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Crossroads Episode: 3594: Original TX: 01-04-82 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 052



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3594


Eddie Lee’s threats and Reg Lamont’s protests put Reg’s policeman son, Ashley, in a difficult situation. Doris Luke recognises the ‘mystery man’ as Tom Logan, her wartime sweetheart whom she thought dead. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield. Director: Dorothy Denham


“It wasn’t my fault Eddie” Reg tells him. He starts blaming Ashley for continuing the investigation into Yvonne Brookes. “Liar” accuses Eddie. “For four years I’ve paced a twelve by eight (cell) and I shared it with two other fellas I couldn’t stand the sight of!” Eddie looks towards Jennifer Lamont. “It’s a pity you couldn’t have come along and joined us innit?” he continues, by now getting much more angry. “…and now they’ve got Yvonne, and that’s what she’s gonna face init?” he asks. “Ten years inside would about see you out?” he tells Reggie. Eddie asks Reg whether he would be willing to “nobble” the judge and jury to protect Yvonne.


Reg spots a weakness in Eddie. “Why don’t you sit down?” he asks him “Have another drink?” Reg talks about the threats that Eddie has just made “You’re gonna have a job making anything stick” he warns him. Reg points out that any information that Eddie has would incriminate himself as well “Fancy going back inside do you?” he asks.


Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of Ashley driving up to the house. Jennifer offers to keep Ashley out of the lounge while the men speak. “I’ve got a little business proposition to put to you” Reg declares somewhat unexpectedly.


Ashley comes into the house and makes to go into the lounge. Jennifer stops him by saying that his father is discussing business with a colleague. Ashley asks for the name of the business associate but Jennifer pretends to have forgotten. “You don’t want me to go in there do you?” he asks his visibly flustered mother. Ashley doesn’t believe her and barges in. “What are you doing here?” he asks a very relaxed looking Eddie. “I suppose you could call it a social visit” replies Eddie, taking another sip of whisky. “I promised Eddie a little help when he got out” Reg tells his suspicious son.


In the motel restaurant Doris arrives, flustered. She apologises to Kath for being late. Kath tells her that she has “had a visitor” but that he wouldn’t give his name “Well it can’t have been that important” replies Doris. Kath isn’t so sure. “You haven’t been followed have you?” asks Kath. “Not for years” jokes Doris “Why? Have you?”. Kath is worried that the man may be up to no good and offers Arthur’s services as a taxi later. Doris replies that she thought that Arthur was busy in the garden… Kath replies that it is only because Mac is doing his. “Its not so much gardening – as patrolling the boundary fence” she jokes.


“Leave it Ash” Reg tells his son. “I can handle him” replies Ashley. “So can I!” replies Reg. “Now do me a favour… take your mother through to the kitchen and leave it all to me.” Reluctantly Ashley does as he asked and they both leave “The thought of one more day’s porridge gets you right in the guts” Reggie tells Eddie. “What kind of revenge is it if you’ve got to go back inside yourself?” he asks.


Reg asks Eddie what he would have earned in a year (legitimately) over the four years that he has been inside. Eddie agrees that it would have been £4,000. Reg offers him £10,000 a year – i.e. £40,000 – that he can collect tomorrow. “How does that grab you?” asks Reg. Eddie considers the proposition.


In the restaurant Kath and Doris spy on the mysterious man sitting in reception. “It can’t be” declares Doris. “It looks like my Tom – Tom Logan… but I thought he was dead… killed in the war!” Kath offers to tell the man that Doris will see him after work…


Kath goes into reception to speak to Tom. “Did you see I’ve come back again?” he asks. “Yes – I’m very glad” Kath replies. Kath asks whether he would mind waiting until after Doris has finished work “I’ll be here!” he tells her with a smile on his face






Sharon is enjoying a quiet glass of red wine in the flat when she is disturbed by a knock on the door. Thinking it is Ashley she checks her appearance in the mirror, so it comes as something as a shock when she opens the door and discovers Eddie Lee standing there. “What are you doing out?” she asks him. “Don’t worry love – its all above board” he replies. “Some little ‘unmentionable’ put ‘the finger’ on Yvonne Brookes – and cracked her” Eddie tells her. “So that was my ‘key to the door’ wasn’t it?” Eddie looks at Sharon, remembering their previous relationship. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten to say hello to a fella?” he asks. “All that’s over Eddie” she reminds him. He kisses her… several times, “The magic’s gone!” she tells him.


Sharon asks Eddie why he is back in the area. He tells her that there is a snooty family “the Lamonts”... and that he is there to ‘even things up’ a bit!


In the garage Carole and Mac are finishing up after a late night. Mac goes into the washroom to clean up as Glenda arrives. Glenda tells Carole that she is missing Kevin “I expect you do... still… a jobs a job” says Carole. Glenda invites Carole to the cinema but Carole refuses. “Have I done something to upset you?” Glenda asks her. “Of course not” replies Carole.


In reception Doris gingerly approaches the man from her past “Hello Tom” she says. “I thought you were dead”. “You haven’t changed” he tells her. “You have… put on a bit of weight” she answers. “1944… that was the last time I saw you... just before D-Day” she remembers. He tells her that he was taken prisoner early on – and that he didn’t see any point in writing since they had argued before he left. “We were always having rows” she argues. “This one were different… you gave the ring back” he reminds her. “Harry Turnbull put the tin lid on it” he goes on. Doris is confused. Tom goes on to tell her that he was so convinced that she had fallen for Harry Turnbulll that he decided to stay away. “There was never anything between me and him – he just said that to make mischief” she tells him. “I know that now” he says regretfully… “That’s why I’ve come looking for you!” Doris doesn’t know what to say. “You’ve left it a bit late” she eventually says. He tells her that he went to Yorkshire to look for her, and that people in the village told him that she had headed for Peachy in Shropshire to look after her sister.


He asks Doris whether she had married. She tells him that she hadn’t. He tells her that it is the same for him. He reveals that he still carries the ring she returned to him, even after 40 years. Doris looks at it briefly before pushing it away. “I haven’t upset you?” he asks. Tom reveals that he is staying at a nearby hotel and asks whether they can meet up again. “Harry Turnbull’s got a lot to answer for” she says. “Aye…” he agrees. “He died... last year… Just as well…. I might have killed him” he jokes.


In the flat Sharon has found some blankets and sheets which she gives to Eddie. “We had something going” he reminds her. “It’s all over… and I mean it” she tells him. “If you must know, I look back and wonder why the hell I went through with it!” (CREDITS)


Eddie stands outside Sharon’s bedroom with a bottle of wine in hand “Don’t go thinking about slipping the lock – it’s bolted from the inside! So be a good lad and try and get your head down eh?”


What? I mean… What? I’ve waited months for Eddie Lee to come back, and last episode was a triumph of menace and foreboding and now… can Eddie really be bought off? I suppose Reggie is a very powerful and wealthy man. But really? Ashley as well? The ‘never give up’ copper… Would he be so willing to let his dad talk to this crook? I don’t know. We shall see.


So the “mystery man” is Tom Logan, a childhood sweetheart of Doris Luke… now there’s a coincidence… she was only talking about him the other day! Some nice funny lines between them play well but I cant help thinking Doris has accepted that this man is “back from the dead” just a little to easily… and if he REALLY did love her enough to keep the ring in his pocket for 40 years then SURELY he would have fought for her a little more after the war.. Harry Turnbull or No Harry Turnbull!


Nice to have subtle reminders of the Glenda/Carole/Kevin triangle and the Mac/Arthur feud in the background but this is really a story of two people coming back from the past, trying to capture something they’ve lost. I don’t know how much of it was planned that way, but there is a nice symmetry between the two relationships. Whereas Eddie’s story has played out over a fair few years now, Tom’s is a bit “thrown together” – but I suppose that’s sometimes the way in soap-land.  Strangely I now care more about what will happen between Tom and Doris than I do about Eddie.


Oh yes… I’ve just realised as I sit here – that while Doris, and Sharon’s men are back in their lives, Glenda’s (and Carole’s) man is now absent. More symmetry? Clever writing? Who knows!


Site Ref: 9:4:0:58



Crossroads Episode: 3595: Original TX: 06-04-82 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 053



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3595



After repeated trouble at the motel restaurant, Barbara Hunter suggested to husband David that they needed a top-class restaurant manager. Ashley Lamont’s suspicions about his father Reg’s involvement in criminal activities have hardened. Ashley was torn between his duty as a policemen and his loyalty as a son. His mother Jennifer pleaded with him to let her persuade Reg to retire. An urgent message from J Henry Pollard, claiming first refusal on the purchase of motel shares, caused consternation among David and Barbara Hunter and Adam Chance. (TV TIMES)



GRANADA – 6:05


Eddie Lee alarms Sharon Metcalfe with his plans for a double-cross. TV Times (Granada for 06-04-82)


Eddie Lee alarms Sharon Metcalfe with his plans for a double-cross. Jill Harvey takes umbrage when David Hunter details her for special duty. Reg Lamont makes a sudden, far-reaching decision. (TV Times)


Source: https://twitter.com/woodg31/status/717766741183565825


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                        Director: John Scholz-Conway


“Now look, all I am trying to say is that I pray that my own daughter will not try to take the side of those that try to cheat me” Mr. Malik tells Rashida in reception. She is clearly frustrated by her father, so she sneaks into the office behind the reception desk and brings out a piece of paper.


She says that it is a message that will prove that Mr. Hunter and the others are not being dishonest with him. Rashida is worried that showing him the message is a breach of confidence. “Your  first duty is to your father is it not?” he reminds her. “If an investment is good enough for J. Henry Pollard, it certainly is good enough for Arif Malik” says the clearly angry would-be investor.


In her flat, Sharon makes a cup of coffee for Eddie Lee, who has stayed on the sofa. “So where are you going after your ‘deal’ with Lamont?” she asks him. “That depends on what a little persuasion might do… to you?” he asks but she is still having none of it. “You’re not gonna tell me there’s not a bit of left over feeling after our little ‘ding dong’ eh?” he tries again. “You’re not spending another night here” she tells him. He agrees, and points out that after collecting £40,000 they could go together anywhere. “Are you sure Reg is gonna pay up?” she asks him. “He’ll pay alright” Eddie assures her.


Eddie tells Sharon that he intends to take the money from Reg and still “shop him” to the police. “I’d like to see his face when it hits him!” laughs Eddie. Sharon spies the telephone and contemplates warning Reg. She persuades Eddie to have a wash… He agrees, revealing his fetching Y-fronts to his ex-lover as he stands up to leave.


When Eddie leaves, Sharon makes a run for the phone, but she is caught by Eddie when he re-enters the lounge, so she is forced to put the phone down and make up an excuse about trying to call a mini-cab. Eddie offers to drive her to work instead.


In the new “green” motel office David tells Adam that they must reply to J. Henry’s telex. The correspondence file is still in the ‘old office’ and he doesn’t wish to hold up their latest partner any longer than necessary. “Do you think he’ll insist on being allowed to take up the new share issue?” asks Adam. “It depends on his motives” replies David.


David asks whether Adam feels there will be trouble from Mr. Malik. “You lit the fuse on this particular bomb a long time ago” Adam reminds him… “when you offered to sell J Henry the entire motel”. Jill comes in to remind them that they will be carrying out the interviews for the head waiter’s job. David asks her to do the first round – to weed out the impossibles and the improbables…


In the garage office, Mac and Carole are waiting for Sharon to arrive. They are surprised to see Eddie Lee enter the office. Eddie grabs Mac’s hand and shakes it warmly “Nice to see you” says Eddie.


Eventually Sharon convinces Eddie to let her get on with some work, and as soon as he leaves the office she jumps on the phone to Reg. When the phone is answered it is Jennifer. Jennifer asks Sharon to hold the line as Reg has just arrived back from the bank. “What’s the panic?” he asks her. “It’s a pretty real one Reg” she tells him!






“Mac… Eddie’s on the warpath” says Sharon in the garage office. “Leave me out of it!” he replies. Sharon reveals that Reg is trying to buy Eddie off for £40,000. Mac can’t believe it. “At least he thought he was!” says Sharon.


“Look, Eddie’s done time for a murder he didn’t commit…. It might be the real thing next time!” she tells him. She decides to phone Ashley at the Police Station. “Look, can you get round to your dad’s place? – I think you’ve got trouble brewing” she says when he picks up the phone…


In the motel, Rashida explains to Jill that she feels awkward because of her father’s dispute with the directors. She also says that she feels worried because she showed her father a document that backed up the reason for not being able to sell the shares to him. “Thank you for being so frank with us. It makes us all the more determined to keep you” Jill reassures her.


At the Lamont’s Eddie picks up his suitcase full of cash, but is surprised to find it locked. Reg reveals that he will tell Eddie the combination once they have fled the country.


Eddie is unhappy, but before he has a chance to complain, Ashley bursts in. “What the hell’s going on?” asks Ashley. “Not a thing” Reg replies. “I’ve just had a nasty call about blackmail.” Ashley tells his father. “You do pick up some rubbish on your rounds don’t ya?” Eddie asks him. “Listen Ash, why don’t you let me settle this in my own way?” Reg asks his son. Ashley is having none of it, and makes a move for the case. Eddie doesn’t want him to open it. “What makes you think you’ve got a choice?” Ashley asks him.


Eddie reveals the real contents of the case. “Forty ‘big ones’! Now do you think he’s paying that sort of money because I caught him picking his nose?” he gloats. Ashley asks his father for the combination. Reg obliges… and when the case is opened… it contains nothing but papers.


Eddie is understandably furious. “I’m gonna make a statement that’s gonna have you and your dear old mum waving goodbye to that!” Eddie threatens. Ashley asks whether Eddie really has enough information on his dad to put him away. Reg says nothing. Ashley tells Eddie that they are going to do things ‘by the book’ and invites him down the station where any statement can be recorded. As they leave.


Reggie smirks.


In the office, David is surprised to get a phone call from Arif Malik. Mr. Malik apologises for his hasty comments the previous day. David tells him that their position has not changed since the meeting. Mr. Malik tells him that he intends to improve on the offer that J. Henry has made. “Rashida said he was unpredictable” says Jill when the call is over.


At the Lamont’s Peter (Reg’s driver) is loading up the car. Reggie and Jennifer are packed and ready to leave. “This place had a bit of style didn’t it?” he asks her. “Yes I was beginning to be very fond of it” she agrees. “I’m sorry – but this is the only way that we can stay together” he tells her. She kisses him. “I wonder if we shall ever come back here” she asks. “Who knows” replies Reggie.




The telephone rings. It is unanswered.


And then they were gone! This was (I believe) the last appearance of Jennifer Lamont – although don’t worry Reggie fans… He’ll be back! I suppose in many ways the character of Jennifer has run it’s course, but she was played so beautifully by Jean Kent that I will definitely miss her.


Reg is on fine form this episode… just when you think Eddie is going to double cross him, Reg pulls the ultimate fast one – and double, double crosses him! In some ways it’s a shame that Ashley burst in, as I would have loved to have seen Eddie’s face when he discovered the missing cash for himself – However, the smirk…!!! The smirk says everything – A man at the top of his game that already has his escape route planned. When it came down to it – Ashley playing things “by the book” gave his father just enough time to escape. I am impressed by the consistency of the characterisation here. It could have been easy for Ashley to shop his father or break the law by “aiding and abetting” , but this way is much more realistic.


As the Lamont’s leave, we have a new arrival – in the form of the “new office” – This one is green – and it came from nowhere. It replaces the brown one that was still fully functioning yesterday! I suppose that this change was inevitable – as the previous office was one of the oldest sets – and a reminder of Meg’s time in charge. It also makes sense that it is just behind reception, instead of opposite the old sitting room. I wonder what would have been happening in the old part of the house now?


Main memory of the episode (unfortunately) is Eddie Lee in his pants. If I had been eating my tea – it would have gone everywhere!


(Site reference 9:05:1:18)


Crossroads Episode: 3596: Original TX: 07-04-82 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 054



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3596


Doris Luke has deep misgivings about the return of former sweetheart Tom Logan after nearly 40 years. J Henry Pollard’s sudden arrival causes consternation at the motel. Sharon Metcalfe is fearful because of a revenge threat by Eddie Lee. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield. Director: John Scholz-Conway


Doris crosses reception carrying a bowl of oranges. When she enters the bar she is immediately questioned by Kath and Glenda, who want to know how things went with her “boyfriend” (Tom Logan). “Mum says you were engaged to him once…” asks Glenda. “He’s back now – you can start all over again” teases Kath. There conversation is interrupted by Jill, who wants Glenda to do some work elsewhere.


At the Lamont’s house, Ashley is talking to Sharon. He is cross that Eddie refused to make a statement, knowing that he would implicate himself. “He’s got a sharp eye for self preservation” agrees Sharon. Ashley reveals that Eddie got out of the police car and walked off. Sharon asks whether Ashley believed Eddie’s story. “Every word” he confesses.  “I’ve known for weeks now… it was just a question of statements” he tells her. Sharon asks why they haven’t been forthcoming. Ashley admits that he doesn’t feel like he tried particularly hard!


In reception, Jill is manning the desk. Tom Logan arrives and checks in to the motel. He tells her that he would like to pay in advance. Eventually Jill recognises the name and asks whether he is Doris’ friend. He tells her that he is.


At the Lamont’s Sharon asks what will happen to the house. Ashley says that he doesn’t know. Sharon reveals that Reg had left contingency plans in place at the garage. Ashley asks her why she said nothing. “I’ve known what you know now all along – you must realise that” she tells him. “If you found out… OK… But there was no way I was going to help you” she goes on. “I got to quite like your dad… there was an honesty about him” Ashley is upset that he didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to his parents. “And to think – they needn’t have gone… not really” she adds. “I couldn’t have gone on turning a blind eye forever… sooner or later I would have had to have handed this lot over” he confesses. He asks her what it was like – meeting her old flame (Eddie) again. “Not a flicker” she tells him.


On reception, Barbara Hunter is both booking tickets to the theatre for some guests, and welcoming applicants for the Head Chef’s position, when J. Henry Pollard arrives. She offers to take him through to David, but J Henry tells her that he would rather book in first. He looks round and congratulates her on the work that has taken place since the fire. “I shall enjoy being a shareholder – you’ve no doubt guessed that’s why I’m here” he tells her. “Now I can deal with any problems personally – in my own way” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) J. Henry has been briefed by David about the situation with Mr. Malik. “I fail to see where the problem lies” says J. Henry. David points out that only the previous year, J. Henry had forced the issue that a verbal agreement was morally and legally binding – and therefore, the same could be said about the discussions with Mr. Malik. Barbara also points out that Mr. Malik has offered to improve on any offer that J. Henry might make on the share issue. “Malik has got himself into a game that is MUCH too big for him” stresses J. Henry once Barbara leaves. “Why are you so determined to buy an interest in the motel?” David asks him.


In reception, Tom Logan asks Barbara when dinner will be served – just as Doris arrives with the menus. “I was hoping you might join me” he tells her. She refuses. Barbara reveals that Tom will be staying at the motel for a week and offers the use of the “secretaries office” so that they can talk privately.


In the office Doris tells Tom off for spending so much money “Its just showing off to no purpose” she tells him. “I thought I’d stand a better chance if I were here” he confesses. Next she tells him off for his choice of clothes. He tells Doris that he will go into Birmingham first thing in the morning to buy some new ones. “You want me out of here don’t you?” he asks her. “I should never have come” “Its not that I’m not pleased to see you Tom, but its such a long time ago” she tells him.


At the flat, Sharon is shocked to discover Eddie Lee at her door. “I thought you’d gone” she asks. He tells her that he will be heading back to the smoke soon enough – but wonders whether he can stay the night again. Sharon refuses, and Eddie realises that there must be a new man in her life. “Got a stand in have I?” he asks her.


She is defensive and refuses to say. Eddie goes on to say that he is planning on hanging round for a while because he believes that someone gave Reg the nod about how he was planning on double crossing him. Eddie leaves. Just a few seconds later Ashley comes in and reveals that he had been hiding in the bedroom. “Did you hear what he said?” she asks. “No I couldn’t hear” he tells her




“He’s out to get whoever tipped off your dad”


This is one of those episodes that Crossroads does really well – pitching the “big business” storylines against something much smaller in scale and character driven.  I think it works really well for the most part…


The big news today is of course the arrival of J Henry Pollard, played (as ever) with style, panache, and just the smallest of camp twinkles. I can see why they updated the office in the previous episode – a much more fitting environment for a big businessman than the dreary brown office from before the fire! Speaking of offices – when Barbara lets Tom and Doris use the ‘secretary’s office” – Is it me – or is it not exactly the same room that David and J Henry should be sitting in? All a bit confusing if you ask me!


What is interesting is that J. Henry and Reggie don’t have to share screen time now that Reggie has left. Maybe one big businessman is enough for one small village?


Now… here’s the thing. Eddie Lee is a crook. A fairly hard nut as well. Surely he remembers that the only person he told that he was going to double cross Reggie is Sharon. Even the bluntest tool in the box could put two and two together there. Couldn’t they?


Favourite moment #3: Sharon strokes Ashley’s leg just a little too much.

Favourite moment #2: Doris tells off Tom for looking rough, despite the fact he was wearing a suit a few scenes before.

Favourite moment #1: Doris carries oranges in a bowl. I mean – why? 


(Site reference: 9:06:01:39)

Crossroads Episode: 3597: Original TX: 08-04-82 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 055



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3597


An applicant for the head-waiter’s job raises hackles at the motel. J Henry Pollard takes a tough line with competitor Arif Malik – and Mr. Malik takes an even tougher line with the motel management. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                  Director: John Scholz-Conway


In reception Barbara asks Adam to speak with an applicant for the position of head waiter – a Mr. Hutton. Adam is slightly preoccupied, having got himself covered in grease whilst trying to change the fan-belt on his car… and failing. Adam asks Barbara to give Mac a ring at the garage.


In the garage, Mac and Carole are dreaming of owning the expensive sports car that they are working on. Mac points out that he would need a fairy godmother to pay for the insurance and the petrol. Carole picks up the call from the motel while Mac talks to Kath, who has run across in the rain to tell Mac that Doris wont be requiring a lift later as she is working late. Carole gives Mac the details of where to find Adam’s car. Mac tells her to get off early, but she says that she will stay as a “labour of love”. Kath asks Mac whether he will be able to give her and Glenda a lift later instead. He agrees, and leaves. Kath tells Carole that she will have to get back to the motel. “It must be nice to feel needed!” remarks Carole. Kath gives her an indignant look, and leaves.


In the motel office, Barbara and Adam are interviewing Mr. Hutton. “This afternoon between lunch and dinner I saw two waitresses chatting in the corner of the restaurant” he tells them. “If I was head waiter I wouldn’t allow that.” “Yes, but you couldn’t be on duty 24 hours a day” Adam points out. “No – but my influence could!” replies Mr. Hutton confidently.  “And your wine cellar isn’t all that it should be…” he goes on. “Do you have anyone responsible for checking hands and uniforms before anyone comes on duty?” is his next question. Clearly this man is a stickler for details! Barbara asks why Mr. Hutton left his previous employment at “The Wellington”. “A clash of personality” admits the interviewee. Adam points out that he also spent 18 months in London and asks whether there was another clash of personalities. “I wasn’t appreciated there” he tells them. “I think you’ve let us know what we need to know” says Barbara, rather diplomatically.


Doris brings a tray of drinks into the garage office, and is surprised to see Carole – thinking it would be Mac burning the midnight oil. “Why aren’t you long gone?” she asks. “I like it here” admits Carole. Carole asks why Doris is working when it should be her night off. “Well…er… they were busy in the kitchen” says Doris – somewhat unconvincingly. 


Just then Glenda and Kath arrive in the garage looking for Mac. Glenda points out that Doris is trying to avoid Tom Logan. “That’s her affair” Kath reprimands her. “The poor man’s over there now – all on his own” says Glenda. She goes on “Any other woman…” Carole has heard enough. “She’s NOT JUST any other woman though” she points out.


In reception Arif Malik arrives to pick up his daughter. “Its already well after 7 o’clock” he points out characteristically. Rashida tells him that the evening receptionist hasn’t turned up yet. Mr. Malik goes to wait in the chairs… just as J. Henry arrives to book a table in the restaurant. When J. Henry goes into the bar, Rashida tells her father who she has just been speaking to. “I must arrange to meet him… casually, like two English people in their club” he tells his daughter.  “It would be a most interesting encounter…” “Father!” she warns him…






Tom Logan is pacing reception. “Do you work round the clock like everyone else in this place? You’ve been on duty since breakfast time!” he asks Barbara. “She told me off… about my clothes!” he tells her. “They’re alright for a Sunday mass in a small French village” she replies. Barbara tells him that Doris will be out in a minute, and offers him some advice. “Don’t let her see you hovering around. Go into the bar – I’ll send her in” she promises. When Doris comes into reception Barbara tells her. “Still waiting? Must be all that army training! Nil Desperandum!” she jokes.


Doris walks into the bar. “I don’t know who’s making a bigger fool of themselves – you or me,” she tells Tom. “You’re the one who’s blowing hot and cold” he points out. He lets on that he knows she volunteered to work on her day off. “Who told you that? Never mind – could be one of a dozen people” she admits. Tom offers to buy them both a drink – and one for the waiter. “Ooh – you like throwing your money about don’t you?” she asks. “I worked hard for the money I’ve got put by” he replies. Doris admits that she feels awkward about him staying at the motel “People putting two and two together and making five”. “If they weren’t talking about us – they’d be talking about somebody else” he points out. Doris offers to find him some alternative accommodation in the village. He admits that he has paid in advance for the motel – and that he realises he could have paid for a holiday… in the Isle of Man for half the price. “That’s something I’ve always wanted… a proper holiday in the Isle of Man… with full board” she admits with a smile. They reminisce, before Doris gets up to leave. “What have I said now?” he asks. “Nothing” she replies. “You cant rush these things Tom. Its been forty years. Forty Years!”


Tom sits down, deflated and alone. Mr. Malik walks past him and sits down at a spare table next to J. Henry. He offers his rival a drink, but J. Henry is busy reading the news. Mr. Malik is keen to point out that he reads the Financial Times and various other business papers. “Tell me sir, for someone whose business interests are in this country and Asia, would you say that the Wall Street Journal is required reading?” asks Mr. Malik. Mr. Malik calls J. Henry by his name. “So you know me?” asks J. Henry. Mr. Malik introduces himself. “I know all my possible rivals in any deal” J. Henry tells him – before offering some advice…“Don’t waste your time. As a matter of fact I don’t very much care if you DO waste YOUR time, but I’d prefer you not to waste MINE!”


Their conversation starts to become heated, but is interrupted by Barbara who points out that everyone around them can hear their raised voices. She asks whether the men would continue in the office “as a favour”. “That is a brazen attempt to take advantage of your sex” J. Henry tells her. “So you’ll come then?” she replies.


In the office, J, Henry points out to Barbara and Adam that board of directors have already accepted ‘in principle’ his offer to buy shares in the motel. Adam points out that Mr. Malik has offered to improve on anything so far stated by J. Henry. This doesn’t wash with J. Henry, who considers the matter concluded. Mr. Malik is not happy about this, and tells them that if they make any attempt to sell to Mr. Pollard he will have no option but to sue the motel. Arif points out that it may be unwise for J. Henry to invest in a company facing a heavy legal action. “You leave me no option” continues Mr. Malik before storming out. “That’s all we need – an expensive legal action!” declares Adam.




“Surely he cant be stupid enough to think that would frighten me off?” asks J. Henry “If he wants trouble he can have it! LOTS OF IT!”


I loved this episode, from the business with the fan-belt, to the business with the…er… business.


The 2001 series made a big deal about a huge interlocked set where action could move from place to place around the hotel / motel – and we have exactly the same thing happening here – in the reception, the office, the bar. It feels like a real working motel – and actually the purple reception that was so different when it first arrived has grown on me and I have to say (looking at the screen captures) that the series is bright, colourful and modern – a really different looking programme to the one that started to disappear with Meg only 5 months ago.


J. Henry (again) shines in this episode. Whereas I can believe he is a wealthy – and deadly business rival – played with real panache – Mr. Malik isn’t anywhere near as compelling or interesting to watch. I am also un-nerved by the rather stilted dialogue. I’m not sure whether it is the writing or the delivery – but something feels wrong – and I am definitely on J. Henry’s team!


Speaking of “bright” – What was Barbara thinking? The shocking pink outfit makes sure she stands out in every scene – although there is an extra in equally dazzling orange that is trying to give her a run for her money!



Crossroads Episode: 3598: Original TX: 13-04-82 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 056



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3598



David Hunter asked Jill Harvey to interview applicants for the restaurant manager’s job. David, Jill and Adam Chance were concerned about J. Henry Pollard’s bid for motel shares. Arif Malik got wind of the bid and improved his own offer. Sharon Metcalfe warned Reg Lamont that Eddie Lee intended to double cross him, so Reg was prepared to outsmart him. After a confrontation at the Lamont’s home, Ashley Lamont escorted Eddie to the police station. (TV TIMES)


Doris Luke tries to dispel speculation about her and one-time fiance Tom Logan. Sharon Metcalfe’s nerves are on edge because of the growing menace of Eddie Lee. The management wonders why J Henry Pollard should be so insistent on buying the motel. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                               Director: Mike Holgate


Adam crosses reception in a rather a hurry. He bursts in on David, who is talking with a secretary. “Did you hear about Malik and J. Henry last night?” he asks. David greets Adam with a “Good morning” and Adam is forced to concede he was a little rude bursting in “Good morning David” he replies, before continuing with his story. David reveals that he is aware that Mr. Malik is threatening to sue them. “If only you hadn’t sent J. Henry that telex” considers Adam.  Adam reminds David that he was against offering J. Henry any shares in the first place. Barbara enters the office. “I wouldn’t put it past Malik to complain that he’s a victim of racial discrimination as well!” “The last thing that Malik wants to do is draw attention to any racial differences” David replies before revealing that he will be going into town to see his solicitor. Adam points out that the only thing wrong with that idea is the fact that they didn’t start it sooner!


In reception Adam deals with some guests before greeting Rashida, who has come to work with her father. She tells him that she is capable of making it home on her own. Mr. Malik says that he is aware that she could cope on her own in London or Las Vegas. “Father!” she protests. “I’m only trying to be helpful. I’m sure I’ll be safe on the bus!” He reluctantly agrees and she leaves for work. Mr Malik grabs a passing waitress and asks for some coffee (Doris Luke and Glenda walk past in the background)


At that moment J. Henry Pollard appears at the desk and asks Ellie the receptionist for some coffee, before making his way to the sofas. He is unaware that Mr. Malik is reading his newspaper in the adjoining chair… until Mr Malik greets him. “I think Id prefer to have coffee in my chalet” says J. Henry. Mr. Malik wonders whether they cant put their business differences aside, and at least smile to each other the next time they meet. “But on which side of our face?” muses J. Henry.


In the bar, Glenda and Doris are cleaning. Glenda tells off Doris for the way she has been treating Tom Logan. “Its not a story out of a magazine you know” Doris points out. “You didn’t really expect me to throw myself at him after all those years?” she asks. “You could have been a bit more enthusiastic” Glenda tells her. “Tom Logan’s a decent enough chap, and I was very fond of him once!” Doris tells her. “He’s here on holiday and I don’t expect I shall ever set eyes on him again when its over”. “You’re not a bit romantic” Glenda tells her. “Its saved me a lot of trouble” Doris replies. Doris tells her that she is trying to set up Tom with a room in the village so that he is is “Out of sight, out of some peoples minds” – and that it will hopefully stop tongues wagging. Glenda changes subject “Why do you thin Carole Sands dislikes me so much?” she asks. Knowing perfectly well Doris dismisses her question “I’ve told you to forget about last night” she replies. Glenda says that she feels Carole resents her. “You’re letting your imagination run away with you…. Again!” Doris tells her.


In the garage Carole is talking to Mac. “Why do you have to look on the gloomy side?” she asks him. “I can see it coming – that’s why!” he replies from under a car. “It stands to reason/… Lamont owns this place and he’s skipped the country… he’ll want to cash in – it obvious” he goes on. Nobby walks past in the background. “What was this Reg Lamont exactly?” Carole asks Mac. “No good. That’s what!” he tells her. Mac reveals that he thinks that the garage is probably a “front” for something… just as Sharon walks in. She is not impressed with the topic of conversation. Mac tells her that he is worried about getting the sack. “As things stand – its my say so” she tells him. “And as things satnd you stay. Alright?” She reveals that she will be making all the important decisions for the next six months.


Sharon calls Mac into the office. “Actually, there is a little problem” she tells him. “It was me that told Reg about Eddies plan to take his money and shop him anyhow” she tells Mac. She points out that Eddie is broke – and very angry. “I don’t think I’d like to be in your shoes when he finds out its you” he tells her. “They don’t feel all that comfortable right at the moment – believe me!” she answers. “If he comes round here – play it cool please” she asks. “That’s a tall order” he tells her as he leaves. Just then the telephone rings… Sharon is visibly nervous to pick it up, but it is merely a customer, Mr. Ferguson enquiring about his car. Sharon relaxes, until Ashley walks in and frightens her. “Oh don’t do that!” she tells him. Sharon reveals that she didn’t sleep at the thought of an angry Eddie Lee climbing her stairs. Right on cue, the phone rings again. It is Eddie. “I’m not going to be here at lunchtime, I’ve got a delivery” she tells him. She makes up various other excuses not to see him, but comes of the phone agitated. “He’s gonna ring me tonight at the flat” she tells Ashley. “I wish he’d go away” he tells him. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In reception things are busy. Barbara and Rashida discuss conference bookings. They are interrupted by Doris, who would like to speak to her about Tom Logan. “I understand he paid in advance for the whole week” Doris enquires. Barbara tells her that Tom paid in cash. Doris tells her that she is trying to arrange somewhere for him to stay in the village. “You don’t want him under your feet?” asks Barbara. “I think it would be better all round” Doris confirms. “It must have been difficult for the two of you – the past few days” says Barbara. “He seems to be enjoying it” points out Doris. Barbara agrees to refund Tom if Doris succeeds in finding somewhere for him to live. “I only hope we haven’t spoiled it for you.” She says. “There’s nothing to spoil – that’s what people don’t seem to understand” replies Doris – before walking off.


On cue, Tom Logan appears at the reception desk. Rashida tells him that Doris is cleaning in the bar. Tom asks for coffee to be served in reception instead.


In the garage the phone rings. Sharon is again frightened to pick it up, and hesitates with her hand on the receiver. Instead of answering it she gets Mac to do it. She is relieved when it is another customer (Mrs Rawlison) asking about her car.


After the call, Mac asks her what Ashley says about the situation. Sharon tells him that Ashley thinks Eddies will get fed up and move down to London. “He doesn’t know Eddie as well as we do” remarks Mac. Again the phone rings…. Now they both seem nervous…. It is Mr. Conway asking about his vehicle.


In reception, Doris and Glenda have finished clearing the bar, and they come into reception. Doris is surprised to see Tom, expecting him to be in Birmingham. He tells her that he will be going as soon as he has finished his coffee. “You could have got your shopping half done by now – its nearly eleven” she tells him. Doris reveals that she has arranged for him to get a refund. He reveals in turn that he has found somewhere else to stay in the village. She is pleased – until he reveals that the landlady is Mrs. Price. “That’s where I’m living” says Doris, visibly mortified! “Is it? What a coincidence” says Tom, unconvincingly. “I shall have to move out of there myself now” she tells him. Before she continues her argument he goes on to tell her that he saw an advert for the village post office, which is up for sale, and that he is thinking of making an offer. “Are you out of your mind?” she asks him. “I would like a nice long chat about it. What are you doing this evening?” Tom asks her. HE invites her to the motel for dinner. She agrees. “Id like that” she tells him.


In the office Barbara orders coffee for her and David, but before they can discuss anything J. Henry walks in. “I thought Id see what your lawyer had to say” J. Henry enquires.  “A great deal – but very little of it of any use to us” answers David.


David reveals that the situation is very difficult since so much of the business was done verbally. “You SENT me a telex” counters J. Henry. “Yes… and we WROTE to Mr. Malik” answers Adam. “Did he have a chance of saying what Mr. Malik’s chances were?” asks Barbara.  David tells them that his lawyer gave them some advice that didn’t help. “You seem to have got hold of the wrong lawyer” J. Henry tells him. “I don’t ask mine for his opinion – I just tell him what I wan – and have him fix it!” he reveals.  “He muttered something about Malik applying for an injunction” says David.


J. Henry asks whether he can make a phone call. “Take down this name…. Arif Malik” he says to the person on the other end of the line. “He’s in a small way of business up here… I want a full run down on him…. EVERYTHING! You know who to use to get the information from his office?” J. Henry concludes his call. “I think you can safely leave Mr. Malik up to me” he tells them.




Adam wonders…“All this high powered activity…. The threats… and the rest… for a share in a motel? What is J. Henry really up to?”


Well yes… there’s a question. What IS J. Henry up to? I can see where the writers are going with this – they want to make me really wonder what J. Henry would be doing buying a minority share in a motel when he is such a high powered businessman. I DO know that his daughter and he both have links to the motel but is that really enough? There is the issue of “pride” I suppose – and the fact that David backed out of their deal – but is that enough? Ultimately I suppose I am intrigued… and a little bit frightened! J. Henry getting the info on Arif Malik sounded a little too underhand and devious – I can imagine how David and Adam must feel at this point.


I think that Eddie Lee works best as an unseen threat – and today, despite pulling the same trick THREE times with the customers on the phone – it is still uncomfortable watching Sharon react to Eddie’s call.


I was pleased to see another “pointless” secretary pop up for about 15 seconds today at the start of the episode – could be something of a running gag here. Glenda and Doris also did their best “background artiste” impressions today – I like seeing familiar characters doing chores in the background.


I like Tom Logan. I think he’d be good for Doris… and judging by her reaction to his plans… so does she. But sadly, this is soap land – and anyone that thinks of making plans for the future is surely not going to be around for long? We shall see!


Crossroads Episode: 3599: Original TX: 14-04-82 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 057



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3599



GRANADA – 6:05

BORDER – 6:35

HTV – 6:35



Newcomer Paul Ross applies for the restaurant manager’s job and upsets Jill Harvey. Joe MacDonald has a tough time with Eddie Lee. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                                Director: Mike Holgate


As the episode begins a gentleman in a smart suit says something to Rashida. She gestures towards the restaurant door, and he walks briskly over. In the restaurant, a waitress is setting a table. As she leaves the man walks over to Jill. She tells him that the restaurant wont be open for another hour. “I was just reconnoitring the territory” he tells her – His accent is foreign. He tells Jill that he has come about the job of restaurant manager and head waiter. “Have you worked here long?” he asks her. “Quite a while” she replies wryly. “How do you find it?” he asks her. “I like it” she replies. The man asks Jill what sort of people the owners are. “There’s Mr. and Mrs. Hunter – they’ve been here some time” she says playfully. “but you cant fool him” “Then there’s…. Adam Chance” she says, before moving away from him. “What other interests does he have? I mean ‘other’ interests?” he asks Jill. “What kind? The ones that go in the bath or the Queen Elizabeth the second?” He then asks about the fourth partner “Mrs. Harvey? She’s the one you have to watch out for!” says Jill. He asks about her “About my age” says Jill… “Quite young” says the (obviously smooth) gentleman. Jill informs him that ‘Mrs. Harvey’ is divorced. “Frustrated I suppose!” he says. “It would be a great pleasure indeed working with you” he tells Jill, his charm working on overdrive. He introduces himself as Paul Ross, and she wishes him good luck.


In reception, Rashida reveals to Kath and Glenda that Tom Logan is moving in at Mrs. Price’s. Glenda can’t believe the fuss that Doris made about him being around “and now he’s moved in with her!” she says cheekily. “You watch your tongue – things like that can get about you know!” her mother tells her. The women laugh, but are interrupted by Mac, who is bringing Adams car keys back. He asks them what the joke is. They tell them that they are being daft. Glenda asks Mac whether it was he and Trina at the house next door to there’s the previous night. He reveals that they went to measure up – and that there will be a lot of work to do at the house. As he leaves Kath speculates that “all that DO It Yourself stuff” could be dangerous!


In the garage Ashley calls out. Carole is the only one around. He asks her if Sharon is about “No!” she replies. “Usual helpful little self eh?” he asks her. She is clearly unhappy talking to him. “all that business with Eddie Lee and Mrs. Hunter is all wrapped up now” he assures her. “Is there any reason why we shouldn’t be friends?” he asks her. “I’m choosy” she tells him. He asks Carole whether she has met Eddie Lee yet. She reveals that he has been in the garage to say hello, but that she didn’t like him “Well that’s something we’ve got in common” he replies. He points out that the reason Eddie is now out of prison is because Carole revealed that there were “murderers roaming the streets as free as air” to him one night. “It started the ball rolling… so he’s got YOU to thank”


Carole looks nervous as Mac arrives back at the garage to tell her to take her lunch. When Carole has gone he tells Ashley that Sharon has taken the day off. Mac tells him that Sharon has been feeling jumpy. “I would say she is overreacting” says Ashley “And I would say you don’t know Eddie” replies Mac


In the bar Rashida tells Paul Ross that one of the directors will talk to him later. He takes the opportunity to ask her what they are like. “I don’t think it would be proper for me to discuss my employers with an outsider” she replies. He reveals that he has been told that Mrs. Harvey is “a bit of a dragon”. He asks how he would recognise Mrs. Harvey… just as Jill walks behind them. He is shocked to discover Jill’s true identity, He asks Rashida what Jill’s name is, and she tells him. Mr. Ross downs his drink and heads over towards his would be employer… “You were right you know… about that Mrs. Harvey woman” he tells her. “I’ve been having a few words with the staff here, and they all say she’s a thoroughly sour…. Well I wont use the expression…” “Who have you been talking to?” asks Jill worriedly.  “Waitresses, Office staff, a couple of chamber maids – a pretty representative cross section” he assures her. “Is it true about her? Apart from the drinking and lying about her age?” he asks. He invites Jill for a drink later that evening “Thanks to you at least I’ll be prepared for the dragon” he tells her…. “And the drinks will be on me…. Mrs. Harvey” he tells her. She is amused at his joke.


Back in the garage a mysterious figure in a raincoat walks quietly round the empty workshop. “Bye Mac” calls Carole from the washroom, The figure makes a dart for the office and hides behind the door as Mac says goodbye to Carole… The figure quietly shuts the door to the office…. It is Eddie Lee. (END OF PART ONE)




In reception Rashida is surprised to see her father. “Is something wrong?” she asks him. He tells her that on the contrary, he has had some good business news, and that his company is in line to be part of a profitable deal with one of the largest Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the whole world! Arif asks whether Rashida can take a few minutes off and she arranges it with Ellie (the other receptionist). Mr. Malik reveals that a man came up from London “out of the blue” to make an appointment that morning. “My wholesale company has been appointed the exclusive distributor” he tells her. She is thrilled that he came straight to the motel to tell her. Mr. Malik reveals that he actually came to tell the motel directors that he has decided to withdraw his offer for the new share issue as the company he will be dealing with have insisted that he make a cash advance against the delivery of goods as a “token of good faith.. so it was a choice between that and the motel.” He also reveals that he has decided to drop any action against the motel “That is very generous and forgiving of you father” she tells him.


In the office, Jill is visited by Mr Malik. He apologises for intruding but tells her that he wishes that he could have spoken to all the directors at the same time. “There’s only me here at the moment” she tells him. He tells her that he has decided to withdraw his offer for the shares. “This is very unexpected” she tells him. “I could not seriously be at loggerheads with my daughters generous employers” he tells her. HE reveals that he has had a good offer from a London company.


“I’m glad things are going to be settled amicably” she tell shim. HE wishes her goodbye. She asks him the name of the company that made him the offer. “I don’t suppose you will have heard of it…Leverman Duvall” he answers as he leaves. Jill looks contemplative.


In the garage office, Eddie examines a book on the desk. He is interrupted by a phone call, and slips into the washroom at the back just before Mac comes in to answer the call. While Mac is distracted, Eddie comes back into the office and closes the door to the workshop quietly behind Mac’s back.


Mac turns round and is surprised, but tells Eddie that he doesn’t have time for a chat. “That’s tragic innit?” says Eddie, pushing Mac forcibly back towards the desk. Eddie asks where Sharon is. Mac tells him that he doesn’t know. Eddie doesn’t believe him and pushes him again. “Do as you’re told. We don’t want things getting heavy round here” he tells him.


The phone rings again, but before Mac can answer it, Eddie picks it up. “Wrong number” says Eddie, slamming it down again. He then takes all three phones off the hook so they are not disturbed again. “What I’m after is a bit of co-operation – nothing fancy – just a bit of info” says Eddie. He asks again where Sharon is. Mac stresses that he doesn’t know.


Eddie tells Mac about his deal with Reg, and how just when he thought he was going to get his hands on the money “Reggie pulls a fast one”. “That come as news to you does it?” he asks Mac. “There is no way he could have swung that without a little whisper – and I’ve been wondering to myself who it might have been that done that small thing.. Guess who I came up with?” “I don’t know” replies Mac. “YOU!” Eddie tells him, pointing two fingers at his head.


Mac gets terrified as Eddie grabs him by his coat. He reveals that Reg tried to get him involved in dodgy deals when he bought the garage. This is news to Eddie, who had no idea that Reggie had such a close connection. “Well, well, well. You do come up with some real gems don’t ya?” Eddie asks Mac whether Ashley comes into the garage much. Mac tells him that he does. “Knows Sharon?” asks Eddie. “Yeah” answers Mac.


“Reggie buys a garage… Sharon manages it… Boy in blue wanders in an out…” Eddie laughs. Mac looks on nervously. “I think you’ve cracked it for me sunshine!” says Eddie, opening the door. “Where are you going Eddie?” Mac asks. “To find a certain lady!” (CREDITS)


Mac is on the phone: Look – you’ve got to find her before he does Ashley. He’s an animal that man!


Indeed he is. Some proper rough stuff from Eddie. Mac looked genuinely terrified during their scenes together – a really strong point to the episode. Some stylish direction today too – half shots / close ups / slow reveals / perfect framing. At times this looks like an episode of a crime series, and at others a lavish drama.


There was some nice location work at the start of part two, and although the characters are inside, it is a nice establishing shot, used in a way that will be familiar to watchers of Neighbours.


Some lovely comedic moments between newcomer, Paul Ross and Jill Harvey, which contrast well with the gritty Eddie Lee plot. Yet again the strands come together, and we are reminded by Ashley that Reg, Sharon, Mac, Barbara and Carole are all mixed in with Eddie somehow. It was also nice that the animosity between Ashley and Carole is still there. Good consistent characterisation.


I’m a little confused about Mr. Malik’s strange “out of the blue” offer – I guess I am supposed to think that J. Henry has been involved somewhere in this I think. It just seems like a convenient way to write out a character that isn’t really working in my opinion, which is a shame, as I really like Rashida.


Glenda and Kath do a typical “Blink and you’ll miss em” appearance this episode – but they keep the story of Doris and Tom fresh in our minds. Is there any other soap that could blend gentle war-time romance, small business issues, LARGE business issues, crime drama AND comedy – while still keeping the threads together and more importantly WORKING? This episode was well scripted and beautifully directed and (in the most part) well acted. Loved it.


Crossroads Episode: 3600: Original TX: 15-04-82 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 058



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3600


TV TIMES (Granada)

GRANADA – 6:05

CENTRAL – 6:35

HTV – 6:35



Adam Chance discovers how J Henry Pollard’s business ploys enable him to buy into the motel. Eddie Lee at last corners Sharon Metcalfe and demands important answers. TV Times (Granada for 15-04-82)


Source: https://twitter.com/woodg31/status/1117855664871596033


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                      Director: Mike Holgate


Several guests walk into the Crossroads motel. At the back of the line is a man in a dark suit that looks familiar…J. Henry Pollard.


In the office, David is fixing some drinks. “I suppose it’s a relief that Mali wont be suing us, but knowing that J. Henry is going to be a partner doesn’t exactly thrill me” says Adam. “You’ll just have to learn to live with it” replies David, handing him a drink. “Did you tell J. Henry that Malik is withdrawing his offer?” asks David. Adam says that he has “and why!”. David asks how J. Henry took the news. “Stone faced. Hard to match” says Adam. Right on cue Mr. Pollard walks in… David gets J. Henry a drink. Adam wonders whether Malik will cause any more trouble for them. J. Henry speculates that he will be too busy with his “Leberman Duval” contract. David says that he didn’t know the name of the company. Adam points out that he didn’t either – with a raised eyebrow. Jill walks in as David officially welcomes J. Henry to the board. Adam points out that there will need to be another amendment in the directory of directors. “Well Ive had warmer welcomes, but I’ll take that in the spirit in which its meant” says J. Henry smiling.


Jill invites David and Adam to help her interview the new head waiter. Adam has prior business but suggests that J. Henry be involved. J. Henry agrees, saying that a good head waiter is vital for any business with ideas of becoming a good restaurant.


In the garage, Sharon is jumpy when she hears a noise coming from the workshop. Fortunately it is Barbara. Sharon apologises for calling her over, and reveals that the reason is their mutual acquaintance – Eddie Lee. Sharon breaks the news that he is out and speculates that he may be in touch with Barbara soon. “Why?” she asks, surprised. “Well he contacted you before didn’t he?” asks Sharon. Barbara thanks her for the news and makes to leave. “Why are you so jumpy?” she asks Sharon. “I don’t suppose you ever came across Eddie in one of his more ‘persuasive’ moods?” she asks. Sharon tells Barbara that someone tipped Eddie off about the deal he had going with Reg. Barbara asks what Reg thinks about it. “Not a lot – he’s skipped the country!” Sharon reveals.


In the office, Paul Ross is being interviewed. “You first trained in Switzerland? Why was that?” asks David. “I have always wanted to be in the hotel and restaurant business….” Begins Mr. Ross. “WHY?” cuts in J. Henry, sharply. “Because of the Swiss tradition of first class hotel keeping” replies Mr. Ross, confidently… “Apart from that, my mother lives there.” Jill asks why he is in England. Mr. Paul reveals that his father was British, and when he died, he returned to England to clear up some business. J. Henry studies the CV and points out that the Crossroads Motel hardly compares with some of the places that he has worked in the past. “Lowered your sights a bit haven’t you? Wanting to come here?” asks J. Henry. Mr. Paul reveals that the job being offered is “head waiter and restaurant manager” and that is why he wants it.

The directors invite Mr. Ross to leave while they discuss what they have heard. “You were a bit hard on him weren’t you?” Jill asks J. Henry. “Yes I thought you over did it!” comments David. “Perhaps – but I thought he stood up to it very well” comments J. Henry. “Yes – I strongly recommend that you take him on”


In the restaurant a couple of menus lie on a table. Kath picks them up and watches through the double doors as Tom Logan and Doris Luke enter reception. The couple make their way into the bar.


While Tom gets the drinks. Kath goes up to Doris and compliments her on her hair… and Tom’s new clothes. Doris reveals that Tom went into Birmingham that morning to find something decent to wear.


Kath asks about the gossip that Tom is moving into Mrs. Price’s house. Doris says that it is sensible, rather than paying for the motel. “I think you’re coming round to the idea aren’t you?” asks Kath. “Don’t start that again. This is a business dinner – pure and simple” says Doris. Kath is confused. Doris tells her of Tom’s plans to buy a small shop in the village. “He’s staying on then? For good?” asks Kath.


In the office, David, Jill and J. Henry tell Barbara that they have found their new head waiter. There is a knock at the door. David and J. Henry both say “Come in”. Mr. Ross enters. David asks when he would be able to start work. Mr. Ross tells them that he will be available from Monday next week. He then invites Jill into reception to “discuss” their previous conversation. “Very well” agrees Jill coyly. When they leave David asks Barbara why she looks upset. She tells him that she will talk about it later. J. Henry declares that he has had a good day – and that he will be going to the restaurant to get something to eat.


Adam comes into the office. “We have found ourselves a first class head waiter” David tells him. Adam reveals that he has been speaking to a few people and he has discovered that J. Henry has a large interest in Leverman Duval (the company that made the convenient offer to Mr. Malik) “Its no secret” states J. Henry Confidently. “So you fixed the whole thing to get Malik off our backs… and out of your way?” asks David. J. Henry smiles enigmatically “I must go and freshen up” (END OF PART ONE)




In the bar, Tom and Doris are talking in the background, while Mr. Ross (Paul) and Jill sit at the bar. Paul tells Jill that J. Henry “frightened the life” out of him. “Who is that man?” he asks. “Just a man… with an awful lot of money!” Jill tells him. Paul asks why he has joined the board of directors. “Now that’s what Id like to know” Jill answers. On the other side of the bar, Tom asks Doris whether he mentioned that he dropped in on Mrs Price earlier in the day. He tells her that he liked the room and that he will be moving in tomorrow. “To Kings Oak – and a new beginning” they toast.


Adam walks up to Jill and Paul. She introduces him as the director that he has not yet met – and her fiancé. “I’m sorry – I hadn’t realised” says Paul.


In her flat, Sharon is sitting in the dark on the telephone. She is trying to trace Ashley, but there is no word from him. There is a noise at her door, and she turns round worriedly. It is Eddie. He has managed to break the lock and get in. Eddie turns on the lights and comes in.


He makes small talk about being busy and asks Sharon what sort of day she has had. “Average” she replies. He points out that for her – the average day is picking up telephones, talking to people, telling them things. His insinuation is clear. He knows it was her that spoke to Reg.


In the restaurant Tom is waxing on about the beauty of France. Doris points out that he has food on his chin, which he wipes off with his napkin. “Eating like a pig am I?” he asks. He is eating snails and offers one to Doris. “Not if you paid me!” she tells him. They are getting on well and they share a joke – although she points out that he has picked up a lot of peculiar habits after living in France. Tom is not concerned, and continues to tell her about how he was captured and rescued by the French Resistance during the war – and why he went back after the war to say “thank you”. “And you stayed on nearly 40 years” she points out.


Tom reveals that although there had been a few girls he had seen in France, his heart was with Doris.


After a while, Tom leaves to go the toilet. “How you getting on?” asks Kath. “Its much easier than I thought it was going to be” reveals Doris. “I didn’t realise how much we meant to one another…. Perhaps its not too late for us after all!”


In the flat, Eddie tells Sharon that he is disappointed in her. “Id have put my bottom dollar on you – do you know that?” he asks her. “Now Reg? I wouldn’t trust him down a hole with a ferret!” Sharon tells him that he is wrong about her. “What the hell made you go and do a thing like that for?” he shouts. “What was in it for you?” She tells him that there was nothing in it for her. He spits venomously that he missed out on £40,000 because of what she did. “Couldn’t you have just taken the money and gone? Did you have to shop him as well?” she asks. Eddie is furious that Reg has never been caught doing anything wrong. He asks her again why she tipped him off. “Love” she reveals. Eddie questions whether she means with Reg. Sharon tells him that she means his son, Ashley. “Ive heard everything now” he answers. She tells Eddie that she has got to know the whole family- and if it had just been Reg, she’d have done nothing – but she couldn’t stand by and hurt Jennifer and Ashley – it would have been three lives torn apart. “Four” he corrects her “Yours!” He pauses…. And VERY lightly taps her cheek.


“That evens us up a bit eh? We’ll write this off!” he says, unexpectedly. She is shocked. “I don’t know what I would have done any way… Not to you” he tells her. “If it had come to action I reckon you could have seen me off with a decent left hook” he jokes. He heads towards the door. “Where are you going?” she asks. “Try to raise some cash – and a promise” he answers. “You look after yourself  - alright?” She smiles.


“There is one thing Sharon…” he tells her … “Get yourself a decent lock!”. (CREDITS)


The phone rings “Hello Ashley – its alright now – the panics over!”


The panic is over. Crikey…. Another beautifully shot episode here, picture perfect framing shots, silhouette, tracking shots, movement in scenes… The flat set has been used superbly here – almost theatrical in the way it has been lit and in the way the scene has been blocked. Sharon and Eddie are at the top of their game acting wise – Faultless. The way the character of Sharon can make Eddie spin on a sixpence – sublime. It did feel slightly awkward when he tapped her cheek – I think even that is a bit out of place – although I’m not sure how else they could have conveyed the meaning of the scene.


Mr Ross suffered at the hands of the interview panel – doing their best “The Apprentice” impression! I half expected Mr Ross to say “Thank you for the opportunity Lord Sugar” when J. Henry started grilling him… Maybe a little too harshly eh? Speaking of Pollard – it seems I was right to be suspicious of Mr. Malik’s new deal. I’m sharp me!


I really like the fact that yet again, main characters are “doing things” in the background – being used as extras in a way – it gives life to the hotel. There was also a rather lovely fade between the flat set and the restaurant at one point. I’ve seen a lot of 1982 soaps – including Coronation Street…. Let’s not forget that Eastenders and Neighbours are still a couple of years away. This soap looks gorgeous on screen.


Crossroads Episode: 3601: Original TX: 20-04-82 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 059

Script indicates that Episode 3601 was due for TX: 20-04-82

R/R of episodes 3601-3603 between 22nd – 26th March 1982

“Week - 892”

P/N 1278



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3601



Glenda Banks tried to make friends with Carole Sands, but was rebuffed and began to suspect there was a reason why Carole resented her. Tom Logan told Doris Luke he’d taken a room at the lodgings where she lived. Doris was vexed and thought she would have to move out for the sake of appearances. J Henry Pollard set confidential inquiries in motion concerning Arif Malik. (TV TIMES)


TV TIMES (Granada)

GRANADA – 6:05


Barbara Hunter breaks alarming news to husband David about Eddie Lee. Jill Harvey is puzzled by J Henry Pollard’s refusal to take phone calls from his wife. TV Times (Granada for 20-04-82)


Source: https://twitter.com/woodg31/status/987395081689845762


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                                   Director: Dorothy Denham


David crosses reception and asks Rashida if she knows where Barbara is. Rashida tells him that she is in the office. When David gets in the office, he perches himself on the edge of the desk and reveals that their friend, Bob Powell (owner of the coach house) is giving them first refusal on buying the property as he has decided to settle overseas. Barbara tells him that she doesn’t want to buy it as she hasn’t felt at ease there since Eddie Lee walked in there. “I know it might sound over-dramatic – but it rather spoilt the character of the house for me” she tells him. David questions why she hasn’t put all that behind her. Barbara reveals that Sharon has told her that Eddie is still in the district and out to cause trouble.


At her lodgings, Doris invites Tom into her room and settles to make a cup of tea. He tells her not to bother on his account. She tells him that she has enjoyed their evening together talking about the old times. “Is this all you got?” he asks her, looking around the room… “Nowhere to do any cooking?” She tells him that Mrs Price does all the cooking. She tells him that he will be happy staying there as there is a “lounge with a colour telly and phone in the hall” Tom asks her whether she would like a place of her own. She agrees, but it would cost money “always been out of me reach” she tells him. “You deserve better Lass” he tells her. She tells him that to get the good things in life you either have to have good looks or luck, “and I was behind the door when both were handed out”. He asks why it fell to her to look after her parents. Doris tells him that her sister was married, and that you couldn’t expect a married woman to look after elderly parents. “I cant help thinking it could have been so different” he tells her. “If I’d wed you you mean?” she asks him. “If I only knew how you felt” he says. “Its too early to talk about feelings” she tells him.


In the garage, Mac is on the phone to a customer when Ashley walks in. Mac tells him that he has just missed Sharon. Ashley goes to leave. Mac reveals that Sharon has spoken to him about Eddie moving on. “For good do you think?” asks Mac. “Well it cant be for bad can it?” replies Ashley. Mac remembers about once being mates with Eddie Lee. “He was good to me – you think it would all count for something… but with Eddie there was no telling!” Mac reveals that Eddie’s personality could change like the wind. “When he thought I shopped him, he was all for filling me in” “So what stopped him then?” asks Ashley. Mac reveals that he let slip about Reg owning the garage in the heat of an argument. “Look I wouldn’t have said anything I knew was going to harm Sharon” says Mac defensively.


In the bar, Kath sneaks from behind a curtain to ask Doris how her evening went with Tom. “You didn’t waste much time did you? The morning’s only just started” says Doris. Kath says that she saw them leaving the motel together the night before. Doris reveals that they walked home. “We had a cup of tea and he left about ten to eleven… satisfied?” Doris asks. Kath asks about his plans to buy a business. “If he’s going to settle here he wont do it alone will he?” she asks. Doris isn’t so sure. She tells Kath that she knows Tom was unimpressed with where she was living. “The moment he set foot in the place I could read his mind” she says sadly. Kath points out that he came looking for her. “That should be enough!” she says. “If he offers say yes – you’d make a good wife” Kath tells her. “What’s gonna happen in 5 or 6 years time when you finish work altogether?” Kath asks. “You think I should marry Tom for security for me old age?” Doris asks. “He’s a lonely man Doris – he needs you as much as you need him!” says Kath.


On reception, Rashida is tying herself in knots, trying to speak on two telephones at the same time – one to an operator, and one to a guest. Glenda walks in carrying a tray. She asks Rashida to arrange a taxi to Birmingham for a different guest. Rashida makes a note. She speaks to the operator on the line and tells them that she is unable to accept a call from Bermuda.


Jill comes behind reception and organises some papers. Rashida discovers that the content of the call is personal, and for J. Henry Pollard. Rashida tells the operator that she has been told expressly NOT to put any such calls through to him. After the call she tells Jill that J. Henry has been getting reverse charge calls, and personal calls, and that he will accept neither. Jill suspects that he is avoiding a business caller. Rashida reveals that the caller is in fact Mrs. Pollard! Jill is shocked. Rashida asks whether she knows Mrs. Pollard. “Only what her daughter, Miranda told me” says Jill. She goes on to say that J. Henry pays the bills on the house in Bermuda but that he is rarely there “What they used to call a marriage in name only”. “How sad” replies Rashida. “What’s happened to cause all this excitement?” Jill asks. “I wonder?” adds Rashida. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the reatuarant Glenda asks her mum where Doris is. Kath replies that she has the afternoon off to help Tom settle in at Mrs Price’s house. “Do you think they’ll make a go of it?” asks Glenda. “Oh I do hope so” replies Kath. Glenda points out that being married is no guarantee against loneliness. She is sad that Kevin is away working and that she is stuck at home with them. Kath points out that he is only in Nottingham. Glenda reveals that she worried that he will meet someone else while he is away. “Put that idea right out of your head – we don’t want to go through all that AGAIN!” says Kath. “What do you mean again?” asks Glenda.


In reception Paul Ross “Mr Paul” asks Rashida what dinner reservations they have that evening. She passes him the reservations book and he takes it, but gazes just a little too intensely at her eyes. She looks away and he apologises. “I was interested in how you made up your eyes to look like that” he tells her. She says that she doesn’t wear much make up. “I realised they were naturally beautiful” he answers.  “I don’t thinks its proper for a receptionist to look too striking” she tells him. Their mutual flirtation is interrupted by Jill coming from the office. Once again their conversation turns back to reservations. Mr Paul comments that the restaurant looks busy that evening. “Good – that should keep us all busy – and out of mischief” she tells him.


In the restaurant Glenda is still worrying about Kevin. Kath suggests that she goes over to Nottingham for the weekend. Glenda begins to complain that she feels trapped at the motel – just as Mr Paul comes in. “It is a situation easily remedied” he tells her – before pointing out that it is time they were finished. “Who does he think he is talking to me like that?” she asks – clearly annoyed at her new boss.. “He’s head waiter and restaurant manager my girl… and don’t you forget it!” Kath tells her.


In her room, Doris lifts the lid of an old gramophone that has been set down on the table. There is a knock at her door – It is Tom Logan carrying some flowers which he gives to her. Tom reveals that he bought the gramophone that morning at the market. He puts on a record “Glen Miller – String of Pearls” to be precise. He reminds her of the last time they heard the song together… He starts to push the furniture aside to clear space to dance. He asks her to dance but she refuses, so he picks up a chair and dances with that instead. Eventually she takes his hand and they start to dance. “Does it all seem so long ago to you?” he asks. They look into each others eyes…. “No…” she agrees.




“Perhaps we could turn the clock back, eh?”


A bit of a “slower pace” to this episode really – probably the theme of Doris and Tom’s 40 year old romance… talk about taking it slow!


Bob Powell, who I know from the official DVD release is a friend of David gets a mention… it seems like we will soon by saying goodbye to another ATV set (The Coach House). By my reckoning that will mainly leave the chalets, the Brownlows lounge and the garage from the days of Meg. It is good when old characters get a mention… which brings us on to Kevin Banks. Blimey Glenda – if you’re that annoyed then go to Nottingham!


I like the fact that Mr. Paul appears to have settled into his position – He has a good relationship with Jill, a flirty one with Rashida, and an antagonistic one with Glenda. It does seem to give his character something of a personality.


The direction of this episode is completely different I notice – all long shots or close-ups. This episode does seem more “theatrical” i.e. stand still and face the front – we even had Kath peeking out from behind a curtain! Strange to see how the vision and style of the episodes change with each director…


We have been semi-introduced to J. Henry’s wife. I am wondering why he doesn’t want to speak to her – interesting stuff. Also interesting is that the episode does seem to revolve around people that aren’t there – Bob Powell, Sharon Metcalf, Eddie Lee, Reg Lamont, Mrs Pollard and Kevin Banks. Often Crossroads uses the plot device of a telephone conversation to cover situations like this – and I wonder whether Rashida getting tied up in telephone wires is a deliberate nod to this situation.


Crossroads Episode: 3602: Original TX: 21-04-82 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 060

Script indicates that Episode 3602 was due for TX: 21-04-82

R/R of episodes 3601-3603 between 22nd – 26th March 1982

“Week - 892”

P/N 1279



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3602


TV TIMES (Granada)

GRANADA – 6:05

CENTRAL – 6:00

BORDER – 6:35

HTV – 6:35



New restaurant manager Paul Ross gets high-handed with Jill Harvey. Valerie Pollard, wife of J Henry arrives in a huff and with an ultimatum. TV Times (Granada for 21-04-82)


Source: https://twitter.com/woodg31/status/1120031897751625729


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                    Director: Dorothy Denham


In the restaurant Kath serves a lingering customer while Mr. Paul looks on. When she has finished, she walks over “I suppose we could always ring the fire alarm!” he jokes. She asks him whether they can have a word in private. She tries to assure him that Glenda should not be taken seriously when she talks about getting another job – and blames Glenda missing Kevin for her outburst. Mr. Paul assures her that he doesn’t want to lose a good waitress “but if she wants to look for another job….” he starts to say, before Kath cuts him off. “I’m glad that you told me, and now that you have, we’ll forget all about it” he assures her. Mr. Paul tells Kath that everyone looses their temper, and that only that morning he lost his temper with Shughie Mcphee. Kath tells him that Shughie is suffering from toothache and she has packed him off to the dentist.


In the flat, Sharon is in the kitchen when she hears a noise coming from the lounge. She is worried that Eddie Lee is back, so is presently surprised when Diane falls into the room, carrying her suitcases. “What are you doing here?” asks Sharon. “I live here don’t I?” Dianne replies. Sharon goes to make Diane a cup of tea. Diane asks why she called out “Eddie”. Sharon tells her that he turned up… and went away again. “Ooh – what a disappointment” says Diane. Sharon returns to the lounge and asks Diane how her son, Nicky is. “They grow up so quick over there (America) don’t they?” she says. “They grow up dead quick anywhere, darling” Sharon replies.


Diane asks what has been going on while she’s been away. Sharon says nothing… but heir conversation is interrupted by the phone ringing. It is Ashley. Diane listens in intently. “I can see ‘Ashley’ has been happening!” she states!


Jill stands at the doors to the restaurant carrying a vase of flowers. Mr. Paul sees her and opens the doors to let her in. “That’s a handsome display. I must say you have an expert hand with flowers” he compliments her. After he leaves, Jill spots a waitress eating something from a table “Oh Jane – stop eating the leftovers – you’ll get fat anyway” says Jill. Just then Glenda comes into the restaurant to tell Jill that they are running short of tablecloths as the laundry hasn’t turned up. Jill tells her that she has a couple of emergency ones tucked away. “As long as they’re not the red checked ones from the cafeteria!” Glenda comments. Next, Suzette another waitress comes in and Jill tells her off for not wearing her cap “You’ve been here long enough!” she says jokingly.


Mr. Paul returns to Jill and asks her for a private word. He tells her that he would rather she wasn’t quite so casual with the restaurant staff. “I must ask you not to undermine my authority with them by being quite so friendly” he tells her. “I’ve always been on friendly terms” she replies. “In my experience that kind of relationship does not bring the best results” he continues. “These girls are only local, they’re not fully trained waitresses” she tells him. “But they will be by the time I’ve finished with them” he replies. “I don’t plan to be liked by the staff, only respected and obeyed” he tells her. She agrees to see how things work out “although I’m surprised after your own informal attitude with Rashida yesterday” she tells him. “She isn’t one of my staff. THAT is the difference” he argues. She smiles at him. “I plan to be on friendly terms with everyone that does not work for me… especially attractive young women”. The last few words are overheard by Adam as he enters the restaurant. Paul makes a hasty getaway as Adam tells Jill that she has a telephone call from the laundry.


In reception Diane is looking round the new reception. “Not bad” is the verdict she gives to Kath. Diane heads for the door behind the desk, thinking it will lead to the kitchen. Kath tells her that it leads to offices. “That’s a bit close. What do they have? A spy hole?” asks Diane. “There’s new offices there – and Mr. Hunters” says Kath.


Next they look at the bar, and Diane is impressed. “What does Shughie think of his kingdom?” she asks. “It hasn’t improved him any” jokes Kath. “You’ll like Mr. Paul the head waiter – everybody does” Kath tells Diane. “I can see I’ve been away too long” Diane tells her.


David appears from the office and asks Diane whether she is ready to start work. She says that she is. He asks her what she thinks of the changes since she has been away “Can’t say I’ve noticed any” she jokes. Kath laughs (END OF PART ONE)




In the garage Sharon is on the phone to someone about a re-spray, since they are not set up to complete whatever task it is. She sees someone at the door. It is Sid Hooper. She waves. After the call he asks her what the problem is and she tells him that doing such a job would take too long. Sid asks how Mac is doing as foreman. “Fine” Sharon tells him. Sid reveals that he returned from abroad as he missed the home country, and that he was all set to start work in Southampton when he received a call about Mavis being in hospital.


He asks whether there is any work going in the garage. She tells him that there isn’t any and that Mac is doing a great job. She apologises and offers to listen out for him. “Something will turn up I expect” he tells her as he gets up to leave.


In the office, David is talking to Adam and J. Henry. He tells them that he and Barbara have come to a decision and that he would like to know if they have any objections. He is interrupted by a telephone call from reception – which turns out to be from “Daniel Meath” in Bermuda. J. Henry takes the receiver and deals swiftly and quite rudely with his employee. Barbara asks if all high powered businessmen are so enigmatic on the phone and whether he was doing it to impress them. “Yes – and no – in that order! We do and I didn’t” he replies! He asks David what he wants approval on. Barbara interrupts and tells J. Henry that they are going to move out of the coach house, and that they would like to move into the private wing. “I’m all in favour of directors living on the premises – it shows dedication” says J. Henry.


In the flat, Diane gets a call from Jill (unseen) who tells her off for not looking her up when she visited earlier. Diane tells her that she arranged with David to start working next week. There is a noise coming from the hallway so Diane puts the phone down and goes to the door. When it opens it is Sharon carrying several large plastic bags and a suitcase. Sharon reveals that her landlady has let her room and that she has nowhere to stay. Diane tells her that it is bad timing as she has just been on the phone to Terry Wilson, “the physio from the squash club” who will be staying in the spare room. Eventually she can’t keep the lie going and tells Sharon to unpack her bags.


In the bar, Adam has already ordered Jill a drink, which is a relief as she is exhausted being acting housekeeper and doing her management role. They are interrupted by Glenda – apparently the spare tablecloths that she found earlier don’t match the napkins and Mr. Paul would like to know if she has any that would. Jill tells Glenda that she will sort it shortly. “It all sounds rather unnecessary and finicky to me” moans Adam. “Mr. Paul is very particular about how the restaurant looks” Glenda tells him. “Hasn’t taken him long to make his influence felt with the girls… Its all done with charm – without familiarity – subdued charisma.” “You make him sound like a cross between Omar Sharif and Brian Clough” jokes Adam.


In reception, J, Henry is enjoying a quiet drink, when a chauffer walks through the doors carrying several suitcases. A woman in a fur coat and sunglasses walks up to the reception desk “Where is my husband?” she demands. J. Henry puts down his drink “Hello Valerie” he says to her. “Oh so you ARE here then” she says. “Yes I’ve been expecting you” he answers. “I suppose that beastly Daniel Meath told you I was on my way” she goes on.

“Well, what is the meaning of this?” she asks him “Alright Valerie – you’ve made your entrance and everybody’s noticed you… now calm down.” “CALM DOWN?” she demands “After everything you’ve done? How dare you behave this way!” she warns him. “Closing all my accounts – refusing to pay my bills. What the hell do you think you’re playing at?” she asks. “I didn’t have a penny.” “You’re the best dressed pauper I’ve ever seen” he comments. “Why didn’t you answer my telephone calls and my telexes damn you?” she asks. “You knew very well what I wanted” he replies. She complains that he only left her with a plane ticket to Birmingham – that was non refundable. “I know you too well…. Just be grateful I authorised a payment for excess baggage!” he answers.

“Well you’ve got me here. Perhaps you’ll be good enough to tell me what you intend to do!” she tells him, replacing her sunglasses. “Have my wife’s luggage taken to my chalet” he orders the receptionist. “THAT for a start!” he states matter of factly. (CREDITS)


J. Henry addresses his wife: “I suggest we sit down and have a drink. You’re going to need one. There are going to be some big changes! Like them – or not!”


CAMP AS CHRISTMAS… and I love it. Valerie Pollard waltzes in to Crossroads, and things may never be the same again. This marvelous woman with the incredible sunglasses already has power of J. Henry… I’m not sure what… but I like it.


In the last few weeks we have gained Tom Logan, Mr. Paul, Valerie Pollard… we have lost Reg and Jennifer… and probably Mr. Malik….Making repeat appearances are Sid Hooper and Diane Hunter… and J. Henry Pollard. The sets and cast are changing fairly rapidly. I don’t think this is a bad thing.


It was nice to finally get a bit of a tour of the newly built motel. Thanks to Diane!


Interesting that Barbara says they are moving into “THE” private wing – i.e. the existing one – i.e. Meg’s wing of the motel. I wonder what will happen there – Considering the fuss Jill made about moving Meg’s desk a few weeks back I can’t see her too happy about any drastic changes…


Crossroads Episode: 3603: Original TX: 22-04-82 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 061

R/R of episodes 3601-3603 between 22nd – 26th March 1982

“Week - 892”



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3603


Sid Hooper’s arrival disconcerts Joe MacDonald, and Joe is even more put out when Sid asks a favour. Doris Luke gets a startling offer from old flame Logan. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                           Director: Dorothy Denham


Clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmqZFcF3JAs


“Well you’ve got me here. Perhaps you’ll be good enough to tell me what you intend to do!” she tells him, replacing her sunglasses. “Have my wife’s luggage taken to my chalet” he orders the receptionist. “THAT for a start!” he states matter of factly.  J. Henry addresses his wife: “I suggest we sit down and have a drink. You’re going to need one. There are going to be some big changes! Like them – or not!” (TITLE APPEARS)


J. Henry orders a Tom Collins from a passing waitress “It still is that is it?” he asks his wife.  “You wont find it all bad here. They have a surprisingly good restaurant” he tells her as they sit on the sofas. “I don’t care if its like the Alice Springs Railways Station Buffet” she replies “I shall only be here for one meal. After you’ve had your say I shall be going up to London for a few days… and then back to Bermuda!” “Then you will have to walk! And Swim!” he answers. “I closed your credit accounts and stopped your personal allowance for one reason… to get you HERE. Where you will stay until I decide otherwise. Don’t worry, while you are here I will continue to keep you in the way you have become accustomed. But only as long as you ARE here.” “Why do you want to keep me?” asks Valerie as she takes a sip from her drink. “I’m not trying to keep you – I AM!” he replies. “but WHY?” she asks again. “Because you’re my wife” he replies. “That’s easily remedied – Divorce me. Ive given you reason – God knows how many times” she answers. “No. I won’t” he tells her. “You know what you are? A nasty, sadistic beast” she tells him. “You must hate me” she goes on. “No – I don’t hate you” he replies. There is a pause. “I feel pretty indifferent to you” he tells her. She asks why he carries on. “Because I NEVER fail at ANYTHING” he says blankly…”including marriage – so face up to it darling – you’re stuck with me”


Sid calls in at the garage and sees Mac. He tells him that Sharon said he was doing a good job when he called in earlier. Mac asks how his old friend is doing. “To tell you the truth – the money flow is not what it was…” says Sid. Mac offers to keep his ear to the ground.


In reception Valerie is having another drink. “Put that on my husband’s bill will you?” she asks the waitress. As she begins to drink she is seen by Adam from across reception. He greets her. She apologises for not knowing his name. “It is perfectly excusable, we never met” he tells her. “My name is Adam Chance, I am one of the directors of this motel” “How do you know me?” asks Valerie. Adam explains that their daughter, Miranda showed him photographs, and that he has seen her in the colour supplements. “What I’m about to say sounds awfully trite” he tells her…”I cant believe that you’re Miranda’s mother… I mean, you look attractive enough, but…well quite honestly you look too young! I told you it sounded trite.” “I thought it sounded rather sweet” she replies with a glint in her eye… “Even if you didn’t mean i!” He asks her why she is at the motel. She tells him that “J” can be very persuasive – “like a set of thumb screws!” He asks her how long she will be staying “I’ll have to discuss that with J, but I don’t think I’ll be breaking a leg to dash away….” she says flirtatiously. “I’m glad. It would be a pity” he replies. He gets up to leave. “Goodnight Mrs Pollard” he says. “Au revoir… Adam” she replies…


In the garage, Sid explains that he had to come back when he heard that Mavis was in hospital – not that they are particularly close. He complains that he needs work, as it would take too long to claim off the social. Sid tells Mac that he knows they are busy – and that he feels that Sharon said there was no work available because he and Mac wouldn’t be able to work together. “You don’t bear a grudge, do you Mac?” asks Sid. He tells Mac that if he has to leave again it would affect Mavis badly – “break her up”


In the restaurant, J Henry and Valerie are eating their meal. “Alright if you won’t divorce me and let me go, I’ll divorce you” she tells him. “You’ll get nothing – and don’t rely on my generosity if you go against me “ he answers.  “You’ll get a reputation for being an international cheapskate” she tells him. “It’s a mans world Val. I’ll get letters of congratulations from husbands that wish they could do the same” he jokes. “I will leave you” she tells him. “And how will you live?” he responds. “I’ll find another man!” she states “To be brutally frank, my dear – no you won’t! Not the sort you need!” he replies. “You’re ten years too late for that! Take a look at any exclusive beach from Acapulco to the Greek Islands – and you’ll see the competition!” “You’ll find men to enjoy yourself with… but men to pay the bills?....” “You are an unmitigated swine!” she accuses him. “I’ve been called a lot worse!” he smirks. “I can’t understand why you’re so keen to get a divorce” he asks. “You have everything you want, and I don’t ask much of you” “Freedom – to be my own woman” she tells him. “Rubbish. You were made for the gilded cage the day you were born!” he responds. “Alright. What do you intend to do now?” she asks. “I told you – you’re going to stay here!” “out of the way of temptation?” she asks. “If you like” he replies. She ponders something. “Alright – I’ll stay – for the moment” she tells him. She tells him that keeping drunks away from alcohol doesn’t work. “What I have in mind is a definite cure!” he tells her. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the garage Doris tells Mac that she will not be wanting a lift home as her “friend” Mr Logan will be picking her up on the way back from Birmingham as she understands his car has been booked in. Mac tells her that it is ready, but he has been unable to valet it as Benny isn’t around. “You haven’t heard from Benny have you?” Doris asks him. Mac says that he hasn’t. They discuss the fact that Benny has an unusual relationship with his father, who is seriously ill (hence Benny’s absence). Tom arrives at the garage to collect his car. Mac says that there will be no charge “Any friend of Doris is a friend of mine!” he tells Tom.


In the flat, Diane sorts through her clothes for dry cleaning. There is a knock at the door. It is Ashley. “Who are you?” he asks. “I sometimes wonder that myself” she replies. “Is Sharon in?” he asks. “No sorry – she’s gone of with a China-man” replies Diane. “Two spring rolls? She should be so lucky” she jokes, before inviting him in. “You don’t know who I am.” He tells her. “Oh yes I do – you’re Terry Wilson the Phantom Physio. I could be putty in your hands!” she answers. “You’re Diane” he says. “And you must be Ashley” she replies. “How do you know that?” “I can tell a copper in the dark at 50 paces with my eyes closed” she replies. She invites him in and offers him a drink. Diane clears away the rest of her clothes from the sofa and admits that Sharon has gone for some “Chinese nosh”. She looks down at her dressing gown “I’m trying to get myself together and I’m not very good at it” she apologises. She asks him whether he works at Kings Oak station with Sergeant Tidmarsh. He says that he does, but that the sergeant is retiring next week. “It’s the end of an era” says Diane. She asks whether Ashley knows Steve Cater (her ex) he says that he doesn’t.


Sharon arrives back with the food. “Don’t tell me you know him too!” says Diane. “I’ve never seen him before in my life!” jokes Sharon. “Who is he?” “Terry Wilson! He’s alright if he sits on his hands!” “Who is this Terry Wilson?” asks Ashley. “If only we knew!” says Diane.


Sharon goes into the kitchen while Diane goes to get changed. “Always like that is she?” asks Ashley. “Not always, but you’ve got to hand it to her – she makes an effort” replies Sharon. She asks Ashley whether he is feeling a bit down. “I was rather figuring on finding you alone!” he tells her. “So what happens now about living arrangements?” he asks. “At the moment we’re sharing” she admits. “That’s a great idea!” he says sarcastically. “ You got a better one?” she asks. “No.” he admits.


In her digs, Doris is making Tom a cup of tea. Tom is talking about the shop he is interested in buying “The last owner made a lot of improvements” she tells him. He says that applying for a job with the government (i.e. post master) is difficult. She points out that he will need references and that it is a big jump – from farming to post office. “French farming at that!” she points out. She tells him that he hasn’t even got an shop experience. “You don’t think I’ll get it then?” he asks. “I didn’t say that – but I don’t want you building your hopes too high” she tells him. “I couldn’t do it alone” he tells her. “Oh no – you’d need help in the shop” she replies. “I suppose you wouldn’t consider….” He starts….” Oh ‘eck!... I’m gonna put my cards on the table. How would you feel about giving up your job at the motel and coming in with me?” he asks. She tells him that she is very happy there and that she has made lots of friends. “I don’t have much to offer… but we know each other… we get on” he tells her. “What exactly are you offering?” she asks. “ME!” he replies.




“I’m asking you to marry me!”


Right… correct me if I’m wrong – but weren’t Miranda Pollard and Adam Chance engaged at one point? Surely Valerie would know Adam Chance by name wouldn’t she? Perhaps I’m missing something… although Adam has a thing for mothers and daughters as the 1979 episodes featuring Deborah and Wendy Crisp show. I do like the flirtation between Adam and Valerie though. I want to see more of J Henry and Valerie sparring together – this is a relationship that seems quite “real” – not in terms of the writing – which is a little clichéd – but it terms of the performances, and the fact I can believe they have a shared history.


Today was momentous as it featured a boom mic in shot. Now I’ve watched 61 “UK GOLD” episodes, and this is the first one I can remember seeing – Not bad if you ask me.


My main gripe with this episode is the fact that Sid Hooper kept looking down at the desk as though he was reading his lines of cue-cards. I cant help thinking that the scenes in the garage were a bit “last minute” as the direction is pretty basic, the plot fairly repetitive and (as I mentioned) a little strange in delivery. I normally like Sid, and think he is played really well – but today – something wasn’t right… which is a shame.


Tom’s proposal was handled well, and Doris reacted as I would expect. I’m enjoying this gentle relationship a lot more than Ashley who appears to have thrown his dummy out because his girlfriend’s flatmate has come back and he wants a little “alone time” – Correct me if I’m wrong – but his parents’ house is empty since their escape from Eddie Lee – Why can’t she stay there?


Also – I liked the way the episode started with a reprise of the previous one – we haven’t had one of those for a while.


Crossroads Episode: 3604: Original TX: 27-04-82 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 062



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3604



David and Barbara Hunter were told their house was to be sold by the owner, Bob Powell. Barbara said she knew how they could avoid the problems of finding somewhere to live. The relationship between Doris Luke and Tom Logan has grown closer, and Kath Brownlow advised Doris to accept if Tom asked her to marry him. Restaurant manager Paul Ross rebuked Glenda Banks and so upset her that she was ready to walk out of the waitress’s job. (TV TIMES)


TV TIMES (Granada)

GRANADA – 6:05


Doris Luke accepts Tom Logan’s marriage proposal. J Henry Pollard puts an alarming proposition.

TV Times (Granada for 27-04-82)


Source: https://twitter.com/woodg31/status/857643386651766785


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                                Director: Malcolm Taylor


In her digs, Doris is busying herself. “Doris Duke – if you don’t finish that washing up in two seconds I shall do something drastic” says Tom, desperate to hear her answer to his proposal. “Ten minutes since I asked you a question – I’m still waiting for the answer” “Do you mind if I ask you something first” says Doris. “Why are you doing it? Is it because you feel obligated?” “Doris, men ask women to marry them for all sorts of reasons. Maybe some of them feel obligated as you put it, but I’m not one of them.” Doris tells Tom that he will have to give her time. “Do you think it will work?” she asks him. “Aye” he says. She promises to think about it. “Don’t take too long. We’ve wasted half a lifetime already” he tells her.


“Look at this bar” remarks Valerie, as they sit having drinks after their meal. “I think its rather pleasant” comments J. Henry. “There’s not a presentable looking man in the room” adds Valerie. “I bet they’ve got a lot more going for them than those worthless parasites that hang around you” he responds – to her annoyance. “My friends may be parasites darling, but they are beautiful” Valerie asks J Henry whether he is upset “knowing about the money” – “Not a lot” he replies. He asks her to think of their estate in Scotland. He tells her that he knows there are poachers – but they don’t bother him… “because I own it – and the more they poach, the more they show that they envy me! – but its mine – and while I am there they cant do a damn thing about it.” He tells her that he believes she doesn’t remember any of her lovers “when they’ve gone half a mile down the beach” – He tells her “You remember me! – every day – when you look at the furniture, your house, your jewelry! Whether you like it or not you think about me when I’m on the other side of the world!” She knows that he is right. “So don’t try to rile me by telling me about the other men in your life, because it doesn’t bother me, and every time you mention them you just become a little cheaper in my eyes!” He tells her that she had better learn to live with the people at the motel because she is going to be there “For quite some time!”


In the flat Ashley asks whether Diane is staying out of the flat to be discrete. Sharon tells him that she isn’t, and that she is just busy at the launderette. She tells Ashley that Sid Hooper called at the garage looking for a job, and even though there could be one, they had a lot of trouble with him the last time he was there “which your father had to sort out”. Ashley tells her to ignore him, but she confesses to being a soft touch. Ashley is preoccupied and starts to pace around the flat. He tells her that he is annoyed that he “looked the other way” when he found out Reggie’s shady deals, and that he is worried that someone else at the station will find out. “We’ll face that WHEN and IF it happens” Sharon tells him. He isn’t convinced. She asks him what he thinks the answer is. “Jack it in?” he asks. She points out that Eddie wont be making a statement, and that what he found out about his dad is a side issue that nobody knows about. “I KNOW!” he tells her. She suggests that he owns up to everything – his honour would be intact, but his career would be down the drain. “They’re gone! Chances are they’ll never set foot in the country again” she tells him. “It would be nice to think it was that easy” he replies.


In the bar, Valerie asks J. Henry why he is going to so much trouble. “I told you –because you’re my wife and I never fail at anything.” “I know you. There’s something else” she tells him. “There’s something much more complex than saving a marriage that must mean damn all to you anyway” “Why?” she asks him. “For your sake” he replies “Before its too late Val.”. She considers this. “I’m not going to be a hideous old hag just yet dear. All those clever plastic surgeons are going to hold me together for a few years yet” she says. “I know what you’re up to. You think I cant function in a place like this. Well you’re wrong. I AM what I am – and burying me here wont alter me at all.” “Oh I don’t intend just to bury you here. There more to it than that!” he replies. “You’re going to WORK here!” She coughs as she swallows her drink. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the bar, Jill and Barbara are carrying out checks. “How long is it now? Six weeks?” asks Barbara. Jill isn’t sure what she is talking about “You’re getting married remember!” Jill confesses that she hasn’t even considered what she is going to wear. “Second time down the aisle you cant get quite so exited can you?” Jill points out that she is older. Barbara is not convinced and asks Doris “Getting married? Doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 80?” “Oh I don’t know about that. Bound to make a difference how you feel” replies Doris – clearly speaking from experience. Jill points out that Barbara writes fiction and isn’t like that in real life. Doris asks her whether she is having second thoughts about marrying Adam. “No I’m not!” she declares. “You and Adam were made for each other” remarks Barbara. “Well its always a risk I suppose” says Doris.” But when a second chance does come along it seems a pity not to take it.” She adds.


On reception Adam points out to David that they have a block booking from a company “Up North” Barbara and Jill leave the bar and walk up to the desk. “Jill tells me that you met Mrs Pollard last night?” she asks Adam. “Let me put it this way – you wouldn’t cast her as Joan of Arc” “Blonde. Brunette, Redhead?” asks Barbara. “Exactly” replies Adam. David asks why they are so interested. Jill points out that when J. Henry married her “she was THE leading model and now she’s a celebrated hostess according to the gossip columns!”

Right on cue, Valerie and J, Henry walk into reception. J Henry introduces his wife to Barbara, Jill, David and Adam. “We’ve met” Adam points out. Valerie rolls her eyes and J. Henry looks awkward. “In here last night while you were seeing to our table” she explains. “Really?” he responds. Valerie invites them all back to Bermuda to top up their tans. Adam suggests that he and Jill take her up on her offer as part of their honeymoon. “Congratulations” she tells him. David asks whether she will be staying long at the motel. J. Henry tells them that even when he is away she will be keeping on their chalet and that she will be very busy – She will be representing J. Henry as his proxy at board meetings and for day-to-day business. “I want her to be a full working member of the management and board” he tells them.


In the bar, Sid Hooper walks in. Doris tells him that they are not yet open. “I didn’t know you were back” she tells him. “You’re one of the privileged few Miss Luke” he replies. “You’ve got a nerve coming here after the way you treated Mavis” she tells him. “you’ve got me rotten to the core haven’t you?” he asks her. He suggests that maybe he should be better off lying on a beach in Toremolinos, fighting off “the crumpet” with one hand and “legionnaires disease” with the other. Sid reveals to Doris that Mavis is in hospital. Doris is shocked. She apologises and asks whether Mavis would accept visitors. He tells her that she would. Doris agrees that in light of him being around he must be decent in some way. “Well I married her didn’t I? Must count for something I suppose!”


“I’ve said it so often I don’t get any pleasure from it now. I TOLD you so about J. Henry” says Adam as he, Jill and the Hunters retire to the office. “I warned you about letting J. Henry in – and now we’re stuck with another member of his team!” “Ive just realised how devious and scheming J Henry really is” adds Barbara. “We all knew that J. Henry would be too busy to occupy himself with the day to day running of this motel” points out David. “I tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen to me” stresses Adam. “Did you notice Valerie’s face when J. Henry mentioned her working here?” Barbara asks thm. “Yes! Like she just won a six month holiday to Siberia!” agrees Jill. “I cant see her taking an active interest in actually working here” David adds. “You can clutch at straws… But I say it again – there IS going to be trouble with her here” says Adam. “A lot of trouble!”


In her digs, Doris is cleaning when Tom comes in. Doris tells him to put the kettle on. “Tea can wait…. I can’t!” he says, grabbing her round the waist. He reveals that he has an interview about becoming the next sub-postmaster of Kings Oak. Doris is pleased. “There is definitely one thing that would sway the balance” he tells her. “If I could tell them I was going to wed a hard working, intelligent, honest as the day is long…..” She cuts him off. He asks her whether she has come to a decisssion. “Yes I have” she replies.

“I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I know some people would say it’s a risk and we’re out of our minds. It’s a second chance for both of us and I don’t think we should throw it away… so I’m saying… yes! I don’t know if I’d make you a very good wife, Tom, but I’d like to try! He reaches into his pocket for the ring. “Will you wear this now?” he asks her. “Of course I will” she tells him. (CREDITS)


“We’re very lucky – both of us!”


Aw…. She said “Yes”. I have to say I’m surprised, but the relationship has been built up well, and acted beautifully by Tom and Doris. There is some lovely script symmetry of Tom / Doris and J. Henry / Valerie – both dealing with marriage in two different ways – the cynical couple and the couple just starting out together. Well plotted actually.


OK – so the scriptwriters layed it on a bit thick with Doris and her conversation with Jill and Barbara – but I’ll forgive them, as Doris’ opinion about wasting time was formed by it. There’s coincidence and then there’s “unlikely” – The cleaner and the management discussing marriage DOES seem a little strange – but you never know.


Ashley’s guilt is good – I like it when plot elements linger and this one is no exception – as any mention of Reg pleases me. Speaking of lingering plots – it was nice that Sid was able to add to Doris’ thoughts about marriage too. Good stuff.


There was a comedy “hand pose” from Doris into the credits, which I thought was funny – but not as funny as getting the SECOND word in an episode wrong. Who the hell is Doris Duke? And why not start again?


Crossroads Episode: 3605: Original TX: 28-04-82 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 063



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3605


TV Times (Granada)

GRANADA – 6:05

BORDER – 6:35



Glenda Banks has a deep disappointment. Joe MacDonald puts in a good word for Sid Hooper. Jill Harvey drops a bombshell about her work. Diane Hunter is suspicious of Paul Ross. TV Times (Granada for 28-04-82)


Source: https://twitter.com/woodg31/status/858015951643652096


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                         Director: Malcolm Taylor


David and Barbara walk into reception weighed down with baggage. Rashida asks whether they need any help. David tells Barbara to take a breather while he takes their belongings through to the private wing. This is the first Rashida has heard of it. “Is there something wrong?” she asks Barbara. “I think its time for a change” replies Barbara. Barbara goes on to complain about the amount of stuff they have accumulated. Rashida talks about the difficult decision they faced when they fled from their own country. “You make our problems sound quite trivial” she says.


In the garage Sharon is dealing with a difficult phone call from a customer that doesn’t want to pay from the work that the garage did on his car as it is covered by warranty. “Like hell it is” replies Mac.


While Mac deals with the call, Diane comes in to collect the cups… and complains about the hoard. “Yes well I can explain that – we had a tea party” says Sharon.  Mac puts the phone down and reveals that the gentleman was trying to cover his tracks with his wife – not owning up that he had pranged the car. “Typical Men!” says Diane.


Diane asks Sharon how things were with Ashley the previous night. Sharon makes unhappy sounds… “Its not cos I’m back is it?” asks Diane. “He’s wrestling with his conscience” Sharon tells her… before revealing that the source of anxiety is his dad, Reg. “What about him?” asks Diane. “There hangs a  tail…” begins Sharon…


In the bar, Glenda hums a tune badly… and loudly. Kath walks in “Not so loud, Mr. Paul will be after you” she says to her (clearly tone-deaf) daughter.


Glenda reveals that she is just happy as she will be seeing Kevin later that night. Glenda asks her mum to pick up some shampoo from the chemist before asking whether she said anything to Mr. Paul about her. “Of course I didn’t. Whatever gave you that idea?” she asks.


Kath says that she hasn’t but changes the subject back to shopping. She reveals that she needs to buy extra meet for the evening meal as Doris is coming… with Tom Logan. She leaves. Glenda sings again.


Sharon asks what is happening with the difficult customer from earlier. Mac reveals that he will be paying up! Sharon comments that she seems to spend half her time arguing with similar customers over the phone. She says that it used to Victor’s job. “You’re not looking at me I hope” he tells her – He is too busy typing up a job sheet.


Sharon speculates who they should get to take that particular responsibility. “Would he be over me?” Mac asks.  “I can’t see why” replies Sharon. “You’re the boss out there” she tells him. He ponders for a moment “What about Sid Hooper?” he asks. “Wouldn’t it be treading on your toes?” she asks him. “Not if its underlined from the beginning” he responds.


In reception Mr. Paul asks Rashida whether she has seen Mrs. Harvey. She tells him that she hasn’t. At the moment Glenda appears and he then asks her to find Mrs. Harvey as they are still having problems with napkins. “Well I’m off duty in half an hour – my husband’s coming from Nottingham” she tells him. “Oh well – in that case I had better run my own errands” he replies. “He can be quite nice when he wants” Glenda tells Rashida. She agrees. The telephone rings and Rashida answers it. It is Kevin so she calls Glenda over. “He cant be home already” says Glenda.


Kevin (unseen or heard) tells Glenda that he is unable to come home as planned. “Of course I’m disappointed – I was looking forward to seeing you” she tells him. “Yes there’s always the overtime Kevin – that makes up for everything doesn’t it?” she says sarcastically. “Well if you can’t you can’t. I just wish you hadn’t said you were coming in the first place – that’s all!” She slams down the phone. “His job must come first” Rashida tells her. “I’m sick of his rotten job – I wish he’d never taken it!” says Glenda, storming off. (END OF PART ONE)




Jill walks into the office. “Where’s Barbara?” she asks David. “She’s hanging pictures in the sitting room” he tells her. “Oh. What do you think of our new colleague?” she asks. “Valerie Pollard? I’m quite surprised that J. Henry married her – I wouldn’t have thought she was his type” replies David. There is a knock at the door. It is Mr. Paul with the evening’s menu. “It’s a bit ambitious isn’t it?” asks David. Mr. Paul explains that after some consideration he decided that Shughie could manage! “He really is a good chef, I think he just needed some encouragement in the past” explains Mr. Paul. “Good Luck” says David.


Mr. Paul takes Jill to one side to show her some of the napkins that have been delivered from the laundry. He explains that although they aren’t clean enough it isn’t entirely the laundry’s fault as they are poorly manufactured.  “And while we’re on the subject, I’d like to go through all the linen with you Mrs. Harvey – piece by piece” he tells her.


She agrees to sort the issues with the linen, but when Mr. Paul leaves she points out that she never wanted to be housekeeper. “I quit” she declares. “Do I take it you don’t like being housekeeper?” jokes David. “I think we ought to appoint somebody full time” she tells him. HE agrees with the idea. Jill suggests that they employ one of their present members of staff. “Promotion internally always creates petty jealousies” he states.


Glenda storms into the house as Kath is preparing the table. “He’s not coming” she complains. “He’s working again” she adds. “He seems to think that money makes up for everything” she goes on. “Never mind love. Perhaps the weekend eh?” asks Kath. “Im beginning to think he doesn’t want to come home” she says mournfully. “He cant help it if his boss wants him to work overtime. His job comes first love” Kath tells her. Glenda reluctantly agrees that they cant do much without money.


Arthur arrives home and sees the table set. “What’s all this? Visitors?” he asks grumpily.  Kath reminds him that Doris is their guest for tea. “with her boyfriend” adds Glenda, before going upstairs for a bath. Arthur asks where Kevin is and Kath explains. Arthur says that he thinks Glenda would be better off in Nottingham with Kevin. “No she wouldn’t” replies Kath.


Arthur asks what Glenda meant about Doris’ boyfriend. Kath tells him about Doris and Tom’s previous engagement 40 years before. “And what I can see, they’re going to be picking up where they left off!” she says. “RUBBISH” declares Arthur strongly. “Getting married at their age?” he asks.


Sid arrives in the garage office. “I think I might be able to help you Sid. There is a job going” Sharon tells him. “I’m desperate I am… I wont be any bother” he tells her. “There’s something I want understood right from the start” she tells him. “Mac… He’s the foreman – I don’t want that undermined in any way!” Sharon explains that as well as being in the workshop, he will be expected to work on the phone. “Sort of more managerial then?” he asks. “In a way” Sharon agrees. “Let’s underline this… I’m the manager” she explains. “Mac’s the foreman” she repeats. “And I’m the dogs body?” he asks. He agrees and thanks her. “I don’t want any old habits either” she tells him – pointing out that she expects him to arrive on the dot every morning, and not slip off to the bookies in the afternoon. “I’m a reformed character you know” he replies. “I’;; believe that when I see it!” she answers.


In reception Diane brings Rashida some menus. She asks Rashida whether she enjoys working there. “Its interesting – things are always happening” says Rashida. “You can say that again” replies Diane.


Jill leaves the office and heads for Mr. Paul. She explains that they will be appointing a full time housekeeper. He tells her that he thinks it is a good idea, but that he is sad that he wont be talking to her about housekeeping matters from now on. “We’ve decided to promote one of the experienced staff…” says Jill. This conversation is overheard by Diane.


Mr. Paul walks over to reception to pick up some information and he sees Diane leaning on the desk. “Diane – a word” he tells her. “Yeah – sure Paul” she replies casually. She wanders over to the other side of reception biting her nails. He tells her that her hair is rather long and that he would prefer her to keep more of it inside her cap when she is in her uniform.  “Oh I see” she answers. He then tells her that she should keep out of reception unless it is absolutely essential for her to be there. “Is that all?” she asks him, clearly annoyed. “Almost. In future, please address me as MR Paul.” “Very well, Mr. Paul” she replies. “You see Diane. I rely more heavily on the experienced girls – like yourself” he adds.


“If YOU, with the illustrious name of Hunter set a good example,  the other girls will follow.”


Mr. Paul leaves. Diane tells Jill that she doesn’t like Mr Paul very much. “There’s something smarmy about him” she adds. “You always said you were a rotten judge of character” Jill replies. Diane says that she is a good judge of character…“AND I DON’T LIKE ‘IM” she adds defiantly. (CREDITS)


“I don’t trust these men who smile all the time. I’ve seen it all before!”


I’ve got to be honest – not an enthralling episode. Don’t get me wrong – LOTS happened, but it was all a little too rapid for me. This episode seems a bit like a filler that had the tiresome job of changing storylines…


At the beginning Kevin was coming over, and there was lots of talk of that… and then he wasn’t. Sid – who’s been hanging around for days was finally offered a job… The Brownlow’s talk about Doris coming over later with Tom… Barbara and David carry some boxes but don’t move anywhere as such…  Jill finally snaps over the linen in the restaurant. I suppose the new directions of the stories are clear to see – disagreement between Mac and Sid in the garage perhaps? Diane and Mr. Paul rubbing each other the wrong way? The quest for a new housekeeper?


At least one things is clear – the reason why Diane seems to have developed Farrah Fawcett hair – it’s to annoy Mr. Paul!



Crossroads Episode: 3606: Original TX: 29-04-82 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 064



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3606


Arthur Brownlow resents new neighbour Joe MacDonald. J Henry Pollard warns Adam Chance to stay away from his wife Valerie. (TV Times)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, Michala Crees, David Garfield.                                                   Director: Malcolm Taylor


Now I don’t normally include the UK Gold continuity announcements, but this was a good one – by Glen Allen – so here it is:

“What do you think of that slimy Paul Ross? Makes Adam Chance look like Bonnie Langford”


Adam is busy manning the desk when Diane leaves the office and walks over. She is wearing a coat. “Why the disguise?” he asks her. “Mr Paul doesn’t want the restaurant staff to be loitering in reception in their uniform”. “Oh go on  - tell me why?” he asks her. “It looks bad and it makes the customer wonder what sort of service they’re going to get inside the restaurant” she repeats. “Well… he’s right of course” Adam agrees reluctantly.  “He’s also told me, me ‘airs to long and I’ve got to keep it in me ‘at” she grumbles. “Well I think it suits you better – you can see more of your face” he tells her. He asks her to wait while he finds a list of guests that are going to be late – but before he can find it Diane asks when they will be appointing a new housekeeper. Adam is surprised that she knows. “Where did you hear that?” he asks. She tells him that it is something she overheard earlier. “It IS a very interesting job IF you can afford the time and you can concentrate on it” she tells him – as subtly as a  brick… In fact Diane is just about to ask about the job when Valerie Pollard enters reception wearing a little black number…


“Good evening Adam” she says, waltzing up to the desk. She asks Adam to organise a menu to be sent through to her in the bar, ignoring Diane completely. Mr. Paul appears and wishes her a good evening. She then orders Mr. Paul to fetch her a menu, which he does. “Would you care to give me your order now – I shall see to it personally” he tells her. There are few exchanged glances between Adam and Valerie while Diane listens to Mr. Paul with a pained expression on her face…. As Valerie leaves Mr. Paul’s attentions turn to Diane, but before he can  reprimand her for lingering in reception, Adam tells him that she is in fact waiting for a list of guests. “Yes of course” Mr. Paul agrees, and leaves.

Adam considers the fact that Mr. Paul is very good at his job “He never stops ‘whirring away’…and he has charm” he says to Diane. “Isn’t it funny? I don’t like him, but everybody else seems to.” she says.  “Jill thinks he’s the nicest thing since stainless steel” she tells Adam. “Really?” he asks her. “Yeah” she replies.


“It looks lovely Mum” says Glenda, as she admires her mum’s skills at making shapes out of paper napkins” “I thought you meant me for a moment” says Arthur, walking into the lounge in his best blazer and tie combination. “You look almost human” The women laugh. Arthur doesn’t.  He also doesn’t like visitors “The last thing I want to do after a day at work is make conversation with a total stranger” he grumbles, settling down with his paper. Kath points out that Doris isn’t a stranger. Arthur is talking about Tom Logan of course “He’s from Yorkshire” Kath tells him hopefully. “Is he? It’ll be all Geoff Boycott and Leeds United then” he moans. “I should think so – he spent most of his life in France” Glenda corrects him. “Oh?” Arthur says, his interest increasing.


The doorbell rings – Arthur is even more unhappy that they are early… but not as unhappy as when it turns out to be Mac. “Good evening Mr Brownlow” Mac addresses him. Arthur looks uncomfortable but mutters a greeting. Mac asks whether he can borrow their lawnmower. Arthur is about to refuse, but Kath gets in first and tells him that he can.  Glenda takes Mac out the back. “What did I tell you? They haven’t been in five minutes and its started already!” he tells Kath. “Darn Cheek!” he complains. “What’s the matter with you?” she asks him. “You didn’t complain when Mr. Harrison lived next door – he was always borrowing things” “Well that was different” he tells her… he explains that the lawnmower is temperamental, and if he doesn’t know how to handle it he will ruin it.  “They’ll take advantage Kath” he adds. “Do you know you’re getting really crabby in your old age” she tells him.


In Doris’ flat, Tom is excitedly talking about his interview. “It couldn’t have been easier – they made me as welcome as if I had every qualification that was going” he explains. Doris is half listening, and applying lipstick. “Oh – you’re hopeful then?” she asks.  “I’d say the post office is as good as ours” he replies. Doris suggests that they had beter hurry, but Tom is busy thinking about getting away for a few days – to the country. “We could go to ‘The Bear Inn’ – that little pub in Staffordshire – where we went that first time we went on holiday by ourselves” he suggests. “If we are lucky we might get a double room” he adds. “Better make it two singles – it’ll be different once we’re wed” she tells him.  “What’s this Arthur Brownlow like?” he asks her. “Comes from Machester” she replies. “Oh ‘eck!” adds Tom. “It’ll be all ‘black puddin’ and Bolton Wanderers!”


Arthur Brownlow pours himself a sneaky sherry, but is interrupted when Glenda, Mac and Kath come into the lounge. “Mac’s fixed the mower” declares Glenda excitedly. “I only adjusted it” Mac corrects her. Kath suggests that Arthur give Mac a sherry. Arthur hands one over. “I cant stay too long” says Mac. “I expect your wife will be wondering where you’ve got to” Arthur tells him. Glenda suggests that he will be glad when hes finished moving in. “I’m not moving again for anything of anybody” says Mac. Arthur asks Mac what he paid for the house. Mac tells him £24,000. Arthur is surprised.


The doorbell rings. Tom and Doris are welcomed in by Kath. Kath introduces Tom as Doris’ friend “My fiancé actually” Doris corrects her. Everyone congratulates her and Glenda gets a close look at her ring.  Mac wishes them further congratulations and leaves. Arthur offers them all a drink of sherry. Kath isn’t satisfied with this and asks Arthur to go down the off license to get some champagne. “I’ll pay for it” she mutters under her breath. (END OF PART ONE)




At the Brownlow’s the meal is over and Arthur is busy polishing off the last of his glass of champagne. Tom thanks Kath for the best meal he has had since he left France. Doris lingers at the back as they leave and personally thanks Arthur for the champagne” Don’t mention it” he tells her.


In the hallway, Doris reveals to Kath that they will be going away. “Just the two rooms – it wont be expensive” she says.


“Thank the Lord that’s over” declares Arthur. Kath points out that he got on well with Tom. “It was all I could do from keep laughing in his face” replies Arthur. “Have you ever heard of anything so daft in all your life?” he asks. “Married at his time of life? Fancy aving escaped it all this time just to wind up with somebody like Doris.” – “She’ll make him a very good wife” suggests Kath. “She looked 10 years younger” adds Glenda. “In six months he’ll look like the rest of us – old before his time” suggests Arthur.


“Another one of those?” Adam asks Valerie as he approaches her in the bar.  “At least you don’t look as pale as most people around here!” she tells him. “I try to get on my boat as often as I can” he replies. “Hello Sailor!” she adds cheekily.  She suggests that she wouldn’t like to see anyone in the bar without their clothes on. There is silence. She offers him a nut. “You must take me to see your boat one day…or night… How about tonight?” She asks whether there is sleeping accommodation. “There are couple of bunks” he replies. “Fancy!” she replies. She tells him that the only problem with living in the sun is that it ages her skin. Although she points out that hers is still pretty smooth – all down to not staying in the sun too long, and having a wonderful masseuse. She touches his hands and says how smooth they are… just as J. Henry appears behind them. “Hello there!” he states. J. Henry has arrived to tell his wife that he has to travel down to London that evening. “All these unsocial hours!” comments Adam. “Not for me. I would never make a tycoon!”


J. Henry asks Valerie whether she would mind leaving him with Adam for a while to discuss business.  She wishes them both goodnight and leaves.  “My wife’s an attractive woman – wouldn’t you say?” J. Henry asks Adam.  “Very attractive” agrees Adam. J. Henry looks straight at Adam… “I haven’t much time so I’ll come straight to the point. I know exactly the sort of life my wife leads. The ‘beach bums’ and ‘gigolos’ don’t bother me – but men like you are different – and I wont tolerate it! Do you understand? I’ll spell it out. KEEP CLEAR OF MY WIFE OR I WILL BREAK YOU!”.  J. Henry leaves and Adam ponders this warning.


In the flat there is a knock at the door. Diane’s answers it to find Ashley standing there. “She’s given up on you – she’s in the bath!” she jokes. She invites him in but Ashley refuses as it is getting late. “Oh you’re an early boy are you?” she jokes. Diane goes into the kitchen to make him a coffee and he reveals that he has been on a call out to a break in at a local warehouse. “Just yobbos!” he tells her. When she returns Diane asks him about his plans. “Sharon tells me that you’re moving house – selling up?” she asks.  He confirms this and says that there are dust sheets everywhere. “Its like living in a tent” he tells her. She asks him about the station house – but he tells her that Sergeant Tidmarsh isn’t in a rush to move out “Anyway – things are a bit uncertain” he adds. “It wouldn’t have anything to do with Sharon would it?” she asks.  He tells her that he is talking about work – as there is a course coming  up. “You fellas are always going off on courses” she tells him. HE suggests that maybe it is time to find something else to do. “Like what?” she asks him. “No idea” he admits.  Diane asks whether disenchantment hits policemen a  lot. She tells him that Steve (Cater – her ex) was always going to leave the force. “What did he do?” asks Ashley. “He stayed didn’t he? He was dedicated” she replies. Ashley reveals that “some things got in the way” of his dedication. “Yes I know about those” Diane tells him.  He is concerned “I know enough to know that it would be a shame to throw something good away”


Adam is burning the midnight oil in the office. His jacket is off and his shirt unbuttoned. Valerie walks in. “Is this where I get room service?” she asks.  He tells her that room service is closed down for the night. “I’m a very good friend of one of the partners” she tells him…. “and hoping to be a better one!” “You’re married to one” he answers her. “You look as though you’ve seen an empty grave with your name on it” she purrs as she moves closer to him. “J. Henry has frightened you off hasn’t he?” she asks. “I am going to be married in six weeks” he replies. “You’re not going to tell me that you’re not going to have any women friends after you’re married?” she asks him. “I’ll tell you what – if you’re not going to give me room service, then perhaps I can give you some? –like sewing a button on your shirt?” “I don’t need a button sewing on my shirt!” he tells her. “Yes you do” she tells him, as she pulls one off, leaving it even more open.


He moves from behind the desk and she comes up to him. “Why don’t you take me to see your boat NOW?” she asks. “In the dark?” he asks. “More romantic” she suggests. She tells him to call at her chalet in five minutes “Chalet number five” (CREDITS)


Adam gathers his jacket, and picks up the phone – a smile on his face


Some dialogue triumphs this episode – the comedy parallels between Tom and Arthur with their Lancashire / Yorkshire divide was good – and the NOT too subtle room service line from Valerie made this extremely enjoyable to watch. It had me smiling anyway.


Speaking of parallels, the image of Arthur in his best blazer contrasted really well with Mac in his red sweater. Clearly men from two different walks of life… or am I reading too much into this?


Adam was wonderful today, some smooth comments to Diane at the start of the episode led well into the “seduction” scenes between he and Valerie… although actually I do have a problem with this. J. Henry has been set up as an uber – businessman and a ruthless operator. He threatens to BREAK Adam, yet Adam still goes along with Valerie for a bit of fun. Seems a little too reckless and diminishes J. Henry’s power. I know the womanizing is perfectly “in character” – but Adam has always struck me as someone that would look after his financial interests first – yet here…. Hmmm.


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