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Crossroads Episode: 3607: Original TX: 04-05-82

UK Gold Episode: 065



Ashley Lamont was conscience-stricken because he didn’t act on his strong suspicions that his father Reg was a crook. Ashley told Sharon Metcalfe that he was seriously considering resigning from the police force. J Henry Pollard startled his wife Valerie by telling her he intended to set her to work at the motel. After deep thought, Doris Luke accepted her girlhood sweetheart Tom Logan’s marriage proposal. (TV TIMES)


Glenda Banks unwillingly witnesses an explosive scene between J Henry Pollard and wife Valerie. Arthur Brownlow is not pleased by wife Kath’s good news about her promotion. Jill Harvey is deeply upset when she hears Adam Chance has deceived her. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Mike Holgate


Jill crosses reception and says “Good morning” to the receptionist. She makes her way to the office where David and Barbara are hard at work already. “I suppose Adam must be beavering away somewhere?” asks Jill. “No. Why?” asks David. Jill explains that he didn’t make it back to Chimney’s the previous night and she assumed that he stayed at the motel. “No phone call?” Barbara asks. On cue, Adam walks into the office. “What happened to you last night?” she asks. “Hello love” he says to her, kissing her. He makes up a story about having to go to the boat to look for some papers, and that when he came to leave the car had a flat tyre – meaning he had to spend the night on board. “You don’t look as though you slept very well” comments David. She asks why he didn’t phone, but he tells her (as she knows) the phone box is a  long way away. “I suppose the fact that it was pouring with rain had nothing to do with it?” asks Barbara. Jill asks him how he managed to get back. He explains that a local garage that opens at 8 fixed it – since it was only a valve. “Do you forgive me?” he asks. “I shall require notice of that question” she answers. “Oh I expect I shall”


J. Henry arrives in his chalet and tells his wife to get up since it is twenty past nine. He is surprised when he opens the curtains as she is nowhere to be seen, and the beds have not been slept in. He searches in the bathroom, but she is not there either.


The door to the chalet opens and Valerie walks in, wearing her dress from the night before, and with her fur coat slung over her shoulder. She is shocked to find J. Henry there, but tries not to show it, “Good morning J” she says to him. “Where the hell have you been?” he asks. “Out” she replies. “I’ve been staying with friends” she tells him. “FRIENDS? You haven’t got any friends here!” J. Henry responds, fuming. “I made some….. very easily – you know that” she tells him, but he is not listening “You’ve only been here for 5 minutes for God’s sake” he argues. “Well… what do YOU think I’ve been doing?” she asks him. “I KNOW what you’ve been doing. What I don’t know is WHO with!” he responds angrily.


“This isn’t Bermuda. Here you play by my rules. And this is make or break for you. Remember that!” he shouts at her as he grabs her arms.


They are interrupted by Glenda, who brings a continental breakfast for one. She asks J. Henry whether he would like anything to eat. He shouts at her to get out of the chalet. “This is your last warning Val” he tells his wife. “You’re standing right on the edge of a precipice.”


In reception Jill is on the desk. Barbara leaves the office to discuss with her the possibility of getting someone from the village to do a few hours work each weekend. Jill points out that a mushroom farm has just opened up the other side of Heathbury, and all the local girls are working there.


Doris comes up to the desk to check that it is OK for her to have some time off. Jill and Barbara both say that it will be fine, and they wish she and Tom the best for the future. Doris reveals that she will have to hand in her notice once she and Tom are married. Barbara tells her that she mustn’t, but Doris explains that Tom will need her in the post office.


Barbara goes through to the office to break the news to David. He tells Barbara that he will put an advert in the paper. Glenda arrives with a tea tray, but she is visibly upset from her earlier encounter with the Pollards. Glenda explains to them that she heard their argument, and that she noticed Mrs. Pollard was in her evening wear and that he beds hadn’t been slept in. David tells her to go and get a drink. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asks Barbara. “Not even Adam would be THAT stupid” David replies. “Its got to be a coincidence” he says. “And if it isn’t a coincidence?” she asks. “WHOOPS!” David replies.


Kath goes into the bar to meet Jill. They sit down and Jill explains that they need a housekeeper. Jill tells Kath that all of the directors would like to offer the position to her. Jill tells Kath that it would mean working full time instead of part time. Kath says that she would need to think it over thoroughly. “I’ll talk it over with Arthur”






The cherry blossom is out, and a young couple stroll hand in hand towards the motel.


In a chalet, Doris is busy cleaning when Kath comes in “You’ll never guess what’s happened” she tells Doris.


Kath explains that she has been offered the role of housekeeper and she asks whether Doris minds. “Why should I mind?” Doris asks her. “You were here long before me – by rights it should be you” Kath suggests.  “I wouldn’t have it as gift – even if I was staying” says Doris.


In the garage Mac explains to Tom and Doris (who has had a quick change of coat and hat since the last scene) that there is a problem with his car, and that the clutch is slipping. Mac offers them a mini to hire, but Tom would prefer to get his car working.


Mac offers to take a look at the starter motor, and gives them a map to have a look at while they wait to plan their route.


Arthur has his bowling case on the dining room table, he opens it and carefully handles one of his bowls. He moves the furniture out of the way to take a practice bowl when he hears the door opening. Kath and Glenda (unseen) talk in the hallway. Glenda tells her mum to “catch him in a good mood”. Arthur is distracted hiding his bowls. Kath comes in and gives him a kiss. She is confused as to why the furniture has been rearranged and asks him whether he has made an early start on the spring cleaning. HE reminds her that it is the start of the season and that Kath said they were going to have an early tea. Kath tells him that she had forgotten. Arthur tells her that he will just have a sandwich and a cup of tea to be going on with…


Kath asks him whether he really has to attend practice that evening as she has something that she would like to discuss. He reminds her that he is up for club secretary and he can’t not show up. “No whatever it is you’ve got to tell me can wait. Now what about some supper?” he asks. Glenda comes in and remarks how early her father is back. Arthur tells her that he will be leaving again as soon as he has eaten. “Don’t tell me he’s leaving just because you’ve been promoted!” jokes Glenda – unaware that her mother has not yet broken the news.


Kath sends Glenda out to make the tea and sandwich and explains to Arthur that she has been offered a “different” job, “What sort of a job?” he asks her. She explains about the role of housekeeping and mentions that it will be more money. “More money be blowed! I can still afford to keep my family I hope” he responds grumpily. “I’d see nothing of you” he tells her. “I’m not having it Kath – you tell them to find somebody else” he adds. “I’ve always felt I never amounted to much” she explains to him. “What are you talking about? You’re a wife and a mother!” he replies. She tells him that being housekeeper means she;d have respect in her own right not just as… “Mrs Arthur Brownlow?” he asks. “If it means THAT much to you….” He tells her. She kisses him.


Glenda comes in with the tray of sandwiches and tea, but Arthur rushes out. Glenda suggests that they could get a slow cooker to make sure Arthur has his tea – but she is unable to finish the sentence as she stubs her toe on Arthur’s bowling bag. Arthur hears the commotion from the hallway and rushes in… to check on his bowls. “These are brand new!” he exclaims. “You haven’t gone and bought another set? Kath asks him. He points out that as potential club secretary he will need them. “It may not be in the same league as your posh new job – but its what I’m after” he tells her. “And I’m determined to get it now – more than ever… It will give me something to do in the evenings!”


In the bar, Barbara is worried. She tells David that she regrets agreeing to a drink with the other directors – having to pretend to be normal in front of J. Henry and Jill. “.. when we KNOW Adam and Val….” “We don’t KNOW anything” David corrects her. Adam and Jill approach them and Barbara changes the topic of conversation to her annoyance at Valerie being dropped on them.


On cue J. Henry and Valerie enter the bar. J. Henry asks David what he recommends for dinner. “I understand that Shughie is doing wonders with a beef dish” replies David… It’s a posh stew! Adam sees a sailing friend across the bar and leaves them, as the rest of the directors settle together round a table. Jill asks Valerie where she would like to start work in the motel. “I don’t think J was really serious about that were you darling?” “That’s for the rest of you to decide” J. Henry tells them. “Val will do what she’s told”


Val sees Adam behind her “Adam seems to be enjoying himself with his friend” she points out. “I dare say they’re swapping stories of roughing it on board” jokes David. “”Roughing it? On a teak boat – with fitted fridge, shower and TV? And they don’t have hammocks any more – did you know?” Valerie asks. J. Henry looks on suspiciously. “They’re all foam mattresses and pale blue duvets!” “How do you know that’s what he has?” he asks. “Well he was so proud of his damn boat I asked him to show me over it,” she replies. “But he hasn’t been down to the boat for ages…except.. last night!” exclaims Jill – the penny dropping. David and Barbara look on helplessly at the car crash before them.


Adam walks over to the group, oblivious to the conversation that has just taken place. Valerie fills him in…“Sorry darling, I seem to have let the cat out of the bag”




Jill stands and talks to Adam. “I want to speak to you alone!” Valerie says nothing.


David Hunter summed this up early on in the episode “WHOOPS!” I still think Adam must have a death wish – even David comments that he wouldn’t be THAT stupid… Clearly he would. Obviously Valerie has used Adam – her reaction – or rather lack of it – at the end of the episode makes it clear that she has planned this “outing” for some time in an attempt to get J. Henry to divorce her. Somehow I can’t see it working. It is a shame about Adam and Jill, as despite everything, I like them as a couple – but I can’t see a way out of this situation for either of them.

Some lovely establishing shots (on video) of the motel exterior gave an added gloss to this episode – matched with some nice direction of the interiors – J. Henry’s investigation of the empty chalet a good example of this. I do have one complaint – and that is about the jump cut where Doris appears in a scene in a chalet with Kath, and then the very next scene in the garage with no indication of any time passing. I find it quite jarring as a viewer, and could have been easily avoided. Maybe there was a scene that was cut between the two?


Crossroads Episode: 3608: Original TX: 05-05-82

UK Gold Episode: 066


Jill Harvey decides to break off her engagement to Adam Chance. Meanwhile, Adam gets a brutal promise from J Henry Pollard

(TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Mike Holgate


It is evening at the Crossroads motel. Jill and Adam walk past Rashida on reception and into the office. Jill looks shocked.  “Yes” says Adam, before Jill has had a chance to speak.  “She spent the night on the boat with me.” “I was worried about you – I thought perhaps you’d had an accident or something”. Adam tries to move towards her but she tells him not to come any closer.  “Jill… I don’t have any excuses” he tells her. “I suppose you think by frankly admitting it I’m going to say its OK,” she asks him. “They used me. I know that now. Both of them” he tells her. “J Henry and Valerie – they used me for their own private war…. It started out as flattery, and then it led to flirtation, and then to bravado”. She cannot believe what she is hearing. “Bravado?” she asks him… “At the time, by taking her there I was trying to prove to myself that I wasn’t scared of J. Henry” Adam tells her. “You weren’t scared of what I might think or feel obviously” she replies. “The whole thing was so trivial – it was almost as though it wasn’t me” he tells her. “I wish I could make you understand the whole thing was so unimportant” he adds. “The whole thing was unimportant?” she asks. “I mean unimportant to me…” He tries to explain but can’t. “Oh God Jill, please believe me” he pleads. “I do believe that you were manipulated by J. Henry and Valerie, and I DO believe that to you it was trivial and unimportant” she tells him. “Then you’ll forgive me?” he asks. “That’s why I’ll never, ever forgive you!” she replies. “I can never forgive you being so weak, despite being engaged to ME you could let yourself be manipulated” she tells him, as she looks at the ring on her finger. “It’s over… the wedding” she tells him, holding out the ring. He doesn’t take it, so she leaves it on a desk and runs out – through reception….


…where Mr. Paul is busy telling Rashida that the restaurant is fully booked until 9:00pm and that she should take no more bookings “But at this time in the evening I should always refer any request directly to the restaurant?” she asks him, smiling. “Of course” he tells her, smiling back. Mr. Paul sees Diane standing behind them and he asks what she is doing in reception. She tells him that she is collecting the cold meals list for people coming in late. “You’ll be quick about it wont you?” he half asks / half instructs her. “Too true – I cant wait to get off home” she tells him. She points out that it is her evening off “and I should’ve gone ‘alf an hour ago- and I stayed behind to help out” she adds triumphantly. “That was very good of you” he tells her. “I hope everything goes smoothly Mr. Paul” she tells him. “I’m sure it will” he replies. Her victory is short lived as he continues “You still haven’t done anything about your hair! – You will take care of it before you come to work again – wont you?” He flashes her a smile that says she will. She leaves. He returns to Rashida…


In the flat, Ashley is pouring some red wine for himself and Sharon. “I don’t like hearing things second hand” she tells him. “Its no big deal love” he tells her. “Your going is a big deal to me! I didn’t believe Di – do you know that?” she asks. Sharon is annoyed that Ashley is off on a course, having not told her. “I didn’t say I was” he corrects her. “I haven’t been accepted – that’s a different thing” he adds. She asks him what kind of course it is. “Six months intensive training” he tells her. “Where?” she asks. He tells her that it is in Hampshire, and focused on the detection and apprehension of terrorists!


Sharon suggests (in reference to Ashley’s continuing struggle with his conscience) that by going on the course and working hard he can “wipe the slate clean”


At the Brownlow’s Glenda asks her dad whether he wants some supper. He tells her that he had a pie and a pint at the club. Glenda asks whether he is going to spoil things for her mum “Its what she wants – I’ve no objection” he replies.


She tells him that Kath is worrying about him and having second thoughts about accepting the job offer at the motel. “We’ll manage” Glenda tries to reassure her dad that they will be fine if Kath needs to spend longer at work. “Manage? Is that what we’ve come down to eh?” he asks.


“So you think I ought to go then?” Ashley asks Sharon. “Think Yes – Like No” she tells him. “If you DO go – what happens to us?” she asks. “Nothing – it doesn’t change a thing” he replies. Just as they are about to kiss, the door bursts open and Diane waltzes in. “That’s all I need – a restaurant set up. What happened to the violinist? Is it his night off?” she asks.  Sharon asks her what is up. “Mr. Ruddy Paul is walking on water again! That’s what’s up!” replies Diane. Ashley and Sharon have heard enough, and make their excuses. As they stand at the door there is a knock… it is Benny, carrying a suitcase and a parcel. “Sorry – I thought it would be just you on your own” he tells Diane. “Have you been reading the story of my life?” she jokes.


Ashley and Sharon leave. “I was sorry about your dad” she tells him. “I was sorry too” replies Benny. She asks how long it is since he died and is surprised to hear that it was six weeks ago. “What kept you?” she asks.


Benny explains that it is something to do with Mrs Reed and their son. Benny asks who Ashley was. Diane explains that he is a policeman and that he has come to lock Sharon up for the night! Diane offers Benny some of the goulash left behind by Sharon and Ashley. Benny shows her an antique pocket watch






Diane comes into the lounge and opens the blinds – the room is flooded with light. Benny is looking at the pocket watch. “Have you been staring at that all night?” she asks him. “No – I just checking it” he replies “with the wireless – to see if it the right time!” She tells him she is impressed and offers to make him a tea.


She goes into the kitchen and puts the kettle on. Benny follows her. He asks whether she thinks he will be able to get his old job back at the garage. She suggest that he ask Sharon – or give Archie (Gibbs) a hand in the garden.


Benny looks at his watch again. “If you go on staring at that it will disappear” she tells him. Benny looks worried, but soon realises the joke.


Benny walks upto the main doors of the motel… … and into reception, where Mr. Paul and Rashida are working.


“Can I help you?” she asks. Benny is surprised to see her, and turns to leave.


He runs outside and checks the sign.


It says “Crossroads”.


He shrugs and walks back to the doors.


In the office, Glenda is collecting a tray as Adam studies some files. She leaves and walks into reception, singing. “You sound happy” Rashida tells her.


Glenda reveals to Rashida that she has had a letter from Kevin. Glenda turns round and sees Benny. He tells her that he wasn’t sure that he had come to the right place, and is glad that he has seen her!


Mr. Paul sees Benny talking to Glenda and asks what is going on. Glenda explains that Benny is there to help Archie in the garden. “Taking a short cut through reception? Who sent you in here?” he asks. Benny tells him that nobody has. Mr Paul directs him to the office.


In his chalet, J, Henry is on the phone. He is speaking to Adam.


“Get yourself over here” he orders Adam. Adam tells him that he cant just drop everything… as Benny walks into the office. “I’ve got somebody with me at the moment. Mr Hawkins” Adam explains. “Get shot of him as soon as you can… and Adam, don’t try playing for time… you haven’t got any!” states J. Henry simply.


Benny asks whether he can work with Archie. Adam agrees.


Benny tells him that he doesn’t have to call him Mr. Hawkins. “Benny’s alright!” Adam smiles.


In the garage, Sharon is typing and Sid is sitting behind the other desk. They discuss life in the sun. Sharon says that she turned down that lifestyle once before, following an offer from Jim Baines. Before the can continue the trip down memory lane, Benny arrives. Sharon tells him that it will be OK for him to come back to the garage and wash cars. She introduces him to Sid. “At the moment Sid gets to sit at the big desk, and if anything goes wrong its his fault!” she jokes.


There is a knock at J. Henry’s door. Without turning round he tells Adam to come in and sit down. “I don’t understand you” he tells Adam when he finally turns round. “I knew you had no head for business but I didn’t think you were stupid! What was it? Were you trying to get at me?” Adam replies “I don’t go to bed with a woman to get at her husband – that’s too perverse for me…. I didn’t realise I was the no-mans-land between you and your wife” he goes on. “She wanted to get at you and I fell for it” “More fool you” declares J. Henry.  “You and your wife have cost me my marriage AND my plans” Adam tells him. “There’s little you can do to me now that I haven’t already done to myself” he states as he goes to leave the chalet. “You think not?” asks J. Henry. “You wont knock yourself out trying to get at me… because Valerie would then know how much she got under your skin – and she’d like that and YOU know it” Adam replies. “So you can stop making all those threatening remarks – they don’t bother me – apart from anything else I’ll be too far away to hear them…. I shalln’t even be in the country tomorrow – my flight is already booked! At midnight I leave for Australia and I don’t know when I shall be coming back!” (CREDITS)


“Adam – you said you didn’t know when you were coming back from Australia… Well if I have anything to do with it – it will be NEVER!”


First things first – a beautiful shot of the motel at night set the tone for this episode – and then, joy of joy, we get a main character outside the motel – Benny’s reaction to the changes at the motel is quite funny – although I know his character isn’t to everyone’s taste.


Jill did the right thing – and returned Adam’s ring – Really “bravado” is hardly an excuse for a one night stand – Did he really think that would convince her? Ah well. Worth a shot I suppose… but what’s this? Is Adam really leaving?







Crossroads Episode: 3609: Original TX: 06-05-82

UK Gold Episode: 067


Doris Luke and Tom Logan find that revisiting old haunts can be disillusioning. Adam Chance gives Valerie Pollard a highly critical reading of her character. Diane Hunter is shaken by news of Benny’s inheritance. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Mike Holgate


“How on earth could Valerie do a thing like that?” Barbara asks David. “Spend the night with Adam?” he asks. “With practiced ease!” he adds. She clarifies her meaning – wondering how Valerie could mention her indiscretion in front of J. Henry and Jill. “Poor Jill” declares Barbara.


David hums in semi-agreement. She tells him that Jill has decided to stay at home – out of Adam’s way – until he has left the motel.


On cue, Kath Brownlow enters the office and asks where Jill is. David informs her that Jill will not be coming in to the motel. Kath tells them that she was going to tell Jill that she would like to accept the housekeeping job. Barbara tells Kath that they are pleased.


In the garage Benny tells Mac that he has arranged accommodation at Mrs. Price’s guest house. Mac reveals that Doris is engaged to Tom Logan. Benny is confused.


Out for a drive, Doris and Tom are confused to find that the village they used to know is no longer a village, but a small town.


“The school’s still here” points out Doris, but a cross fade to a vintage photograph shows the changes that have happened since their first romance. “It’s a different world altogether” Tom tells her.


They look for a pub, but find that it too has been pulled down.


They sit in front of a modern sculpture in a 1970’s shopping arcade. “Its convenient” Doris suggests – not having to go into town. “Not what we came for though is it?” Tom asks. “You can’t expect them to keep it as it was on the off-chance that we might come back” she tells him.


Back in the garage, Sid talks to Benny about the best way of cleaning the cars on the forecourt.  They are interrupted by Mac, who is complaining about the damage to a customers car. “What the ‘ell has he hit?” Sid asks. Benny asks when Sid would like him to start cleaning – Sid suggests after his dinner. Benny gets out his father’s pocket watch to check the time. “Where did you get that?” Mac asks him. “Don’t you go getting rid of that until you’ve had a proper valuation on it” Sid tells him. Benny tells that that he has no intention of getting rid of it. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever had” he says proudly.


In her chalet, Valerie is putting on make up when there is a knock at the door. It is Adam. She invited him to sit down. HE declines. “It’s alright. J. Henry’s gone to Birmingham” she tells him. “I’m awfully sorry about what happened” she tells him. “Let’s cut the ‘bull’ shall we?” he says angrily.  “We both know that used me to get at J. Henry – along with other people” he goes on. She tells him that it was worth it. “Ruining my marriage and upsetting Jill? You really think it was worth that?” he asks her.


He tells her that he has been doing some soul searching over the past few days, but that compared to her…. “Don’t darling – comparisons are odious” she interrupts him before he can finish.  Adam isn’t finished, and tells her that she has no real friends – that they are only interested in her for her money. “What are your empty friends going to do when the wrinkles can’t be ironed out and the body propped up?” he asks. “You’re pathetic – and furthermore – you’re a very ordinary person” he adds… “And eminently forgettable.”


Adam walks out. Valerie can barely contain her rage and throws a glass after him – it smashes on the wall, but Adam has already left.






In the flat, Sharon is removing her stockings as Diane comes in. “Is this a private view or can anyone have a look?” she asks. Sharon is cross that she has ladders in them. Diane offers some of hers. “They’re black with a pattern on is that alright?” she asks. “Just the ticket… for a night out with a police escort” Sharon replies from the bedroom.


Diane relaxes on the sofa, but Sharon tells her that there is a letter for Benny in her bag. Sharon re-enters the lounge wearing the stockings and asks Diane whether she has a lot of that kind of clothes. “Just stockin’ up love” jokes Diane.


There is a knock at the door. It is Ashley. They greet each other with a kiss.


Ashley tells Diane that he is making the most of time before he goes away on his course. Diane is surprised that it has been arranged so quickly.


In the motel office Adam walks in on David to present him with his resignation as a working director.  “Does this mean that you will be selling your 10% holding?” David asks him. “Not on your life – I’m hanging on to those” Adam reveals.  “You wont be getting rid of me that easily David” he taunts his co-director.  “One day when you least expect it – I’ll turn up!” he adds.


Back at the flat, Benny tells Diane about the last days he spent with his father before he died.  Benny reveals that some days he seemed brighter, but that they all knew that he wasn’t getting better.  Diane listens to her friend.  Benny reveals that one of the last things that Mr Reed said to his son was that he wasn’t to give ‘them’ “anything that were mine”. Diane asks what Benny means – Benny tells her that he was thinking of the watch – and that Mr. Reed had told Benny not to give it to anyone – no matter how much money he was offered.


Benny then reveals that he has also been left some money. Diane remembers the letter that she has for him, and hands it to Benny. He asks her to read it for him. She scans it and is shocked to discover that he has been left £25,000! “Oh yeah – I know” he tells her.


Still on their trip, Doris and Tom are relieved to find that a lakeside walk remains much the same as it was 40 years before.


“There’s something nice and peaceful about water” she tells him.


There is a musical interlude as Doris and Tom row across the lake at sunset.


“This is the life eh less? The world could be a hundred miles away” he says, before revealing that they are in the exact spot where he asked her to marry him 40 years before.


“We’re going to be alright – you and me” he tells her, as they hold hands. “I’ll do my best by you, Tom” she replies.


Tom is pleased to find a bottle of wine in the hamper prepared by their hotel. He opens the bottle. “I sometimes feel I don’t belong in this world any more – things are so changed” he says sadly. 


He mourns the change in times and attitudes. “That’s why I want my corner – our corner - somewhere we can enjoy what’s left. Somewhere we can be free and safe” he tells her.




“Doris Luke, you’ll suit me just fine”


So… In 2003, the “final” version of Crossroads hit the screens. There had recently been a huge revamp that saw the building looking nothing like it had done just a few months before. There were “big business” scenes between the hotel owners, mixed with small time relationships of the staff. There were relationships between staff and guests. The red-headed wife of the owner was sleeping with members of staff – even though she was the “power” behind the man. There were musical interludes at the drop of a hat, and camera tricks including cross fades “flashbacks” and soft focus filming for romantic scenes. There were people wandering around in their underwear for practically no reason, and glasses smashed against walls in “Dallas” style anger. There was even a dodgy statue.


Crossroads was doing this in 1982 – 21 years before – and this episode “works” – it really does. The outside filming is lovely in this episode – the trip down memory lane from Doris and Tom is lovely – as they look at the places they used to know. There is a great scene as they walk back to their car, and there is clearly a parking ticket on the windscreen which isn’t dwelled upon – it was probably cut for timing reasons, but there is a sadness there that really make me want things to work between them. I fear (as in all soaps) that there will not be a happy ending to this story.


So “top marks” for me for this episode – and I look forward to seeing what happens next.


Just one thing really – I wonder whether the strange statue is STILL in the 1970’s shopping arcade. It would be nice to find out!



Crossroads Episode: 3610: Original TX: 11-05-82

UK Gold Episode: 068



Doris Luke has given her notice at the motel because of her forthcoming marriage to Tom Logan. The Pollards has a blazing row over Valerie’s all night absence. Jill Harvey has asked Kath Brownlow to be the motel’s housekeeper, but Arthur Brownlow is cool towards the idea. Jill Harvey has suddenly learned that Adam Chance has been unfaithful to her – and the woman is Valerie Pollard.



Doris Luke does some very plain talking to Tom Logan about their marriage. Diane Hunter gets an important promise from Benny and J Henry Pollard opens his heart to Barbara Hunter. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Peter Croft


Tom and Doris return to the motel as J. Henry orders a cold trolley to be sent in to Valerie in their chalet. The couple make their way into the restaurant and are shown to a table. J. Henry is seated at the adjacent table.


Tom remarks that getting a table is the only bit of luck they’ve had all day.  Tom asks Doris whether she knows how much a garage charged them to tow them home. “I can make a guess” replies Doris. “A bloomin scandal” remarks Tom. Doris doesn’t fancy anything from the menu – other than a cup of tea. “If you want one – order one” he tells her. Doris tells him that she doesn’t want to put anyone out. Tom remarks that their break in the country has been a let down. “It didn’t turn out quite as we planned” she agrees.  “You cant go back Tom – we were daft to try” Doris points out realistically. “Why worry about the past?” he agrees. “It’s the future we should be thinking about!” he adds excitedly. Tom orders steak (and snails to start). Doris settles for a plain omlette. “You’re back home now and you’ll have to get used to plain English cooking – take it or leave it” she tells him.  Doris admits that she is putting her cards on the table. “I dare say there’s one or two things about me you want changing” she asks. “Aye” agrees Tom, looking worried.


In the flat, Diane has prepared a meal, which she carries through to the lounge. She tells Benny that inheriting a large sum of money is a very serious business. “That’s what they said – them that sent the letter” he agrees. Diane suggests that Mrs Reed may have been better putting the money into the family business “that way it would always be there” she suggests. Benny laughs at the idea of “money working”.  Diane asks Benny whether he has told anyone about his inheritance “because there are people that will take advantage” she warns him.


J. Henry is drinking alone in the motel bar when he sees Jill bringing a couple of bottles of champagne through. He invites her to sit with him and offers her a drink, but she refuses.  “So – he’s left?” J. Henry asks her. “I’d rather not talk about it if you don’t mind” she replies. “I feel a sense of responsibility” he adds. Jill looks confused at this. “I brought Valerie here – if our marriage had been more secure she wouldn’t have…” Jill points out that it “took both of them” “He wasn’t right for you my dear” J. Henry tells her.  “You’re well out of that marriage…I honestly believe he wouldn’t have made you a good husband”  “Perhaps I’d have made him into one?” she suggests.


Back at the flat, Diane suggests how Benny might use his money “You could buy yourself into a flat for a start” she suggests. “You could travel” she adds. “I don’t want to see you frittering it away with nothing to show” she tells her friend. She tells him that she will not be letting him give out handouts to everyone. “It’s a lot of bother innit?” he asks. “It IS if you haven’t got it!” she replies. Benny offers to buy Diane something but she tells him that she doesn’t. Benny gets angry at the trouble having money will bring.

They start to argue, but are interrupted when Ashley and Sharon return home. It seems that Ashley has tried to persuade Sharon to go with him while he is on the course. Diane tells Ashley to keep trying as “she gives in under stress!”. Sharon asks Benny what was in his letter, but before he can reply, Diane has him out of the door.


Ashley and Sharon settle down on the sofa and he suggests that Diane has the right idea - “Living together and being happy is better than living apart and being miserable” he suggests. “I do wish I could come with you” Sharon agrees. “Well the DO!” he replies. “Where there’s a will love…”






Sid is busy reading the paper in the garage office when there is a knock at the door. “Come in if you’re good looking” he calls. Benny brings in Tom and Doris. Sid tells them that their car should be ready tomorrow if he can get the parts. Doris tells Benny that she is sorry to hear about his father. Benny shows them his “Half Hunter” watch – which amuses Benny – “funny name innit?” he asks – comparing it to “Mr. Hunter” Doris introduces Benny to her “fiancé”  


Tom offers Benny some money for the watch – Doris is cross that he would do such a thing. “You hang on to that – money isn’t everything” Sid tells Benny. “I’m surprised at you” Doris tells Tom.


On the reception desk, Barbara and Jill are discussing J. Henry and Valerie. “He’s besotted with her” Barbara says. They are both surprised to see that Doris has cut short her holiday. Doris tells them that they had to cut it short as the car broke down and the village had changed. “Nothing was the same” she tells them.


Doris goes off to work. “I don’t think it was just the car that went wrong” Jill says. “No. She did look a bit grim” Barbara agrees.


In the restaurant, Mr. Paul is busy organising things with a waitress when Jill brings in the postal bookings for the evening. She reminds him that when Kath Brownlow starts as housekeeper in the morning that she will need addressing as “Mrs. Brownlow”


Mr. Paul tells Jill that he is sorry that she is giving up the post, but that Kath will be an excellent choice. He asks her whether it is true that Mr. Chance has left, “Yes – an unexpected crisis” she tells him. Jill becomes agitated at the topic of conversation and storms off. “Damn” says Mr. Paul – to himself – as he is left standing in the restaurant.


In the garage Sharon is busy licking an envelope. She tells Sid that she is going to see Reg’s solicitor about something. Benny comes in and tells Sid that he has finished washing a car. “Can I see my face in it?” Sid asks. Sid tells Benny that since it is 11 o’clock they should have coffee.


Sharon is running late and rushes out. Sid offers to give Benny some money for the coffees. “That don’t matter none” Benny tells him. Sid suggests that Mr. Reed must have been rich to have had a watch as nice as the one that he left Benny. Benny agrees. Sid asks “Who will be grabbing all the money now then?” Benny reveals that Mr, Reed left him some money. “25” he tells Sid. “Twenty five? Why don’t you nip out and buy us all a bin with that twenty five quid you’ve got?” Sid suggests. Benny reveals that he meant twenty five thousand. “You’re kidding!” says Sid.


In the motel office J. Henry asks Barbara what her French is like. “Alright for ordering breakfast! Or a man out of my room” she jokes. J. Henry asks her whether she will take a message that he is expecting from Strasbourg.  She agrees.


He asks her whether he has seen Jill. Barbara says that she has – and that Jill is hurt – probably more than any of them realise. “I do” J. Henry replies. “I created the situation that made what happened virtually inevitable” he tells her, with a sense of guilt. “I would have thought that your wife and Adam were responsible for their own behaviour” Barbara corrects him.  J. Henry points out that by warning Adam off he was making sure that Valerie would do her best to encourage him. “I suppose I was trying at test of strength with Valerie” he confesses.  


She asks him why – since he is so insightful and such a good judge of character that he chose to marry Valerie. “If you could have seen her then…” he reminisces. “She was so beautiful” J. Henry goes on to say that marriage means nothing to Valerie, and that all she is interested in are “superficial pleasures”. “She hasn’t a genuine emotion in her body – she enjoys humiliating me” he says mournfully. “Why don’t you divorce her? Why do you put up with it?” she asks. “I love her” he confesses.




“Ill never let her go Barbara. Never”


Another repeated last line in good soap fashion – but I will forgive J. Henry anything – as the more we find out about his relationship with Valerie, the more he becomes a fully rounded character. I suppose it IS a little odd that he chose Barbara to have a heart to heart with – but she is the only logical choice really. Speaking of Barbara – I see the shocking pink outfit has come out to play again – almost as distracting as Diane’s shocking orange tablecloth and Jill’s striped yellow blouse – The 80’s are definitely with us ladies and gentlemen – which is in direct contrast with Tom, Doris and Benny – all three seem as though they have walked right out of the mid-seventies or earlier.


A nice touch throughout the scene of Doris and Tom in the restaurant was J. Henry dining alone – and then sitting alone in the bar. The only thing I didn’t like was a rather obvious “jump cut” between the scenes involving Doris in the garage, and then again in reception. It was “hidden” by a fade to black which became the back of a postman’s coat. I never like it when a character is in two adjacent scenes set in different times / locations.


Crossroads Episode: 3611: Original TX: 12-05-82

UK Gold Episode: 069


Kath Brownlow starts her new job and surprises a few people. J Henry Pollard makes things difficult for his wife, and she threatens Paul Ross. Archie Gibbs resents Benny’s inheritance. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Peter Croft


David enters reception and reminds Rashida that Mrs Brownlow will be starting her new job as housekeeper.


At the Browlow’s, Glenda is pacing round the living room waiting for her mum to be ready.


Arthur tells his daughter to stop trying to speed her mother up as it will make her worse. “A new job, more responsibility – its bound to play on her nerves” says Arthur. Kath eventually makes it down the stairs in her new uniform. “Very smart – and efficient” he tells her. “Yes that’s what I thought” she agrees. 


Kath fusses and looks for her umbrella. Glenda tells her mum that it wont be necessary as Arthur is driving them in. “Only this once remember! I’m not making a habit of it!” he tells them.


As they stand in the hallway, Arthur wishes his wife good luck, and kisses her.


In the garage, Archie Gibbs is trying to get his petrol mower started – with his pipe in his mouth!


In the office Sid is talking to Mac. “Funny fella, our Ben” he says. “Don’t you go knocking him!” Mac tells Sid. “Unfathomable – that’s the word” Sid corrects himself. 


Sid tells Mac about the way that Benny told him about his inheritance. “The watch you mean?” Mac asks him. “Everybody knows about the watch – the WORLD knows about the watch” Sid corrects him. “I mean the spondoolicks – the money!” Sid goes on. When Sid tells him that Benny has twenty five big ones, Mac tells Sid that he must have got it wrong.


Archie comes into the office complainging about the mower “Its clapped out” he tells them. “Like someone else I know” Sid says to Archie. They suggest that Archie tries petrol. Archie tells them that he has been using mowers all his life. Sid points out that they probably used a knife and fork when Archie was a kid. “What does the Welsh Wizard suggest?” asks Archie, clearly unhappy with Sid’s sense of humour.


Benny arrives at the garage. “Where did you park the Roller then eh?” Sid asks him. Benny doesn’t get the sarcasm. Sid reminds him about his inheritance. “Its not true is it?” Mac asks him. “Of course its true!” Benny replies. “BLIMEY!” is Archie’s reponse.


In the motel office, David gives Kath the list of duties for the day. “And make sure the girls get to work promptly” he tells her. She admits to him that she is feeling nervous, but he assures her that she will be fine. He invites her to come and see him later in the day about linen shortages. 


Kath tells him that she thinks the laundry has got staff problems. David asks her whether they should change suppliers. “No I don’t think so… they give a beautiful finish to the tablecloths you know?” she replies. “I’ll leave it to you Mrs. BRownlow – You’re the housekeeper now!” he tells her.


As she leaves, she overhears Glenda and Rashida discussing a forthcoming trip to Nottingham (to see  Kevin). “Glenda – its time you were getting on with your work” she tells her daughter. “Alright mum” says Glenda, but Kath is having none of it “Don’t hang about” she answers.  Glenda leaves. “Now that I’ve practiced on Glenda, I’m ready to tackle the rest” Kath tells Rashida.


In the bar, J. Henry is ordering lunch when Valerie waltzes in wearing a velour track suit and the customary sunglasses. “Good morning” she says to her husband. “Good AFTERNOON – Glad to see you got up at last” he replies. “You’re not here to lounge about here enjoying yourself. You’re here to work” he tells her. “The place is one director short since you put the skids under Adam Chance” he goes on.  “You’d better pitch in and learn pretty smartly” he adds. “Be reasonable – what do you think the atmosphere’s going to be like around here?” she asks him. 


She tries to get out of the threat of working by suggesting that people will be sniggering at him behind his back. “Your reputation preceded you,” he tells his wife “It’s international!” he adds cheekily.


Valerie tries arguing that he can’t force her to work. “TRUE… I suppose you’ll get used to living on social security eventually” he muses out loud. “By the way – I’ve had all the valuable jewellery that you brought with you to the bank – for safe keeping” he tells her. “I could kill you” she tells her husband.


“Yes. I believe you would” he replies. “If you thought you could get away with it!”


In the restaurant, Mr. Paul is busy checking the tables. He notices a mark on one of the tablecloths. He tells Glenda to change it, but she replies that it is only a little spot, and that there aren’t any others available. Just as Mr. Paul says that he is going to complain to Mrs. Brownlow, she comes to the rescue carrying some spares. He then turns his attention to the flower arrangement. “Its far too big and bulky” he complains. “We shall have to send you on a day course Mrs. Brownlow” he tells her. She smiles.  “When I’ve got the time there’s nothing I’d enjoy more.” She replies. Glenda is impressed with her mother’s new found attitude “I’ve been meaning to take him down a peg or two for weeks – you know – I’m beginning to enjoy this job!” says Kath wryly.


David Hunter enters the restaurant. “Any problems?” he asks. Mr. Paul says “Yes… I should like to….”, but Kath interrupts him. “No problems at all” she contradicts the restaurant manager. He congratulates Kath on the appearance of the restaurant. “I particularly like the flower arrangements – very striking!” he adds. “Thank you Mr. Hunter – I’m VERY pleased to hear that” she tells him.   (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Mac delivers some car keys to Rashida on reception, while Glenda organises some menus. “Has Benny settled in?” Glenda asks Mac. She says that she is glad that he will be earning some money. “He’s got all the money he’ll ever want” Mac replies, before telling them both about the inheritance.


Behind them, Valerie makes her way across reception, and into the office.


She opens the door to the office, and (blending in perfectly with the colour of the walls) she makes her way over to David’s desk. He invites “Mrs. Pollard” in. “Oh dear – we’ve gone back to Mrs Pollard have we?” she asks. “If it makes it any easier – what can I do for you, Valerie?” he asks. “No – the question is – what can I do for you…David?” she corrects him.  “My dear husband has told me that I HAVE to work here – or else” she explains. “Yes I know – he’s already told me” David replies. “I’ve given it some thought – the trouble is that you have no real experience in hotels or catering” he tells her. “Oh I’ve had a LOT of experience in hotels” she corrects him – her double entendre clear.


In the garage, Sid and Archie argue over when they should each have a share of Benny’s time. Sid asks Benny what he wants to do – the weeding round the back – or car washing at the front. Benny tells him that he doesn’t mind. “A lot of good you are” Sid tells Benny. Benny would rather just get on and work, leaving the two men alone. “It don’t seem right – Him with all that money” says Archie.


At the Brownlows, Kath and Glenda arrive home to find that Arthur has laid the table and started tea. He comes into the hallways carrying a saucepan of potatoes – he has been trying to cook! Arthur goes into the lounge and asks Glenda how Kath got on. “FANTASTIC” she tells him. “Honestly dad, you’ve have been proud of her” she tells him. Kath comes in to the lounge. “You think you’re gonna like it then do you?” he asks his wife. “Yes! – I quite enjoyed it once I’d got my courage up!” she replies.


Glenda goes to the kitchen to finish making the supper. Kath settles on the sofa with her shoes off while Arthur gets them both a drink. While he is pouring he reveals that he bumped into Tom Logan in the village and that he has invited him over for tea tomorrow. “What?” Kath asks. Arthur says that Tom didn’t look very happy, that the break in the country didn’t work out and that had to come back early. Kath is unimpressed, but Arthur points out that he will start cooking “the same as tonight”. Kath really is unhappy at the thought, “You were fast enough to invite them last time” he tells her.


In reception, Mr Paul discusses the evenings bookings with Rashida as Valerie leaves the office. “You may not have heard, but I’m going to be a working director here” she tells him. “So I have to get to know all about the hotel and catering business… Why don’t you come along to my chalet and tell me all there is to know about running a restaurant?” she asks.


He points out that it would take longer than half an hour. “Oh I’m sure a smart young man could teach me a lot in half an hour” she replies.


She asks him whether he would bring a bottle of vodka to her room. He tells her that “That sort of thing is outside my duties” but that he will arrange for the bottle of vodka to be delivered immediately. As he leaves she looks at him furiously.




“You’ll be sorry for this!”


Ah – the days before health and safety, when Archie Gibbs would be fine in a garage workshop, fixing a petrol mower, with a pipe in his mouth! How things have changed!


Similarly, today there probably wouldn’t seem anything unusual about a man preparing tea for when his wife comes in from work, but 30 years ago this was a fairly big deal – especially as this is Arthur Brownlow! It was actually nice to see a softer side to his character again – it only comes out once in a while – and usually when he’s up to something – but it was still a nice character scene.


It strikes me that Rashida does nothing in this series except stand behind the reception desk – she doesn’t really interact with any of the characters in a meaningful or friendly way, I think this is a shame, as the actress tries desperately to give her characters ome warmth – there are some lovely smiles… I think though (sadly) that Rashida’s days might be numbered.


I loved Valerie’s blatant “Carry-On” style double entendres today – almost as much as the greeny / yellow velour tracksuit and the sunglasses – truly we have not seen a character quite like her before! I wonder what she could learn in half and hour – and quite why Mr. Paul is so keen to avoid her advances?


Crossroads Episode: 3612: Original TX: 13-05-82

UK Gold Episode: 070


Jill Harvey rejects Valerie Pollard’s attempt to make friends. Diane Hunter is very worried about people trying to get their hands on Benny’s legacy. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Peter Croft


In reception Barbara asks David whether he is “coming up for air”. David agrees that Valerie’s perfume is “a little heady at this time in the morning!” Barbara asks whether Valerie has been making any moves on him. He points out that 9am is a little early (even for Valerie!) David tells Barbara that he has left Valerie dealing with the bookings –and that it is possible that she will double or even triple book the rooms. “It could give us a reputation as a real ‘fun place’ she points out sarcastically. As she sorts through the mail, Barbara comes across a letter for Adam. David tells her to forward it to Adam’s bank as he does not yet have an address for their absent director. “Funny to think of him being in Australia now” says Barbara. “I find it hilarious” smiles David in reply.  Jill arrives in reception and apologises for being late “A few sleepless nights to catch up on” she tells them. David reveals that he has to go into Birmingham for a dental appointment. Barbara tells them that she will be going into the sitting room to work on “An important piece of creative fiction” – which in truth is a letter to her publisher explaining why she is late with the first draft of her latest book. Jill arranges to meet them both later and makes her way to the office. “You might have warned her” Barbara says to David.” “What?” he replies. “That she will be sharing an office with Valerie Pollard!” Barbara tells him.


In the office Jill greets Valerie with an indignant “Good morning” Valerie replies and asks whether David will be coming back in to the office.  “I shouldn’t think so” replies Jill. “Oh good – it would be a bit crowded in here wouldn’t it?” replies Valerie. Valerie asks where Jill wants to sit. Jill explains that since she wants to do some typing she will sit at the appropriate desk. “Good – I’ll just finish off these bookings” replies Valerie. She crosses the office and perches on the edge of Jill’s desk “Thanks for being so sensible” she says. “A lot of women might have resented my being here….” “What makes you think that I don’t resent you?” Jill asks bluntly. “When it comes down to it I probably did you a great big favour” Valerie answers. “Who knows – we might end up by being friends?” she suggests. “Don’t hold your breath” Jill replies calmly.


In the garage office Ashley suggests to Sharon that they could go out. “Our last nigh together and he wants to take me out?” replies Sharon sarcastically. He points out that she will see him in a few weeks “A lifetime” she replies mournfully. “What do you want to do?” he asks. “Lets eat in – Di’s working late” answers Sharon with a grin. She tells him that he will have a very miserable lady on his hands and asks what he will do to cheer her up. “I’ll think of something” he replies. Ashley tells her that he will bring a bottle of bubbly from his dad’s stock. As Ashley leaves the office, Mac comes in. Sharon complains that the course is going to take six months.  “So what are you going to do?” he asks her. “Work something out” she replies, before asking how he and Sid are getting along. Mac figures out where the conversation is leading. “Working under you is fine, but once you’re gone – who’s gonna be head boy?” he asks.


In the motel office, David is working on some paperwork when there is a knock at the door. David is surprised to see Mr. Malik, who apologises for the intrusion. “Rashida is leaving” he tells David quite bluntly. “Leaving?” questions David. Mr. Malik explains that Rashida will be traveling to Pakistan the next day as she is betrothed to a young man, and that his mother is dying – and that her wish is to meet her future daughter in law before she passes away. “Obviously you need a replacement for Rashida” says Mr. Malik. He tells David that his young cousin, Shaheen will be reporting for work at 9 o’clock sharp in the morning. Rashida and her father say their goodbyes.


In reception, Diane asks the receptionist if she has seen Glenda as the Malik’s leave the office. The receptionist tells her that she is in the bar. Diane goes to the bar.


Diane tells Glenda that Mr. Paul is screaming for her, but Glenda is preoccupied by a letter that she has received from Kevin. It seems that Glenda has also been given an extra half hour off work to have her hair done, before she heads off for a weekend in Nottingham with her absent husband. Glenda complains that Kevin’s digs are a bit grotty and suggests that it would have been better if they could have booked into a hotel – had it not been for money. Glenda complains that “rotten money” spoils everything. “Yes it can if you haven’t got it” Diane agrees. “Do you know what I would do if I was Benny?” she asks Diane. “I’d pack it all in and go on a world cruise!” she goes on. “How do you know about that?” Diane asks. “Everyone knows – they’re all talking about it!” Glenda tells Diane.


In the restaurant Paul is preparing Steak tartare for  a group of businessmen. Valerie asks a waitress to tell him that she is waiting to see him. “Let her wait” he replies. Valerie gets tired of waiting and interrupts him. Mr. Paul takes her to one side. She gives him the restaurant bookings and then points out that there is a customer drinking brandy from an incorrect glass. “Surely your staff know to put Brandy in Brandy balloons?” she asks. “Not to him – he maintains that much of the aroma is lost in a balloon glass” he corrects her. “A number of experts agree with him.” He tells her that he knows his job, and that he has received formal training in both Switzerland and England. Diane listens with amusement in the background. “Oh yes?” she enquires. He explains that he was head waiter at an exclusive restaurant. Valerie is surprised as she tells him that she has often eaten at that particular restaurant and that she has never seen him there. Mr.  Paul tells her that he succeeded the manager she remembers and walks off. “There’s something phoney about him” declares Valerie – to nobody in particular, although Diane is listening in. “Oh you’ve noticed too have you?” she asks. “He’s too smarmy to be genuine” Diane continues. “He’s a fake… and I’ll prove it!” declares Valerie.




“Nice drop of stuff this, Kath got it from the supermarket – special offer!” says Arthur, as he pours a drink for himself, Kath, Tom and Doris. “There’s nothing like a nice glass of sherry” agrees Tom. Kath shouts upstairs to Glenda that she will miss her bus. Kath reminds Doris that it will be her first wedding anniversary as Glenda comes downstairs carrying an enormous suitcase. “Tell him he’s needed back here to give me a hand with the housework” says Arthur. “He’s getting at me cause of my new job” Kath tells them. Glenda says goodbye and leaves. Arthur comments that it is tough on the youngsters being parted – just like the war. Doris looks awkward, but the conversation changes. Kath asks them how their trip went. Tom says that it was fine, but Doris says “Disappointing really” They explain how the village had changed from what they remember. “Often like that when you go back” agrees Arthur. In addition to the breakdown, Tom also mentions that he received a parking ticket on top of everything else that went wrong.  Eventually they discuss Benny’s inheritance. “I think he’s more taken with that watch” says Doris.


In the flat Ashley and Sharon are discussing Sid and Mac. “What are we asking?... co-operation for six little months!” she says, whilst pouring a wine. “Now five minutes ago it was six LONG months” Ashley corrects her. “That was if I was staying here” she points out. “Which I am NOT – come hell or high water – or BOTH!” She asks where he will be staying while he is on the course. “At the college – its residential!” he tells her. “What do I do? Apply for permission to visit?” she asks, laughing. “NO! There’s a little pub” he answers. It seems that Sergeant Tidmarsh “knows the place” and recommended it to him. “Ah there you have it! Tiger Tidmarsh strikes again!” replies Sharon. Ashley then reveals that he has booked her in to the pub – for three weeks time. Sharon asks what they are to do about Sid and Mac “Let them fight it out!” says Ashley. “By the time this course is over we should have made up our minds… you know that don’t you?” he asks. Sharon pretends that she doesn’t understand “How do you mean?” she asks. “Where we’re going….” he continues. “I’ve known for some time what I want to do” he tells her. “I know my answer, so when YOU know, let me know, eh?” “I DO love you” she tells Ashley.


At the Brownlow’s, Tom Logan is also looking to the future. “When the final interviews over we can get in touch with the estate agents – set about buying the place” he tells Kath and Arthur, as Doris listens on. “Then all we’ve got to do is wait for the Post Office’s approval, and then we’re away!” He then tells Kath that they will be getting married in June, with a short honeymoon, and then open the business in July. Kath asks him where they are going on honeymoon. He tells her “France – back to my old stomping ground…” Doris looks on aghast at what she is hearing! “The holiday of a lifetime – that’s what I’ve got planned for her”. Kath listens intently, clearly enjoying the thought of a trip to France. “She’s a lucky woman – aren’t you Doris?” Arthur asks. “Oh yes – very lucky” repeats Doris – obviously not keen on what she is hearing.


Tom suggests that they go to the local pub for a drink. Arthur agrees, but Kath and Doris decide to stay at home. After they leave Kath asks Doris “What’s wrong?” Doris tells her that she feels unsettled. Kath asks whether it is the thought of going to France.  Doris tells Kath that they haven’t even discussed it “Tom just makes up his mind and that’s it!” she complains. “He was the same on the holiday. Now I’ve spent a few days with him on my own….” Kath tells her not to do anything rash. “It’s a bit late in the day to do anything” Doris complains.


Diane arrives back at the flat and finds Sharon on her own. Sharon explains that Ashley got called in to work. “Oh dear – that could be the shape of things to come” replies Diane. “It goes with his job doesn’t it?” Diane asks whether Ashley will be coming back. Sharon tells her that he won’t. “Di – how am I going to get through the next three weeks?” Sharon asks. “You’ve really got it bad haven’t you?” Diane asks.


Sharon goes to the kitchen to make a tea. “I’m such an expert at messing things up I don’t trust myself” she says as she fills the kettle. “But he trusts me – and that makes anything possible!”


Diane listens from the lounge. “It’s a big thing trust – there isn’t much of it about” says Diane “Take Benny for example…” Diane complains that the whole world seems to know about his inheritance despite the fact she told him not to tell anyone. “Does it matter that much?” asks Sharon. “OF COURSE it matters! Benny with a load of loot?” says Diane. “It won’t be long before the vultures start picking! (CREDITS)


“I see. Well… you’ll have to fend them off” says Sharon.

“Oh great – what am I supposed to do? Stay with him 24 hours a day? That’s the thing with vultures – they don’t have set mealtimes!”


I’m not convinced that Sharon really would be so “love-struck” at the thought of being without Ashley for 3 weeks. She has always struck me as a confident woman, and this seems a little ludicrous really.


I did enjoy Valerie’s attempt to make peace with Jill – does she really think it will be that easy? It says a lot about her character that she can brush off her adultery quite so freely.


I’m glad the “parking ticket” got mentioned today – its being playing on my mind since I saw it.


As a viewer “coming fresh” to the episodes (despite knowing what it coming in most cases) it does feel as though the latest raft of characters are being written out – some more quickly than others! What with the Malik’s disappearing off to Pakistan, Adam being dispatched to Australia, Doris and Tom’s relationship floundering  and Ashley off on his course. Some of these characters I will miss more than others although I really do feel for Rashida – as she could have had so much more potential.


Crossroads Episode: 3613: Original TX: 18-05-82

UK Gold Episode: 071



Diane Hunter persuaded Benny to tell no one he had inherited money from his father. But he broke his promise and told Sid Hooper. Sharon Metcalfe revealed to Ashley Lamont that she wanted to move near him when he went on his course. Jill Harvey sharply rebuffed Paul Ross’s sympathy regarding her broken engagement. (TV TIMES)


Doris Luke wonders if she’s making a big mistake in marrying Tom Logan. Valerie Pollard is certain Paul Ross is lying about an important time in his life. Benny stuns the garage staff with a surprising offer to Archie Gibbs. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Malcolm Taylor


At the Brownlow’s Kath is still talking about Doris and Tom’s engagement. “It was the way it happened you see – it was too quick” she explains. “You should have given yourselves more time.” “None to waste at our age according to Tom” Doris explains. “Mrs Logan certainly sounds better than Miss Luke, Spinster” she adds. Kath points out that they have a lot of history together, and that they know each other well. Doris suggests that she only knows what Tom has told her, and it is possible she might marry him, and discover that he already has a wife! “Men who commit bigamy usually run after pretty young girls or middle aged women  with more money than sense – now where do you fit in?” Kath asks. Kath tells Doris that she is sure that she and Tom will make a go of it – but there conversation is interrupted by the sound of Arthur and Tom returning from the pub.


In the motel restaurant, Mr Paul is interrupted by Valerie. He tells her that the kitchen is closed, but that he is sure they can make something cold for her. She tells him that she has actually come for information. Her question involves what happens to seasonal staff when they are laid off. Mr. Paul says that it is something he has not had to concern himself with as he has only ever worked in hotels that are open all the year round. “I thought the Chateaux Rondelle was seasonal…?” she asks, clearly her request for information has been a rouse to catch him out. She tells him that she has no recollection of him at the hotel. He tells her (with respect) that he has no recollection of her either – even though he is sure that he would, had he met her. “We must have missed each other” he goes on. “Yes. Its possible” she agrees. He tells her that if she wants to find out about his past experience then his letter of application is on file in the office, and that it lists all his previous positions. She tells him that she is fascinated to find out why a head waiter of a fashionable hotel in Switzerland should want to come and work in a midlands motel.


“The house always seems empty after visitors” says Arthur as Kath clears away the teacups. Arthur says that it felt like Tom had something on his mind while they were at the pub. “Yes Doris! If she’s not careful she’s going to put him right off” suggests Kath. She goes on to suggest that all Doris has to look forward to is a lonely old age. Arthur suggests that even being married can be lonely – and sometimes means coming home to an empty house – or no food on the table…”Back to my job again are we?” she asks. Arthur decides to leave the room before they argue, but he points out that Kath worries about Doris, Tom, her sister, the motel, or Iris – anywhere other than her own home! “You know, for someone who thinks so much about marriage, you don’t do a lot to look after your own!” he declares abruptly.


Jill and J. Henry enter the motel office and ask David whether he has a train timetable. J. Henry suggests that he will be able to work on the train while he away in London. David tells J. Henry that there are issues with having Valerie working in the motel. J. Henry asks whether she is getting in the way. David explains that it is rather more fundamental. There conversation is interrupted as Mr. Pollard waltzes into the office on cue.  She sees the timetable and asks J. Henry where he is going, J. Henry tells her that he is glad that she has seen him, as she may be too busy over then next few days to notice that he has gone. Valerie suggests that she is going to be very busy “checking up on one of your staff”. David looks concerned. Valerie explains that she has no recollection of him having worked at the Chateaux Rondelle. Jill says that she must have taken a dislike to him “for a reason of your own” Valerie is convinced that Mr. Paul is not telling the truth, She tells David, Jill and J, Henry that she hopes they appreciate the time she is taking to investigate. “I’m rarely appreciated” she declares, as she leaves the office – to a stunned J. Henry. (END OF PART ONE)




Barbara walks into the office and asks whether there is any sign of their new receptionist. “She is not our receptionist. We decide – NOT Malik” he corrects her. There is a call from reception desk. Miss Kazmet has arrived for her interview. They ask her to come in and greet her.


David starts the interview in a very formal manner, but before he can ask a question, Barbara interrupts in a cheerful manner and asks whether she has much experience of reception work. Miss Kazmet explains that she has six years experience. David looks at her (very good references) and asks why she left her previous employment. Miss Kazmet explains that she fell out with the management. Barbara guesses that this involved men trying to take advantage. David asks when she would be able to start – should she be successful. “Today” suggests Miss Kazmet. “OR Tomorrow” suggests Barbara in response.


Outside the motel, Archie and Benny are busy doing the gardening. Benny’s lawnmower stops working, and as he pulls the starter chain, he accidentally knocks Archie onto his bottom. Benny suggests that they need a new one. Archie complains that the management will complain that they have to watch every penny “Not like some people I know!” Archie instructs Benny to clean the tables on the patio, but the hapless handyman ends up trapping himself under a parasol – before almost knocking Archie off his feet again.


Archie suggests that they should slip Mac a fiver in exchange for him looking at the motor on the lawnmower. “You wont miss it will you?” Archie asks. Archie asks Benny whether he is going to spend his money on a holiday or a house. Benny isn’t interested. Archie tells Benny that he needs a thousand pounds to get people off his back – he owes on the rates, electricity, water rates, his suit (from the catalogue). Archie tells Benny that if he had got his money, then they wouldn’t see him working.


In the office, Valerie is again perched on the edge of Jill’s desk, and is enquiring about a telephone number from someone in France. “I don’t know why you’re making such a performance out of this – the man’s very good at his job” Jill points out. “If he lied – and I’m damn certain he did – I want to know about it” replies Valerie.


Just as Valerie is about to make the call, J. Henry walks in and takes the phone out of her hand. He points out that IF Mr. Paul is genuine, it would look dreadful if he finds out they have been checking up on him. J. Henry agrees that he is very good at his job. Jill points out that he is very popular with the staff. J. Henry says that he will take it upon himself to find out some information about Paul Ross “and by the time I get back I will know more about him than his own mother!” he states confidently.


Mac and Sid are busy in the garage office when Diane walks in looking for Sharon. Sid tells her that she is out, but asks Diane to put the kettle on. As she goes into the staff room, Archie walks in. “The only guy I know that can smell coffee at twenty paces – even before we’ve made it!” jokes Sid. Archie asks Mac to look at the mower engine. Mac agrees. Sid calls him an angel. “Heavily disguised” replies Mac, which amuses Archie.


Archie starts complaining about Benny, and his lack of financial sense with comments such as “He’d be slow to catch a cold” and “He’s got no imagination that lad”. Benny, who has been listening from the workshop, enters the office. Diane tells Archie that he is jealous. Archie says that he doesn’t begrudge anyone anything, but that money is a “waste” as far as Benny is concerned.


As everyone else realises that Benny is there, they leave, leaving only Benny and Archie alone in the office. “I thought you and me were supposed to be friends?” asks Benny. “We are – aren’t we?” agrees Archie. Archie tries to explain that the fact Benny has money is “a bit hard to swallow” for those people that have none. Benny tells Archie that he can have a thousand pounds to put him in the clear.


Diane overhears their conversation from the staff area and comes out. “Look – its my money and I can do what I like with it!” shouts Benny. (CREDITS)


“Well – are you gonna take it – or aint ya?”


Some lovely comic scenes between Archie and Benny, despite the fact that Archie is after the cash! Sid seems to be becoming much more protective over the lad, which is nice. Really great to see some location footage at the motel featuring some cast members too – although it did look a bit cold to have the patio furniture out!


Not sure I’m impressed with Mr. Malik’s replacement receptionist – although the back story about her previous management seems to be well worked out.


It seems that Valerie may be onto something with Mr. Paul – we can only guess at what – but its good news that J. Henry is on the case – we know he has “people “that work for him – but doesn’t J. Henry seem a little dismissive of Valerie’s suspicions?


Site ref: (11)











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for this episode

Crossroads Episode: 3614: Original TX: 19-05-82


Benny runs into more trouble over the money his father left him. A claim by Valerie Pollard deeply worries Paul Ross. Doris Luke and Tom Logan face a crucial decision. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Malcolm Taylor


NOTE: I do not have video copies of these episodes, and have therefore copied the text from the excellent

CROSSROADS RETOLD website available HERE


Diane Hunter, who is still in the garage kitchen area, hears Archie and Benny's conversation and comes rushing into the office.  "Benny!" she exclaims.  Benny says it's his money, he can do what he wants with it.  Archie tells Benny that it is good of him but he couldn't take the money.


Tom Logan joins Doris Luke in her flat, and Doris asks him what happens if he doesn't get the post office. Tom Logan tells Doris that they can go somewhere else.  Doris tells Tom that she doesn't want to leave King's Oak, she has a lot of friends here.  Tom tells her that she has to chose between him or King's Oak. 


Glenda Banks bumps into Tom Logan at the motel and she tells him that if he is on his own could he go and see Arthur because he is on his own.













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for this episode

Crossroads Episode: 3615: Original TX: 20-05-82


Sharon Metcalfe has to choose between conflicting demands – the garage office and Ashley Lamont. Kath has misgivings over her job and its effect on her family. Arthur Brownlow believes that Tom Logan is having serious doubts about marrying Doris Luke (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Malcolm Taylor


NOTE: I do not have video copies of these episodes, and have therefore copied the text from the excellent

CROSSROADS RETOLD website available HERE


Jill Harvey and Barbara Hunter talk to Kath Brownlow and tell her that they were going to put her on a three month trial for the job as housekeeper, but they have decided, she is marvellous at the job. 


Kath Brownlow sees Glenda in reception and tells her that she has got the housekeepers job.  Glenda tells her that she has to tell Arthur.  "Don't expect him to be as pleased about it as you are," says Kath.


Tom Logan goes to the Brownlow's house and finds Arthur Brownlow on his own.  Tom Logan tells Arthur that he knows Doris Luke, and asks him if he thinks he is doing the right thing.  Arthur tells Tom that he thinks Tom and Doris are being a bit hasty.  Arthur advises Tom to have a straight talk with Doris.


Crossroads Episode: 3616: Original TX: 25-05-82



Doris Luke had doubts about her forthcoming marriage to Tom Logan. Valerie Pollard fell out with new restaurant manager Paul Ross. Convinced he was a liar and a fake, she intended to prove it. Archie Gibbs bitterly complained to Benny about his money troubles. Benny offered to give him £1000 – despite Diane Hunter’s strong protests. (TV TIMES)


Benny puts his first bet on a horse. Barbara and David Hunter are disconcerted by Valerie Pollard’s choice of a motel job. Doris Luke feels events are out of control. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Teddy Abraham


The reception area of the motel is exceptionally busy, and appears to be heaving with men as Valerie enters through the main doors.  She makes her way through to the bar, and is pleased to find Barbara discussing things with the bar staff. She invites Barbara to sit with her while she has her customary Tom Collins. “You must all think I’m some cockatoo coloured cuckoo in your nest” she suggests. Barbara smiles back “That’s a nice bit of imagery”. Valerie tells Barbara that she isn’t exactly thrilled at being at the motel.  “You know I think that men marry women for what they are – and as soon as they get them home they try to change them.” Barbara agrees, but points out it is equally true the other way round. Valerie reminds Barbara that she was pretty successful model when she married J. Henry. Barbara tells her that she remembers. Valerie tells Barbara that there was a time when men didn’t interest her. “I found all ‘that’ pretty over rated” she reveals. Valerie tells Barbara that all she really wanted from J. Henry was a home and a life. Barbara asks whether her daughter, Miranda might have made a difference. “She might have” agrees Valerie – but she also reveals that the moment Miranda was born she was given to a nanny to look after. “I think it was after that, that I began to get lonely” she says, sadly.


“Why do you think he made you come here?” Barbara asks. “Show who’s boss I suppose” replies Valerie. “I’m a leopard, and if he doesn’t like spots, he should have bought a cocker spaniel!” Valerie seems surprised at herself, speaking in confidence to Barbara. “I suppose you think I’m a thorough bitch?” she asks. “No – just an unhappy one” replies Barbara, with a friendly smile.


In the garage office, Sid and Sharon are both working. Sharon leaves the office just before Benny arrives. Sid asks him how Archie is getting on. “Fine” replies Benny. Sid asks him about the lawnmower. Benny replies that it is going like  a bomb! “Its worth a few pints that – me fixing it for him!” Benny points out that it was Mac that fixed it – not him. “Doesn’t matter – it’s the same firm innit?” Sid replies.


Sid studies the racing form in the newspaper. “Yep – looks a good thing this today” says Sid – more for Benny’s benefit that his own. Sid tells Benny that he has seen a “dead cert” in the paper – but that at the moment it is 9-4, and that later it will probably be 5-4. Benny is confused as to what Sid is talking about. Sid explains how betting work. “That’s good innit? Can I have a go” Benny asks. “I don’t want to teach you any bad habbits Benny” replies Sid… but the bait has worked – and Benny insists that he be allowed to join in. Sid tells him that they can go halves on a £4 bet – which will be £2.. and 20p extra for the tax!


In the office David and Barbara are talking quietly when there is a knock at the door. David invites the visitor in – only to discover that it is Valerie and that she is already in! “I’ve just realised that there is something I can do in the motel” she tells them. “Something I’m very good at!”. David replies with an “Ah!” Valerie tells him that she admires his self-control. “I want to work in the bar!” she reveals. “Ah!” he replies. “David – you’re beginning to repeat yourself!” she answers cheekily. Barbara tells her that it is a bit of a shock. “Well think about it” Valerie tells them. “I’m good at mixing drinks, I’m a very good party hostess, I can talk to people and make them enjoy themselves.” David points out that it is a little different from actually working in a bar. Barbara surprises him by agreeing with Valerie that it is a good idea. “Yes why not?” David also agrees. “What harm could it do?” he adds. “Exactly!” agrees Valerie as she leaves. “I wish I hadn’t said that” David says – to himself!


In the garage office, Sid is busy telling Benny about the changes he would make to the staff area “We could even have a kitty – get a tin of biscuits or a crate of lager…” Sid suggests that when Sharon “gets away to the country to help the police with their enquiries” there could be a few changes… “and that means you are looking at the new manager!” Benny suggests that if they were to get a telly in the staff area they could watch the races!


Sharon arrives back, and Benny gets up to leave. “See you at ten past four”, he tells Sid – the time that their race is due to finish. “What happens at ten past four?”


Sharon asks. Sid tells her that Benny will be cleaning some chrome bumpers. “A rather precise time” she replies. Sid asks Sharon about the rumour that she will be going away shortly. “I have to make sure that I have a company to come back to!” she answers, knowingly.


In the bar, Valerie pours some drinks for some customers. David and Barbara seem surprised. “You seem to be enjoying yourself” they ask. “Surprisingly enough YES – its much better than washing dishes.” She tells them, although she admits to having a little difficulty pouring the lagers “Too much head, and very little body” she comments. “So you seem to have found your niche?” David asks. “Absolutely” she replies. “I never knew that working could be such fun!”






Kath walks into the bar to speak to Doris. She tells her that Mr. Hunter would like to know when she will be leaving. “What’s the matter with you all? Can’t you wait to get rid of me?” she asks. “Everybody seems to be pushing me all of a sudden – Tom’s just the same” she complains. “My whole worlds changing, and there’s nothing I can do about it!”


Outside the motel Archie and Benny are doing more gardening, but Benny is anxious as it is five to four. He tells Archie that he has something to do, and runs off!


In the garage Sharon is explaining her reasoning to Sid. “I’m sorry Sid, it wouldn’t work – it would all get on top of you” she explains. Sid tries to convince her that he would be OK as manager, but she leaves – just as Benny arrives.


“Its gone ten past – you’re late for your polishing!” she tells him – Benny has no idea what she is talking about. Sharon leaves, and a coat falls off the pegs. Benny picks it up while Sid talks to a customer on the phone.


When the call is finished, Sid reveals that their horse won – and gives Benny his share of the winnings… just as Archie walks in. “What’s going on?” he asks. Archie wants to know why Sid didn’t let him no about his tip. “I wouldn’t want to burden any horse with the responsibility of your 10p” replies Sid.


In her bed-sit, Doris looks at herself in her mirror. She puts her head in her hands and is clearly mentally and physically exhausted.  There is a knock at the door and Benny arrives. She invites him in. She comments on the fact that he doesn’t seem happy. Benny tells her that things are different since he came back. “Things are bound to change love, even if Mr. Logan hadn’t come along” He tells her that he will miss her when she has moved into the post office. He asks whether he would be able to live with them “like a lodger!” She replies by explaining that the post office is too small and goes on to say that Tom would be unlikely to agree to it.


Doris suggests that he use his money to buy a small-holding and a home of his own. “It would give you a whole new interest Benny” she tells him. He suggests that he could ask Sid Hooper to be his partner. “What does he know about farming?” she asks. “He knows all about horses!” explains Benny.  Doris tells Benny that if he isn’t careful he will end up frittering his money away with nothing to show for it. “I didn’t ask for it Miss Luke” he tells her. “The you ought to be ashamed of yourself” she replies crossly. “Mr Reed expected you to make something of yourself” Benny is upset at her bluntness and leaves. She apologises. “Everybody’s doing it – they all want me to be different because I’ve got money, but I can’t. I don’t know what to do. I try giving it them, but they wont take it – but they’re still mad at me because I’ve got it – Now you’re being the same.” Doris looks sad “Its only for your own good, love” she tells him. “I like things just the way they are!” he tells her, and leaves.


“So do I love. So do I” says Doris, to herself.


(CREDITS – Wings version)


Doris looks at herself in the mirror

“Oh why couldn’t you stay where you were, Tom Logan” (Voice Over)


I’m never sure about voice-overs from characters on the telly, it seems a but “staged” – especially as Doris could easily have said this line herself “live”


On the whole a really strong “relationship” episode here – Valerie has softened in my eyes – thanks to her conversation with Barbara – we learn a little more about her motivation and feelings towards J. Henry – and I think this is important. Sid is often portrayed as money-grabbing – and I suppose there is a little of that – but generally it seems as though he is the only person actually letting Benny enjoy his money – which cant be a bad thing. The Benny character is being used well here in that respect – as we see someone that is interacting with, and having friendships with other people – certainly not the “village idiot” that is often remarked upon in the press.  


(Site ref: 12.1)




No Episode TX: 26-05-82 (Football Coverage)




Crossroads Episode: 3617: Original TX: 27-05-82


Jill Harvey warns David Hunter that J. Henry Pollard will be furious when he finds out what his wife Valerie is doing at the motel. David tells Sharon Metcalf a few home truths. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield                    Director: Teddy Abraham


Jill enters reception and hears raucous laughter coming from the bar. When she looks in, she sees Valerie Pollard holding court with a large group of men standing round. She goes over to the reception desk and is greeted by Shaheen. Shaheen informs Jill that Valerie has been working behind the bar since yesterday and that “she seems to have picked it up quite quickly”


Jill goes into the motel office, where David is working. “Whose bright idea was it to let Valerie work behind the bar?” she asks. David tells her that it was Valerie’s idea, but that it is working quite well “It was simply a matter of finding a square hole for a square peg” he tells her. “What is J. Henry going to think when he gets back?” Jill asks, as David attempts to tippex a mistake he has made whilst typing a letter. She asks him why he is typing “Because there is nobody else here to do it!” he snaps back.


In reception, Glenda is complaining to Shaheen about a problem with the fish supplier and changes that will need to be made to the menu when Tom Logan arrives. Tom asks who he should speak to about a wedding reception. Shaheen goes to find Mr. Paul, and passes J. Henry, who has his face buried in a newspaper as he enters the bar…


…He immediately hears the sound of Valerie’s voice serving the throng of men around her. Giving up his table, and sitting instead at a bar stool, J. Henry is greeted by his wife with a “Good afternoon Sir”. He replies “Good afternoon” and asks for a malt whisky. Valerie keeps up the pretence “Yes of course sir” He asks her whether she would like a drink. “That’s very kind of you. I’d like a Tom Collins, but I’ll drink it later if you don’t mind” she answers professionally. She completes his order and thanks him for the drink. “You’re new aren’t you?” he asks. “Only to THIS job” she replies. “How long have you been working here?” he asks. “A couple of days” is her response. “To tell you the truth, I cant remember when it was that I last had a job” she goes on. “Actually, this is my husband’s idea” she adds with a smirk, and suggests that she is helping him out financially. J. Henry says “Looking at your jewellery he doesn’t seem THAT hard up”. “FAKE” she replies quickly. J. Henry’s temper begins to rise. “He put the good stuff in the bank – so he says!”


In the office Mr. Paul shows Tom Logan a sample buffet menu for a small party of friends (about half a dozen). “Don’t worry about the money – I don’t want to spare any expense” he adds. Paul swaps his simple printed menu for a leather bound booklet from which Tom can choose. “Yes- it looks very nice” Tom tells him. Mr. Paul works out a total price and hands it to Tom Logan. David Hunter enters the room, and Mr, Paul apologises for using the office.


After they leave, David Hunter phones Sharon in the garage and asks her to come over “No chance” says Sharon, as she is very busy. She tells him that the only way that they will be if he comes over to the garage. He agrees.


In the bar, J, Henry is still talking to Valerie “Do you work in the evenings as well?” he asks. “Oh I’m not allowed to go out with the customers sir” she replies, avoiding his meaning. A nearby customer thinks that J. Henry has been brushed off, and sniggers, before leaving. “It’s the married men who are the worst” Valerie continues, clearly enjoying her advantage.


Jill arrives in the bar and greets J. Henry. “What do you think of Valerie’s new job?” she asks. “It seems to suit her” he replies. Valerie asks J. Henry whether he managed to find out anything about Paul Ross. J. Henry tells them that someone from his London office had to go to Geneva on an insurance matter, and that he actually spent a night at the Chateaux Rondelle. Valerie isn’t in the mood for dragging out the story and she asks J. Henry to hurry up. J. Henry tells them that the man spoke to the management and that they spoke very highly about Paul Ross. J. Henry tells Valerie that she must feel better that her suspicions have proved groundless, and that they really have found themselves “a treasure”. Valerie tells J. Henry that she wont be able to sleep with the excitement “I may even have to have a drink!” she tells him. “Don’t worry – I’ll pay for it myself” says Valerie. “Have it on me!” suggests Jill (END OF PART ONE)




In the garage office, David sits perched on Sharon’s desk. He is concerned that recently there have been motel guests that required a service and the garage couldn’t accommodate them. “What do you expect us to do? Drop everything?” she asks. Sharon points out that all three of their work bays are full, twice over, and that they have no space to fit in a motel customer that happens to pop their head around the door expecting a service. “We’ve never had this sort of problem before!” he says.  “We’ve never been so busy before” she replies quickly. “Its always been understood that motel customers get preferential treatment” he argues. “Not by me it hasn’t!” she replies. “When Vic was here…” begins David – but Sharon points out “That was when the motel owned the garage!”


In the bar, Valerie is stood behind many dirty, empty glasses. In reception, Diane is saying goodbye for the evening. As Valerie passes, Diane asks her whether she has spoken to J. Henry about Mr. Paul. On cue, Mr. Paul leaves the office behind them. He congratulates her on doing so well in her new job. Mr. Paul reminds Diane that restaurant staff should not be seen in reception unless it is essential. “It isn’t essential, but it is quite important” she replies. “I was just asking Mrs. Pollard if she’d heard from her friends in Switzerland”. Valerie says that she has heard, and passes on the regards of the people at the Chateaux Rondelle to Mr. Paul “They seem to think very highly of you” she tells him. He thanks Valerie for passing on the message. “Well I don’t care if he’s won the flippin Nobel peace prize, he’s still too smooth to be true” Diane complains.


At the Brownlows, Arthur pours Tom a large whisky. They are discussing the wedding reception. Tom invites Arthur. Kath and Glenda. Arthur wishes them well. Arthur speaks about the prices charged by the motel for wedding receptions (having had experience with Glenda’s the year before, which they subsequently cancelled and held at the house)


“You haven’t given that ‘other matter’ any thought then?” Arthur asks. “Backing out you mean?” replies Tom. “I asked her to marry me, I put the ring on her finger, and I’ve booked the reception. It would need a miracle to get out of it now!” he says grimly.


In the flat, Sharon tells Diane about getting the “upper hand” in her conversation with David Hunter – whilst painting her nails. “It was lovely sitting there, looking at him, knowing I’d got him” she adds. Sharon speculates that had Sid Hooper been there, the outcome would have been different “Yes sir, No sir, three bags full sir”. Diane asks Sharon what she is going to do about Sid and Mac taking over the running of the garage while she is away. “They’re not!” she replies. “I’m not going!” Diane points out that it will lead to a very unhappy policeman. “You’re a lost cause – that’s your trouble” she adds. Sharon asks Diane whether she would move to the country for six months. “NEVER! I’d pass up the world for my cold trolley” she replies sarcastically. “If I was considering marrying the fella, I’d think six months down there was very well spent” Diane points out that Sharon isn’t exactly housewife material – citing her victory over David Hunter as an example. Again, on cue – the phone rings. It is Ashley. She tells him that she is going to try to make it down at the weekend…


Back at the motel J. Henry is on the telephone in the office. As he finished there is a knock at the door. It is Mr. Paul. J. Henry asks him how things are going in the restaurant. Mr. Paul tells him that things are going well. Mr. Paul asks about the conversation he has had with his wife. J. Henry tells Paul that he has spoken with someone at the Chateaux Rondelle that has given him a first class reference, and that he is totally trustworthy. “So its alright Paul, they are now perfectly satisfied that you are genuine”



“I must say it would have been acutely emnbarassing if your wife or anyone else had found out that I’d never been near the Chateaux Rondelle” says Paul. “It would have been embarrassing for both of us – they’d have pretty soon have guessed what you’re up to here” replies J. Henry. “So now it is the same kind of arrangement as before?” asks Paul. “Yes – with one difference – this time I want to know everything my wife does as well as everything that is happening in the buisiness.” “Finding our everything your wife does could present some difficulties!” answers Mr. Paul. “It will be easy – once I am out of the way she will be as discreet as a brass band!” replies J. Henry. Paul Ross is confused as to what he will be able to tell J. Henry that he wont be able to find out for himself. “To them you are a non-person, like all waiters, servants, lift operators” J. Henry tells him that even people that get their offices swept for bugs will still speak in front of a lift operator. “Become part of the furniture and keep your ears open – its what they talk about before they go INTO a meeting, and AFTER they come out”. “Its not the first time we’ve done this” says J. Henry. “No” agrees Paul. “Just report to me EVRYTHING. I will decide what’s important and what isn’t.”




“Eyes and ears open Paul – find out everything you can!”


I haven’t forgotten how much I…we owe you. I’ll do my best, you know that Mr. Pollard”


Site ref (TA: 12-2)


Well go to the foot of our stairs! Paul Ross is a secret agent, working for J. Henry Pollard! Who saw that coming? The motel looks dark and mysterious at night – just right for secret meetings. I loved the contrast between Arthur and Tom sitting on the sofa, and the nail-polish painting in the next scene. I also loved the conversation between J. Henry and Valerie when he found her working on the bar. These are a likeable – if complicated couple.


What’s that I hear? David typing, complaining that there is nobody to do it? Wasn’t there a mention of Miranda Pollard the other day? The seeds are sown – mark my words!


I am still slightly unconvinced by the way that everyone is being so nice to Valerie – Have they forgotten her part in Adam’s downfall so quickly?