JUNE 1982: Episodes 3618 – 3630

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Crossroads Episode: 3618: Original TX: 01-06-82 (Tuesday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3618



TV Times


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Teddy Abraham


“Eyes and ears open Paul – Find out everything you can”

“I haven’t forgotten how much I…we owe you – I’ll do my best, you know that Mr. Pollard” (TITLES)


Jill and Barbara enter the office and switch on the lights. “Do your best for what?” Barbara asks him. Mr. Paul makes up a story about doing his best for a business lunch that J. Henry is planning before he leaves.

Jill asks where he is going. J. Henry tells them he is going to Frankfurt, Johannesburg and New York “So I shall be away for quite a while” Jill tells him that they shall miss him. “At least I shall have the consolation that while I’m away, Valerie will be well looked after” he says, glancing at Mr. Paul. J. Henry tells Barbara that someone called “sunrise hi-fi” called for David “He’s suffering from something called woofer and tweeter deficiency” replies Barbara. “Not to mention extensive wow and flutter!”

Jill thanks J. Henry for sorting out the “Paul Ross business” for them. Jill says that she is pleased that her womanly instincts were proved right. “What about Valerie’s womanly instincts?” asks Barbara. “Different kind of woman – different kind of instinct” replies J. Henry. Jill leaves them to work on reception.


Barbara pours J. Henry a Malt Whisky. “Are you happy about Valerie working on the bar?” she asks him. J. Henry avoids the question, but he and Barbara clearly enjoy being in each others company. Barbara points out that recently he and Valerie have spent a lot of time together. “Yes I suppose we have” he acknowledges. “How do you feel about leaving her this time?” she asks. “Not too worried” he replies. “Its strange – but I feel closer to Valerie now – even when I’m away!”


In the garage office, Sid is on the telephone to Mavis, complaining that he is the one being left to carry out the overtime. Mac enters the office and overhears him. He tells her that he will be putting the rent money in the Post Office. “£80 a week – leave it to me!” He promises to visit her in hospital but makes an excuse about speaking to a customer to get off the phone. They are joined by Archie and Benny, who have come into the garage to shelter from the rain. “Its only a shower” says Sid. “Weather expert now are we?” asks Archie. Sid tells them that he has the weather report because there is a race meeting that evening. Archie asks if there are any favourites – Sid says that he intends to leave well alone. Archie and Mac leave for the evening. Benny asks Sid whether they can go to the racing. Sid agrees – He tells Benny that they will pick a Saturday and go!


In the bar Glenda catches up with Kath. “Mum, Mr. Mcphee is asking for you” she says. Glenda explains that Doris has been sent home ill. Kath asks whether she is needed to stand in. Glenda says that she thought Kath wouldn’t mind under the circumstances. Kath tells Glenda to phone Arthur to tell him that she is going to be late. “I hope she isn’t sickening for something with her wedding coming up” says Glenda. “If you said a nervous breakdown I might go along with you!” Kath replies.


In the garage, Sid is waxing lyrical about the look of horses – like conkers when they have been polished, and how he doesn’t like it when they have their hair clipped. Benny tells him that the man on the farm next door once told him that horses needed clipping so that they sweat and they can be worked. “You learn something every day” replies Sid. It is clear that Benny is getting into the world of horses! Sid tells Benny all about their future trip, and how he will need a suit. He promises to lend him some binoculars as well. Sid pretends that they are at the races, and Benny enjoys the role play. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a bundle riding on his nose!”


In her bed-sit, Doris is unwell. She is lying on her bed with her head in her hands. Tom rushes in and asks how she is. “Not so good – its this thumping headache” He tells her that he will leave her in peace, but she asks him to stay for a chat. He tells her that there is something he wants to talk to her about, but didn’t want to in case it made her headache worse. “Do you mind if I have my say first?” she asks him. “Its no good Tom -  I can’t go through with it” she tells him. “I’m sorry. I can’t marry you.” Tom is stunned. “You’ve left it a bit late to tell me – I’ve booked the reception” he tells her. “Without asking me first? That’s typical that is!” she responds. “Champagne, flowers, caviar…” he explains. “Well I’m very sorry Tom – you’ll just have to unbook it!” She apologises for it being a big disappointment. “I should be getting used to it by now” he tells her. “This is the second time you’ve jilted me at the altar.” “Doesn’t that tell you something?” she asks. “You don’t fancy me!” he replies. “It was never meant to be – we’re not suited” she tells him. She asks him whether he has had doubts over the past few weeks. “You started them” he insists. “I thought there was something wrong, but I put it down to nerves” he tells her. “Anyway – you’ve had your share of happiness with Aileen” she reminds him. “Although you were never married to her, you were man and wife all the same. After a while you’d have started comparing me with her, and they you’d have regretted it”.


Doris goes to give him his ring. “You keep the ring, its spent enough years in my waistcoat pocket” he tells her. “You’re not really so upset are you?” she asks. “Of course I’m upset, but if that’s how you want it – that’s how we’ll play it” he replies. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it but I’ll do my best.” Doris asks Tom what it was he wanted to tell her. “Doesn’t seem to matter now” he explains. “The Post Office – they’ve turned me down!” He tells her that he doesn’t have enough experience and that he is too old. “And you’d set your heart on it!” she says. “Wouldn’t have been any good on me own” he tells her. “What will you do now?” she asks him. “There’s nothing to keep me here” he tells her. “I’ll settle up my bill with Mrs. Price and be off first thing in the morning.” She tells him that he doesn’t have to – but he explains that he doesn’t want to have to talk about things to anyone else. “Perhaps you’re right” she tells him. He tells her that he is going to go home to Yorkshire. He kisses her on the cheek, “Well that’s that Doris” “Thanks Tom, for being so understanding” she tells him. Tom asks her how her headache is feeling. “Do you know, I think it’s….” she starts, then realizing what she is saying, changes her mind “…ALMOST gone!”  (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the flat, Diane is explaining to Benny about Sharon “Her fella’s gone off on this course…” Benny asks why Sharon doesn’t go with Ashley “Because she thinks the garage will come to a grinding halt” Benny suggest that it is Mac and Nobby that do all the work. “What do you think she does all day?” asks Diane. “Well it int cars is it?” he replies. Diane asks Benny whether he has thought about what he intends to do with his money. She suggests that he keep it in the bank until he needs it. Benny tells her that he knows he can “sign sommat” and they will give it to him.


Benny asks Diane whether she likes Sid. Diane says that he is a bit of a dreamer. “Sometimes he says things and they come true” Benny tells her. “What things?” she asks. “Just things” he replies.


At the Brownlow’s, Arthur Kath and Glenda are discussing Doris – they are interrupted by the doorbell, and… it is Doris, looking much happier and smiley! She tells Kath that she is feeling better and that she has come round to apologise for the extra work that she caused for her. She then tells them that she and Tom have broken off their engagement. “You don’t look very upset” says Glenda. “I’m not, it’s the best all round!” replies Doris.


In the garage Mac and Sid are confused as to why Benny is late for work.


Outside the motel, Benny runs towards the entrance, straight past Archie. “You’re in trouble – you want to get yourself an alarm clock!” Archie shouts after him.


Back in the garage Mac tells Sid that Nobby is at the Dentist due to a missing filling. Sid says that he would have done it with a soldering iron. Benny bursts in to the office and explains that he had to “see a bloke”. Mac leaves the office.Benny tells Sid that he’s “got it” and hands him a huge wad of cash “Enough there for a bundle?” he asks Sid. “How much is here?” asks Sid. “£500” replies Benny


(CREDITS) “Now don’t tell anyone about it – especially Miss Diane and Miss Luke – cause it will only cause a lot of fuss alright?”


“Oh I don’t want to cause any fuss – I wont tell anyone Benny!”


Well it was all to be expected I suppose – Doris was always going to end up on her own. Even if the audience is sad for her broken engagement. It was quite nice to see the strange situation of someone “pleased” to break the news to their friends.


Not much to say about this episode really – except that Doris and Tom carried the whole break-up scene as a two-hander – in one continuous camera shot that lasted 4 and a half minutes – that’s an age by today’s standards – very nearly a quarter of the episode – and it was done to perfection. Brilliant.


Benny and Sid seem to make a great double act – watching Benny’s enjoyment as Sid acted out a race for him was great – it is clear why Benny would be influenced by the Welsh Charmer – and actually – I’m on Sid’s side here – Benny isn’t interested in money – he finds it boring having it – why not have a bit of fun with it?


Sid certainly looks like he’s going to!


Site ref (TA: 12-2)


Crossroads Episode: 3619: Original TX: 02-06-82 (Wednesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3619


TV Times (Granada)


CENTRAL – 5:15

BORDER – 5:15


HTV – 5:15



Sharon Metcalfe incurs J Henry Pollard’s enmity when she is unable to do him a favour. Joe MacDonald and wife Trina move next door to the Brownlows – Arthur’s not delighted.

TV Times (Granada for 02-06-82)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Edward F Barnes, David Garfield                     Director: Peter Croft


In the motel reception, J Henry is telling Jill about the mechanical problems with his car. Jill says that it is a bit late to do anything about it – until she sees Sharon Metcalfe across reception. She points Sharon out to J. Henry. “She runs the Crossroads garage – I’m sure she’d be able to help you”. J. Henry introduces himself. “I’m in trouble and Jill tells me that you might be able to help me out” he tells her. He explains the problems to her, but she replies very firmly “Can’t do it – sorry!” J. Henry is unhappy. “Miss Metcalfe, this is really rather important” he tells her. “I dare say it is – and our regular customers are rather important to us!” she adds defiantly. Sharon says goodbye and leaves. “Oh dear – and I was sure she would be able to help you” Jill tells him. “I shalln’t forget it” he tells her.


In the garage office, Sid is working on some paperwork. The phone rings and it is for Sharon. He is in the process of telling the caller that she is unavailable, when she walks in. She discusses something with the caller and arranges to have a meal with him and another business associate at the motel. When she puts the phone down she tells Sid that she has landed a service contract for a fleet of delivery vans. Sharon asks Sid to call Mac in so she can tell him the news. Sid reminds her that Mac is moving into his house today with Benny’s help. “Now THAT I would like to see” says Sharon.


In their new house, Mac, Trina and Benny are unpacking – with music playing very loudly from a cassette deck. Mac and Benny carry in a large piece of furniture and accidentally knock a glass from a packing crate. Benny leaves to fetch more furniture. Trina gets cross that they didn’t pay for a professional removal company. Mac asks her whether she would prefer to go over to her mum’s house while they finish off. Trina goes to fetch a cup of tea while Mac sweeps up the broken glass. He tells her that furniture can’t be put anywhere permanently until they have sorted out the dry rot.


Trina tells him that the house is too quiet after spending time at her mum’s. Mac jokes that he will arrange for  a steel band to come and play some Caribbean sounds for her. “We’re going to make this place our own” he tells her, confidently. They share a kiss, but are interrupted by Benny, who has come for his tea.


“Its ever such a nice place” he tells them. He remarks how big it is and they discuss where their baby is going to sleep. It transpires that there is a small room free for letting, but Trina clearly doesn’t want him hanging around. “You’ve got a room haven’t you Benny?” she asks him. He tries again, but Trina wont change her mind “I don’t think its going to work OK?”


In the motel office, David is on the telephone. Jill and J. Henry enter with solemn faces. David asks if there is anything wrong. J Henry explains that his chauffer has been telephoning all the local garages, but that they have all said that it is too late to be done that evening. J. Henry then says “You Sharon is being deliberately unconstructive”. David tries to explain that Sharon has nothing to do with him, but J. Henry isn’t listening. “Look, David, get on the phone and tell her the garage has got to damn well fix it this evening” he tells David. Jill explains that the motel sold the garage a while ago, and that the new owner gives Sharon a free hand to do as she chooses.  “The only connection with the motel is the name” explains David further. “Well if you can’t tell her, ask her nicely –at least she will listen to you!” replies J. Henry. “I wish I’d known earlier that the garage didn’t belong to the motel” says J. Henry. “Its too late to do anything about the servicing, but its not too late to do something about the garage itself” states J. Henry, storming off. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Arthur is busy reading the paper when he hears the door close. “Is that you Kath?” he shouts out. Kath replies by saying that he is early. Arthur tells her that they have some computer people in work and that he managed to escape. When Kath comes in he tells her not to bother making him a tea as he already has one. Kath asks where hers is – and points out that Arthur causes a fuss if she doesn’t get one for him! Kath says that she is surpised to see Arthur at home as the car wasn’t around. She asks whether it is ok. “The cars alright – I only wish our new neighbours were” he replies.


Arthur points out that they have parked the removal van right across the drive. “If that’s all the consideration he’s going to show – he might as well not come at all!” complains Arthur. Kath suggests that they call round, to find out if there is anything that Mac and Trina need. Arthur continues to moan about the driveway. “Its up to us to show a little bit of neighbourlyness” he tells her. “What do you mean by that?” she asks awkwardly. “What I mean is I don’t see why neighbours should live in each others pockets” he replies. “Yeah – that’s what I thought you meant” she adds.


In the garage office, Sharon asks Sid to check some bills before posting them. The telephone rings – it is David. “Sharon, can you spare a moment?” he asks. “I think its time we had a little chat” he adds. “What about exactly?” she asks. David tells her that it wont take long. “OK – see you in five minutes” she replies. When she puts down the phone she tells Sid that she has been summoned to the inner sanctum! As she leaves the office, Archie and Benny are arguing in the doorway. Sharon wishes them goodnight. “Look… salt is the best” says Benny. “For the slugs? That’s your problem son, you’re too old fashioned” Archie argues. Benny also suggests half a grapefruit. Archie tells Benny that they are trying to kill the slugs, not invite them for breakfast! Sid comes into the workshop and asks Benny into the office.


At the Macdonald’s house, the cleaning and moving in continues whilst Mac and Trina talk about Benny. Mac admits that he mentioned the spare room to Benny. “You could have told me” says Trina. The doorbell rings, and Mac goes to answer it – it is the Brownlows.


Arthur and Kath make their way into the lounge and Mac introduces them to Trina. Mac offers them a drink, and explains the some things got damaged when they moved them out of the van because they were rushing before Arthur got home.

Arthur is about to bring up the subject when Kath speaks over him. “That’s alright – Arthur’s not too fussy – are you” she asks.

“Have you got the baby with you? I’m longing to see her” Kath asks Trina. Trina tells her that it is a boy actually. Mac says they are really lucky working and living near each other.

Mac is about to tell Kath that if she or Glenda are ever stuck for a lift that he will help out, but Arthur interrupts “They wont be”.

Trina suggests a toast. “Welcome to friends and neighbours” declares Kath. “I’ll drink to that” replies Mac, but Arthur doesn’t look impressed.


In the garage office, Sid and Benny are discussing betting. Benny says that Sid should pick the horse, and that they should bet on them together. Sid reaches into his desk drawers and hands back Benny’s £500 – untouched! He tells Benny that they cant go around spending that much money. “You said we could” says Benny – “Yeah mine – not yours!” Sid replies. Benny wants to bet. Sid tells him that he shouldn’t put £500 on one horse, and that it would be better to spread it around. Sid tries to explain the complexities of betting to Benny, but most of it goes over his head.


Sid eventually agrees to put £50. “And we go half each?” asks Benny. “You’re joking! Its alright for you moneybags!” Sid tells him. “No I mean on what we win” explains Benny. Sid agrees, and points out a horse he has been looking at “Dewdrop” – “On the nose” adds Benny.


Sharon knocks on the motel office door. “I suppose you can guess why I’ve asked you to come and see me” David asks her. “I’m sure that with goodwill we can come to some sort of sensible compromise” he asks. “Right. What do you want from us?” she asks. “Some sort of preferential treatment for customers of the motel” he explains. “So we give your customers priority – what do we get?” she asks. “Extra business” he replies. “I suppose we could keep a bay reserved at certain times for motel customers…” she offers. “But what sort of retainer would you be prepared to pay?” she asks. David tells her that there is little point in carrying on their conversation. “I didn’t see any point in STARTING it” she tells him. “Would you be good enough to give me Mr. Lamont’s address?” David asks her. “We’d like to make him an offer to buy the garage… and manage it in OUR way!”


(CREDITS) “There’s Reg Lamont’s address, but it won’t do you any good”

“We’ll have to see – won’t we? – As someone once said – everything has its price!”


Business Sharon! I believe the common expression is “You go, girl!” – Its nice when David gets taken down a peg or two – and Sharon has proved herself to be every inch as capable as we hope she is – standing up to J. Henry and David. She has a good point though. The Brownlows and the Macdonalds are contrasted nicely as couples – even if they use of the cassette deck and loud music does push the “young” stereotype a bit far. I was pleased to see Kath questioning Arthur over what could be perceived as racism – I don’t think Arthur is a racist as such, but his dislike of the Macdonalds is all too clear to see – and a little uncomfortable to watch as a viewer.


Site Ref: (Disc 12:Vol.7 Ep.4)


No Episode TX: 03-06-82 (Thursday)

Football Coverage (Finland 1 England 4)



Crossroads Episode: 3620: Original TX: 08-06-82 (Tuesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3620


J Henry Pollard and David Hunter agree on a deal concerning the Crossroads garage. Trina MacDonald rejects husband Joe’s suggestion to take Benny in as a lodger.

TV Times (Granada for 08-06-82)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Edward F Barnes, David Garfield                     Director: Peter Croft


Shaheen and Kath are looking at a flower arrangement on reception when the telephone rings. Shaheen answers the call and Doris walks over. “I’ve had a bit of a shock… I’ve been fired!” she tells Kath. “As good as…. Shughie Macphee tells me he’s got a new vegetable cook starting as from next week!” Kath tells her she should fight the decision, but Doris points out that they arranged for someone after she told the management that she would be leaving after she got married. Doris tells Kath that she only mentioned it, and didn’t actually hand in her notice. “Something’ll turn up” Kath suggests. “I don’t know how I’m going to manage. It’s a scrape as it is!” Doris tells her. Kath tells Doris to have a word with Mrs. Harvey “She’s your best bet” she says optimistically.


Jill is in the bar, having tea with Valerie Pollard. “So how long is he going to be away?” she asks Valerie. “I haven’t the faintest idea” replies Valerie, checking out her make up in a hand mirror. “Don’t you care?” Jill asks. “Well lets just say I wish I were staying and HE were going!” Valerie replies (wrongly) Jill points out that they would still be separated. “We’re rather good at that. We say delicious farewells and beautiful hellos – its just the bits in between that get a bit scratchy!” They are interrupted by Doris, who asks Jill for a word. Jill ushers her to a free table and asks her what is wrong. Doris tells Jill about her job, and reveals that she is not going to be going through with the wedding. Jill is shocked.  “Mr. Logan and myself, we decided it was too big-a step to take at our age.” Doris tells Jill that she knows Shughie is well within his rights to have arranged a replacement, and asks her whether there is anything else available at the motel. Jill reveals that there are plans to build a new extension block “Its strictly confidential mind” she adds. Jill suggests that Doris just “help out” anywhere that she is needed – including chalets, the bar, and even working for Mrs. Brownlow. “A sort of dogsbody you mean?” “Don’t you think it will be interesting not working in the same place all the time?” Jill asks her. Doris thanks her for the suggestion.


In the office, J. Henry is sorting papers into his briefcase when David arrives. David asks when they should expect him back. “Don’t expect me. One day I shall drop in between trips and stay for a while” he replies. “I hate turning up to a place where I have an interst and finding that everything has a fresh coat of paint and everyone’s wearing a clean collar!” David and J. Henry sit down. “Before I go – a  piece of advice – you should NEVER have sold the garage to an independent owner!” says J. Henry. “As a matter of fact ‘I’ didn’t” David replies. J. Henry isn’t really listening, and suggests that buying it back would be an excellent long term investment for the motel. David tries to tell him that he agrees. “J. Henry – you’re hammering on an open door” David eventually manages to tell him.


“Somebody’s not looking too very happy” says Shaheen to Kath, as Doris walks back from the bar. She reveals what Jill has offered her – about helping out where it is needed. “Well there’ll be plenty of that” agrees Kath. “Well that’s good news” points out Shaheen. Doris reluctantly agrees. “I’m grateful for the job of course, but I can’t help feeling it’s a come-down” she confesses. “It’ll be alright Doris – you’ll see” says Kath, before going off to find Mr. Paul. Shaheen points out that in the past Doris was always first to offer help in any crisis. “Offering is one thing. Having to is something else” replies Doris. “Funny thing – I got Kath Brownlow taken on here” she adds. “And now look at her! Housekeeper in charge and me the dogs-body!”


In the office, David sits perched on the desk as he and J. Henry talk. “So I’ll contact the owner direct” says David. “ man named Lamont. He’s in Malta.”. There business conversation is interrupted as Valerie arrives in the office. “You rang, Oh Master!” she says jokingly. “You seem to be enjoying yourself here” says J. Henry. “Well much more than I… either of us expected” she agrees. David excuses himself from the office. “Chicken!” she accuses him. After David has left J. Henry tells Valerie that while she at the motel she will be playing to HIS rules. “You got away with ONE indiscretion, but a second could prove… costly… It might even be fatal!” he warns. “If you transgress again…” he begins. “Who’s going to be watching over me dear?” she asks. “Whose ear will be at the keyhole? Who is your spy darling?” she accuses him. “I don’t need one, darling – everyone is interested in what you do – and wants to talk about it!” he tells her. On cue, Mr, Paul arrives in the office looking for David. “You might as well wait – he should be back at any moment” J. Henry tells him. He tells Valerie to remember everything he has sad. “You know I will” she replies. “And how much I’ll miss you.” She wishes him “bon voyage” and kisses him on his head as she leaves.


“You DO understand the sort of thing I want to know about Mrs. Pollard?” he asks Mr. Paul. “There is someone else I want you to keep an eye on” J. Henry reveals. Sharon Metcalfe. Find out what her weaknesses are. Gambling? Drink? Sex? I want to know where she is most vulnerable, so that if she gets in my way I can get her OUT of it. Quickly and permanently. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Trina is on the telephone to someone about Nursery schools. She is shocked to find that there isn’t one available nearby. Mac arrives home, desperate for his lunch. He goes into the lounge and sees a piece of paper on the mantelpiece. He asks Trina what it is. “Well you asked me to make up a list of basic necessities” she tells him. “This comes to over five hundred quid” he exclaims. “You know what they say – ‘You buy a house, you buy a headache’” she reminds him. He suggests that they may be able to buy things second hand. Trina tells him that her price list IS for second hand items! “We’re going to have to consider a lodger – even if it is on a temporary basis” he tells her, even though he knows that she isn’t keen. “Well it’s just not going to Benny – that’s for sure!” she replies. “How do you think he’ll feel when he finds out we’ve turned him down and taken on somebody else?” he asks, but Trina isn’t listening – she puts on the radio and starts dancing. “Why don’t you tell him that we’re the opposite of everybody else? We ONLY have BLACK!” she says.


Next door, at the Brownlow’s Kath tries to tell Arthur about Doris and her demotion at the motel, but Arthur is listening at the wall to the noise from next door. “Do you mean the music?” Kath asks. “Well if that’s what they like to call it…” Arthur answers. “It’s typical! More of less what I’ve been expecting!” he tells her. “I suppose that’s what ‘they’ call rhythm” he adds grumpily – although Kath doesn’t seem to mind. “You didn’t mind when the Anderson’s lived next door, blasting out their brass band records” she reminds him. They are interrupted by Glenda who has arrived home from work. “I must have had half the moaners in England at my table” she tells them. Glenda tells them all about the day she has had at work, and then notices that the table has been set with more effort than usual. “Don’t tell me we’re expecting guests” complains Glenda. “One guest. He’s a relation – of your father’s. He came out of the blue” Kath explains.


Arthur smiles as Kath goes on. “You’d better smarten yourself up, because he’s just gone down the road to get some wine!” “He’s quite a smart young fella – been to distant parts” Arthur adds.  Glenda tells them that all she wants to do is curl up in front of the telly. “You’d better put some lipstick on because he might want to curl up with you” Kath replies, cheekily. There doorbell rings, and Arthur goes to the door – It is Kevin. Kath and Arthur leave for the kitchen. Glenda tells Kevin that after the day she has had, all she wanted was for him to come home for a couple of days. “Yeah – well – I haven’t” he replies.  He reveals that his contract is over and that he is back for good.


In the bar, Valerie is drinking. She asks Malcolm the barman whether he has slipped something extra in her drink. They are interrupted by Diane. “Have you been given special dispensation to come in here in uniform?” Valerie asks – knowing full well that Mr. Paul will be unhappy at the thought. Diane tells her that Mr. Paul has sent her in because the wine list is out of date. “We’ve had some new wines from before the fire which aren’t listed” she explains. Valerie asks Diane what Mr. Paul wants her to do about it. Diane tells her that he wants someone to bring the list up to date. “I don’t even know where the cellar is” explains Valerie. “It’s in the basement” Diane tells her. Valerie asks Malcolm to check the stock book and then asks Diane how things are in the restaurant – suggesting that Mr. Paul is in his element. “I’ll give him his due. He is very popular, and he is very good at his job” Diane tells her. “But I still think he’s smarmy”. It is a sentiment shared by Valerie.  “He is also VERY tricky” she agrees.


Malcolm brings the stock book and they start to look through it. “What were you saying about Mr. Paul?” Diane asks… just as the man himself walks up behind her. Mr. Paul asks why it is taking so long to sort out the wine list. Valerie tells him that it is her fault that it is taking so long. “If you can spare her for five more minutes then we’ll sort it out very quickly” she tells him. He is just about to leave when

Valerie tells him how a lot of guests have commented how the restaurant has been much improved since he has taken over “And I must say I agree with them” she adds. “And a lot of the staff are much happier now that the place is being run properly” she goes on. Mr. Paul smiles at this news. “Paul I am sorry about the little misunderstanding that you and I had when I first came here” she tells him.


Mr. Paul leaves. “WELL! After everything you’ve said!” declares Diane indignantly. “Did you believe that?” Valerie asks her. “Wasn’t I supposed to?” Diane replies. “No. HE was!” says Valerie!




“My first little plan MIGHT have failed. But THIS TIME he won’t know what hit him!”


Site Ref: (Disc 12:Vol.7 Ep.5)


Doris has annoyed me this episode if I’m honest – She told everyone that she was leaving, then complained that her job had been given to someone else – it’s YOUR fault for goodness sake. Deal with it, Love – you could have had a new life with Tom Logan –don’t depress the rest of us now you’re sticking around. I do like the way the MacDonald, Brownlow story is going – even if it is uncomfortable. It still isn’t really clear whether Arthur is supposed to be racist, but he obviously doesn’t like his new neighbours. I guess this was a situation that contemporary viewers were familiar with – “new” people moving into the neighbourhood – although in the context of this story, Mac has been around for ages – I wonder how this story would have played out if there were two completely new characters that didn’t have the sympathy of the viewers. I think the writers are being quite careful to be non-specific at this stage as to what Arthur’s problem really is – although Trina declaring “We only have black” in defiance at the racism of others in society is a bit shocking – to say the least – and shows that Crossroads was more than willing to deal with difficult and topical issues – This is still 3 years before the “gritty” young upstart, EastEnders would come on the scene.


Crossroads Episode: 3621: Original TX: 09-06-82



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3621


Doris Luke is worried by news from Archie Gibbs. Kevin Banks confesses to wife Glenda that he got into serious trouble in Nottingham, and fears it will catch up with him.

TV Times


Writers: Joshua Adam, Edward F Barnes, David Garfield                     Director: Peter Croft


In the motel reception, Sharon catches a word with Paul Ross. She tells him that she is will be having a business meal in the restaurant, which she hopes will help her to get a service contract for the garage. She asks him whether he would be able to give them a little “special attention” so that she is able to concentrate on business. “Rely on me – It will all go swimmingly I assure you,” he tells her. “You don’t mind?” she asks. “Not at all – it’s my pleasure” he replies, and leaves her.


In her flat, Doris is asleep. There is a knock at the door which wakes her. It is Benny. She explains that she is late home as she was helping out at the motel. He tells her that he knocked earlier but there was nobody in. He starts talking excitedly about a statue of a mermaid – white with bits of blue in it, “It cost a bit, but that don’t matter none” he tells her. She asks what he is talking about. “I thought you might like it” he explains. “Me? A mermaid?” she asks, confused.  “Yeah – you and Mr. Logan, like… a wedding present” he explains. Doris tells Benny that there has been a change of plan, and that they are not going to be getting married. “Why?” he asks sadly. “Well, lots of reasons” she replies. “He’s a nice man though, in ‘ee?” asks Benny. “Oh yes. He was a nice man” Doris agrees. “It was easy at first to persuade myself that it would have worked… but I was marrying him for all the wrong reasons – for something I’d always wanted… A house. A home. A place to call my own”. Benny tells her that it is ok to want things of your own.


In the garage, Sid is on the telephone to wife, Mavis. “Its all done love, £80 – cash in hand” he assures her. “It will go straight into your account and it wont even touch the sides” he jokes, half heartedly. He asks how she is getting on and tells her that she doesn’t want to try leaving until she is fit and well. “Of course I want you home” he replies to her unheard question. Benny comes into the office. Sid uses it as en excuse to get off the phone. He tells her that a customer has just walked in. Benny looks around, confused. Benny asks Sid whether the horse they have bet on has won its race. Sid tells him that it has, and that they have won £90. “Well that’s good” answers Benny. “Very tasty” agrees Sid. Benny asks what they will be betting on today. “We’re not betting anything today – we’re going to give it a rest” Sid answers. “What we betting tomorrow?” Benny asks instead. Sid changes the subject. He tells Benny that Mr. Astley (the man who used to collect the rent at Mavis’ house) has scarpered and left. “So you know what that means?” “No” replies Benny. “Well it means we’ve got a spare room if you’re interested.” Sid tells him. “It’s a very nice room – only a couple of doors down from the bathroom” Benny tells him that its “not worth me moving at the minute… I’ve got a bit of a plan…”


In the motel bar, Valerie is serving drinks. Glenda and Kevin are dressed up and walk in. “Hello Glenda – you look pretty ravishing. Is that a new dress?” asks Valerie. Glenda tells her that it is a “coming home present”. Glenda introduces Kevin to Valerie. Valerie tells her that technically she is not allowed to serve her, as members of staff are not to be served in the bar. “Signed D. Hunter – Commanding Officer” Glenda points out that she is off duty. “Rules are MEANT to broken – especially by me!” Valerie adds.  Kevin orders a light ale, and Glenda asks for a slimline bitter lemon. Kevin then asks for a bottle of Champagne to be added to the cost of their bill. “Easy come – easy go” Kevin asks Valerie “What goes well with Moet and Chandon?” “Pie and chips?” she replies cheekily.  Kevin leave to claim a table. “Nice looking boy – bet you have to keep your eye on him” Valerie asks. “Don’t worry – I usually do” she replies. “Its just in my experience, when husbands start buying champagne, its usually a prelude to ‘Darling there was this little air-hostess’…” Yes…well Kevin prefers to go by train” replies Glenda.


In the garage Archie comes into the office looking for Benny, who is on a job for Sid. Archie tells him that Mavis has been on the phone – and that she said that she would ring him back. “I bet she will” agrees Sid. Benny comes in – with Sid’s coffee. Sid makes a point of sharing their winning in front of Archie. “What’s all this then?” asks Archie. Benny explains that they haven’t yet lost any money on the horses. “Why can’t I get a whack in this?” Archie asks. “We don’t bet in 10p’s! If you’ve got some REAL money – you’re in!” Sid explains. “Look mate – there’s thousands of you fellas sleeping on the embankment” Archie tells them. Sid tells Benny that they should go and celebrate. “Don’t get the lad into that – he doesn’t drink” Archie points out. “He can have a tomato juice” says Sid. “I’ll have a double….and YOU….” He says looking at Archie… before handing him his untouched coffee. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Doris arrives at a deserted garage office, looking for Benny. Archie leaves the staff room area and tells Doris that she has missed him. Doris suggests that she might be able to catch him. “You might do if you fancy a drop of the old Mother’s ruin” he tells her. “He doesn’t drink” she points out. “Well that’s as maybe – but I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t got his “L plates” up by now says Archie.  He tells her that they have gone boozing, celebrating their win on the horses. “He’s not into that already is he?” she asks. Archie tells her that he has heard that she is no longer with Tom. “We get set in our ways don’t we?” he asks. “I’ve been a bachelor all my life” Archie tells her that marriage is over-rated. “Look at Sid Hooper – his old woman’s never off his back” he points out. Archie offers to walk her home through the village. “I’d rather go on my own” she tells him. “You suit yourself” he replies. “I DO Archie Gibbs!” she replies. “I do!” She leaves. “I reckon somebody’s had a narrow escape there!” Archie says – to himself!


In the motel bar Glenda is thinking about what Valerie said. Kevin tells her that the bill for their meal was quite expensive, but he points out that not every night is a celebration “Is that all it is?” she asks him. “I know you – I can almost read your mind” she tells him. “I didn’t know you read dirty books” he jokes. “You seem unhappy. Will you tell me please?” she asks him. He points out that he is now “one of the three million” (unemployed). On a positive note he tells her that while he was away he learned some general building, and electrical skills. “I can go over a house from top to bottom. Carpentry, plumbing… the complete works!” She asks him what he is worrying about. “Something happened in Nottingham didn’t it?” she asks again. “If you’ve got a problem I want to know about it” she says, beginning to get angry.  “There’s nothing!” he assures her. “At least… nothing that two thousand quid won’t solve” he admits.


Doris is making a cup of tea for Diane in her bed-sit. Diane tells Doris that they want her in at 7:30 to clear out some chalets – as the planned extension / extra chalets are not going to be built. Doris is surprised that Diane knows about that as Jill Harvey told her in confidence.  Doris looks around her room. “Its not much is it… this place?” she asks. “It’s all I’ve got in the world.” Diane tells her that it is very nice. “Over these last few weeks I thought I’d seen the last of it” Doris admits. “It’s a terrible thing once you start having dreams” Doris tells her. “Just what have I got to look forward to?” she asks.


Kevin and Glenda leave the motel, as Sharon is saying her goodbyes to the businessmen she has been entertaining. In the bar, Mr. Paul asks Malcolm to check over the wine list, while Valerie beavers away behind the bar. Sharon walks into the bar and asks for a very large brandy. “On my account please” Mr Paul offers. “You managed to make me feel as tough I’d just floated down on a gilded barge, and they were terribly impressed” Sharon tells him. Mr Paul asks how business went and she tells him that things were signed, sealed and delivered. He tells her that he was impressed how she dealt with the business men. “Waiters always hear more than you realise” he tells her. “Not as much as hairdressers… but enough!” “Isn’t it funny how the feminine women of this world are the ones who enjoy playing men’s rules, while the battleaxes want all the privileges?” he asks – flirting outrageously. He tells her that they have something in common – that they are both good at the work, and that they enjoy it. “I’ll drink to that!” she agrees, before downing her glass. Valerie watches suspiciously.


At the Brownlow’s Glenda is pouring tea for herself and Kevin. “What I can’t understand is why you’re being held responsible” she tells him. He admits that rather than working for someone else he decided to set up on his own, and that he took on “three cowboys” – and that while he was out one day, one of them sawed through a pipe, causing two ceilings to collapse and the wiring to get flooded. “I reckon two thousand is a conservative estimate” he admits, sadly. Glenda asks whether the workmen could pay. Kevin tells her that they scarpered – and that when Harris (the man he was working for) started talking about lawyers, he packed his bags and caught the next train!” “He’ll still be after you though – won’t he?” Glenda asks. “He’s got to find me first!” says Kevin. (CREDITS)


“Two thousand pounds – seems like a fortune”

“Yeah well – I can always end up in nick”


Site Ref: (Disc 12:Vol.7 Ep.6)


“Smooth Operator” – is the best way of describing Paul Ross – since we no longer have Adam Chance to carry out this role, the charm levels of the Head Waiter have increased tenfold. Not much happened today really – Valerie and Glenda shared a great gag about “Taking the train” – although I’m pretty sure that in actually fact it is more a slight on Glenda herself than a defence of her husband. Still – at least it gave Valerie something to do – rather unused in this episode I feel. I know what Doris means about her bed-sit it REALLY is depressing just watching it as a viewer – and a surprise really, since the motel itself has undergone such a transformation (in attempt to freshen up the series) – that we have such a lot of BROWN in one set.


Crossroads Episode: 3622: Original TX: 10-06-82 (Thursday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3622


Kevin Banks has an uncomfortable interview with David Hunter. Trina MacDonald is secretive about a money-making scheme. And Sid Hooper breaks bad news to Benny.

TV Times


Writers: Joshua Adam, Edward F Barnes, David Garfield                     Director: Malcolm Taylor


Barbara is on the telephone in reception when Kevin and Glenda walk in. She welcomes him back and he asks whether it would be possible to have a word with Mr. Hunter. Barbara tells him that David is in the office and that he should go in. Glenda tells Barbara that she hopes Kevin will get something. “He’s getting desperate” she adds.


David is busy with paperwork when Kevin comes in, but welcomes him back. David asks what he can do for Kevin. “I was wondering if there’s any work going” Kevin replies hopefully. David points out that they have a maintenance contract with Dobson’s.  Kevin explains that he is looking for something to tide him over until he starts up his own business.  “And I’ve heard a rumour that you’re doing some new building… extra rooms?” David tells him that there is “something in the pipeline – but not for a while” Kevin explains that he has had building experience and that he would like to put in a tender. David points out that it will be in the future, and that he expects Kevin is more interested in the “here and now” David explains that there really isn’t any work available. “What are your relations like with Dobson’s? Not good I take it” he asks.  “I could go and see him – but it would be a retrograde step” Kevin admits. “You know what they say – sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward!” answers David.


Back in reception, Barbara asks Glenda whether she is getting on better with Mr. Paul. Glenda tells her that they have sorted things now. Kevin comes out of the office and shakes his head. “Sorry” offers Barbara. They walk off. “Sorry? Fat lot of use that is!” remarks Kevin. “I’m sure she meant it,” replies Glenda. Kevin says that she should mean it after the way the motel has treated him “Her husband in particular! They owe me a job after that service contract I should have had!” he says grimly. Glenda takes him for a tea in the staffroom.


Mr. Paul wishes them a good evening as Sharon walks into reception. “Have you got a minute just now?” she asks him. “For you – of course” he replies. She thanks him again for the way he looked after her and her business associates the previous evening. She tells him that it was so successful that she will be entertaining in the restaurant again. He tells her that they will be pleased to see her. “Pleased enough to give me a special discount?” she asks. “I must admire your enterprise” he admits, before telling her that he doesn’t want to set a precedent or set the restaurant up as a “cut price” establishment.  “I’m worth arranging something a bit special for aren’t I?” she asks.  “I’ll think about it – see if I can work something out”. She thanks him and leaves. He smiles to himself.


At the Macdonald’s, Trina is carrying Ben whilst on the telephone in the hallway. She tells whoever is on the end of the line that there are six of them needing the same sort of arrangement, and that maybe they should join together…. Mac comes in and kisses them. Trina gets off the phone and goes into the lounge. She tells Mac that she has been ringing round the family, trying to find a lodger. He gives her a pattern book for the stair carpet that she wants, but tells her that they need to start working on some ways of raising some money. She tells him that she is working on it. “My aunt Judy thinks she might be able to find us some students” she tells him “…but what I’ve got in mind is much more lucrative than that…” She says cryptically. “And if it comes off we could carpet the floors with banknotes!”


In the garage office, Sid is talking to Benny.  Sid is studying the form in the newspaper, and admits that he has a feeling in his bones about one of the horses that it running. Benny asks why he doesn’t have a bet. “This is our no-go day remember!” Sid points out. “Yeah – but if you’ve got one of them hunches” Sid thinks about it. “5-1 – a monkey on that and we’d be 2 and a half up!” he says – although Benny doesn’t really understand what he is talking about. Sid shows Benny the newspaper and points out that things look good. Benny asks what the horse is called. “Last Hooray” Sid tells him. “That’s nice. Why don’t you do it Sid?” he asks. Sid thinks about it – but decides not to…. Until Benny convinces him. Sid picks up the phone “Too good to miss – I tell you that!” he says excitedly.  “Is this the one? Shall we have a go at this one?” he asks Benny. Benny smiles back “Oh yeah – ‘on the nose’” he replies.  The bookmaker insists that Sid sends the money round before the start of the race. Sid gives Benny £250 and sends him to the shop “next to the launderette”


In the motel office Barbara is fixing David a drink while he types into a calculator. “Since I haven’t heard a peep from you I assumed you must be involved in catalogues again” she tells him. He tells her that he won’t be looking at any more (Hi-Fi) catalogues as he has finally decided what they are going to buy. “And what have we chosen?” she asks him. “Wait and see” he replies secretively. 


She picks up an old looking ledger and asks him what he is doing “Somebody walked out without paying in 1968 and you’re determined to get the money back?” she enquires. He explains to her that he is going through the accounts for the garage for the years that it belonged to the motel. He tells her that he and J. Henry have decided that it was a mistake for the motel to have sold it in the first place. “And you’ll keep Sharon on to run it?” asks Barbara.  David says nothing.  (END OF PART ONE)   


(PART TWO) In the garage, Sharon and Sid are discussing how they are going to be able to cope with another service contract. “We’ll just have to cut down on passing trade a bit more” Sharon tells him. She goes on to say that she has plans for expansion. Sid tells her that there is no room, but she suggests that there would be room for another work bay beside the air pump. “Why all the ideas and energy?” he asks her. “I can understand if it was your place – but what’s in it for you?” he asks. Sharon tells Sid that she wants to make the garage pay returns that will make Reg Lamont sit up and take notice…. And “a little thing called satisfaction”. She says goodbye to Sid and leaves him in the office… which is lucky as the phone rings. It is Sid’s bookmaker. Sid tells him that “we haven’t finished quite yet!”


Sid puts down the phone just as Archie comes in on the warpath – it seems that Benny is half an hour late helping him dig the top garden. “Well don’t look at me mate” Sid replies whilst busying himself with some work. Benny runs in. He tells Sid “I went there like you said – and he said he’d give you a ring” – being as discreet as he possibly can! Archie guesses where Benny has been and sends him outside to move some trellis that has been dumped. “You ought to know better” he tells Sid. Sid points out that he did make Benny £20 the day before, and then reveals that their latest bet should net them “a hell of a lot more”. Archie isn’t convinced.


At the Brownlow’s Kevin is on the phone. “Three insertions – starting tomorrow…” He is putting an advert in the local paper in the “Employment offered” section. Arthur comes into the lounge as Kevin finishes his call. “Well lets see how it goes” he says. “You shouldn’t have that much trouble” Arthur replies. Kevin goes through the list of decorators in the newspaper already. Arthur agrees that everyone seems to be going in for “this Do It Yourself craze” Kevin points out that everyone that is getting laid off from other industries are also trying their hands at decorating. Arthur says that the motel often offers Kevin work as well. “Yeah. That’s what I thought” replies Kevin glumly. “You’ve already asked?” replies Arthur. Kevin tells him that Dobson has the lot already covered. Arthur is not happy after the way Kevin has helped out “That’s the way things are these days” he says sadly. He offers to go round to the motel and “Have a word” with Mr Hunter – but Kevin tells him not to bother. Glenda arrives home and Arthur asks where Kath is. Glenda explains that something cropped up. “That’s just what I’ve been saying – loyalty seems to be a one way street these days” he complains. The doorbell rings and Glenda goes to answer it. Kevin asks Arthur not to mention him being out of work in front of Glenda. The caller is Trina McDonald. Arthur is not impressed to see her and hides behind his paper. Glenda introduces her to Kevin. Trina apologises to them but asks whether she could borrow some milk as the shops were closed. “There’s one of those Pakistani shops in the high street – they seem to be open all hours of the night” Arthur tells her. Kevin asks Trina if she needs any work doing. She tells him that she and Joe have a “project in the pipeline that could relieve the pressure”. Arthur listens in. “If it comes off I’ll bang on the door”. “Not too loudly I hope!” Arthur chips in.


Glenda comes into the lounge and offers her half of their last pint. “I wouldn’t dream of depriving Mr. Brownlow of his late night cocoa” she replies. Kevin sees her out. “Honestly Dad – you’ve got a funny way of making people feel welcome” she tells him. He asks her what she means. “Going on about Pakistani shops – you weren’t even interested” she tells him. Arthur blusters. “I didn’t go on about it – I merely passed on some useful information” he tells them. “Well some people are sensitive about these things Dad” Kevin adds. “I can say what I like in my own home” he replies. He then tells them both that he is very interested in the project that she mentioned. “I’d like to know what it is our new neighbours have got up their sleeves” he wonders.


In the garage office, Sid slams the phone down, just as Benny and Archie walk in. “How’s it doing?” Benny asks Sid. “Its late off – one of them broke out the stalls” Sid replies anxiously. “For a successful punter I’d say you were sweating a bit” Archie gloats. “I ain’t worried – its bound to win – Sid had a hunch” Benny smiles confidently. Archie goes into the staff area for a wash – just as the phone rings again. Sid picks it up nervously. “How did it go?” he asks. Sid repeats a name “Pan Handler? At 20-1? Where the hell did that come from?” Benny’s smiles start to disappear. Sid asks about second and third. “Oh well. That’s how it goes isn’t it?” he says sadly. Sid puts down the phone. “Not even in the frame” he tells Benny. Archie listens in from the back room. “Come unstuck have we?” Archie asks. Sid tells him to go home. “Don’t start getting at me mate – just because you’ve blown it” Archie tells him. Archie turns to Benny, hoping to point out that betting is never going to pay. “Look – yesterday he won £20. Today he’s done it all back again…Let that be a lesson to you  son!” Archie leaves. Sid is gutted – he tells Benny that losing the £20 wouldn’t have been so bad “but two hundred and fifty quid – that’s something else!”. Benny tells him that it is alright and that it doesn’t matter. “It matters like hell” says Sid.


(CREDITS) “We’ll get it back though… won’t we Sid?”


Well there’s a surprise – Sid’s gambling getting him into trouble again – and this time he’s got Benny involved. Okay – the plotline has been sledge-hammered home for the last couple of episodes but I do like the sparring between Archie and Sid so I will let it pass. Arthur on the other hand is starting to become a rather more unpleasant character that I would like… He clearly has a bee in his bonnet about living next door to the MacDonalds. By far the biggest pain in the episode is Kevin Banks though. I know that David Hunter was grateful for his help after the fire, but he doesn’t really owe Kevin anything – he already employs his wife and his mother in law.


Special mention must go to Joe Macdonald today, who desperately attempts to keep baby Ben smiling throughout the scene – he very nearly manages it too! Speaking of the Macdonalds… It’s ironic really that today their house would be much more desirable – and worth more – than snobby Arthur Brownlow’s since his contains absolutely no original features and lots of 1970’s chipboard. See – There is justice in the world!


Site Ref: (Disc 12:Vol.7 Ep.7)



Crossroads Episode: 3623: Original TX: 15-06-82 (Tuesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3623


TV Times (Granada)

BORDER – 6:35


HTV – 6:35



Archie Gibbs makes trouble for Sid Hooper.

TV Times (Granada for 15-06-82)




Writers: Joshua Adam, Edward F Barnes, David Garfield                     Director: Malcolm Taylor


Doris is hoovering a chair in reception when Kath comes up to her in a flap. “Doris what are you doing that for at this time of night?” she asks. “Because it needed doing – that’s why” replies Doris, matter of factly. Kath tells her that there will be important guests arriving at any moment. Doris asks whether she would have them catch her doing a bit of hovering, or finding the motel looking “spit and sawdust” since a kiddie has brought through half the sandpit with him. Kath tells her that Mr. Paul is concerned with some table napkins. “I’ll take them through as soon as I can” Doris says blankly. Kath reminds her that she did ask half an hour ago. Doris tells her that when she unpacked them they weren’t in a fit state to be used. Kath points out that they are fresh back from the laundry. Doris reminds her that they had to do some sheets that were back from the laundry the previous day as well. Kath is flustered but asks Doris to check on the napkins and to give them a quick press. Doris complains that she only has one pair of hands and that she is being rushed off her feet. Kath tells her to leave the hovering and concentrate on the napkins. “Its not a question of leaving this – its done” Doris replies rudely. Kath tells her to stop wasting time. “I DO NOT WASTE TIME. I PUT IN A FULL DAY’S WORK HERE AND I’LL THANK YOU TO REMEMBER IT!” Doris answers crossly.  “Just because you’ve been made up to be housekeeper, it doesn’t give you the right to go treating people as if they were rubbish!” she adds before leaving in a strop. Shaheen tells Kath to take no notice. “I’m not being unreasonable, I’m just asking her to do her job!” Kath insists. “I don’t treat people like rubbish. I never have and I never will” she adds. Kath asks whether the job has made her any different. Shaheen tells that it hasn’t. “I’d hate to think that – or have anyone else think it either!” she adds worriedly.


In the garage washroom Benn is struggling with a septic splinter. “I told you it should have been disinfected” Archie tells him. “That’s your trouble son – you don’t listen!” Archie tells him about a man he once knew that had to have his arm amputated after a septic finger went gangrenous “Leftie Perkins!” Sid points out that Sid Hooper is someone else that doesn’t listen. “I bet that’s taken the wind out of his sails losing that little lot” Archie says. Benny looks sad. “Don’t tell me you lost that twenty quid that you won yesterday?” he asks. “No. It weren’t that” admits Benny. “I should hope not neither” Archie replies. Archie asks Benny whether he has learnt his lesson. Benny tells him that Sid will know what to do. “No. He don’t know! And the sooner you get that into your thick head the better!”


At the Brownlow’s Arthur is reading his paper when Kath arrives home. She is tired so he offers to make her a cup of tea. “Been one of those days has it?” he asks. Kath tells Arthur about Doris hovering in reception “10 minutes before the restaurant were expecting an important party – Just think of the impression you’d make there!” she adds. “Forget it Kath – it will all come out in the wash” he tells her. “And that’s another thing…” she adds. “Look Kath FORGET IT! Its no good bringing your work problems back home!” he tells her. “Especially when we look like having enough already!” “Are you hinting at something?” she asks. “It could be nothing, but our new neighbour paid us the honour of a visit…The ‘dusky beauty’ –she let it drop that the pair of them are planning some sort of business venture.” Kath asks him what it has to do with them. “Maybe nothing – maybe quite a lot – if they’re planning on turning the place into a lodging house!... You know what they’re like – two or three to a bed!” “Is that what she came in here to tell you then?” Kath asks. Arthur admits that she came because they’d run short of milk. Kath asks whether they gave her any. Arthur says that they didn’t have much left. Kath says that they have plenty now and that she will take some round. Arthur volunteers to take it round. “I might make it the occasion for a cautious bit of probing!” he tells her. Kath tells him not to start making trouble. “You cant spend twenty years in government service without learning something of the delicate art of diplomacy!” he replies. “I know one who could!” replies Kath under her breath.


Archie is relaxing in the garage office with his feet up when Diane arrives looking for Benny. Diane says that she told Benny that she would call round for him. “Telling him is one thing – getting him to listen is another” replies Archie. “He’s coming round for supper – he won’t have forgotten that!” Diane replies, before wondering where he has got to. Archie suggests that he has gone boozing with Sid Hooper. “One day they go out celebrating – the next they’re drowning their sorrows” Archie explains about the gambling. Diane is confused as it is out of character for Benny. She asks whether he is talking about Sid. “… and Benny, the two of em – they’re up to ‘ere in it” he tells her. “Are you telling me that Benny’s been backing horses?” she asks. Archie decides to stop talking. “Let’s leave it shall we?” he suggests. Diane asks him for details. “Are you sure you’ve got this right?” she asks him. “How much was involved Archie?” she adds. “You can bet your life they’ve lost a nice few quid” he replies.


In the motel office, Jill spies the ancient garage account books on the desk and flicks through them. “What are these?” she asks Barbara. Barbara explains that David has dug them up out of the archives. “What are they doing here?” she asks. Barbara explains that he has been doing a “viability study about whether the garage would be a worthwhile proposition to take over again.” Jill looks cross. “I don’t know anything about this!” she says. Barbara tells her that J. Henry and David have talked it over and they have decided to run the garage from the motel. “Oh they did did they?” asks Jill, furiously. “We’ll see about that. I know J. Henry was hinting at something, but I didn’t think he was really considering it. Obviously he and David have decided that there’s no need to consult me!” she adds.

Barbara tries to smooth things over. Jill is having none of it. “David is the limit. A major policy decision like that without a word to anyone!” Barbara tries again… but Jill is in full flow. “We don’t need any more commitments, and you can tell that to David the next time you see him!” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO – beginning with Reggae music rather than usual sting) In the MacDonald’s house Trina and Mac are washing up “From what I can gather the average weekly charge is about twenty pounds per week” she explains to him. She tells him that she will be putting ads in the shop windows and asking around for potential lodgers. “We’ll squeeze them all in – the more the merrier!” she adds. The doorbell rings. It is Arthur “We managed to rustle up some more mile. Mrs. Brownlow didn’t want you to go short” he tells him. Mac invites him in and they go through to the lounge. “Settling in very nicely” Arthur tells him. Mac admits that they are still living out of boxes. Arthur points out a small damp patch in the hall “I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it!” he says. Mac says that he has read the surveyors report and that the house is structurally sound. Arthur checks that they aren’t planning on adding any other rooms. “We’ve got too many rooms as it is” admits Trina, as she brings in a tray of Scotch. “I just thought… young couple, moving into their first house… full of ideas…” Arthur fishes for information. He tells them that he had all sorts of ideas for raising cash when he got his first house. “I know what you mean” admits Mac. He then tells Arthur that he is leaving all the worry “to the brains of the family” (indicating Trina) “I’m glad you’ve realised it at last” she jokes. “You’re a financial wizard are you? I might have guessed it” says Arthur. “You mean it shows?” Trina asks. Arthur points out that she was mysterious about her “project” when she came round. “Its got you wondering has it?” she asks. She tells Arthur that she still has to get a power saw…and tackle…”to cut down some of those trees!”. Arthur is even more confused when she suggests that they will be getting some ducks and some rabbits… “What exactlty is this little project that you’ve got in mind?” he asks. Trina smiles to herself.


In the motel bar Valerie and Barbara are talking. She admits that she got off on the wrong foot with Paul Ross “which is odd really as usually my instincts about men are pretty good!” She admits that she got things wrong with him and that she admires the job he is doing in the restaurant. “So tell him. I’m sure he’ll be glad to hear of it” Barbara tells her. Valerie asks Barbara whether she would be willing to help her bury the hatchet with Paul – “bring the two war-ing parties together… not to obviously” Barbara tells her that she will try.


In the flat, Benny is getting a roasting from Diane. “How did you find out?” he asks her. “Never mind how I found out. I want to know if its true!” she answers crossly. She asks him how much he lost, but Benny wants to stay silent. She threatens to ask Sid Hooper and Benny cracks! “You leave him out of it!” he tells her. “You’re ashamed aren’t you?” she asks him. Benny tells her that Sid had a plan. “I bet he did” Diane replies. “I like em – horses. They’re nice” he tells her. “You’re talking about names in a newspaper! You cant even read!” she tells him. “It was what I wanted” he insists. “Don’t give me that !” she answers, more furious than ever. “You were talked into it by Sid Hooper” she accuses him.  She asks him again how much he lost. “I’ll go to the bank.. ask the manager!” she threatens. He admits that it was £500. “You gave him five hundred pounds!” she repeats, almost speechless. “Have you gone out of your tiny brain?” she asks him. Benny gets up and storms out of the door. She shouts after him. “You come back here when I’m telling you. Come back here or you say goodbye to me as a friend forever!” she warns him. Benny reluctantly comes back into the flat. “Now you listen to me” she tells him. “I’ve done some bad things in my time – we all have – but you’ve got to learn from them Benny” she adds. “If you don’t – you’ll be a fool all your life – and I don’t want that for you!” Diane tells him that she will help him sort things out as best as she can, and she asks him to promise that he will never gamble again. “I want you to promise me on oath. Do you understand?” she asks. Benny is heartbroken. “I’m sorry Miss Diane” he mumbles, through his tears. “Well… come on. Wash your hands and face and we’ll have some supper” she tells him.


Kath is busy knitting when Arthur finally returns. “It took you long enough to deliver a pint of milk” she tells him. “It’s a good thing it did as it turns out” he replies. “You and I had better have a ‘council of war’” he tells her as he sits in his armchair. “So they are going to turn that place into a hotel?” she asks him. “Its gone further than that… number one: she’s been talking about scouring round member of her family for the two spare rooms… Number 2, she’s planning on turning the whole place into a childrens’ hostel.” Kath asks whether he means a playgroup. “All I know is she’s talking about getting swings and slides – and digging sand pits!” Kath tells him that there is a lot more to running a playgroup than people realise… “I know a young woman who….” Arthur doesn’t let her finish her story. Arthur asks if that is all she has to say on it. “I’m talking about having a dozen picaninnies crawling about night and day right under my nose” he says furiously. “Don’t get so agitated” she tells him. “Number 1 – she’s talking about turning a couple of rooms into the family… whats wrong with that?” she points out that they have done the same. She then reminds him that in her experience, the more Trina goes into researching a playgroup – the more snags she will find!” “And one of them is me!” he answers. “Alright – you’ve made your position plain…everything they do is right, and everything I say is wrong!”. Kath tells him that he is talking nonsense. “There’s no question of that – now don’t exaggerate!”


Arthur takes the suggestion that he is exaggerating as another insult from his wife. “What is your objection?” she asks. “Is it because they are black?” she adds. He tells her that she is talking rubbish. “Well if it isn’t colour… What are you talking about?” “This has been a nice peaceful neighbourhood up until now” he tells her. “I’m not going to stand by and see it turned into a jungle!.. and what’s more, I’ll take whatever steps I have to to stop it!” (CREDITS)


“There are rules and bylaws governing what they intend to do. And if necessary I’ll use ‘em!”


“Is it because they are black?” Kath asks. It’s a valid question as I can see it. Arthur is appearing more and more racist as these episodes air. The term “picaninnies” is controversial today – so much so that Boris Johnson had to apologise for using the term fairly recently. I didn’t know the word, but Wikipedia tells me that it is “a term which refers to children of black descent or a racial caricature thereof” – Arthur, in his defence cites the disturbance to the neighbourhood as his chief objection to the MacDonalds moving in. I think his referring to them turning the garden into a “jungle” is a lot more ‘loaded’ today than it was meant but this is really nasty stuff to be honest. Arthur did go round their house and accept their hospitality and a drink – which at the moment is the only thing in his favour. I know this story has a lot more mileage, but it really is uncomfortable viewing.


Oh yes – and Doris was a bit of a grump today.


Site Ref: (Disc 12:Vol.7 Ep.8)


Crossroads Episode: 3624: Original TX: 16-06-82 (Wednesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3623


Valerie Pollard plans a nasty fall for Paul Ross.

TV Times for Granada


Writers: Joshua Adam, Edward F Barnes, David Garfield                     Director: Malcolm Taylor


In the motel bar, Paul Ross is talking with Valerie Pollard. He tells her that he finds it hard to be angry with someone that says so many nice things. Valerie is turning on the charm with Paul Ross… “You know I was definitely not very nice to know when I first came here” she tells him. “This place made me feel suicidal!” Paul smiles. “Yes – I know – there have been places that make me feel like that too” he agrees. “So what do you say? Cessation of hostilities?” she asks. “Definitely” he replies. “That’s a relief” she agrees. In the spirit of their new found friendship, Valerie suggests that he might like to have drink with her when he finishes work. “A sort of celebration” she calls it. Paul tells her that he looks forward to it and leaves the bar… meeting Sharon in reception. She asks whether she can make another booking for a business mean. “I’m entirely at your service madam” he tells her. “How about that discount we discussed?” she asks him. “I believe I said I’d ‘think’ about it” he corrects her. He suggests that he meet her for dinner on Thursday evening, where he will give the matter his full attention. “What can I say?” she asks. “Yes!” he replies. “Yes… you’ve talked me into it” she agrees, smiling.  Sharon leaves. Valerie shouts “See you later” to him from in the bar... Just before Diane comes up to talk to him. “I’m just ordering drinks for table 4, and then I was going to ask Mrs Pollard what she wants for her supper” she explains – remembering his rule about restaurant staff being in reception. “That’s alright” he tells her “It’s an extraordinary success she’s made working in the bar..” he suggests to Diane. “Oh.. yeah” she agrees. “Diane – I know you didn’t like it when I told you about your hair…” he begins. “Well… rules are rules” she agrees. “But whether you like it or not, wearing it shorter makes you even more attractive!” He leaves her – and she gives him a disgruntled look.


Diane goes into the bar and talks to Valerie. “Mr. Paul’s been very complimentary about you” she tells Valerie. “I expect that’s because I was ‘very’ nice about him” she replies. “Forgive me for saying so – but I thought you couldn’t stand the sight of him” asks Diane. “I think I did him a grave injustice” replies Valerie. “Actually… he’s VERY nice” she goes on. “Oh really?” asks Diane. “REALLY” replies Valerie. Valerie asks whether Diane knows Sharon. Diane tells her that she is her best friend and that she is staying in her flat. “I think we’d better keep an eye on her. They were looking into each others eyes like Nelson Eddie and Janet McDonald” she jokes. “Who?” asks Diane. “Before your time darling – a couple of old movie stars” Valerie tells her.


At the Brownlow’s Glenda opens the door to Doris, who greets her with a smile. Doris asks to speak to Kath. Glenda shows Doris to the front room and then goes to the kitchen. Doris tells Kath that she is on her way back to the motel to help with the washing up. Kath listens, but continues folding her washing – she clearly hasn’t forgotten the way Doris spoke. Doris apologises for the way that she spoke to Kath the previous evening. “I don’t know what’s the matter with me these days” she says. “you only have to look at me sideways and I fly off the handle” Kath tells her to forget it. Doris thanks her. “I didn’t mean it you know – not any of those things I said about you getting the job” Doris tells her friend. “I’m pleased for you Kath, honest I am” Kath reminds her that she did ask Doris for her opinion – knowing that she had been at the motel for longer. Doris tells her that she wouldn’t be in any state to cope with the additional responsibility. “Its funny – I’ve got to wishing Mr. Logan had never come back into my life” she says sadly. “Yes – well you’re feeling a bit down Doris. Its only natural. It will pass” Kath tells her. “When I broke off the engagement I was sure I was doing the  right thing. But now he’s gone I’ve had plenty of time to think….” she gets upset and cannot speak any more. Kath guides her to a chair. “I’ve got to face it – it was the best chance I ever had” says Doris, crying. “Probably my last”


Diane bursts into the garage office and confronts Sid. “Right. What’s your game then?” she asks him. Diane is furious with him for taking £500 from Benny. “You’re only seeing the one side of it” he tells her. “One’s enough!” she answers crossly. “I tried to talk him out of it” Sid tells her. “Oh yeah?” she asks. “I warned him that this game’s a risk” he adds. “But you know he’s got the taste for it now – there’s no holding him!” Diane isn’t convinced. “Anyway we’ve packed it in right – given it up” he tells her. “He’s packed it in and given it up now – I’M telling you that” she corrects him. “You ought to be ashamed of yourself” she adds. Sid tells her that they didn’t lose it all and shows her £270 in a brown envelope, which he had in his jacket pocket. “So that means he’s ‘down’ £230 right?” he tells her. Sid promises her that Benny will get his money back . “All of it!” he adds. Sid stands up and gets £70 from his trouser pocket. He promises to give her another eighty pounds next week, and eighty more the week after. “How does that do you?” he asks. “It doesn’t do me at all chuck” she tells him. “But it will do Benny just fine. You lay one finger on his money again and I’ll ‘do’ you” she threatens. As Diane leaves the phone rings. Sid picks it up. “Hello Mave – funny thing – I was just thinking about you” he tells her.


In the motel office, Jill is furious with David about his plans for the garage. “High handed. Authoritarian… I’m sorry to say it David, but ill mannered” she tells him. “You don’t sound very sorry” he suggests. “And being smart doesn’t help either” she adds.  “It seemed a logical development I saw no need for discussion” he tells her. “Logical? That’s a laugh! J. Henry can’t get his car serviced so what does he do? Buy the garage! – its almost as bad as the man who bought a hotel to sack the manager!” she suggest. “Don’t be ridiculous – the whole point is the garage COULD be a very profitable venture for us!” he tells her. “The ‘point’ is that J. Henry cracked the whip and you jumped” she accuses him. “I’m sorry to say you’re taking this attitude” he tells her. “We don’t even know yet whether Lamont will sell the place” – Jill suggest that he just pick up the phone and ask! “No… I’ve got a better idea” he tells her. “That’s what I mean – you get an idea in your head and we all have to go along with it” she replies. “Don’t you realise how arrogant you’ve become?” she asks. He picks up the phone and dials. “Sharon – David Hunter – Would you come into the office please?” he asks. Jill storms out. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Diane is busy pinning the menu onto the board in reception. “Its off” says Doris bluntly. “The avocado’s off” “The avocado’s off? It can’t be. We haven’t even started serving yet” replies Diane. Doris tells her that Mr. Paul didn’t like the look of it. “Well we’ve all got to listen to ‘His Master’s Voice’ haven’t we?” she asks. Diane borrows a pen to cross the avocado off the menu. “Ooh Blimey – me and’s shakin’” she tells Doris. Doris tells her that she has heard all about Benny’s bother with Sid Hooper. “It is a worry Doris. What am I doing with all these motherly feelings?” she asks. “Well he needs somebody to look after him” Doris answers. “I know – but it’s a full time job. I never know what he’s going to do next” she replies.


In the office, David has prepared a drink for Sharon. He explains that Jill is dealing with an issue between Shughie and Paul. She notices the drink and asks whose car needs servicing. He laughs at her suggestion. “it’s the modern equivalent of the pipe of peace” he replies. He apologises over their disagreement. “No bones broken” Sharon tells him. David tells her that he will get straight to the point. “I’m hoping for your co-operation” he tells her. “What I’m thinking of is some sort of reciprocal agreement between us…to the advantage of both of us.” He asks whether she is in regular contact with Reg. She tells him that she usually deals with his solicitor in Birmingham. “Just between you and me – how do you think he’d react to an offer to take over the garage?” he asks. “It depends how much you offer” she replies. David tells her that if the motel were to acquire the garage, they would be happy for her to continue in her present role. “As salaried manager?” she confirms. “As highly paid manager” David corrects her before asking what kind of influence she has with Reg.  “I’m sure if I explained things to him he’d go along with whatever I recommend” she answers confidently. She tells David that she would want to have a say in policy decisions that would affect the running of the garage. “Is that all?” he asks. She pours herself another drink. “How about some shares in the motel?” she asks.


At the Brownlow’s. Kevin is on the phone to a customer… or at least a potential customer. He tells the caller that he isn’t sure that he will be available when they want him to work as the job isn’t for a while. “Any luck?” Kath asks him. “Some old dear wants a shed painting…but not until October” he explains. “Something will turn up sooner of later” she assures him. Glenda arrives home and tells Kevin that a letter arrived at the motel… from Nottingham. “Its not from that man is it? The one you owe money to?” she asks. He tells her that it is from the landlady and that she is being pestered for his address. “Kev – what are we going to do?” she asks. Kath overhears their conversation when she returns from the kitchen. Kevin changes the subject and goes upstairs for a bath. “Trouble?” she asks Glenda. Glenda says “not really”  - Kath understands. “Not in front of the parents time is it?” she asks. “Kevin’s got a bit of money trouble that’s all – he’ll sort it out” Glenda explains.  “The last thing your dad wants at the moment is another new worry” Kath tells her – before revealing that there are issues with the neighbours. Glenda is surprised to hear that there are issues with Mac. “Whats the matter with him – he’s very nice?” she asks. Kath explains about the playgroup that Trina wants to start. “What are his objections? Its not because they are black is it?” she asks. “Well he says not – but what he says and what he thinks are two different things” Kath replies. “Take tonight for instance – he’s gone to get legal advice!” Glenda reveals that the guy who has caused trouble for Kevin is West Indian. “Ooh its all happening” says Kath, putting her palm to her forehead.


In the flat, Sharon is on the phone to Ashley. “Oh darling, you can’t be any more disappointed than I am” she tells him. Diane arrives back. Sharon goes on to say that there are issues that Mac and Sid can’t handle and that she will travel down to see him on the first available weekend she gets. She says goodbye and then sits down next to Diane. “Aren’t you going to see him this weekend?” she asks. “I can’t. Not the way things are at the moment” Sharon replies. Sharon asks Diane whether it will be okay to being a dinner date back to the flat for coffee after a meal on Thursday. “Do you think Ashley’s going to like it?” asks Diane. “It’s business” explains Sharon. Diane isn’t convinced. “Oh yeah?” she asks “Who is it? Michael Edwards or Henry Ford?” Sharon reveals that it is Paul Ross. “Oh!” answers Diane. “Then Mrs. Pollard was right then – she said she saw the two if you looking at each other like a couple of film stars.” Sharon reveals that he is part of her plan. “We are going to arrange a special discount for my business entertaining in that restaurant” she explains. “Well I shouldn’t count on him too much if I were you” Diane tells her. “Because somebody at that motel wants him out! – and if they succeed your plans could go….” Diane indicates a ‘down the drain’ symbol. “Don’t underestimate me Di. I can handle myself” Sharon tells her.




“Yeah – this is my one big chance, and I’m not going to blow it!”


I absolutely loved Mr. Paul and his interludes with Valerie, Sharon and Diane all in the space of a few minutes. Entertainingly, Sharon is after him for potential business discounts, Valerie is being nice to disguise her efforts to double cross him, and he is being nice to both of them because J. Henry has told him to be. I can’t decide whether his niceness to Diane was a genuine compliment, or just an attempt to wind her up – either way it was funny!


I also found the “Avocado’s off” line funny too. Doris’ delivery was deadpan and serious. It was just very enjoyable to watch. I’m also glad that Doris apologised to Kath for her bad temper – it was genuinely touching – and played out with a basket of washing piled high in front of them both on the dining table. Life does not get more realistic than that.


It was good to see Glenda come out against any potential racism, and thus interesting that Kath added to the ambiguity behind Arthur’s motives. It’s a slow-burner this plot – but one that I can see paying off in the long run.


Site Ref: (Disc 12:Vol.7 Ep.9)



Crossroads Episode: 3625: Original TX: 17-06-82


Arthur Brownlow runs into opposition in his attempt to move house. (TV Times)


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                     Director: David Dunn


Sharon crosses the reception and waves to someone vacuuming the chairs.


She makes her way to the motel office, where Jill and Barbara are looking through David’s work diary. She whistles to attract their attention. “Don’t mind me, just rattle on with your work” she tells them. “I’ll just wait for him” Barbara asks whether she is talking about David. Sharon says that she can’t make her 10 o’clock meeting and that is why she has arrived early. Barbara points out that David hasn’t entered the meeting in his diary. She explains that he has had to drop everything and go into Birmingham to the accountants. “Hard Luck ‘S.M’” says Jill – realizing that it says “SM 10 o’clock” David’s diary. Barbara explains that she and Jill are sharing out the appointments. “Which one us will be suitable instead of David?” she asks. Sharon tells them that neither will be. Jill points out that the meeting can’t be that important since David had somebody else booked for five past ten. Sharon thanks Jill. “That means he’s made up his mind – so that when we DO meet he’s going to give me a straight YES or NO!... and Barbara will you give him a message. I’ve already made up my mind, and if I don’t like the way that he has made up his – it will be the longest five minutes he’s ever spent!” Jill is intrigued. “Actually I don’t think Barbara can help you because she doesn’t know what its about!” she says, fishing for information. “If its just about the garage – very well – its just about the garage….but if its anything to do with this motel – then it concerns ME! And any secrets between you and David on THAT score I’ll strangle on sight!” she threatens. Jill opens the door – indicating that Sharon’s time there is over.  “Actually if you’d like the truth – I’m very surprised he didn’t consult BOTH of you before making his decision” says Sharon “But that’s just Mr. Hunter’s way isn’t it? As awkward for you as it is for me!”


Sharon leaves and Jill shuts the door in anger. “Jill I really don’t think there’s any point in collecting clues until we know what the crime is supposed to be” Barbara tells her. “Barbara – she’s trying to climb on the board of this motel” says Jill. “And I’m afraid your husband is helping her!”


Glenda walks down the stairs. Kath tells her to get her skates on. She asks her mother what time Arthur got back the night before. “He didn’t disturb you did he?” she asks. Glenda says that she was reading. “I did hear ‘words’” she tells Kath. She asks what it was about “Not the MacDonalds I hope” she says. “You know what your father’s like – he gets on one track – you cant shake him” Kath replies. “You sound worried” Glenda says. “I am a bit” replies Kath. “The last thing I want is a Long Playing record on the subject of ‘Blacks and Asians’ when I’m trying to get to sleep.” Glenda says that it is silly because her dad isn’t like that. “I didn’t think so” replies Kath. “He has a moan every now and then but it usually goes in one ear and out the other. This time its different! You wont believe it – he’s actually talking about moving!” Glenda cannot believe what she is hearing and asks where. “Another district – somewhere respectable” Kath tells her. “He’s not serious! Just because Mac’s cutting down a couple of trees?” she asks. “He seems to regard it as a declaration of war!” Kath tells her. Glenda is furious. “Its just talk!” Kath assures her. “You’re not the only one that doesn’t want to leave… I don’t either!” says Kath defiantly.  In the office, Jill is clearly furious. “I’m not going to let Sharon Metcalf get on the board of this motel” she says confidently. Barbara asks whether Jill has noticed how unions start their negotiations. “They always ask for much more than they know they’re going to settle for… and the bosses always offer much less than they know they’re going to give.” Jill points out that they (David and Sharon) are “conniving”. Barbara tells her to forget it.


In the garage, Sharon is smiling to herself. “I got the distinct feeling that I am unacceptable as ‘one of the girls’” she tells Sid. “When I hinted that I might get my foot in the door of their precious little motel, I got the impression that neither of them would rush to form a welcoming committee”. As she finishes speaking Diane and Benny walk in. “Mac said to tell you that the tankers arrived if that means anything” Diane tells her. Sharon says that she is going to check that the 4 star goes in the 4 star pumps. Sid apologises for an earlier mistake (in which he clearly got this wrong). Diane explains that she is there to see Sid anway. “Try not to stop him working” Sharon pleads with her. “Today’s the big day isn’t it? You ‘first installment’” Diane reminds Sid. “Shall we go to your place or mine?”  she asks. “Not my place – I wont be there” he tells her. “Where will you be Sidney?” she asks. “That’s my business” he replies. “How does this grab you? My place – seven o’clock. He’ll be there. You be there with the money or else!”


Diane leaves. Benny tells Sid that he didn’t want to cause him all the trouble that Diane is putting him to. “There wont be any trouble – it just needs a bit or organising that’s all” Sid tells him. Mac comes in and gives Benny a can of “2-stroke” to give to Archie. “Sid – you will be there wont you? Because if she says she’ll cause trouble – well there wont be nothing I’ll be able to do!” Benny leaves. Mac asks Sid who is making trouble for him. “Lady ‘Di’ – Queening it up” Sid replies “… all about his financies. See – we had a few bets a little while ago – and she wants paying off.” Mac tells him that it isn’t down to him. “Well not really” Sid agrees “ But if it hadn’t been for me he wouldn’t have got interested in the horses! Sad thin is he WANTS involvement…Been left out in the cold all his life. Those few bets – a couple of days he was happy as a sand boy.” Sid admits that it was a terrific price to pay. Mac asks how much Benny was down. “Well that’s the point – he’s not down at all.” Sid tells him. “I’m going to make it up to him. I’m going to give him eighty quid today – then eighty quid next week – until its all fixed up!” Mac points out that it’s a bit heavy out of Sid’s wage packet. “Well – I’ll just have to tighten the old belt up eh?” says Sid. “Its only for two weeks after all – we can do that!” Mac looks concerned. Sid goes back into the office and sits down – and sighs. He doesn’t look convinced at all. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Diane is reading the newspaper in the flat. Sharon tells her that she put the ‘fear of God’ into both Jill and Barbara by suggesting that she should “have a piece of action at the motel.” Diane is amazed. “I was just putting the cat amongst the pigeons – I thought it might raise a squeal or two!” she admits. Diane asks Sharon not to walk around naked in the flat as they will be having ‘gentlemen callers’ Sharon asks who. Diane explains that it will be Sid and Benny. “Terrific! Which one’s yours?” jokes Sharon.


Benny arrives as Sharon goes into the bathroom. “Where’s our friend Sidney?” she asks. Benny assures her that he will be there. “He’d better be and all!” she replies. Benny follows her to the kitchen and tells her that he doesn’t want to take the money from Sid. “It was your money in the first place” she replies. There is a knock at the door. Benny opens it. “She hasn’t gone and left the country has she?” he asks. “No she has not!” shouts Diane from the kitchen. Sid hands over the money – made up of notes and coins. “Money’s money isn’t it!” he points out. Diane begins to count it. “Keep your shirt on” she tells him. “I presume you have got a shirt and you didn’t lose it on the last race” she says sarcastically. “That’s right – humiliate me” Sid replies. He tells her that he isn’t obliged to give anything back, and that he is doing it for Benny. “If it was for you – you could whistle for it” he tells him. At this point the kettle whistles… and Diane sends Benny to the kitchen to make the tea. He goes reluctantly. “Another eighty quid and you’ll be in the clear” she tells Sid. He tells her that she will get it.


Diane walks over to him. “Sid… what you said just now about ‘doing it for Benny’ well I appreciate that – because that’s exactly why I’m doing it. He’s got to be looked after.” Sid agrees. “The kids on his own isn’t he? He’s got to be made to feel ‘part of something’” he tells her. “That’s what I thought I was giving him!” he adds. “Dreams aren’t enough Sid – not when they cost this much” she tells him. Diane tells him that if he really wants to help Benny he should tell him that money should be saved – not frittered away. “He might listen to you” she tells him. Benny leaves the kitchen and asks whether Sid can stay for something to eat. “I don’t see why not” agrees Diane. “Besides – he’s got something to tell you” she adds.


At the Brownlow’s Glenda is on the phone to Kevin. He tells her that there may be a possibility of some work in the Autumn. Kath tells her not to worry. Arthur arrives back late. He explains that there was someone that he wanted to see before he came home.  “I hope dinners not spoilt” he says to Kath. “You deserve it if it is!” she tells him.  Kath leaves the lounge and Arthur excitedly gets some property brochures from his briefcase. “Didn’t your mother mention it?” he asks. Glenda points out that Kath is happy living where they are. “She’ll soon change her mind when I show her some of these” he says. “Not a brown or black face within fifty miles?” suggests Glenda. “In no way have I mentioned the subject of race or colour” he tells her. “You don’t have to” she replies. Glenda tells her father that she will be leaving the motel soon as there is a new waitress that has started, “I’ve told them either she goes or I do!” she reveals. “Whats wrong with her? Is she making a nuisance of herself?” Arthur asks. “Oh worse than that – she’s from Bangladesh!” replies Glenda. Arthur realises what she is doing. “There’s no need for insults” he tells her. “Honestly dad theres times when you make me feel quite ill!” she tells him. Arthur begins to respond, but they are interrupted by Kath who is bringing in things to lay the table. “I’ve got a bit of a headache. DO you think you could find me an aspirin?” she asks Glenda. Glenda leaves the room. “That daughter of yours wants to watch her language” says Arthur. “Making insinuations!” Kath sees the brochures. “Been busy this afternoon touring the estate agents?” she asks. She points out that before you can buy anything you have to sell. “The sooner the better” replies Arthur. “I know your opinions Arthur – I had the benefit of them for two hours last night” she tells him. “You cant just gloss over it Kath – the neighbourhood is going down!” he replies. “There are six for sale signs up in this road alone… and I happen to know there’ll soon be another half a dozen houses on the market.” She isn’t convinced. “All because Joe MacDonald wants to lop down a few trees!” she states bluntly.  Arthur reveals that he got his information from a Mr. Sneed, the voluntary chairman of the “Residents Protection Society”. Kath tells him that his friend is “filling your head with a lot of racialistic rubbish! He tells her that is nonsense. “There are 2 coloured families in this road. Two out of a hundred families! Counting the MacDonalds that makes three.” Arthur agrees. “And that’s how it starts!” he tells her. “Oh yes – and in about a years time we’ll be flooded out with them wont we?” she asks. “We’ll be ‘mugged in the street’ – who told you that?” she asked.  She scoffs at the thought of the Residents Protection Society “I can just see them” she tells Arthur. “The R.P.S is exactly what its name implies – a society for the protection of the residents rights! Non political. Non racial!” he replies confidently. “Perhaps you could recommend Joe MacDonald to join?” she suggests. Arthur is taken aback. “and you can show him that rubbish at the same time!” she adds. She leaves the room, but he follows her. “This is my house… our house…and it represents 30 years of work. I plan to retire here. To spend time in the garden… to spend peaceful years here… and suddenly its all changed.” Kath looks at him. “You can talk to me about bigotry or racialism or whatever you like – but I’ve got a right to protect my home and neither you nor anybody else can tell me that I haven’t”. Kath doesn’t respond. “I’ll finish getting your supper” she tells him.


Benny and Doris are drinking tea in her room. The lights are off and it is dark.  He tells her that both Sid and Diane have been getting at him. “She’s doing her best for you Benny” Doris tells him. “The funny thing is – they didn’t get on at first… and then they started! Both of em – telling me what I should do, what I shouldn’t do” Doris asks him what they were talking about. “The money – how I should leave it in the bank.” She tells him that it is sensible. “I wish I’d never seen the money – I really do!” he replies. “You’ve go to find a way of using it wisely Benny” she tells him. He asks what she would do if she had some money. “A little house I think… yes that would be it…. Just a little cottage to call my own.” Her wishes include a garden, a fitted carpet and a decent cooker. Benny suggests a fridge. She agrees. “But I wouldn’t want to waste money” she tells him. “Just the necessities – the house and the furniture… and a front door key” she adds, putting on the lights. “Inside that door it would be my world” she adds. “Still its not going to be now is it? It might have happened with Mr. Logan…” she says. Benny listens carefully, something on his mind. “Yeah… it’s a shame about that innit?” he says




“Dreaming’s alright in its place – but you have to come down to Earth with a bump when its all over!”

“You don’t have to Miss Luke… Not always.”


Wow! What an episode – absolutely first rate in every way. Tightly scripted – some great exchanges between characters, real depth to the conversations and stunning performances. This episode features some stunning direction from David Dunn – the scenes all contain movement or uses of sets that we haven’t seen for a while, interesting camera angles, great lighting and things “happening” that adds extra life to scenes. This is truly a great example of a series produced on a tight timescale and budget pulling out all the stops. The characters too seem more real – as the scripting and shooting supports them. The “Residents Protection” group sounds way too sinister for my liking, but lends itself to all sorts of interesting plot developments. I’ve got to say that Jill and Sharon were brilliant during their game of “cat and mouse” at the start of the episode. Coronation Street is famous for its strong women – but this was fantastic!


Site Ref: (Disc 12:Vol.7 Ep.10)



Crossroads Episode: 3626: Original TX: 21-06-82 (Monday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3626


TV Times (Granada)



Paul Ross wines and dines Sharon Metcalfe and then propositions her with a business deal. David Hunter takes a strong attitude towards Barbara’s questions about the Crossroads garage.

TV Times (Granada for 21-06-82)




Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                     Director: David Dunn


Sid jangles the keys to a customer’s jag impatiently at the receptionist. Eventually she takes them from him and Sid goes to leave. He is stopped by Doris, who has been hovering (and indeed hovering) in the background. She calls him from the bar. Doris tells him that what he is doing about the money that he owes Benny is praiseworthy “No other word” she tells him, before admitting that she has misjudged him. “I’m no con-man when it comes to Benny you know Miss Luke” he replies. Doris offers to tell Mavis about the good works that Sid is doing. The thought of Mavis finding out about the betting scares Sid and he reveals that Mavis knows nothing and that he doesn’t want her worrying while she is still in hospital.


At the Brownlow’s Kevin is busy typing up job applications, whilst listening to music on the radio and drinking beer. He is interrupted by a knock at the door. It is Trina. She comes in and tells Kevin that she is having trouble with one of the windows in the bedroom. She apologises for interrupting his applications and tells him that she knows how he feels. Trina reveals that she would love to go back to work if she could find someone good enough to look after Ben.


Trina asks whether he has heard about the playgroup that she wants to start. He tells her that it is a great idea, but Trina isn’t so sure. She tells Kevin that she has put adverts in several shop windows. “No reply?” he asks. Trina tells him that she has had lots of replies, but reveals that as soon as she tried following them up “Nobody wanted to know” - “I don’t understand” says Kevin. “Its obvious isn’t it? They didn’t like the colour of my ‘eyes” she replies. Kevin is aware that Trina is suggesting racism but tries to diffuse the situation “They must be crazy. I think you’ve got beautiful eyes” he replies. He offers to go and fetch his tools.“You and me, we seem to be in the same boat” he suggests. “Perhaps we should make a date to cry into each others beer” he adds.


In his motel room, Paul Ross is on the telephone to J. Henry. He asks whether J will be in his hotel room later in the evening. Paul reveals that it might be worth staying up as he will be taking Sharon Metcalfe out for dinner. “We are to wind up at her flat” he adds. Paul laughs at something J suggests “I’m not so sure about THAT” he replies. Paul changes the subject to Valerie. “She seems to be a little less suspicious of me” he says.


Sharon walks into the motel bar wearing some fetching sunglasses. “We’ll be opening in a moment” Valerie tells her. She asks what Sharon is looking for. Sharon replies “A man as a matter of fact. “Ah – that’s my speciality” says Valerie. “My next is losing them” Sharon tells Valerie that she doesn’t want to be seen waiting for the man she is waiting for” – the suggestion being that it looks desperate. Sharon tells Valerie that the man is taking her for dinner at a new place in Merryfields” Take Away or Candlelight?” she asks. “And then back here for coffee?” enquires Valerie. “More likely back to my flat” Sharon corrects her.


Sharon catches sight of Paul coming in to reception. She tells Valerie that she is going to take a quick walk around the grounds and then apologise for being late. “Never aplogise” Valerie advises her. Sharon sneaks out behind Paul’s back. He then goes into the bar. “You’re looking very smart” she tells him. She offers to get him a drink but he declines, saying that he is there strictly for business reasons. Valerie tells Paul that he should return to the motel later and then she will buy him a drink…Sharon then returns to the bar and congratulates Paul on arriving before her. He tells her (falsely) that he has been waiting for 20 minutes. “Am I to believe him?” she asks Valerie. “I’ve only just arrived” replies Valerie. Valerie notices that Paul’s cuff-link is undone. “How many millionaires had to tip you before you could afford to buy that! It’s a rock” she exclaims.


At the garage, Mac tells Sid that he has to leave as he has some decorating to do. As Mac leaves there is a telephone call. It is Mavis checking on whether he has collected the rent from their lodgers. He confirms that he has put it in the bank. She suggests that she ring the bank to confirm. “Don’t you trust me or something?” he asks. He is interrupted by David Hunter who asks whether Sharon is around. Sid tells him that she has gone and David leaves. Sid decides to use this to his advantage and lies to Mavis. He tells her that David has asked him to take over the accounting for the garage. “All I want is for you to be happy – and a little trustful” he tells her, before putting the phone down. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO)  Paul and Sharon return from their meal to an empty flat. “My flat mate wont be in until later” she tells him. “How late?” he asks. “Not LATE late, medium late” she replies. Sharon goes into the kitchen to prepare some coffee. She returns and tells Paul that if he wont give her the discount in the restaurant that she wants, she will take her clients to the restaurant in Merryfields instead. “I can’t give you a special discount because you cant give me enough business” he tells her.


He suggests that there is a different kind of business that they could be doing. “Ey up, Di come home” jokes Sharon. Paul tells her that he has checked the rosta in the restaurant and that he knows that Di will be home far to soon for them to get up to anything other than a “strictly business” relationship. He goes on to explain that his suggestion would be to offer the cut price meal that already exists to clients at boardroom meetings. She realises that he wants her to offer this service to anyone that turns up at the garage that looks like a likely customer. “What’s in it for me?” she asks. “A percentage worked out according to the first month’s takings” he replies confidently.


She suggests that she will think about it. “Why don’t you consult with your fella?” eh asks – meaning Ashley. “Even though Ashley is away on a course we are still….” she tells him. He tells her that he knows this. He suggests that it is a coincidence “Ashley Lamont….Lamont’s garage” Paul reveals that he knew full well about her relationship. “Why else did I not make a pass at you?” he asks her. After a few moments he excuses himself and goes to leave. As he does so he asks Sharon how to ensure that he times his return so that Valerie will have locked the bar and has gone to bed. “You don’t like being chased quite so obviously?” she asks. “Do you know, I think she wants me booted out of my job!” he reveals. “Have you thought about driving back very slowly in first gear?” she asks. “If Diane weren’t due home I’d have kept you awake until after midnight” he replies.


Paul returns to the lounge and chooses to sit down on an arm chair. Sharon asks what is wrong with the sofa. He replies by telling that he doesn’t want to give Diane the wrong idea when she returns.


In the office David and Barbara are going over some paperwork. He asks her why she let Jill discuss matters with the wine-rep since she knows very little about wine. “We just got muddled” she replies. Barbara asks David about the appointment with “SM” that was in his diary. He reveals that Sharon annoys him on sight. Barbara suggests that David wrote SM in his book so that neither she nor Jill would guess who she was. “What were you going to consult Sharon about?” she asks him. “In 5 minutes!” he replies. “Are you trying to manouevre behind mine and Jill’s back to put Sharon on the board?” she asks. “I was going to report to you and Jill in full” he tells her. “What were you up to DH?” she asks “Trying to be JR?”


Despite his best efforts, as Paul returns to the motel he is greeted by Valerie “Good morning Mr. Ross” she tells him. “Goodnight Mrs Pollard” he replies. “No. Good morning” she corrects him. She offers him a brandy from the office supplies. He suggests that the management would be unhappy with him pilfering from their cabinet. “The management at this time of night are all asleep except for me” she replies. “Your business meeting went on very late” she suggests. “We talked until her flat mate came home” he repiles. “I hope she didn’t interrupt anything important” she adds suggestively. “Nothing like that Mrs Pollard” he corrects her. Paul drinks his drink quickly, but Valerie closes the office door and offers to get him another. She mentions his cufflinks and he tells her that they are not as valuable as she would imagine. She tells him that she is not asking about them. “What are you asking for?” he replies. “You don’t know? Really?” she answers. “I don’t think I’ve every put it quite so plainly to a man before…” she tells him. “We’re two of a kind you and I – in a place that doesn’t appreciate us – so that leaves only ME for YOU and YOU for ME” she adds, suggestively. “In here?” he asks. “Be sensible…my chalet” she corrects him. Paul tries his best to resist her advances…“Mrs Pollard your husband is a shareholder of the motel and I am an employee. I have always made it a principle never to seduce the bosses wife. I apologise if I give you offence. I know how you feel… in other circumstances I could feel the same but…Goodnight” he adds before turning to leave.


“Just a moment – theres something I think you should hear” she tells him, before picking up the telephone. She speaks very slowly and calmly into the receiver. “David Hunter? Valerie Pollard…. I’ve just been assaulted in your office by the manager of your dining room. Could you come here at once please? It was a sexual assault”




“No comment?”

“You forgot to sound sexually assaulted.”

“Oh that will come later. When David gets here.”


This is lovely – some really well written, clever dialogue between Sharon , Valerie and Paul. It does seem as though Paul is trying to be as honorable as possible – even with Sharon – although checking the restaurant rota was a bit devious! The ending did seem a bit strange though – if Valerie really was going to pretend that Paul had attached her – shouldn’t she have trued to sound a little bit frantic?


Site ref: D12. V 7. E11



Crossroads Episode: 3627: Original TX: 23-06-82 (Wednesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3628


David Hunter is heavily involved in a tricky situation between Paul Ross and Valerie Pollard. Benny makes discreet inquiries about how to buy a house.

TV Times – for 23-06-82


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                     Director: David Dunn


Valerie is on the phone. “David Hunter? Valerie Pollard. I’ve just been assaulted in your office by the manager of your dining room. Would you come here as quickly as possible please? It was a sexual assault.” She puts down the handset. “No comment?” she asks Paul. “You forgot to sound sexually assaulted” he points out. “Oh that will come later – when David gets here” she replies


(TTILES) David crosses reception. He is in his dressing gown. He enters the office and switches on the lights. “I seem to have misunderstood your phone call” he tells Valerie. “Because I’m not running round the room screaming?” she asks. “Because you don’t look as though you have been.” he replies. David tells her that he is concerned that she has accused Paul. Valerie points out that he hasn’t said anything in his defense.  “If I deny that I made a pass at her, I insult her as much as if I did” he replies.


Valerie asks David whether he is going to do anything. She suggests that she call her husband. “David I asked you here to defend me – not to sit in some sort of instant judgment” she tells him. David instructs Paul to go to his room and then suggests that Valerie use the phone in the office to call. “Are you daring me to call J. Henry?” she asks. He suggests that he may be able to give her reasons for not calling her husband if she comes to visit him in the morning. He leaves. Valerie considers his suggestion…


The next morning it is breakfast at the Brownlow’s. Kevin asks Glenda whether there is any post. She tells him that there is none – which is a good sign, as it means Harrison hasn’t yet caught up with him. Glenda asks Kevin to do a few jobs round the house and reveals that she is getting a lift into work with Mac. Kevin asks whether he has mentioned a run in that they had.  “I’ve had enough with Dad. He hasn’t stopped moaning since they moved in” she replies. Kevin tells her that following the work he did on the window, Mac offered him some money and he refused. Glenda tells him that she understands how hard it must be watching them all go out to work.


In the office, David calls reception and asks them to find Paul. Jill enters “That was me you spoke to so curtly” she tells him. He apologises for being curt. “Well I cant really blame you – considering the matter in hand” she replies. “I cant think of any matter in hand concerning you” he answers. “The matter in hand is Paul Ross” she adds. “What are you going to do…. after what he did?” she asks. “Sack him! I wish it could be her too” she adds.

David asks Jill what she has heard. Jill reveals that the night porter has been spreading gossip about events of the previous evening to the whole motel. “Id be interested in what the night porter said – since he saw nothing” David points out. “He saw you steaming across reception in your nightie” she reminds him. “AND he heard Valerie Pollard’s voice” David tells her that when he gives her his report she will discover that events were not quite as bad as the night porter has made it sound.


Paul knocks and enters the office. Jill leaves. “Last night, did you make advances to Mrs. Pollard?” he asks. “No” replies Paul. “Did Mrs. Pollard make advances to you?” he asks. “No” replies Paul. “Then WHAT did either of you make?” enquires David. Paul looks uneasy. “May I put it that I was pilfering your drinks cabinet – she came in – objected – tried to snatch the bottle from me – I held onto it – misunderstanding the rules?” he suggests. “Why put it like that when you know I cant believe it’s the truth?” asks David. “You’ve got the keys of the cellars” he points out. “I put it like that, because like that its less distasteful than the truth” Paul replies. Paul again goes over the story. “Are you trying to make me laugh?” asks David, deadly seriously. Paul tells him that he is not. “Then get out of here before you do” suggests David. “And never come back?” asks Paul. “Never put yourself in a situation which is compromising – however innocent in essence, with Mrs. Pollard again.


Paul half smiles and leaves – just as Valerie walks in. “I want that man sacked” she tells David. “You understand your husband will want an explanation?” he asks. “And you understand what that explanation will be” she replies. “Well then let me rehearse very carefully….What your husband might ask, and what I – in truth – will have to tell him”

David invites Valerie to sit down. “I would have to tell your husband that you telephoned me…. How did you manage that?” he asks. “Well not very easily – I was being attacked” she replies. “Verbally or physically?” he asks. “Both” she replies. “Then let me repeat – as your husband would….How did you manage to telephone for help while under attack – or to telephone at all? Did you somehow get Mr. Ross to suspend his attack and sit quietly while you telephoned?” he asks


“Thank you – you’ve refreshed my mind. Yes” she replies. “I managed to calm him down, but I knew that if I attempted to leave the room that he would start again – and worse than before.” “Well I heard nothing of that in your voice” David tells her. “You see, if asked, I would have to say you sounded remarkably calm” he adds. “Well I had to be – so as not to excite him” she replies. “Your immediate object was to excite me enough to get me out of my bed and here. Don’t you think your husband will wonder why you didn’t convey that urgency in your voice?” he asks. “But you came – so I must have conveyed it” she replies. David agrees that she knows her husband better than he. “Would you say that he’d find that a reasonable explanation?” he asks. “Are you trying to defend Paul Ross?” she asks. He tells her that he is not. “Or you… from your husband’s suspicions”


“Would you tell me how you came to be in this compromising situation?” he asks. “Specifically how you came to be in here with him” he adds. “He invited me in for a drink” she replies. “He says you caught him pilfering the drinks cabinet” David argues.

“Er yes – that’s what started it” agrees Valerie, hesitantly. “He said that he would hit me if I…..” David interrupts her. “Valerie – may I put it that when you caught him pilfering the managerial drinks cabinet – it escaped your mind that he is also manager of the dining room, and that from that a misunderstanding arose, about which each of you now wishes to apologise to the other…Through me – of course.


Valerie thinks this over. Stands up and walks to the door. She smiles. “If you say so” she adds. She walks out. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the Brownlow’s Glenda is setting the table for tea. He suggests that they go to the pub for a drink with Mac. He tells her that Mac might have been able to put him on to a job. She seems excited at the news, but he tells her to calm down. She asks what Mac has to do with it. “It all starts with a dark fascinating beauty….” he begins. “I’d call Mac a lot of things – but hardly a beauty” she jokes. Kevin tells her that he means Trina. “I’m all ears…” she adds.


In the flat, Benny is looking at the paper. He is talking to Diane about Mac’s money worries. “Its something to do with a mortage” he tells her. “How does all that work?” he asks. “Its for those who cant afford to buy a house” she explains. Diane tells him how a mortgage is repaid “I expect Trina’s been going on at him” she suggests. Benny asks what happens If you cant pay a mortgage. “Well you just sell the house” she tells him.

Diane asks whether he is thinking of helping Mac out. “Oh no” he replies. Benny asks what happens if you want to pay for a house in one go. She explains that this is possible. “And they let you do that?” he asks. “They’d take your hand off!” she jokes. “You’re not thinking of buying yourself a house are you?” she asks. “What would I want with a house” he assures her.


On cue Doris arrives back at her bed-sit and makes a cup of tea. There is a knock at the door. It is Benny, who reveals that he heard her come in. Doris tells Benny that she has been visiting Mavis and that she saw Sid earlier in the day. She tells him that he is not the man that she took him for, and that she jumped to conclusions. Benny is pleased that she is warming to Sid. Doris talks to Benny about Mavis and points out that she would worry  about looking after a house the size of Mavis and Sid’s. “A little house wouldn’t be any bother?” he suggests. He reminds her that she says she would like a little house. “Funny thing – I saw just the very place today” she replies – and tells him about a little house on Jubilee Terrace.


At the Brownlow’s Kath is knitting. Arthur is late back from his meeting. When he comes in he tells her that he had a beer and a sandwich. Kath tells him that she has cooked him a steak pie. “Well in that case...” he adds. He tells her that the meeting was a real eye opener. “You know there are things going on under our noses that never see the light of day” he suggests. He tells her that the man who lives at number 26 retold the story of a man who was living next to a West Indian family. “They had one of those parties – you know – that go on for three or four days” he adds. Kath looks unsure about the story but listens anyway. Arthur tells her about the neighbour complaining – only to be laughed at – and having a rubbish bin tipped over her. “You don’t hear about that do you?” he suggests. Kath says that you often hear exactly that story – or one like it – suggesting that it is an urban myth. “Maybe these stories get blown up – or maybe they are true” she tells him. “You’re just not interested in what goes on around you” he replies. “All that concerns me is one West Indian family who happen to live next door” she adds. “They’re just the same” he replies. “Nobody is just the same” she corrects him.


“I’m not saying that I’ve got anything against Joe MacDonald as an individual. He’s probably got the same likes and dislikes as all of us. It’s a matter of culture” he explains. “Its bred in the bone. He can’t avoid it” he goes on. “Do you honestly believe that Arthur?” she asks him. “Or is it the opinion of your friend, Wilfred J Sneed? I assume he was there?” she adds. “Of course he was – He’s the chairman” Arthur replies. He tells her that she should meet him. “No thank you’ I’ve met enough racialists without him” she replies. “He’s a highly intelligent man” argues Arthur. “He’s an Englishman – and proud of it – and I for one don’t see anything wrong in that. As for being a racialist – it so happens that he was married to an Indian woman for ten years.” he adds. “What happened? Did he strangle her with her own sari?” jokes Kath.


Kath tells Arthur that the MacDonald’s have invited them both in to their house on Monday night. “And you said no?” Arthur asks hopefully. “I said we’d be delighted” she replies cheerfully. Arthur sneers.




“Lots of people are going. Apparently its going to be quite a party!”

“We wont be going Kath. Not our kind of do!”


Nice one Kath. I really can’t make out whether Arthur is racist or not – but Kath’s attitude of being friendly and neighbourly to everyone genuinely does seem to be winning here. I wonder whether the mention of Mr. Sneed’s Indian wife was to counter the racism argument about Arthur’s little group. It does seem strange. .. Of course, not at strange as Valerie’s accusation the night before. I’m glad David saw through her ploy straight away – it was silly and actually very dangerous. I wonder whether a false accusation of sexual assault would be dealt with like that today? Oh and by the way – the direction today was lovely – some great shots, well lit – and the movement in the scenes was a masterclass in how to bring life to shots.


Site ref: D12. V 7. E12

Crossroads Episode: 3628: Original TX: 24-06-82 (Thursday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3628


TV Times (Granada)



Benny enquires about buying a house and puzzles Joe MacDonald. Paul Ross produces a new catering scheme and is surprised to get enthusiastic support from Jill Harvey. The MacDonald’s party infuriates Arthur Brownlow.

TV Times – (Granada for 24-06-82)




Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                     Director: Peter Croft


Kevin arrives down for breakfast to be given the news, by Glenda, that Arthur and Kath will not be going to the party next door. Glenda reveals that Arthur has to go “out of town” but her tone suggests that this is just an excuse. Glenda asks Kevin whether he has heard anything about the decorating job at the garage. Kevin tells her that he has heard nothing so far, and has not yet put in his estimate for the work. He reveals that Dobson’s will also be putting in a tender “That’s not good is it?” she says disappointedly. Kevin reveals that the decision is down to Sharon Metcalfe, and that he intends to flash her a fascinated smile at the party later that evening.  “I reckon she’s got a soft spot for me” he tells her.


Jill arrives in the office to find  a letter on her desk. She suggests to Barbara that Paul wants to resign before David has the chance to sack him. “Are you still taking that gossip seriously?” Barbara asks. Jill telephones through to Stella on reception and asks her to tell Paul to come to the office immediately. Almost before she finishes the call there is a knock at the door and Paul enters. “You’re still with us then Mr. Ross?” she asks him. “Shouldn’t I be?” he replies. Barbara asks him whether he wants to talk about Mrs. Pollard. He goes on to explain that he wants to speak to the management about his plan to offer a set price menu for boards of directors (as discussed with Sharon the night before) “Dull old business!” jokes Jill.


In the garage, Sid is studying the racing form in the newspaper, although Mac doesn’t seem interested. “I should be looking to put my maximum on this… Trouble is – I cant raise my maximum!” says Sid. “You’re telling the wrong fella mate” replies Mac. “Did I ask?” replies Sid. Mac asks him whether he has considered saving his money. “That’s not my style” replies Sid. “You really ought to try it” suggests Mac. Benny comes into the office and asks for another task. Sid asks him to polish a car. Sid tells Mac that he is going up the road, and that if anyone should phone, to say that they don’t know where he is. Mac asks about Mavis. “If Mavis phones, tell her I’ve left the country!” jokes Sid.


After Sid leaves, Benny asks Mac whether he is sorry that he bought the house. “Do it make you broke?” asks Benny. “You can say that again” replies Mac. “Its better than having nowhere innit?” asks Benny. Benny suggests that getting a little house wouldn’t cause much worry. Mac asks why Benny is asking so many questions. “Just wondering how it all works” replies Benny.


Back in the office Paul wants to know what Barbara and Jill think of his idea. Barbara suggests that it isn’t bright, shiny and new. “That’s what’s good about it though” suggests Jill. “Totally new ideas have to find totally new buyers. Let’s face it – the people we feed here are a bit set in their ways.” The women agree to put the idea to David. “Not only menus, we could supply limousines” Jill suggests. “We could have fleets of limousines decanting troupes of tycoons” she adds enthusiastically. “I think that’s a superb idea – and the person to handle it is Sharon Metcalfe” he replies. “SM? Who said anything about SM?” asks Jill, suddenly becoming less enthusiastic. Paul thanks them both for being so patient and charming, before leaving. “Did he say charming?” asks Jill. “YES He did Jill” agrees Barbara. “And you are – when you’re not trying!” she jokes.


As Mr Paul studies something intently at the reception desk, Diane struggles with the menu holder. “If Mr. Paul wasn’t so tight with his outgoings I’d get him to buy me a new frame altogether” she grunts…wrestling a piece of paper onto the back board. “I shall talk to myself severly about that and see to it that you get your frame – and hang the expense” he says after walking up behind her. He suggests that they soon may need two menu holders if things go to plan. He tells her about his fixed price menu. “It will come back to you in a bombshell when Mr. MacPhee hears about it” suggests Diane. She asks whether Mr. Hunter will be the one to tell Shughie. Paul tells her that he will do it. “Oh. You’re going to be around top do that are you?” she asks. “After what happened between you and Mrs. Pollard. I’d be very surprised!”

Paul turns towards reception “Well I don’t know how much you’ve heard about that… but it only goes to show that a lion tamer should never put down his whip – you only get bitten!”


Back at the garage, Sid congratulates Benny on the quality of his polishing. Benny asks Sid whether he can have an early dinner time. Sid agrees. Benny asks Sid what you have to do to buy a house when it has a sale board outside. “Going into the property market are we?” asks Sid. Benny asks for more details about JEssops the estate agent. Sid tells him to go in, tell them what he wants, and that they will show him round. Sid said that he would help him out but that he has to wait for a customer. He suggests that Benny take Diane with him. “Don’t go telling her” Benny asks him. “SO what are you going to do then?” asks Sid. “I’ll have to go by myself wont I?” replies Benny. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART  TWO) At the Brownlow’s Kevin is relaxing when the doorbell rings. Yet again it is Trina, who comes round to ask whether she can borrow some glasses for the party later  that evening – in fact a couple of dozen! Kevin asks whether they are expecting many. Trina says that they have invited lots – but how many turn up will be a different matter.  “Well I know two who wont for a start- the Brownlow’s have had to go out of town” he tells her. Trina says that Joe will be disappointed as he intended the evening to be a housewarming / thawing out party. “Give me two Bacardi and Cokes and I get transformed” she tells him. He offers her a coffee. “That’s a nice dress – is it new?” he asks.  She tells him that she has had it since being at college. “My mother insisted I take three A-Levels” (instead of becoming a dancer). “Beautiful and bright too!” he observes. She tells him that she can no longer remember how to dance. “Three vodka and limes and I’ll take you though the basics” he replies cheekily.


Benny arrives at the estate agent and is ignored by the secretary, who is eating a banana. She points to the back of the shop without saying anything. Benny goes through to the back office and speaks to the man there. “Jubilee Terrace….How much?” he asks. “£22,000” replies the man. “I’ll take it” answers Benny. The estate agent asks whether Benny has viewed the property. He tells him that it has a “real nice view”. The agent offers Benny the particulars, to view at his leisure – although this is more of a way of getting him out of the office. As he leaves, Benny thanks the secretary for her help. The agent speaks to the receptionist. “Now you really must learn to cope with that sort of thing Alice. You’re here to take the weight off my shoulders, not put it on.”


Back at the garage, Sid looks at the details. He suggests to Benny that the house is worth £17,000 “top whack – £18,000 at a push. Benny points out that it is on the market for £22,000 “You offer them less – they expect that.” Sid tells him. Sid suggests that they go and have a look at the house- through the windows – since the estate agent hasn’t arranged for a proper look round. Sid tells Benny that the customer was really pleased with the way that he had cleaned the car. He suggests that everything had been great that day, except the horse he was interested in, which came third. Benny reminds him that he is finished with the horses.


At the BRownlow’s Arthur is grumpy. He can hear music from next door…


…where the party is in full swing. Mac offers Glenda some more punch. She apologises that her parents haven’t been able to come. “I invited quite a lot of the neighbours, but it must have been a bad night” he suggests – meaning that none have turned up. Glenda points out that Kevin and Trina are enjoying themselves as they dance together. Mac introduces Glenda to Colin, who has loaned them the lights for the party. “Cheers – wanna gyrate?” he asks. “move your desirable torso in time to the fascinating rhythm” he explains….


Arthur shouts upstairs to see if Kath is awake, but there is no reply. He says that he cant understand how she can sleep with the racket coming from next door. “Inconsiderate hooligans” he shouts, before banging on the chimney…


…which is just about audible to Colin, who has moved on to another female target, who is now sitting on his knee! He suggests that there is someone bricked up in the chimney like the Count of Monte Cristo. “Don’t worry mate, we’ll dig you out” he shouts back, knocking back…


… which annoys Arthur. “Savages – no damn decency” he declares, and knocks back….


… “Hang on old timer – the cavalry are coming” Colin jokes, as he knocks once more – before making a trumpet sound…


“I’m going to get the police” warns Arthur, who has clearly had enough.


Back at the party, Kevin wows Trina with his “racialist” joke. “What’s black and white, black and white, black and white?” he asks. “A nun rolling down a hill” interrupts Glenda, running his punch-line. She is clearly unhappy at his behaviour. “Its alright for you – I’ve been stuck in the house all day” he reminds her. Glenda points out that Sharon is not there. Kevin replies by telling her that she looked in earlier, but didn’t stay.

“Hey turn off the music, and if you’re smoking anything stash it – it’s a bust” declares Colin, running into the lounge. “The police?” asks Glenda. “Oh Monte Cristo said he was calling them” replies Colin.  Glenda asks who he means. “The geezer next door – name of Brownlow” replies Colin. “That’s just about made my night” declares Glenda, glumly.




“What’s up? Don’t tell me you know him” asks Colin.

“Me? No. Never heard of him” replies Glenda.


Some lovely comedy moments in tonight’s episode – the genius of having the estate agent’s receptionist eating a banana is one of my favourite scenes for ages! I also love the look of the MacDonald’s party – very authentic. Ironically for Arthur, it is he, banging on the wall, who looks most like a savage – whereas Colin speaks eloquently (if a little too charming in places) My favourite touch though was when Colin comes into the party and declares “If you’re smoking anything stash it” – and half the party slope off through the door. Genius!


D13 V8 E1



Crossroads Episode: 3629: Original TX: 29-06-82 (Tuesday)

Script indicates that Episode 3629 was due for TX 29-06-82



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3629


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                     Director: Peter Croft


In the garage, Sid is on the phone to Mavis – He is trying to get away. Just as he puts the phone down, Sharon comes into the office and tells him that she has  a good mind to sack him. “What the surgeon is to the human body, I am to the car engine” he jokes. Sharon tells Sid that while he was servicing Paul Ross’s car, he caused damage to his £200 jacket. Sid doesn’t believe her. She tells him that he left grease on the back of the driver’s seat – but he surprises her by not seeming concerned. “Anyone that can survive a call from Mavis can survive anything” he tells her. Sharon is having none of it and tells him that she will be taking £20 of his wages every week to cover the damage. Sid insists that the grease is nothing to do with him. Sharon asks him how else it could have got there. “Search me – but go easy because I’m ticklish” he repiles. Sharon tells Sid to go and talk things over with Paul Ross. Just as he leaves, Diane walks into the office. She is not happy that Sid has escaped. “I’m playing hookie from my cold trolley to settle things with Sid” she tells Sharon. Before she can go into any more details, Sid rushes back in to warn Diane that Paul Ross has walked into the garage. Di goes to hide in the washroom….


When Paul arrives in the office Sharon instructs Sid to grovel, but before he can say a word, Paul reveals that the grease actually came from  the kitchen and that Mr. McPhee had neglected to mention it. “The motel will pay” he assures Sid. He then shouts through to the washroom. “Diane – if you’re not back on duty in exactly five minutes, don’t bother!” Paul leaves, closely followed by Diane. “I’ll see you later” she warns Sid.


On reception Jill and Shaheen are discussing a regular couple of guests. Jill questions why they haven’t been given their old chalet. Shaheen questions this – since there are no ‘old chalets’ since the fire. Jill points out that she meant chalet number (13) which they are welcome to! Paul walks up to the desk and Jill suggests that he waits around since the David and Barbara are discussing his plan to offer set price menus.


In the office David is impressed with the way the case for the menu has presented his file. He tells Barbara that she can congratulate Paul, since she has been championing him. Barbara points out that it has been Jill who has been championing Paul, not her. They telephone through to reception with the news…which Shaheen relates to Paul.


Celebrations are cut short when Valerie arrives in reception. “Still holding on to the edge of a cliff?” she aks. “He’s just put up a brilliant idea which David has accepted wholeheartedly” Jill replies. “Oh is he leaving?” Valerie asks. “David Hunter doesn’t constitute the entire board of directors” she reminds Jill. “I happen to be on the board too – with my husband’s proxy vote” she goes on, before swanning off. “Don’t let her provoke you – keep clear” Jill warns him.


In the garage, Diane has managed to corner Sid for the money he still owes Benny. He hands over £80 “Slate wiped clean” he tells her. “I think Benny’s learned his lesson” she replies. “Benny’s alright, don’t worry” he adds. Sid suggests that one day soon he will “crack it” (and pick a winner) “I’ll kiss this place goodbye” he adds – just as Sharon walks through the door. “Awwww” she tells him. “Save a little kiss for me wont you – I’m getting desperate” she adds. Sharon asks Sid to speak to a customer outside, and Sid leaves, ready to work his charm on the unsuspecting woman.Diane tells Sharon all about Sid’s debt to Benny and reveals that he has been paying £80 a week. “How the hell’s he managed that on his salary?” Sharon asks. Diane tells Sharon that she is going to give the money to Benny. “He’s on the far side of the forecourt hosing down a mini – but down get too close, he’s not very accurate with a hosepipe!” she warns. Diane asks Sharon whether she feels like going to the cinema or for a meal later.


In the bar, Jill asks Valerie what she meant earlier. Valerie suggests that she is not interested in Paul, the motel masher (apparently a Victorian term for men who make passes at ladies). “I’m so surprised, men seldom make passes at you” says Jill sarcastically. “Or should I say ‘you’ to them?” she adds. Jill is clearly referring to Valerie’s earlier indiscretion with Adam (her fiancé at the time). Jill says that she is impressed by Valerie’s ability to remain so dignified, “despite all the gossip – even though I cant help thinking that you might – JUST MIGHT – have started it” Valeris isn’t fazed. “Oh darling, I never find that men need any encouragement” she replies. “They’re only to happy to grab what they want – when they want it!” Jill is unimpressed “We’re back to Adam Chance aren’t we?” she asks. “I don’t see what Paul Ross has got to do with Adam Chance” asks Valerie. “You don’t realise what they have in common is YOU. Something VERY COMMON” Jill argues back. Barbara hears the commotion from outside and comes into the bar. Valerie agrees that they should drop the conversation. “Adam Chance didn’t give a damn about you, and I don’t give a damn about Paul Ross” she argues. Jill storms out. Valerie tells her that she is beautiful when she is angry . “You should let me see you when you’re angry” Barbara somewhat cryptically tells her. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Sharon is just about to go home from the garage. Sid tells her that is going to be doing some overtime. Paul Ross walks into the office. Sharon asks whether he will be suing Valerie for slander. “Some say that you made a pass at her…. I don’t” she adds. Paul reveals that David has accepted his proposal, based on a recommendation from Jill. Sharon is surprised that Jill was able to add anything to the plan. Paul assures her that Jill came up with the best idea. “Transport thrown in!” he reveals. “That’s a crummy idea” Sharon replies. “Actually that isn’t! That could be made to work!” she adds. Paul tells her that he has been ordered not to mention anything to her, and he tells her to forget anything she has heard. “If I suggested you should come in on it they’d have dropped the whole thing!” he argues. She agrees. Sid walks into the office and Sharon tells him that she will stay behind to help him with the accounts and that she will be buying Paul a drink later… “Business and pleasure can mix” she adds.


At the Brownlow’s Glenda is having a cup of tea and a slice of cake when Kath comes home. She reveals that Kevin has booked two seats in the restaurant for the following night “What’s the celebration?” she asks. Glenda is unimpressed and tells her mother that the two seats are for Kevin and Sharon – and that the meal will be to discuss the decorating work in the garage. “Well why does he have to take her out for dinner?” Kath asks. “He’s a grown man, he knows what he’s doing” Glenda replies aggressively. Glenda apologises to her mother “I’m just tired” she explains. “There’s nothing wrong is there between you and Kevin?” Kath asks. Glenda points out that Kevin owes £1500 and that the letter asking for payment could come any day. She reveals that Kevin is unhappy about seeing everyone going out to work – such as Arthur. “Where is he by the way? Signing up with the klu klux clan?” she asks.


Glenda tells her mother how embarrassed she was at the party when the police turned up. “We can forget it now – its all cleared up” Kath dismisses her. Glenda asks how. “I saw Mac this morning and he apologised” Kath reveals. Glenda is unimpressed that she is sticking up for her father. “Trust you to see one side of it” she says. Kath asks what she could have done. “For one thing you could have turned up” says Glenda. Kath agrees. “He didn’t want to go to that party because he knew there would be a lot of blacks there” Glenda argues. “Don’t you think Mac knows that too?” she asks. “Ever since the Macdonalds have moved in there your dad’s been acting in a funny way” Kath tells her. “He’s mixing with some very funny people” she adds.


In the garage office Diane is unimpressed with Sharon. “What do you mean? You cant make it?” Sharon tells her that there has been a change of plan. Sharon suggests that Diane goes out on her own. “sitting there sucking up spaghetti, getting the eye from all the Italian waiters?” replies Diane.  Sharon finally reveals her plans for a drink with “a fella”  after she has finished. “I’m being stood up aren’t I?” asks Diane. “Looks like it” agrees Sharon. Diane presses Sharon for the name of her drinks companion and Sharon eventually confesses that it is Paul Ross. “You want your head read!” Diane tells her friend. “He just asked” protests Sharon. “What about Ashley? Out of sight, out of mind – is that it?” Sharon argues that it is just a drink “That sounds innocent – wouldn’t you say?” she asks.


In the office, Barbara offers Valerie a drink. “A repetition of the scene you had with Jill would be intolerable” says Barbara. “If Jill Harvey wants to quarrel with me – well good luck to her, because I’m quite happy to quarrel with her whenever she likes” replies Valerie. Barbara tells her that she doesn’t think J. Henry would approve of that. “He might not feel it accorded with your position as a director’s wife.” Valerie replies with “Leave my husband to me!” David walks in and asks whether he could get a drink. Valerie asks whether she should fetch one from the bar, or from the office – or whether Barbara has any further orders for her. Barbara thinks better of arguing and leaves for supper. David tells her that he has a few chores to do, and she leaves.

“So what was all that about?” he asks Valerie. “Jealousy” replies Valerie. “Not for MY ears then” says David.  “Women’s secrets – a man should never put his nose in – unless he wants it broken” he adds. “Nose? You should worry more about hearts David” she tells him “But then as its not your heart in question…nor even Barbara’s…It’s quite simple really…. I’m jealous of Barbara – of what she has in you as a husband”  CREDITS


“Of course she sees it – and resents it. No wife likes another woman to envy her for her husband – particularly when that other woman admires her husband as much as I admire you….”


At last, the very real issue of Arthur’s racism has been addressed head on. Glenda is clearly unimpressed with the way her father has been treating Mac – and I’m glad the story is finally coming to a head. It is also good that we hear how concerned Kath is about her husband’s involvement with the neighbourhood group. It was interesting to see Jill lose her temper with Valerie, and I like the way that Valerie remains unphased by it. I am a bit surprised by her admission to David though – is there an ulterior motive?


The scene in the garage early in the episode had enough coming – and going for a French farce, but it was well plotted and performed. Sid and Sharon work really well together and their partnership livens up what used to be a fairly boring set up.But Shaheen… Oh dear. A little wooden in the delivery I’m afraid – which is actually a real shame I think as otherwise the performances in this episode were excellent.


D13 V8 E2



Crossroads Episode: 3630: Original TX: 30-06-82 (Wednesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3630


No TV Times synopsis available at present


Writers: Joshua Adam, Raymond Bowers, David Garfield                     Director: Peter Croft


“Of course she sees it – and resents it. No wife likes to have another woman envy her her husband. Particularly when the other woman admires the husband – as much as I admire you.” Valerie tells David


(TITLES) David returns to his chair behind his desk. “I’m not speaking of falling in love” she tells him. I’m speaking about my admiration for your marriage. Its so stable – so obviously based on your love for your wife – and hers for you – and that’s indestructible. Valerie goes on to tell him that her marriage is nothing like that. “And THAT’s why I’m jealous of Barbara” she adds. She raises a toast to the marriage that she says she envies. “And long may it remain so” she says, taking a drink. Valerie asks whether she has confused him. “Considerably” he replies. “Then I’ll return to my duties in the bar” she answers, getting up to leave. “I only wish Barbara understood me HALF as well as you do” she adds, before leaving.


At the Brownlow’s Kath brings Arthur a coffee and some Bourbon biscuits. She tells him that she has seen Mac. “Yes – he apologised” Arthur confirms. “It was very nice of him under the circumstances” she tells him. Arthur goes to complain, but Kath is ahead of him “You were provoked – but I think there might have been less extreme ways of dealing with it.” she adds.


Kath tells him that she has “raised a few grievances” with Mac. Arthur is concerned as to what Kath might have been saying. “I don’t need my wife to fight my battles” he tells her. She tells him that they are only battles in his mind. Again he tries to complain – and points out that he went round as soon as Mac moved in. “And you came back with lots of horror stories about them turning the place into a black hotel” she reminds him. “The simple fact is that they are trying to let ONE room” She then addresses the issue of cutting down trees “They’re not cutting down ANY trees – Mac told me” she argues. “They’re going to tidy up the garden but you’ll be pleased about that because you’re always complaining about weeds blowing in” Kath tells him that Mac is aware that there is a problem, and that he has suggested they go round for a drink. Arthur doesn’t want to go – but finds he has little choice when Kath tells him that she has accepted for them. “Well in that case my girl you’ll go round there on your own” he complains. “No I wont Arthur – you’re coming with me” she corrects him.


In the garage office Doris is complaining to Benny about her land-landy. Recalling events a few episodes ago, Doris tells him that even though she borrowed four biscuits, and returned a full packet, Mrs Price complained that they were stale. “Mrs Price can be a bit grumpy sometimes” Benny agrees. “You might not be there much longer…” he lets slip. Doris is confused as to what he means. He checks that the house he has viewed on Jubilee Terrace is the one that she is interested in. “It certainly is very nice” she confirms. “But it might as well be on the moon as far as I am concerned” she adds. Doris goes to change the towels in the washroom as Mac comes into the office. He tells Benny that things seem to be getting to Doris. “All that’s gonna change” Benny tells him. “She’s in for a really nice surprise.”


In the motel office, David gives his secretary some invoices for Mr. McFee to check. Sharon enters and apologises for being late. He tells her that the answer has to be “No” before she can even settle in. He apologises for being so blunt. “You didn’t seriously suggest you should have shares in this motel did you? he asks. “Well you know I didn’t” she agrees.  He tells her that he is still very keen to buy the garage.  “I’d like to discuss solutions that might make my deal with Reg Lamont attractive to yourself” he adds. He offers her an increased salary, and she tells him although that would be nice, what she really wants is an increase in independence. “You already run the garage your own independent way. I would do everything I could to make sure that independence wasn’t interfered with” She tells him that she wants to expand her territory, “You can’t expect to expand into this motel” he replies sternly. “YOUR motel is gobbling up my garage – I’ve got no choice” she answers.


“I accept that you have considerable influence with Reg Lamont” he tells her. “Now the bid I’ve already made would not be big enough for you to argue against it – but there is one thing that talks more persuasively than a capable woman such as you….Money” He tells her that he will up the bid. “Then Reg Lamont is going to find out exactly what the garage is worth isn’t he?” shs asks. “Yes” he agrees. “And I’m going to find out exactly what Im worth – aren’t I?” she adds. “I’m afraid so” he agrees.


Back at the estate agents, Benny knocks on the estate agent, Frank Jessop’s office door. The agent is not impressed to see him. He complains that his secretary is off with a summer cold, and that his telephone never stops ringing, and that he has to show a client round. “It is – as they say ‘ all go’” he adds before standing up and putting on his jacket.


Benny tells him that he wants the house. The agent takes off his jacket and invites Benny to sit down. HE asks what Benny’s occupation is. Benny tells him that he washes cars. Again the agent is unimpressed. “Now that might well be the first of our difficulties” he tells Benny.  The agent tells him that there is no way that he would be able to afford the repayments, and stands up – again putting on his jacket. “Shall I come back?” asks Benny. He goes on to say that he doesn’t want a mortgage – and that he wants to pay for it all in one go. The agent is confused – and stands there with his jacket half on. “Let me get this quite straight…Are you saying that you have the cash to purchase the house?” he asks.  Benny tells him that he doesn’t – but shows him a cheque book. The agent is still not convinced., but sees the name of the bank and asks Benny whether he can phone the bank manager to verify whether he has the funds.  They make small talk while they wait. The bank manager comments on the whether. “Bring the garden on a treat” agrees Benny “I work in a garden” he adds. “Washing cars?” questions the agent. When the bank manager confirms that Benny has the funds to buy a £22,000 house his attitude changes. Considerably. He offers to show Benny round. “What about them others?” asks Benny – referring to the clients that the agent said he needed to speak to. The agent tells him that they will be happy to meander on their own. He asks Benny whether there will be enough room in the property. “Its not for me – I’m giving it away” Benny tells him. The agent is stunned.(END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the garage office, Doris is waiting for Benny, “Benny seems full of himself this afternoon” remarks Sharon. “I wonder why” replies Doris. “I think he’s excited about something” Sharon tells her. She tells Doris that Benny wont be long as he is just finishing a vacuum job on a car. Sharon tells her that she is going out later “He’s back then is he? Your policeman?” asks Doris. She looks disapproving when Sharon reveals that he is still away, but she tells Doris that it is strictly business.


Benny arrives back in the office full of smiles and suggests to Doris that they walk past the house on Jubilee Terrace. “I wouldn’t exactly call it on the way” Doris tells him. Eventually she agrees “There’s no harm in dreaming” she admits. Benny smiles. “We’ll have a really good dream” he tells her.


At the MacDonald’s Trina is talking to Kath and Arthur about her plans for a playgroup. She says that many other women have set up the same sort of thing. Arthur makes a stand about having every right to be concerned about the noise. “I understand he doesn’t want his privacy invaded – and it wont be” Mac assures them. He points out that Arthur will be out of work while the children are there anyway. “And what about Mrs. Brownlow and Glenda when they have their days off?” he asks. Kath assures Arthur that she wont mind, and suggests that Glenda will probably want to help anyway.


“I might be ill – or I might fancy a day lazing in the garden” he tells her. “I don’t relish the thought of 20 squawking infants scrambling all over my dahlias” he adds. “Particularly if they’re black?” suggests Trina. “I never said a word of that!” Arthur protests.  “You didn’t have to. That’s what’s behind it isn’t it?” she asks. “I don’t see why we don’t stop beating about the bush” Arthur stands up in anger. “If you’re going raise the issue of race, colour or creed….”. Kath tells him to sit down. Mac tells him that nobody is accusing him of anything, and asks Trina to make some coffee. “I’ve got nothing whatever against coloured people” Arthur protests. Mac suggests that the discussion is getting a little overheated. He tells Arthur that he would feel exactly the same in his position, but suggests that he might be exaggerating. Mac tells him that they aren’t talking about 20 children, more likely 4 or 5.


In the motel bar Sharon and Kevin are talking over drinks. “Kevin – you’re spoiling me” she tells him. “Im naturally big hearted” he replies. “Especially with attractive women!” Sharon tells him that flattery will get him everywhere – and talk turns to the subject of decorating the garage. She tells him that she has had an estimate from Dobson’s. Kevin tells her that he knows, and reaches for his own from his inside pocket. “I think you’ll find this is a better one” he adds. He suggests that it is about £250 cheaper. Sharon points out that it is EXACTLY £250 cheaper – “Which shows you’ve been a bit enterprising haven’t you!” she adds. “You don’t object to fair competition do you?” he asks. She agrees to consider his offer. She asks him who his “mole” is. “Somebody at the garage obviously gave you the details of Dobson’s estimate” she adds.


At the MacDonald’s Mac pours some drinks now that misunderstandings have been dealt with. Arthur isn’t sure about his rum and coke, but Kath proposes a toast to “Good Neighbours” Trina suggests that there is still the matter of the party to deal with. Mac suggests that they deal with it later, but she wants to have her say. Mac explains that Trina is upset that they invited the neighbours and had a poor response. “They are a bit stand-offish round here” Kath suggests.  “The only people we know are the Dickinsons, and that’s only because he’s a member of Arthur’s bowls club” Mac sounds excited. “That’s your game isn’t it Joe? You always used to be up the alley.” she asks him. Mac tells her that there is a difference between “Ten pin” and Arthur’s bowls. “It’s the same principle isn’t it?” she asks. Kath remembers that the club is due to have an open day in a couple of weeks and she suggests that the MacDonalds come along. Arthur is unhappy about talking about the bowls club and pretends that he can hear the telephone next door. Arthur leaves, closely followed by Kath. When they are gone Mac suggests that Trina has been trying to wind him up all evening.  “He didn’t need winding up” she answers.


At the Brownlows Kath suggests that the evening was “pretty painless”. Arthur is not happy “That’s your view is it?” he asks. She asks what is wrong with inviting them to the bowls club. “Well if you don’t know – I wont tell you” he replies. “The moment those two walk in – half a dozen members will walk straight out.” (CREDITS)


“I know you meant well, but all you’ve done is pitch me straight from the frying pan into the fire”


Well after the excitement of Valerie’s confession to David it was somewhat disappointing to only see her in the opening minutes of the episode – although I like the idea that she has a softer side and that for some reason she has opened up to David Hunter. Maybe she has been swayed by his “Strong, silent type” attitude. Lovely to see Frank Jessop the estate agent back – his comedy eye-widening when he found out about Benny’s fortune was very funny. I am a little tired of Kevin’s flirtation with every woman that seems to be in the motel – as Sharon pointed out, there was no need to take her for a meal. If I was Glenda I would be very annoyed with him. Some more interesting developments in the Arthur / racism storyline. I’m now inclined to think that he isn’t particularly racist, but the people he is friends with are – although I would suggest that it is guilt by association. It is interesting to see how terms and words that were used in the 1980’s to refer to race may not be acceptable today.



D13 V8 E3




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