He asks.  They kiss passionately. 


(CREDITS – WINGS VERSION OF THEME)  Their embrace is stopped temporarily as Diane spills her wine. (inaudible comments) They kiss.


Well I definitely saw that coming…. Mr Ross and Diane. I wonder what the atmosphere will be like in the restaurant tomorrow? I hope things work out for Kevin… but would someone really give him a break that easily? Nice to hear about Shughie (even though I know we won’t be seeing him again) and Reg… I wonder why he’s getting so many mentions. Could we be due a visit from Mr. Lamont?


Site Ref: D13 V8 E9





Crossroads Episode: 3637: Original TX: 15-07-82


Arthur Brownlow upsets Kevin Banks when Kevin asks a favour. Sharon Metcalfe suspects a new relationship between Paul Ross and Diane Hunter. Glenda Banks is worried by husband Kevin’s problems. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: Peter Croft


In the motel office, David pours a cup of coffee for himself, Sharon and Barbara. Just as Jill arrives, the pot empties, “Sounds like it’s been a heavy meeting so far?” she asks. David tells her that it has been positive and shows  her a telex, which confirms that Reg will accept David’s bid for the garage – as long as he accepts Reg’s conditions. David reminds Jill that she and Barbara are also members of the board, and it is for them all to accept Reg’s recommendation that Sharon be considered co-owner of the garage. Barbara chastises David for always sees things in such “cut and dried terms” “It’s not as demanding as that,” she reminds him… “Sharon is simply to be his representative for his interests after the sale of the garage”. David isn’t sure and asks Jill for her opinion. She reads out a line from the telex which points out they have to “reply straight away or abandon negotiations”. Barbara points out that (as J. Henry’s representative) Valerie should also be at the meeting. Jill is unimpressed at this idea. “I refuse to accept any vote that Valerie might cast” Jill says indignantly. The group know that J. Henry would vote against Sharon – Whereas Barbara reveals that she would vote in favour of Sharon. David also reveals that he is willing to accept Reg’s conditions, which leaves Jill with the deciding vote. Jill votes in favour of Sharon – which should leave Sharon thrilled…She is, but feels the need to “rescue” her flatmate.


At the Brownlow’s, Arthur is seething about the MacDonald’s recent visit to the bowls club. “It isn’t so much the damage to the greens – but their general behaviour” he complains. “It might be acceptable in ‘their circles’ – but not in mine”. Glenda attempts to placate her father with a cocoa. Kevin looks on as Glenda asks whether he can use the garage for a while to assemble some kitchen units. “This is something new isn’t it? Last thing I knew you were starting at Dobson’s?” Arthur questions his son-in-law. “This has cropped up since, and it’s a much better proposition” Kevin assures him. He says that he knows it is taking a liberty asking Arthur to park in the drive. “Not for the first time” grumbles Arthur. He goes on to ask how long Kevin’s new venture might take – but Kevin takes offence at this and raises his voice “I’m sorry I mentioned it” he says – before going off to bed. “He wasn’t’ exactly asking for blood was he?” Glenda complains. She tells her father that there are other reasons why Kevin is angry, but decides not to go into details.


At the flat, Paul Ross and Dianne are close on the sofa. They hear Sharon’s car approaching “Party’s over” she tells him. “She’s going to think it’s a bit odd if I’m sitting here with you – like this…” she tells him. He reminds her they are “of age” – “I know my feelings – what are yours?” he asks. “Can we just play it by ear for the moment?” she asks. By the time Sharon enters the flat, they have separated to sit on different chairs. “What kept you so long?” Dianne asks her friend. “Do you mind if I sample what went on here?” Sharon asks – clearly suspicious. “You what?” asks Dianne. Sharon indicates the half-drunk bottle of wine on the table.

She asks Dianne whether she has taken to “long distance drinking”. Dianne isn’t sure what she means, until Sharon points out that she is in fact sitting miles away from her glass. Dianne asks Sharon to tell them about her meeting. Sharon reveals that (despite some tricky manoeuvres from David) she was victorious. Sharon tells them that she was worried about her and Paul scrapping while she was out….


Back in the office, Jill points out that Sharon would be ideal to take over the management of the transport for her lunch scheme. The door opens as someone enters with a tray of tea. “Leave it, I’ll pour” declares Jill, without looking who has brought the tray. “You sound like a summer cloud” Valerie (for it is she) retorts. Valerie points out that she has been observed the fact that Sharon has spent hours with the board of directors (except for one ‘absentee’) – “so I thought I’d let you get your conference out of the way before you tell me what you’ve decided.” – Valerie then tells them that if she feels the decision would not have been voted for by J. Henry, then she will vote against it. She very much seems to enjoy the power. She reminds them that Sharon Metcalf is a woman “not in very good standing with my husband.” – “You husband will be fully informed” David assures her. “YES. He will.” she agrees.  “Tell him I’ve had a confidential offer on a confidential matter, and nothing shall be decided tonight” he retorts.


Valerie senses that it might be better to withdraw for the time being, but reminds David that she can keep her informed when they go to Stratford… She leaves. “Oh that woman…” declares Jill “Quite put me off my coffee.” – she also leaves. As Barbara and David are left alone in the office, she remarks how strange it is that Valerie still feels that he will be accompanying her to Stratford. “I don’t know how you can be so distrustful” he tells her. “Did you see that gloating little glance she threw at me on her way out?” Barbara asks. David points out that she is still J. Henry’s representative. “If I insult her – I insult him” he argues.


Back at the flat, Paul tells Sharon that he is not surprised that Barbara voted for her, but he is surprised that Jill and David also did. Paul goes to leave. He thanks Dianne for enjoying his cooking. She smiles at him “Thank YOU – it was delicious.” she replies.  “I’m sorry you couldn’t be with us Sharon,” he tells her. “Are you love?” she asks innocently. He leaves. “It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?” Sharon asks Dianne. “I had lobster”…. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Dianne visits Sharon in the garage, but the only person there is Benny in staff room. “What’s this I hear about you buying a house?” she asks. Benny is unimpressed at the mention of his failed scheme. “Is it going to be a regular thing is it – buying houses?” she asks him. “ ”I’ve changed me mind” he tells her. “How come I was the last to hear about it?” she asks. “Look – it were a surprise” he tells her.  She offers to cook him eggs and bacon the next time he calls round.


At the Brownlow’s, Glenda is listening to some funky music whilst eating her tea. She is disturbed when the doorbell rings. It is Percy Dobson, who has called round to find out why Kevin didn’t report for the job he had been assigned that morning. “He’s not ill is he?” asks Dobson. Glenda tells Dobson that he has some business to attend to in town. “Am I to take it he won’t be honouring us with his labours?” he asks. Glenda points out that it wasn’t wise to offer a first class decorator a labouring job. “I offered him the only job that was available” replies Dobson. “If you want me to be frank, I only did that because I promised the garage people” he admits. “Kevin has caused me a wee bit of bother in the past you know” he reminds her.  They discuss Kevin’s desire to set out on his own. Dobson tells Glenda that if Kevin hasn’t contacted him by the evening, that he will have to find someone else to do the work. Dobson tells Glenda that if she really wants to help Kevin, her best course of action would be to advise him to get himself a smart lawyer.


In the office, Barbara finishes work and asks David whether he would like her to call in Valerie. He reminds her that he wants to speak to her about her personal invitation, not a matter of motel discipline. She points out that he has a choice whether to accept (the invitation) to please Valerie – or to decline to please her. “You really should not have put me in this position” he tells her.


David crosses a packed reception area and enters the bar. As Valerie closes the shutters behind the bar she tells him that she can sense his problem. “Barbara won’t let you come to the theatre with me, will she?” she asks. “I thought she wouldn’t – all along really” she confesses. “Don’t feel too sorry for my sister – I invented her” she adds.  “You see, I’ve been very lonely here since J. Henry swanned off” she adds sincerely.  “And I have a feeling I’m going to be even more lonely when he swans back again.”


David asks her for clarification “No sister?” he asks. She tells him that not only is there no sister – she didn’t have three tickets for the theatre either.  “You wanted this night out at the theatre so badly that you lied?” he asks. “Oh I often lie, David” she admits. “I don’t see why you felt you had to cheat me into accepting your invitation,” he asks. Almost surprising himself, he finds that he accepts her offer.


At the Brownlow’s Kevin arrives back from  a meeting at the bank. He tells Glenda that they have agreed to loan him the amount needed for initial stock “Which is all I need for starters” he tells her. “As for a van, I reckon Sharon Metcalf will see me alright there” he adds. “Did you remember to contact Dobson – to tell him you don’t want the job?” she asks him. Glenda tells Kevin that Dobson called round to find out “one way or the other”


Glenda tells Kevin that Dobson mentioned Nottingham, and that people had been in touch wanting his address. “I suppose it was inevitable sooner or later” he admits. Glenda tells Kevin that Dobson thinks he should get in touch with a lawyer. “I don’t need a lawyer, just a bit of time – that’s all” he replies. “And fifteen hundred pounds” she reminds him. “Kevin – what exactly did happen in Nottingham?” she asks her husband. He tells her about someone cutting through a pipe and causing two grand’s worth of damage “there is no way he could make it stick in court” he says, confidently. “He’s talking about that?” Glenda asks. “What he says and what he does are two different things” replies Kevin.  Glenda tells Kevin that she is worried about the money that he owes – and that she is also worried about him. “If I end up in nick, just bake me a cake with a file in it!” he jokes. “I don’t want you getting out of your depth” she tells him. “What do you want me to do? Stay in the kiddie’s paddling pool forever?” he asks. “Sometimes life’s like hat – you have to get in ay the deep end – and if you drown, you drown” Glenda gets up “What am I supposed to do? Throw you a life belt – or drown with you?”




Oh how I love Valerie Pollard, played with such relish by Heather Chasen. Such style, such class, such depth to a character that could so easily be so shallow. The scene where she attempts to be the “big businesswoman” betrays her helplessness, while the scene in which she admits to David that she is lonely is so beautifully played that you can’t help but feel sorry for her. The relationship between Paul Ross and Dianne was played so well – but not as well as Sharon’s knowing gestures and comments when she returns home. I’m afraid my sympathies still lie with Mr. Dobson – Kevin is being a pain in the backside, first he stirred up all that union trouble, and now he’s leaving Dobson out in the cold because he thinks he can earn a bit more doing up kitchen units. Give me strength. Go on Glenda – let him drown.


My favourite part was Valerie’s one liner about the “summer cloud”. In fact, I might go and pour myself a Tom Collins, and watch this episode again! I can’t believe this episode is nearly 35 years old. It’s great.


Site Ref: D13 V8 E10



Doris Luke has had letter from Tom Logan suggesting that they get together once again. After encouragement from Kath Brownlow, Doris phoned Tom and arranged to meet him in Yorkshire. J Henry Pollard has turned up at the motel and publicly ordered his wife Valerie to stop working as a barmaid. Gregory Collins has booked into the motel and asked for Trina MacDonald. He is confident she will be pleased to see him.(TV Times)


Crossroads Episode: 3638: Original TX: 20-07-82


Doris Luke comes to a momentous decision concerning Tom Logan. Barbara Hunter turns the tables on Valerie Pollard. An attractive stranger books into the motel and inquires after Trina MacDonald. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: Peter Croft


At the Brownlow’s, Doris is sharing a letter with Kath. It is from Tom Logan. “What do you think?” she asks. “It’s very nice Doris - you’ve got to give him that” replies Kath. Doris tells Kath that she has been in a state since she picked it up that morning. She asks Kath whether she minds being shown the contents. “Course not, you had to speak to somebody” Kath assures her.  She points out how fortunate it is that Tom has returned to Yorkshire rather than France – but tells Doris that she can’t advise her on whether to follow him. “You don’t want to go dismissing it” Kath tells her. “I wouldn’t do that” Doris replies.


Arthur enters the living room, but Kath tells him to go and water the garden. “You’re wanting shot of me is that it?” he asks. “Yes if you must know” she replies.  He takes it in good humour. “I got you your stuff for your greenfly – It’s in the kitchen” she tells him. “I haven’t got greenfly…. BLACK SPOT!” he corrects her. “Oh well – It’s all the same isn’t it?” she waves at him dismissively. He leaves. Kath closes the door and assures Doris that the contents of the letter seem very sensible. Doris wonders whether things are “too late” for her and Tom. “He hasn’t said anything about marriage at once has he?” Kath reminds her. “A chance to start again without any strings….” she reads. “We made the mistake of pretending we could go back in time” Doris says. “Maybe – away from here and all the memories….. maybe we could…”


At the flat, Dianne gets herself a drink. “Are you sure you don’t want a Coke?” she asks Benny. He refuses. She asks him about his aborted plan to buy a house. He admits that he hasn’t yet taken the key back. “They’re very nice those houses” she tells him. “You know the bath?” he asks. She nods… “It had gold taps” he adds. “It would have been smashing for her…” He smiles as he thinks about how things could have worked out for Doris. “For who?” asks Dianne. Benny realises he has let too much slip. Dianne is agog! “You were buying a house for Miss Luke?” she asks. Benny reveals that she refused “Well of course she would” Dianne tells him. “It’s a lifetime’s work for most people – buying a house” she points out. Benny reveals to Diane that he is no longer talking with Doris. Dianne tries to tell him that Doris based her decision on other things, such as pride and independence. Dianne points out that Doris isn’t “that sort of person” – but Benny is still upset at her refusal.


Back at the Brownlow’,s Doris asks Kath what she thinks she should do. “Talk to him. Pick up that phone and talk to him” she suggests, before leaving the room. She meets Arthur in the hallway with a bucket. She asks him whether he is planning on taking up wine-making again, but he reassures her it is for the black spot. Kath tells him not to go into the lounge...where Doris is on the phone “Can I speak to Tom Logan please?” she asks…which Arthur overhears… “She’s not phoning France!” he says. “We’ll have to charge her!” Kath assures him that he is in Yorkshire. Doris tells Tom that his letter arrived that morning – and assures him that she doesn’t mind him writing at all. “I was rather glad really” she confesses… “He must be a devil for punishment that’s all I can say” says Arthur, bucket still in hand. Kath opens the front door – to help him on his way…


Back in the lounge, Doris is smiling “I can – there’s no point in waiting” she tells Tom…as Kath listens in through the door….

 “…so if you could meet me off the train?” she asks.


In the motel office, Barbara is busy with paperwork while Valerie looks on. “David was perfectly happy when I first invited him to the theatre” she says. “Perfectly happy because I invited YOU as well” she reminds Barbara. “But I’m unable to go Valerie – my husband is” she replies.  “You don’t seriously think I’m trying to interfere in your marriage do you?” Valerie asks. “You’d be mad to try!” she replies.


J Henry Pollard crosses reception… before entering the office. “Ah – the two roses of the Crossroads Motel” he tells Barbara and Valerie. “Blooming in full beauty” he adds, before kissing his wife. “Which of you is more delighted to see me?” he asks. “I don’t know about ‘delight’ J – but I think we’re both equally surprised” she admits. “That was my object… to surprise you” he admits. “Yes well try and make it a pleasant one next time darling” she replies with a smile. “Just looking in for a few days – to see if there are any problems” he tells them. “As a matter of fact there is!” Barbara replies.  “…. a rather big one – but you’ve just solved it J Henry” adds Barbara.  “Your husband can now escort you to the theatre Valerie – can he not?” Barbara asks her – smiling broadly. Valerie looks peeved- but smiles back. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the garage office, Mac tells Kevin that he does know of someone that might be able to provide a run-around that might suit him. “Remind me to buy you a flagon of ale” Kevin tells him. Mac tells Kevin that he has a message “from a certain little lady that used to work here” (i.e. Carole Sands) Mac reveals that she is going to Coventry on a mechanics course “and at the rate she’s going she’ll be in the pits at Silverstone” he adds. The message is “cheers”. Kevin asks whether Mac has an address for her. “I thought all this was over between you?” he asks. “Who said it wasn’t?” asks Kevin. “Then you won’t need her address then will you” Mac replies.


In reception, Shaheen is on the phone while Jill serves a customer. Jill sees a delivery of flowers and is surprised to discover they are for her. “That’s impossible….” she declares. “Why?” asks J Henry (the sender). “You’re married for a start!” she reminds him. “I have sent roses to Barbara and you this morning – even to my wife!” he adds. “For a ghastly moment I thought I was special” she replies. “You are special Jill. You know I have every confidence that you could run this motel without the aid of David and Barbara” he tells her. He adds that they both look run down and could do with a holiday. Jill tells him that they are planning to take one later in the summer. “Perhaps you could persuade them to take one earlier – for their own good” he suggests. “And what good would their own good do you J Henry?” she asks. “I told you you were smart!” he replies.  He asks where he will find Valerie. “In the bar” Jill replies. “Yes of course” he says…


He discovers that she is still working.  “Still playing your silly games? Come out from behind there” he demands. “I will not have my wife serving as a barmaid”. “Darling I AM a barmaid. YOU made me one.” she replies.  “Now what would you like to drink?”. He loses his temper and demands that she come from behind the bar. “Can’t you make a public spectacle of yourself without making one of me too?” she asks. “I no longer have any contempt for you J – it’s gone way beyond that!” she adds – before storming out.  He follows her back to reception, but she leaves – leaving J. Henry somewhat flustered. He suggests to Jill that she could get Paul Ross to help her run the motel while the Hunters are on holiday.


At the MacDonald’s House, Kevin is talking to Trina. “I’ll survive – just about” he tells her. She asks him what the problem is. He starts by pretending it is money, but then confesses that it is a personal matter - a “friend” he was hoping to see has “just gone off”. “Do I know HER?” she asks. “Who said it was a her?” he replies. “I didn’t know I was so obvious” He admits that it is Carole. “Does Glenda know?” she asks. “No. That’s the one good thing about it” he adds, before pointing out that it is past history. “Apart from the odd twinge?” she asks. She tells Kevin about a past love from before she met Joe, someone that she still feels the odd twinge for. She tells Kevin that her ex is now divorced. “Talk about twists of fate!” she adds.


In the motel office, J Henry is sitting at the main desk reading the Financial Times when David comes in. J. Henry compliments him on how quickly he has arrived following his summons. David points out that nobody has sent for him – and points out that it his day off and that he has come to collect something from HIS desk.  J. Henry tells David that Valerie looks overworked “Like you and Barbara” he adds. J. Henry tells David that he feels Valerie should have an early night rather than tackle 5 Acts of Blank Verse (i.e. the Shakespeare play). “Do sit down David” J Henry ‘suggests’. David doesn’t but adds that he knows J. Henry has forbidden Valerie to work in the bar. “Do you object?” J. Henry asks him. “What you do with your wife is your business” David tells him as Barbara comes in.  J. Henry says that therefore have no differences and ‘invites’ him to sit again. “I generally sit where YOU are sitting” David replies.  “Well I’m getting you accustomed to NOT sitting here for  a while” J. Henry replies.


At this moment Jill comes into the office and J. Henry’s meeting can begin. He invites them ALL to sit down.  He reveals that he has been busy buying up a holiday villa company. “Barbara have you ever been to Greece?” he asks. She says that she has. David tells J. Henry that he prefers Italy. “Well that’s excellent because my company has villas in BOTH countries” J. Henry replies. “So you can either confine yourselves to one or divide your holidays between each”. David points out that he and Barbara have already tentatively booked their summer holiday. J. Henry paints a picture of a luxurious villa waiting for them, including swimming pool, tennis courts, staff and air tickets included. “You mean they can go  there and stay there for nothing?” Jill asks. “Your turn will come next” he assures her. “But at the moment you’re looking far too fit for a holiday”


J. Henry asks Barbara where she would like to go. Barbara admits that she does like Greece. “Your wife is YOUR problem David, but I am sure you will allow her a choice” J. Henry tells him, before leaving. “You’ll go of course?” Jill asks. David points out that he WILL leave the choice to Barbara.


Mac arrives home to find an electricity bill, but that is the least of his worries. Trina shares a “love letter” that somebody dropped in. “Dear Mr. MacDonald. You don’t know me but I know you. I would in all friendship suggest that you pack your bags and return to the slum you came from – better still, get back to the jungle, which is your proper habitat.” Mac scoffs and asks where she got the letter from. Trina tells him that she found it on the mat after taking Ben for a walk. Mac asks what they are having for supper, which annoys Trina. “Is that all you can say?” she asks. She tells him to finish the letter “There are actually threats!” she tells him. He tells her that there are nutters in the world – it is full of them. She replies by saying she is not concerned about the world, she is concerned about them and Ben.


Mac points out that if the letter was signed he would go round and sort it out, but as it isn’t he suggests that they try to forget all about it. She is furious. “Some racist pig sends us a letter full of abuse and you’re going to do nothing about it?” she asks. “What sort of a man are you?”. He is also cross “At this precise moment a very hungry one!” he replies.  He rips up the letter in front of her, but it doesn’t seem to make either of them happy.


Back in reception, a very smart, man arrives. He tells Shaheen that he has a reservation in the name of Collins. She asks whether he will be staying long, but he asks to keep things on a “day to day basis” until he knows for sure.  He asks whether Trina is about and is surprised to learn that she left her job on reception when she got married. “Oh she’s married is she?” he asks. He asks for Trina’s address but she offers her telephone number instead. “I’d rather drop by” the man replies. “Give her a bit of a surprise!”. He winks. (CREDITS)


Shaheen hands Greg Collins a piece of paper with Trina’s address on it. “I shouldn’t really be giving you this” she tells him.

 “Don’t worry about it sweetheart, I’m sure she’ll be MORE than please to see me… we were VERY good friends!” He winks again!


So much to love about this episode. The fantastic scene that cuts between two locations with Doris on the phone while Arthur and Kath listen in from the hallway reminds me of my youth with our landline telephone that everybody could hear. The mundane “black spot / green fly” discussion contrasts wildly with the luxury villas (sadly not in the South of France) in Greece and Italy. The sheer awfulness of the racial abuse posted through the MacDonald’s letterbox is absolutely shocking and I doubt whether soaps today would be so brave in their choice of broadcasting the language at teatime.


Is it me or is Kevin talking to everyone about his near affair with Carole Sands? Has he no shame? Is there anybody that doesn’t know? (apart from Glenda, obviously).


And who is this mysterious Greg Collins – the winker? He couldn’t be the bloke Trina was on about could he?


Site Ref: D13 V8 E11



Crossroads Episode: 3639: Original TX: 21-07-82


J Henry Pollard takes a tough line with Paul Ross. Trina MacDonald meets an old flame. Meanwhile, Sharon Metcalfe makes a shocking discovery. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: tbc


Synopsis to follow…



Crossroads Episode: 3640: Original TX: 22-07-82


Glenda Banks takes bold and secretive action. Benny has an uncomfortable interview (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: tbc


Synopsis to follow…



Crossroads Episode: 3641: Original TX: 27-07-82



Gregory Collins has moved in to board with the MacDonalds and has been told by Trina that their affair is finished and not to get any wrong ideas. J Henry Pollard has phoned his daughter Miranda and told her that she is not to accept the secretarial job at the motel. Kevin’s father, Oliver Banks, has done a secret deal with Percy Dobson which involves taking on Kevin as junior partner. (TV Times)


Miranda Pollard is instructed by her father not to come to the motel. Arthur Brownlow decides to hit back at his new neighbours, the MacDonalds. Kevin Banks’ father, Oliver, does a secret deal with Percy Dobson. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: tbc


Synopsis to follow…



Crossroads Episode: 3642: Original TX: 28-07-82


Valerie Pollard gets a surprise visitor. Trina MacDonald is terrified by a malicious phone call. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: tbc


Synopsis to follow…



Crossroads Episode: 3643: Original TX: 29-07-82


Valerie Pollard decides to walk out on her husband. Kevin Banks decides to investigate a proposition and this alarms Glenda. Jill Harvey decides to sack Paul Ross. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                    Director: tbc


Synopsis to follow…


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