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Crossroads Episode: 3556: Original TX: 05-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 014: Repeat TX: 21-11-96



Benny went to see his father, who had suffered a heart attack. Reg Lamont cannily resolved the angry dispute between Adam Chance and Sharon Metcalfe, and strongly hinted at expansions in the garage business. Arthur Brownlow disgraced himself at a dinner/dance. Sister-in-law Rose Scott brought him home, leaving his wife to put on a brave face at the party. At home, Rose had to evade Arthur’s attempt to flirt. (TV Times)


Rose Scott finds an unexpected ally in Mavis Hooper. David Hunter has dramatic news for his wife, Barbara. (TV Times)


Kath removes the Christmas cards from the mantelpiece at the Brownlows’. She asks when “twelfth night” is. Kevin says that it is the “6th” and Glenda replies that it is “tomorrow”. Kath asks Arthur how he found breakfast “Excellent” he replies. Kath jokes about him sulking over New Years Eve. He tells her that he doesn’t understand why she had to stay at the party and leave Rose to bring him home. Kath says that it would have been “most impolite” if they had left together. “Somebody had to stay and represent you in front of all the senior staff” she tells him. Kevin tells Arthur that Kath worked wonders soothing down Mrs. Jenkins as she was threatening to…. Arthur grumpily suggests that “anything could have happened” with Rose bringing him home. “AUNT Rose and ‘Hot Gossip’ (the sexy dance troupe) couldn’t have livened you up – the state you were in!” says Glenda. Kevin remarks that they haven’t seen much of Rose since that night and Glenda adds that “she’s been moody too.” At that point Rose makes an entrance – and Arthur excuses himself. “You don’t have to leave on my account” she tells him. Kath arrives back in the lounge as Kevin and Glenda get up to leave. Rose tells Kath that she thinks she might be outstaying her welcome.


At the garage Jill is disappointed to learn that Mac will be unable to do he car this week. “What do I have to do to get my car serviced?” she asks. “You can start by getting a kit and going to evening classes.” he replies. Jill tells Mac that she thought they were after extra staff. Mac tells her that they have advertised but had no replies. Jill changes the subject and asks whether Sharon is back. Mac tells her that she is. Jill asks how she and Adam are getting on. Mac tells her that they were getting on okay but that he gets “tetchy.” “It’s just a bad patch,” says Jill. “He’ll get over it”


In the motel office David is busy looking over some paperwork when Kevin comes in. David asks him whether he would have some time to do some work at the Coach House – for some extra money. “Sure” replies Kevin. “No hard feelings then?” asks Kevin – about the strike. “You did when you felt you had to do” says David who makes it clear that he knew Kevin offered to rejoin the union. Kevin acknowledges that his former mates probably think he “got above himself” when he tried to set up on his own. David tells Kevin that he think Dobson handled the situation very badly.


Rose arrives at Mrs Hooper’s boarding house to find Mavis preparing sprouts. “Iris is out shopping” Mavis tells her. “You look after your lodgers properly – and that’s a fact” says Rose. Rose makes the real reason for her visit known when she tells Mavis that she knows someone that would be interested in letting Benny’s former room. Mavis says that she is interested until Rose reveals that it is she who is interested. “Don’t go racing on like that – there is Iris to consider” says Mavis. “I’m not saying yes, and I’m not saying no until I know what Iris thinks about it” says Mavis.


Iris walks in. “I don’t want her here. No way! declares Iris. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) “I know I’ve done some things in my time.. but my own daughter saying a thing like that” says Rose disappointedly. Iris is clearly upset and unwilling to listen. Mavis has enough and tells Iris to stop “hiding under the table” like a child, and Rose to stop sitting on her “pink fluffy cloud”. She tells them that they have to sort things out. “You might as well start now”. “No!” shouts Iris “If she comes here I’m going” she threatens. “You wouldn’t do that – not to me” Mavis tells her calmly. “No, I suppose you’re right” admits Iris. Eventually Iris concedes that Mavis needs the money from the room and gives in. “I’ll start packing right away” beams Rose as she leaves.


At the coach house things are a lot more sedate. David opens a bottle of wine as Barbara joins him with the news that it is Carole’s first try at boeuf bourguignon. David walks through to the kitchen and Carole tells him that her leaving could be his decision as they are looking for a mechanic at the garage. “Did you know?” she asks him. “Its not my garage,” he tells her “The name’s the same, but that’s just geography.” Carole asks David whether she could put a word in with Adam. “I don’t think I have much influence” he tells her. He tells Carole that Mr. Chance was very interested in her thoughts on industrial relations on a previous visit and he promises to have a word. Barbara comes into the kitchen and reminds David about the damp patch. David announces that he has had a word with Kevin Banks. “The one they had the strike over?” asks Carole. David tells Carole that he is coming to have a look at the job and that she will need to let him in. He warns her not to start talking politics with him. Carole agrees, but asks whether she can leave early to go and check up on The Chester’s – the elderly couple that she keeps an eye on. Carole tells Barbara that she is concerned because of the cold weather. “You feel it more when you’re old don’t you?” she asks David.


At the Lamont’s Reggie is on the phone “Of course I think it’s a good idea – I suggested it in the first place” he says cryptically. Jennifer enters the lounge holding the silk flower arrangement that she received from Sharon for Christmas. Reggie reveals that it was Sharon on the phone. He tells Jennifer that Sharon is “going to see an old friend of mine… Eddie Lee… It’s a business thing.” Jennifer remarks that Sharon and Adam seemed a little when she saw them. “Could be” agrees Reggie. He reveals that he sorted out ‘a row’ between them the other day. “Why?” asks Jennifer. “because its not in her nature to climb down – and he’s a bit of a prune.” replies Reggie. “You know a lot about her nature do you?” she asks suspiciously. “its not like that at all” he replies. “Well if its not – its not for want of trying” she accuses him. “You should stick to the office popsies” she tells him “With Sharon you’re in quite a different league.”


At the coach house Barbara asks David what is wrong as he seems to be a million miles away “ten and a half miles to be exact” he corrects her “The motel!...I took on an ambitious programme that needed quick results” he confides in her. “We don’t have any real income for about 4 months.” He goes on to say that they have finished negotiations with the insurance company and the accountants and it is not good news. He tells her that the motel was under-insured to the value of £100,000. “Was Meg in charge of the insurance?” Barbara asks. David admits that it is he who let things slide – and that he has over-reached himself. “How bad is it?” she asks. “Bad.” He replies. “We might never open again!” (CREDITS)


“Jill – are you seeing Adam this evening? I want to call a directors’ meeting. Nine O’clock 

(Site ref: 3:2)


How clever that the Brownlow family know it’s the 5th of January in the real world too! Is it me or did I miss Adam Chance going round to the coach house for drinks? Apparently he enjoyed listening to Carole’s thoughts on industrial action… Hmmm. Not sure I would. Comedy moments today centre mainly on Rose teasing Arthur about his drunken moves and I’m glad we get to find out why Rose accompanied Arthur home from the party. The “end of part one” cliffhanger is an obvious contrivance as Iris contradicts herself a few minutes into Part Two, and I getting a little bored of the “will they / wont they” resolve their differences plot. Strangely the backdrop behind David in the office window has changed back to the greenery that is usually there. I noticed that when the strike was right outside the window in Episode 3553 there was a building behind the strikers. I assumed it was part of the new build – but clearly the strikers must have taken it down again… or perhaps I’m not supposed to notice? Absolutely the finest scene of the day though concerns Jennifer and Reggie. I did wonder whether she was going to comment on Reg’s obvious affection for Sharon – and here she did exactly that… and then some. Reggie looked petrified when she spoke to him. Superb. As for the cliffhanger “We might never open again!” – Whooo – Could this be the end for the Crossroads motel? Somehow I doubt it.


Crossroads Episode: 3557: Original TX: 06-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 015: Repeat TX: 22-11-96


Rose Scott decides on an important change which she believes will bring her closer to daughter Iris. Sharon Metcalfe fails to damp Reg Lamont’s hopes.(TV Times)


At the breakfast table Arthur is looking at the post. “What’s all that about?” asks Kath. “Oh nothing – I’ve just won £10,000 that’s all.” Jokes Arthur. Kath and Arthur discuss the junk mail that has told him he has ‘already won a prize’ Arthur wonders whether the amount companies spend on advertising costs more than they get back. “No wonder the country’s in a mess” says Glenda. Arthur worries that his daughter is not feeling well. Rose walks in the lounge and Arthur jokes about his watch being wrong if Rose is up this early. “I didn’t know you could be this amusing early in the morning… even if you can be a riot at night” she teases. Arthur is thrilled when Rose tells them she is moving into Mrs. Hooper’s and he offers to drive her round himself. “Oh what a beautiful morning” he sings as he leaves for work. Rose admits to Glenda that living under the same roof as Iris will give her a chance to get to know her.


Adam and Jill arrive in Meg’s sitting room for the directors’ meeting to find David sitting at the desk. “Ah – all on time” he says. David tells them that he has been in touch with the bank, and he feels that they will be willing to support them with a loan. Adam isn’t surprised given the high interest rates. David suggests that there is an alternative – and that is to make more shares in the motel available. “Non voting shares of course?” asks Adam “That would make our stake in the company that much smaller – particularly my own.” he says. “Four percent of something is better than five percent of nothing” David tells him. Jill asks whether Barbara (as a director) will vote with David. He tells her that she will. Adam declares that he has found a buyer for the garage. David asks whether he would be interested in the shares. “Not without a voting right” counters Adam. “We agree then. We look for an outside buyer” replies David.


Reg arrives at the garage to find Sharon lost in thought. She tells Reggie that she is visiting Eddie in prison that afternoon. “Yes, I remembered” he tells her. Sharon admits that she is nervous of seeing Eddie again. “Its nearly a year now…. Any thoughts I might have had…I’ve got to face them all again haven’t I? Reg tells her what to expect when she is there and then asks if she will be late back. “I thought I might pop round” he tells her. “Might not be a pretty sight” she replies. “I’ll risk that” he answers.(END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Kath is concerned that it is past six and Arthur isn’t back. She asks Rose whether she will be alright at Mrs Hooper’s. Rose says “Its like the Ritz compared to what Ive been used to in my time.” Glenda offers to take Rose’s cases outside. The phone rings and Arthur is on the other end. He says that he will be unable to take Rose to Mrs. Hooper’s as he has a backlog at work. “What am I going to tell Rose then?” she asks, but Arthur hangs up. Glenda telephones for a taxi instead.


Jill walks down the hallway and into the lounge with the minutes of the directors’ meeting. “you’re not sure are you?” asks David. Jill says that it is because Adam is upset. David says that “if he sees it as a battle of egos he is bound to be upset.” Jill tells David that she knows that it isn’t that. She tells David that she has a lot more to lose than Adam. “I like you – I care about you” he tells Jill, “He is an operator our Mr. Chance. He’s a bit too smooth.” Jill agrees that she was unhappy with Adam when he sold 5% of his shares to David under her mother’s nose (giving David a controlling stake). David agrees that it took the two of them to organise that particular deal. “I’m not playing on your emotions” he tells her. “Adam is.” “I voted with you. Isn’t that enough?” she replies. She tells David that she voted with him (against Adams wishes) to keep up a united front. They leave the sitting room “I know who I am” she tells him “and I can take care of myself”


At the Brownlows’ Arthur arrives home and Kath demands the cost of Rose’s taxi fare from him. “If I’d been here and the car wouldn’t start, I’d have cheerfully pushed her there in a wheelbarrow” he tells her. “That woman invaded the bathroom and occupied it like a colony of ants” says Arthur. She tells him that he is exaggerating. Arthur tells Kath that he has been worrying about her having to look after Rose. Kath tells Arthur that she has realised his attitude towards Rose changed just after the New Years Eve dance. “Arthur – I believe something happened between you and Rose” she tells him. He tells her (rather unconvincingly) that she is imagining things. Kath tells Arthur that Rose left a message “Tell Arthur not to worry about ‘it’. ‘Its’ alright.” Kath asks Arthur what she means. “I’ve no idea” he replies.


At the flat, Sharon is in the kitchen making coffee when Reg arrives at the door. “Good trip?” he asks her. “Painless” she replies – talking about the train journey. She offers him a coffee. “How is Eddie?” asks Reg. “On form – all things considered.” Replies Sharon. She tells Reggie than even though Eddie hadn’t changed, when she looked at him she felt nothing. Sharon tells Reggie that Eddie had moved on. She tells him that he talked about someone called Yvonne. “It was her husband that….” Reggie interrupts her “Yeah. I know.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asks him. “None of my business” he replies. “I feel free” she tells Reggie “and I’ve got you to thank for that.” “Did you think it would end like this?” she asks. “I hoped. Yeah” he admits. “It’s better for me” he tells her. “No” she replies. “I am not going to ask you for anything that you’re not ready to give. Take all the time you want” he tells her. “But when you are ready… I’ll be here.” (CREDITS)


“Its not going to be like that” she tells him

“Up to me to prove different. Isn’t it?” he replies.


(Site ref: 3:3)


Meg’s sitting room is back – after being absent for the whole of December. Presumably in that time Kevin has found time to redecorate in there as the last time we saw it the alcoves were white – and now they are a sort of peach colour. Can’t say I’m impressed. Some things shouldn’t be messed with. Meg left them white through the green, blue and brown periods. Why change them now? Still – I don’t think any set in the history of Crossroads ever reached the iconic status of the sitting room – and I for one am glad to see it again – even if it does remind me that Meg is sadly absent from the show. As I predicted it seems that the grave cliffhanger from the end of the previous episode has been conveniently forgotten with David’s plan to release new shares. If only he’d thought about it yesterday he could have saved himself all that worry! And Reg… dear Reg! Has there ever been a more self-assured chat up line in the history of soap?


Crossroads Episode: 3558: Original TX: 07-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 016: Repeat TX: 25-11-96


Jennifer Lamont gives Adam Chance some good advice, and he skilfully plays on Jill Harvey’s emotions. (TV Times)


Carole pours coffee for Barbara and David. Barbara interrupts his reading to find out if he has had the chance to talk to Adam about the mechanic’s job at the garage. “I’ll work it into the conversation” he says “assuming we ever converse again. Barbara confesses that she does understand Adam’s position – in that when new shares are issued, Adams stake will get smaller. David points out that the same applies to all of them. David changes the conversation and asks Barbara to help him modernise Meg’s Sitting room – since it has already become a general office.


At the Brownlows’ Glenda asks what time Kath will be back from her shopping trip to Birmingham “It depends what runs out first, her money or her stamina” jokes Arthur. He tells Glenda and Kevin that he will be back at 5:30. Glenda looks ill and he tells her to “take care” before leaving. “I heard you coughing in the night… thought you were trying to tell me something” jokes Kevin. Glenda remarks on the fact she hasn’t seen much of Kevin recently but points out that since she is ill it is probably just as well. Kevin tells her about the work that David Hunter has lined up at the Coach House and reveals that he will be starting tomorrow. Glenda isn’t pleased as it is her day off.


In the sitting room Carole and Barbara have moved the desk from its usual position against the wall. “How about that painting where the mirror is?” asks Barbara. “Looks alright there” says Carole. “Yes – but its ALWAYS been there” answers Barbara. She gestures to the desk “This can go” – just as Jill walks through the door. Jill says that she would like to have been involved in the refurbishment. “Its because its my mother’s sitting room. It holds a lot of memories for me.” she adds. Barbara and Carole offer their help to her. They start dusting the ornaments whilst discussing David’s attitude towards Jill and Adam and the recent disagreement over the release of shares. Barbara points out that Adam could release capital if he wanted. Jill tells Barbara that she feels “isolated”.


At the garage Adam is on the phone. When he completes the call Jennifer Lamont arrives. He tells her how much he enjoyed drinks at New Year and offers to return the compliment by taking her and Reg to dinner. Jennifer isn’t sure when Reggie will be free but Adam tells her he is keen to meet up to discuss business.


In the sitting room Carole, Barbara and Jill continue to polish the furniture and move ornaments. “Are you taking an inventory or moving house ?” asks Adam as he comes in. “David thought we needed a new look” Jill tells him. Sensing an opportunity to disagree with David Adam says that he liked the old one. He admits that he is “taking sides” (Jill’s). Barbara measures up the desk and says that David wants a larger one. Jill offers to take Meg’s to Chimney’s (her house). “I see you’re looking for a mechanic in your garage” asks Carole –Barbara doesn’t think it is a good idea to talk about it and ushers Carole out of the patio doors.  After they leave Adam tells Jill that David is just being insensitive. “I wonder how Barbara stands it” says Jill. Adam tells her that things don’t matter to him but that he knows she has  a lot at stake. “I wish you wouldn’t even think about giving up… for you and for me” she says. Jill tells Adam about a conversation she and David had yesterday that would involve Adam loaning the motel some cash in return for some shares as security. “You’d do that for me?” he asks. Adam reminds her that David said “no.” to the idea. “Don’t make a decision. Not yet” she tells him. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO)  David calls in on Adam in the garage to drop round a copy of the minutes from the directors’ meeting. “I hope you haven’t been avoiding me – as of yesterday you haven’t seemed happy” says David. Adam tells David that he feels as though he, Jill and Barbara will end up paying for his mistakes. David says that he has every confidence in the plan to issue new shares in the motel but asks Adam what he would do. “I would sell the place – lock, stock and barrel.” “That would be insane” replies David. David asks Adam whether he will be staying on at the motel. “If you decide to sell your shares I’ll make you an offer for them.” Adam tells David that he may decide to make a counter offer for some of his!


Arthur arrives home to find Glenda already there with a cold. Arthur is pleased that he doesn’t have to find Rose in front of the television or locked in the bathroom. Glenda sits at the table and puts on makeup in an attempt to stop looking so rough. “I don’t know why I bother for all Kevin and I see of each other” she says. Arthur tells Glenda that she really doesn’t look to good but she assures him that she will be alright. Arthur is having none of it and goes to fetch his thermometer. Kevin arrives home, sees Glenda with the thermometer in her mouth and jokes that he has been trying to keep Glenda quiet for years. The thermometer confirms Arthur’s suspicions of a temperature and he goes off to fill a hot water bottle. “It doesn’t matter you working tomorrow now does it?” she asks Kevin “I don’t think I’ll be up to going into Birmingham.”


Adam walks into Meg’s Sitting room to find Jill lugging furniture around. He asks her what she is up to. “Putting my foot down” she replies. “Who the hell does David Hunter think he is?” she asks – just as David walks in. “Don’t you realise what memories this room has got for me?” she asks. David apologises. “Why didn’t you say something earlier when Barbara and Carole were here?” he asks. “I was just so astonished and I thought ‘anything for a quiet life’” she replies. He apologises again and wishes them goodnight. “How is it he can apologise to me and make me feel as if I’m in the wrong?” she asks. Adam tells her to calm down and invites her out for an Italian meal. She accepts – and then changes her mind. She invites him back to that place with the Gingham curtains and that marvellous cook (her house) “Oh THAT place!” he says with a grin (CREDITS)


“Its just like old times” he tells her. They kiss.


Controversy reigns at the Crossroads Motel. Not content with changing the paintwork – now Barbara wants to move Meg’s desk and turn the sitting room into an office. Millions of viewers must have been screaming at the television! I have to agree with Jill – David is insufferable in this episode – Just once I’d like to see him in a flap – even his apologies make her feel bad and I can see what she means. Brilliant stuff. Sadly (for Jill) Adam seems to have wormed his way into her affections and they kiss. “Its just like old times” Too right. Steer well clear love – he’s nothing but trouble.


(Site ref: 3:4)


Crossroads Episode: 3559: Original TX: 12-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 017: Repeat TX: 26-11-96


Reg Lamont does a deal with Adam Chance which affects Sharon’s future. Mavis Hooper gives Rose Scott practical advice about daughter Iris. (TV Times)


In the garage Adam and Sharon discuss a problem with the pumps while he waits for someone to pick up the phone. When his call is answered he apologises to “Tim” for being out when he rang “I was out all night” Adam reveals. Adam tells the person on the phone that he will be getting some money shortly and he asks what he will be able to set against it. Adam says that he wants to exercise his right to be able to buy his shares back from David. Just as his call ends Jill appears in the doorway “Morning Darling” she says “You didn’t stay for breakfast.” “You looked too cosy to disturb he replies. They kiss – just as Sharon returns to the office to tell him the pump is “kaput”. Sharon can barely contain her amusement. Next the telephone rings. It is Reggie Lamont. Adam tells him that he would like to meet. Jill asks what the call was about. “Business” he tells her, “Big business” she asks. “Could be. Who knows” he replies cryptically.


At the coach house Carole is hoovering. Barbara interrupts her work to tell Carole that she will try to get Adam on his own to ask about the mechanic’s job. “I didn’t say anything wrong on Christmas Eve? To put him off I mean?” she asks. Barbara replies that she doesn’t think so. There is a knock at the door. Barbara opens it to find Kevin Banks who has turned up to have a look at the damp patch on the bathroom wall. Barbara leaves for the motel leaving Carole to deal with Kevin.


Mac and Nobby are working on a car in the garage, watched over by Sharon when a man in a hat walks in. (Sid Hooper). He tells her that he has come in response to the advert for a mechanic. Sharon directs him towards “the boss”. Mac tells Sharon that the car they are working on is a rust bucket and that he doesn’t feel that he should work on it.


In the office the man takes off his hat and waits while Adam looks at his employment record and references. Adam asks why the man left his last job in Watford. The man explains that he used to live in the area and that he felt as though he would like to put some roots down. Adam is concerned that the garage is nowhere near as large as the man’s previous place of work – but the man tells him that he prefers the smaller garage where you get to know your customer and build up some sort of relationship. Adam seems keen and offers him the job. He asks the man to jot down his address and asks him to start on Monday – at 8 o’clock.


In the sitting room, Barbara and Jill are looking at paperwork. Barbara tells Jill that David is afraid of her soft spot for Adam. “Why shouldn’t I have a soft spot for Adam?” she asks. Barbara comments that Jill seems to have a lot of influence with Adam and Jill replies by asking if it is a subtle way of finding out if they are seeing each other. Barbara replies that in fact it is a “non too subtle way of asking you to put in a good word for Carole Sands.” Jill agrees. She seems desperate to talk about Adam “Actually – we’re just good friends – as they say in the papers.” Jill reveals that she cooked him a meal the night before. “They do say that’s the way to a man’s heart” says Barbara.


In the coach house Kevin tells Carole that there is a crack in a pipe which is causing the damp. They have a conversation where Carole reveals that David told her not to mention unions. She tells him that she wants to be a mechanic. “womens lib an all” he comments. Carole is unhappy with his attitude.


At the boarding house Mavis, Rose and Iris settle down for lunch. Rose says that even though she has been to places like Monte Carlo, there is nothing like being all together “with your own family”. Iris doesn’t look impressed. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Sharon is busy typing in the garage office when Adam returns. He is whistling and carrying a fresh bottle of Scotch which he puts in the filing cabinet. “You’re wasting your time,” says Sharon “He Won’t touch it… not while he’s working.” “Have you almost finished?” he asks her. “Wanting shot of me?” she enquires. “Tell me… Little friend Reggie. He likes plain speaking?” asks Adam. She agrees.


Sharon puts on her coat as Reggie and Jennifer arrive. Jennifer declares that she doesn’t want to listen to any business talk so she offers to drop Sharon off on her way home. When the women leave Reggie hands over an envelope full of cash to Adam – a down-payment on the service contract. “I don’t have a drink to offer you – I never touch the stuff when I’m working” says Adam. Reggie raises an eyebrow.


Jennifer and Sharon arrive back at the flat. Sharon pours them both a drink. “Reggie liked this place very much” says Jennifer. “Did he?” asks Sharon. “Look, Jennifer – if it bothers you in any way….” says Sharon, but Jennifer interrupts her “No, no, no.. I don’t mind him coming here….. That’s because I feel I know you.” Jennifer tells her. “Doesn’t it hurt you that he even tries?” asks Sharon. “Reggie has always tried – and with some success in the less competitive areas…” reveals Jennifer “– but with a real threat… like you… That’s when I prefer that he should be a loser.”


In the garage Adam tells Reggie that the business is “ticking over nicely.”. He discusses the two service contracts that it has recently acquired (one of which was with Reggie) Reggie asks Adam whether he feels it is rewarding. “Its not really my style” says Adam. He goes on to say that the motel is time consuming, and even though Sharon does a good job he says that the garage “anchors me here – when I should be over there.” Adam tells Reggie that he would like a little more “elbow” at the motel – and the small matter of capital is preventing him.  Eventually Reggie has enough of Adam’s gentle approach. He takes the envelope of cash back. “There’s no pint me putting business your way if I’m going to take the place off your hands. Is there?” he asks. They shake hands on the deal and Reggie leaves. Adam immediately gets in touch with his representative and arranges to meet. Just as the call ends Jill walks in “Come here!” he tells her. “What for?” she asks. “All sorts of horrible things” he replies. They kiss. “What did I do to deserve that?” asks Jill “Oh the right time…the right place.. and suddenly my darling I think you are in on a change of fortune!” (CREDITS)


“Things really seem to be going my way”

“My way too!”


So Adam and Jill are together again. I know its going to end in tears – but I can’t help loving the fact that they are getting together. Kevin and Carole have such a stand-offish first meeting that I can almost immediately see where the relationship is going. Adam is at his scheming best here – and what makes villains so appealing is that they have successes. Reggie and Jennifer are so comfortable in their roles that I believe in them entirely. In this episode there is one outstanding performance and that is Jennifer. Her quiet discussion of Reggie with Sharon shows me that she has completely got the measure of her husband. I can tell that she feels threatened by Sharon, but, like Jennifer I have faith that she won’t betray her trust. Time will tell. Oh – and there was some more Rose and Iris stuff – same old ground. On the whole though – a fast moving episode. Enjoyed it!


(Site ref: 3:5)



Crossroads Episode: 3560: Original TX: 13-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 018: Repeat TX: 27-11-96



Adam Chance has taken on a new foreman at the garage. Whether he bodes for a pleasant or unpleasant surprise for Mavis Hooper we shall see. His name is Sid Hooper. Reg Lamont has wheeler-dealed Adam Chance into agreeing to sell him the garage lock, stock and barrel. Jennifer Lamont has had a heart-to-heart talk with Sharon Metcalfe about Reg and has been given assurance that Sharon doesn’t intend to threaten Jennifer’s marriage. (TV Times)


Carole Sands tries to involve Kevin Banks in a special venture. Mavis Hooper has mixed feelings about a visitor. (TV Times)


In the garage things are troubling Sharon. “I bought the place” Reggie tells her. Sharon is suspicious of his motives “Reg, What is it all about?” she asks. “Nothing – its just a straightforward business deal” he replies. He tells Sharon that it will mean she gets her raise earlier than she would have done. “And what else?” she asks him. “You have a suspicious  mind young lady” he replies. Adam enters the office and tells Reggie that he has spoken with his accountant and he is more than happy with the deal.


In Meg’s Sitting room David tells Barbara that they will soon be looking for a prospective buyer. She asks him whether he thinks Adam might put the money up. “Now is not the right time to sell a boat” laughs David remembering what Adam said the last time he needed to raise money. “I don’t like conflict” says David. He tells her that all he wants to do is make Jill wealthy – and Adam too. Barbara points out that this is a long term goal. “If he can’t wait – he can get out!” says David. “Jill would make him stay… she’s very, very fond of him” says Barbara. David replies “I know. I’d have thought she’d got over that by now.”


In the garage Adam asks Reggie about a completion date. “I wouldn’t want my haste to arouse suspicions” he tells him. “It doesn’t” Reggie assures him. “Are you sweating on making your next move?” he asks. Adam says that he is – a bit. “Make it!” Reggie tells him. Reggie and Adam leave the office before Mac comes in “Did I hear right? He’s acting as if he owns this place.” says Mac. “Not quite but he’s on the way” she tells him. Mac asks whether she approves of Reggie. “Have you forgotten what he done to Eddie?” he asks. Sharon points out that Reggie has an awful lot of what Adam needs – “i.e money… so live with it eh?” “I’m going to – providing there’s nothing funny in the small print” she says…


At the Coach House Kevin tells Carole that he has finished the work on the pipes outside. She offers him some tea. “Kevin, would you do me a favour?” she asks. She explains that she needs to do up the house of an old couple that she knows – and before Kevin has a chance to say anything she rummages in his bag looking to borrow his paint brushes. He explains to her that he can’t let her borrow them in case she ruins them. She tells him that she will still make him a cup of tea out of the goodness of her heart. “Thought you might help for the same reason” she says as she walks out.


In Meg’s sitting room David helps Barbara with her coat when Adam rushes in. “I’ve sold the garage… I think you know what that means.” Says Adam. “I was thinking of the reversion clause – the five percent that I sold to you. I have the right to buy it back within a year of transfer. Would you like a cheque now?” he asks. “I hadn’t intended to use it (the clause) It was my accountant’s suggestion.” says Adam. Barbara asks why Adam has changed his mind. “If Jill and I combined – then there is a stalemate…it will ensure ‘good business sense prevails’” David stands “Shall we go?” he asks Barbara.  “Unless you’d rather we stayed to watch you savour the situation?” he says to Adam. “No no no” says Adam “I’m sure I can find more willing company.”(END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the Brownlow’s front room Kath suggests to Arthur that they invite Rose round for supper. “No!” replies Arthur. “We’ve only just got her out of here! She’s like death-watch beetle. Once you get it in you can’t get it out.” “Is that because of what happened on New Year’s Eve?” she asks….. but before Arthur can answer, Kevin arrives back. He asks how Glenda is. Kath tells him that the doctor called that afternoon and that she half asleep upstairs. Kevin goes upstairs to see her with some magazines. “Has Rose been talking?” “I know you Arthur – you just can’t take drink. When you’ve had a certain amount you start getting ideas…. By which time you’ve had too much to do anything about them… even if you wanted to… Which I doubt. And I know Rose” says Kath. She tells him that he walked round for a week with the same face he had on when someone let it slip that his bowls outing went past a strip club! The doorbell rings to interrupt them.

It is Iris, who has called round with some flowers for Glenda. Glenda tells them that Rose is feeling down – and it might be because she feels that she has made a mistake moving into the boarding house.


Jill is relaxing in Meg’s sitting room with a glass of wine. Adam comes in. “I’ve had a hell of a day” he tells her (lying through his teeth). “I really think that its time I should quit.” Jill says “No!” Adam knows that his rouse is working and tells her that - although David won’t run the motel into the ground, he is sure that there are certain business issues that will come up where David will try to sway her decision making. “I don’t always have to be on his side” she says – playing into Adam’s hands. Adam tells her that he is going to “sell up and go”. “Heavens no!” she tells him. Adam suggests (with just the right amount of hesitation) that she comes with him to his boat. She agrees but insists they let David know of their plans. As Jill goes to Chimney’s to pack, Adam dials the number on the telephone and pretends to speak with David whilst keeping his finger on the buttons.


At the Coach House Carole and Barbara discuss Carole’s interests. She tells Barbara that the good deeds she is doing for the old couple is only a “bandage” and the real solution has to political. She goes on to complain that most people don’t see that it doesn’t take much to make things better. She brings up the fact that Kevin wouldn’t let her borrow his paintbrushes. Carole goes on to say that “all men are selfish” – just as David comes into the kitchen. He confesses that he still hasn’t had chance to speak to Adam about the job. Carole is upset but David explains that he has been under a lot of pressure.


In the flat Sharon is preparing a drink. “I thought you’d like it” he tells her. “That is not enough of a reason to buy a garage” she replies. Reggie assures her that it is also a profitable business. He goes on to tell Sharon that she is better off without the “smoothie” “Listen – we’ll make this work for US” he tells her. “US?” she replies. “Yeah – as a partnership” he tells her. “Reg – there’s nowhere to go in that direction” she says. Reg points out that it wasn’t that long ago that she hated his guts “I would say that’s progress. Wouldn’t you?...” he asks. “And in the right direction!”


At the boarding house Mavis is busy looking through a magazine when a man sneaks in through her living room door. “Evening Mavis” he says to her while her back is turned. She recognises his voice and turns. “Oh. Its you.” she replies. What are you doing back here?” she asks him. He tells her that he has got a job – but nowhere to live. “I thought – if anyone will put me up – you would” he tells her. Mavis sits down. “I don’t know…(CREDITS)


“Why should I?”

“Well for a start – I am your husband”


So it was Mavis’ long lost husband! Actually – having his name come up as “Sid Hooper” in the credits of his previous appearance – AND in the TY Times kind of gave the game away – but I’ll play along. Adam gets worse and worse. I can’t believe that he even attempted to con Jill – never mind the fact that he actually got away with it. Yet again Carole Sands lays into David. I don’t know why he puts up with the spoilt brat all the time. I find her aggressiveness irritating. She definitely has a chip on her shoulder. I have to admire Reg’s persistence. How many men would buy a garage just to spend time with the secretary there? I’m resigned to the fact that Jill has fallen for Adam, I desperately want something to happen between Reg and Sharon – but as for Carole and Kevin. Please no!


(Site ref: 3:6)


Crossroads Episode: 3561: Original TX: 14-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 019: Repeat TX: 28-11-96


Mavis Hooper lays down the law to her long lost husband. Sharon gets tough with Reg Lamont when he threatens her. (TV Times)


“Oh come on Mavis” says Sid. “Why should I?” she replies. “Well for a start, I am your husband.” (INTRO)

“That’s typical. Trust you turning up here at this time of night, saying you’ve got nowhere to go.” she says to him. “Its alight though isn’t it?” he asks. “Yes, you can stay… but on my conditions” she tells him. “You can have the room at the top of the house. Its not very big, but its clean and its quiet… and its got to stay that way.” He tells her that’s fine. “AND you’ll pay a fair rent – like the rest of the lodgers.” She says. “I knew you wouldn’t let me down” he tells her. “Like YOU let me down you mean?” she asks him.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer and Reggie find out that their son Ashley is coming to see them. “about time too” Reg tells him when he gets on the phone. When the call ends Jennifer asks Reggie what sort of day he has had. “Eventful” is his response. “I bought a garage…from Adam Chance. He wanted out. I think he’s got ambitions.” he continues. “And what about your ambitions” Jennifer quizzes him – referring to Sharon. He pretends not to understand her “Well, she’ll continue to work there of course – run the place….” Jennifer interrupts him “Reggie!” Reggie continues to pretend not to understand. “She is concerned for me…” she tells him. “…That is the sort of girl she is. And I’m concerned for you. If you go on like this you’ll only hurt yourself” she warns him.


At the Coach House Carole tells Barbara that the meal she is preparing will be ready in half an hour. Barbara replies that it should give David time to soak away all his bad temper in the bath. The conversation moves onto the old couple that Carole looks after. She repeats to Barbara that Kevin was unwilling to lend her his paint brushes so that she could decorate their house. “If he saw the state of the place he’d do it himself” she says. Suddenly she gets an idea and asks Barbara whether she can borrow her Polaroid camera.


At the boarding house Sid Hooper is enjoying a meal. “That was lovely Mave. Nice to see you haven’t lost your touch in the kitchen” he tells her. “Why d’ya leave and come up here? Old trouble?” she asks him. “No” he replies. “… to tell you the truth… there was a little bit of trouble in Watford”. “You’re hopeless” she says. Iris arrives back and sees Mavis and Sid sitting at the table “Hope I aren’t intruding” she says. “How’s Glenda?” asks Mavis. Mavis introduces Iris to her husband. “You can call me Sid” he tells her. “She can call you Mr. Hooper, and you can call her Miss Scott” she tells him forcefully. Sid tells them that he has found work at the Crossroads garage. “I’m gonna be the new foreman” he tells them. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Barbara goes to the front door of the coach house in her dressing gown. “Morning Mrs Hunter. I don’t like to use the key when you’re here – it feels like a liberty” says Carole as she rummages in her bag to return the Polaroid camera. Carole shows Barbara the photographs of the old couple’s home. “If these don’t convince Kevin Banks – nothing will” she says. Barbara tells her not to try the hard sell as he has a mind of his own. Carole says that he should help if he’s a Christian. “Is he a Christian do you think?” she asks as David walks through the lounge. “I try Miss Sands – I do try” he comments before walking into the bathroom.


At the boarding house Iris asks Mavis how she can let Sid walk back in. “He hasn’t” Mavis tells her. “He’s a lodger – same as all the others” Iris asks why it was that Sid went away. “He gets into debt” Mavis tells her. “Gets himself into such a fix that the only thing he can do is hop-it” Iris tells Mavis that she shouldn’t fall over herself to have him back – but Mavis tells her that it isn’t the first time. She says that Sid could say something or tell her a joke “and it would all be forgotten… I suppose all it amounts to really – is that he could make me feel happy.” Mavis reminisces how Sid would spend ages using barrier cream to protect his hands at work, and how he was always smart. “When I walked down the street with him, he made me feel like something else” she reveals. Iris smiles at her. “Still – I’m older now – and I’m not so soft!”


At the Brownlows Kath hands Rose a cup of tea. Rose asks after Glenda. They reminisce about old times – about going off for picnics – and how their mum always used to find out about things they wanted to keep secret. “Where did all the years go Kath?” asks Rose.  With Glenda being ill, Kevin busy at his other job, Arthur working late and Kath at the motel, Rose volunteers to pop in to make tea for everyone the next day.


Carole arrives at the garage and asks Sharon if Mr. Chance is in. Sharon tells her that Adam is away for a few days and asks whether she can help. Carole mentions the mechanic’s job but Sharon tells her that it is taken. Carole says that she wondered whether they would need a trainee. Initially Sharon says that they don’t, but eventually she agrees to have a word with Adam. “You’re the first one to take this seriously” Carole tells her.


In the workshop Reggie talks to Mac about a week long training course that he has available. Mac isn’t sure about leaving his family but Reg is insistent. “Talk it over with the wife and let me know” he tells him. Reg goes into the office and Sharon goes over to talk to Mac. “What are we going to be doing?” he asks “Quick re-spray jobs for sale on the continent?” “Its all above board” she tells him. “There’s Benjamin and Trina and you’ve got a job. How many of your friends are saying that these days?” she asks him. “How did he get to you” he asks her. “He hasn’t” she replies.


Sharon returns to the office. Reg says “I hear you have been having words with Jennifer. She tries to evade the subject “Nice caring things – like you weren’t gonna let me get anywhere?” he continues. She admits that she did have the conversation. “Well thank you very much” he tells her. “What am I supposed to do now? Just stand there and let my wife tell me I’m a right off?” he shouts. “I only told her what she wanted to hear” replies Sharon. “You do something like that again and you’re out!” he warns her threateningly before slamming the door and walking out…


… he returns back to the office. “I….er….I get a bit ‘stoked up’ sometimes” he tells her. “It’s a bit of a failing” he continues – clearly emotional. “Its just that I don’t like people feeling sorry for me as Jennifer did. It…er…smacks of failure. I’m not ready for that yet – believe me….so…forget it hmm?... Just put it down to ‘lack of experience’ with your kind of woman. I’m sorry.” (CREDITS)


“You don’t forget being shouted at Reg… But what it means? That’s something else.”


Yay for Jennifer standing up to Reggie. She seems to be the real “power” behind the man. Reggie thoroughly deserves to be taken down a peg or two – but his heartfelt admission to Sharon about not wanting to give up on life helps me to understand him a little better. What is it with Crossroads characters welcoming people that have wronged them back into their lives? First Iris and Rose, then Sharon and  Reggie – Finally Mavis and Sid. Today it seems slightly unusual for a woman to want to be a mechanic – but I suppose this was even more strange in 1981 – The whole “Neighbours and Charlene” thing is still 5 or 6 years away.  Real emotional depth from Mavis today when she discussed how Sid made her feel… Okay – I can see why she keeps falling for his charms. Nice to see Rose’s red jumper again – I think it should get its own series.


(Site ref: 4:1:00:00)

Crossroads Episode: 3562: Original TX: 19-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 020: Repeat TX: 29-11-96


Joe MacDonald gets bad news – and intends to fight back. Kevin Banks commits himself in a scheme of Carole Sands. (TV Times)


 In the garage Sharon listens as Reg leaves. She contemplates what has just happened between them. He thoughts are interrupted by Mac, “I could hear him from the workshop – shouting the odss” he tells her. Sharon admits that they were arguing but has no intention of telling him what about. Mac is concerned that he will be next. Sharon admits to him that it was personal. “He’s not the out and out villain you take him for” she says. Mac reminds her that Eddie wouldn’t think so. Sharon tells Mac that everyone – herself and Eddie included took “it” to be a “straightforward hijack”. “He’s done a great whitewash job on you hasn’t he?” he asks her. She tries to explain further but he has heard enough. There conversation is interrupted by Sid Hooper who is looking for Adam. Sharon explains that he is away for a couple of days but that he could try asking her. Sid tells her that he and Adam hadn’t talked about the money side of his new job – but that he was wondering whether he could have an advance on his wages. Sharon says “not really” but introduces Sid to Mac. Mac offers to show him round the workshop. “Sure” says Sid “Can’t have the foreman lagging behind can we?” Mac is furious and storms out.


In the coach house Carole is filling the kettle when there is a knock at the door. It is Kevin who has come to continue working. She offers to make him a cup of tea and asks him whether he would like to see photographs of the flat she wanted help with. “Oh” he says “Pretty grim.” “Isn’t it!” she agrees. Carole explains that they are sitting tenants so the council is not responsible, but that the old man has arthritis and unable to do the work himself. Kevin asks her whether she always carries photographs of the flat with her. She confesses that she took them to show him. “What do you think now about lending me your tools?” she asks. He tells her that he is the only one who can handle his tools, but he acknowledges that he feels guilty.


In the garage Sid tells Sharon that he doesn’t see the difficulty of his being foreman. “Mac has been acting foreman – that’s the difficulty” she tells him. “Okay – so he can stop acting” says Sid. He explains how it was all arranged with Mr Chance – the guvnor. Sharon tells him that he WAS the guvnor. “Who is the guvnor NOW… Legally?” he asks her. Sharon admits that it is still Adam. “I came here for a job – not trouble. If there’s any mix up its nothing to do with me” he tells her. As he leaves the office he apologises to Mac – and tells him he never has any trouble with staff. “You wont have any problems with me mate” says Mac. “I wont be here!”


After Sid leaves Mac goes into the office. “Thank you very much and goodbye” he tells her. He points out that he was on a three month trial – and everything is running smoothly. “I came in here to give you my notice – but forget it! I’m just off!” He says. Sharon tries to persuade Mac to stay on until Adam gets back. “You’ve got the ammunition – chuck it at him.” David Hunter walks in on the conversation. He asks for Adams whereabouts. “That’s a very good question. I only wish I knew the answer” she replies. David asks whether Adam said where he was going – of whether there is a number to contact him on. “What the hell does he think he’s playing at” he asks.


At the coach house Kevin walks in. “Alright. You win” he says to Carole. “I’ll do it. If you want me brushes – you’ll have to have me as well.” She tells him that she is willing to help. They discuss Carole applying for work “It’s a bit of a dead end” she tells him. “Don’t tell me about dead-ends I know all about them” he tells her. She offers to make him another cup of tea. “If you join me” he tells her. She agrees. “You’ve got something about you!.... Persuasive.” Says Kevin. “Maybe its just that you’re a good bloke.” She replies. They smile at each other.


At the Brownlow’s Arthur is surprised to see Rose carrying a tray of tea. She explains that Kath gave her a key and that she has been keeping Glenda company. Arthur tells her that he doesn’t feel very friendly towards her. “Oh I know! New Years Eve” she tells him. Arthur explains that his animosity towards her and everything to do with how her arrival has affected Kath. “I always took you for mouse than man.” She tells him “I didn’t know you could stand up for yourself” “As far as I’m concerned…” he replies “You’re not welcome in this house.” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) As Kevin leaves the Coach house he thanks Carole for the tea. He asks her whether she was serious when she offered to help him but assures her that it wouldn’t be necessary. “Are you worried I’m more trouble than I’m worth?” she asks. “No I reckon you’ll be about as much trouble as you’re worth” he jokes. They talk a little about Kevin’s family and he explains how he feels a little bit of a disappointment to his father. They move onto their respective opinions of unions “You can’t be all bad” she says “you’ve offered to help me friends.” David arrives home to interrupt their conversation. Carole tells David about Kevin’ offer to decorate her friends’ flat. Kevin offers to give her a lift home but she tells him that she still has work to do. As he leaves David asks Kevin how Glenda is feeling. Carole looks on sadly as Kevin explains she is a little better.


At the boarding house Rose stares absent-mindedly as she stirs her tea. Sid arrives back and they greet each other. “I haven’t seen you before. Are you a new lodger?” she asks him. He says that he is a lodger – but not new. As she gets up to fetch him so sugar for his tea he checks out her figure. She asks him what he is doing in the area. He tells her that he got fed up with travelling and decided to return home. “Me too” she says. He tells her that he had a nice surprise seeing her sitting at the table and she tells him that she was feeling a bit low before he arrived. “We can’t have that now. Can we?” he asks – and tells her a joke. She laughs. Rose asks Sid what he does for a living. “I bet you can’t guess by looking at my hands” he teases. She grabs hold of them and rubs them “You’ve got nice hands” she tells him. She guesses “piano tuner? You look as if you might have a delicate touch.” “I’ve played some sweet music in my time – but not a piano player” he replies. Eventually she gives in. “That means I win. So what’s my prize?” he asks. “We’ll have to see” she tells him. Rose is still clutching his hands when Iris comes into the room. Iris introduces them to each other “This is Mrs. Scott – my mother….. and this is Mr. Hooper…. MRS HOOPER’S HUSBAND”


At the coach house Carole has finished for the evening. She tells David that she went to see Adam. David asks whether she saw him but Carole tells him that it was his assistant, Mrs Metcalf. “Don’t raise your hopes too much” he tells her. “Is Kevin’s wife very ill?” she asks. David explains that it is only a bad cold. “I bet she’s very nice” says Carole. “Yes… but why?” he asks. “Well HE is” she replies. “Does he…. Do they have children?” she asks. David tells her that they don’t. “Why didn’t you ask him?” he asks. (CREDITS)

“Well I don’t like to ask personal things like that” she says.

“Really? I hadn’t noticed!”

“Well he’s a bloke…and I’m a….”


“He might get the wrong idea!”


Arthur finally makes good on his constant complaints about Rose. It is about time he stood up to her. The relationship that is developing between Carole and Kevin was played nicely in this episode- even with dialogue such as “maybe its just that you’re a good bloke” I’m afraid we’ve all “got the wrong idea” Carole – I’d have to be watching BBC1 not to notice what’s going on here. Even more blatant than Kevin and Carole are Sid and Rose – I like the fact that Sis is proud of his smooth hands and I can imagine him using the same routine time after time after time. This episode could have the subtitle of “shades of beige and grey as practically everyone seems to be wearing the same colours. I’m starting to miss Rose’s red sweater – Heaven help me. I never really believed the stories about missing character’s legs disappearing out of shot – but today we had almost exactly that – a door slamming to represent Reggie leaving the garage office. Genius!


Site ref: 4:2:20:00)



Crossroads Episode: 3563: Original TX: 20-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 021: Repeat TX: 02-12-96



Sid Hooper sprang a nasty surprise on Sharon Metcalfe and Joe MacDonald by telling them that Adam Chance has taken him on as foreman – a job Joe had been doing. Sharon Metcalfe advised patience, but Mac was too angry to pay heed. David Hunter, too, was angry at Adam Chance because he went absent without a word. Kevin Banks found that he was very attracted to Carole Sands. The feelings turned out to be mutual, and Kevin agreed to help her decorate an old couple’s home.


David Hunter relishes thought of sacking Adam Chance. Reg and Jennifer Lamont’s son Ashley arrives, causing consternation all round (TV Times)


David is working on some paperwork in the coach house when Barbara walks in. She tells him that it has been busy at the motel “Good we need the money” he says. David, He asks her whether he has seen Jill but Barbara says that she hasn’t and points out that it was her day off. She suggests that David telephone her but he replies by saying he doesn’t want to be accused of hounding Adam. David speculates that when Sharon told him that Adam was away for a few days that she was actually covering for him. “Don’t be paranoid” she tells him. “I have a partner who doesn’t work for his salary. He uses my business as a place to hang his hat… and make snide remarks about my judgment.” Barbara suggests that David would be better trying to get used to Adam. David points out that Adam has left them without saying a word – “no forwarding address – nothing.” David points out that they have no idea how long Adam will be away for. “He has left us in it – and he knows it.” Barbara asks what will happen when he gets back. David tells her that he has the mind to give Adam the sack. Barbara points out the David has a habit of bypassing Adam and Jill and that is the reason they “lose interest”.


At the Brownlow’s, Arthur tells Kath that he has told Rose that she is not welcome in their house. “I told her that her problems are getting you down” he tells Kath. Kath says that she is lucky. He says “We’re BOTH lucky”. Arthur stand up and tells Kath he has been shopping. He reaches into the sideboard and brings out a gift. It is some jewellery. They kiss. He tells her that there is a man in his office that is always complaining about his wife. “It made me realise how lucky I am.” He tells her. “There are times I look at you Kath – and it’s a miracle to me that I’ve got you.” “We’re BOTH lucky” she reminds him as Kevin comes in. He asks about Glenda but Kath says that she is sleeping. Kevin says that he is tired too but reveals that the job at the coach house should be finished by tomorrow. Kath asks if he will be less busy at the end of the week but Kevin tells her that he has taken on another project…. Decorating an old couple’s flat. “The extra money will come in handy” says Arthur. Kevin says “Its not that well paid to tell you the truth…” but they are disturbed by noises coming from upstairs before he can say any more. Kevin goes upstairs. Kath and Arthur discuss the fact that he looks worse than Glenda at the moment. Arthur points out that he is working while he can – as there are only 6 or 7 weeks left with Dobson. “Its just as well he’s got this job at the old peoples flat” says Arthur. Kath agrees.


At the coach house Barbara and David relax after supper. He says that Carole is a good cook. David reveals that Carole was encouraged by Sharon at the garage earlier but he speculates that the new owner of the garage my not want a trainee girl mechanic. “You could put in a good word” she says. “It’s a bit hard – helping her to get another job when we’re just getting used to her” he replies. She tells him that he is cranky. David points out that Adam has chosen Jill’s day off (of all days!) to slip away without a word. “What I really can’t stand is not knowing when he’ll be back” he tells her. David says he has no idea what he should or shouldn’t leave for Adam to do – as he has no idea when he will be back to do anything. “Jill will know” she guesses. He tries to phone Jill. Barbara tells him that after a long day in the cafeteria he could at least wait until their coffee is finished. “I’m beginning to sympathise with Adam” she says sarcastically. David tells her that nobody is answering the phone. “Well ring back later” she replies. Barbara asks whether Kevin has finished working in their bathroom. David tells her that Carole has persuaded Kevin to help her with her friends. Barbara is shocked to discover that Kevin will be doing the work for free. “I think he’s quite taken with her” remarks David. “Yes – Kevin strikes me as quite a lad” replies Barbara. “Do you think he’s trying it on with Carole?” she asks. “Its what she wants that counts” replies David. He goes on to say that he has told Carole that Kevin was married and that she seemed surprised by the news. “If that’s why he volunteered his service he deserves….” says Barabara but David has already jumped up to try Jill on the phone again. “Don’t blame Jill for what Adam’s done” “I won’t” he says. There is no answer on the telephone. He puts it down. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Reggie and Jennifer are overjoyed when their son Ashley arrives. He tells them that he is impressed with their new home. They are interrupted when Reggie receives an overseas telephone call. “He spends half his life on the phone and the other half on the telex” she says as they leave Reggie to it. He arranges the business but asks the caller to ring him at the office for the next few weeks as “somethings cropped up”. Ashley asks his mum whether flats are easy to come by in the area… “as I might be looking. I’m here to stay!” he tells them. Jennifer hugs him – thrilled with the news. “What’s al this about a flat? Isn’t this place large enough” she asks him. Reggie suggests that Ashley might want his independence – Jennifer is having none of it.


At the boarding house Mavis is repairing some shirts. Rose comes in and tells her that she never learned to sew properly. She asks whether they shirts belong to Sid. “Leave a man alone for five minutes, and none of his things are fit to be seen in” says Mavis. Rose points out that sailors have to do their own mending. “I suppose you’re right” agrees Mavis. Rose reveals that she met Sid the previous night. “Charming man. Quite amusing” she says. “I don’t know why – but I thought you were separated” she says. “We were. He walked out and left me” Mavis tells her. “And he’s just walked back in again – cool as you like” Rose asks Mavis whether she has decided to have him back. “He’s here. The question of taking him back or not does not arise” says Mavis. Rose asks why Sid left “Did you have a boyfriend?” Mavis is not amused. Rose tells her that the reason she left all of her men friends is because they became “dead boring”. “Now that he’s back – why don’t you smarten yourself up a bit?” Rose asks her. “No man’s going to take a second glance at you – looking like an Oxfam shop window” she says. “You reckon if I smarten myself up a bit – I might keep Sid this time?” she asks. They are interrupted by Iris who arrives home. Rose tells Iris what they have been talking about “I’m a sucker for the happy endings”. “As far as I’m concerned Mr Hooper is just another lodger, in his own room, minding his own business” says Mavis who gets up and leaves. “You pack it in… I know what you’re after” says Iris. She tells her mother not to stir up trouble. “You leave her husband alone. Don’t you start nothing! Right?”


At the Lamont’s Reg prepares a drink for himself and Ashley before settling down on the sofa. Reg tells Ashley that he doesn’t know how he sticks at his job. “Its my life” he replies. “Be fair – you’ve given it a fair crack of the whip haven’t you?” asks Reg. “Its time you were your own man – doing your own thing” Reg tells Ashley about the garage he has just bought. He suggests that Ashley might like to take over there, but Ashley tells him he doesn’t want it. “I’m happy as I am” says Ashley. “Its not even as if they appreciate you is it? There you are, plodding along…” Ashley changes the subject. “How’s business?” he asks. In a non-committal way, Reggie tells him things are fine. They discuss Ashley’s love life. Ashley reveals that his previous girlfriend has “moved on.” “Still playing the field are you? When I was your age…” says Reg. Jennifer returns with a tray of tea. Ashley asks her a favour – a little ‘pressing job’” I might have guessed she says – as he brings out a police sergeant’s uniform. (CREDITS)


“Isn’t it wonderful he’s here to stay?” asks Jennifer

“Yeah – wonderful” says Reggie – taking a large swig from his glass.


Hahahahahaha – A policeman! Who saw that coming? Okay – I did but it was still funny. Especially when you realise that Ashley’s presence is affecting his fathers business already – so much so that calls are to be diverted away from the house. Rose seems to have a thing about Oxfam – That’s twice she’s used it as an insult – but it does show a nice consistency on the part of her character.



(Site ref: 4:3:40:00)



Crossroads Episode: 3564: Original TX: 21-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 022: Repeat TX: 03-12-96 –Tue (v/o confirmation)


Kath Brownlow is deeply concerned about the relationship between Kevin Banks and Carole Sands. Sharon Metcalfe meets Ashley Lamont and gets a sharp warning from Reg.(TV Times)


David and Barbara are in the office. He is looking over the surveyors report on the work completed in the motel so far. When Kath comes in with a tray of tea, Barbara asks her how Glenda is getting on. Kath tells them that she is getting better and that she is getting her appetite back. David tells her that Kevin has done an excellent job on their bathroom wall. “That elderly couple in the tenement are very lucky to have him decorate their place” he tells her. “Especially for free” adds Barbara. “I knew he was doing it – but I didn’t know he was doing it for free” says Kath. After she has gone Barbara tells David that Kath looked worried. David tells her that he didn’t notice. “You wouldn’t notice If I came in here wearing only three feathers” she tells him. “That would depend on the colour” he jokes. Barbara takes a well earned drink of tea and tells David that they are short handed in the cafeteria since Jill hadn’t turned up. “Is she ill?” he asks. David asks whether Barbara telephoned Chimneys. Barbara tells him that she did… several times.


In the garage Sid asks Mac how he is getting on with the gearbox he is working on. Mac tells him that he has only just started it. “We’ll be on overtime then” says Sid who explains that the car has been promised for the next day “So get them hours in” he orders Mac. Mac explains that overtime in the garage has always been voluntary. “Not any more its not” replies Sid. Sharon comes into the workshop and asks what the trouble is. Sid tells Sharon that Mac has refused overtime. Before she can referee in their argument the telephone rings in the office… Sharon asks Sid to go into the office with her…


…Jennifer Lamont is on the other end of the line. She invites Sharon to come to their house for a meal. Sharon accepts the invitation. Sharon says that she will have to meet Ashley before he gets spoilt to death. After the call she tells Mac that she should have given Mac more notice. She tells Sid that the job will take half the time with two of them working on it. “Try and get on eh?” she tells him. Later she apologises to Mac for having promised the car for the next day. “I know you’ve had a raw deal” she tells him. Mac is furious that he wasn’t rewarded for his hard work “Its because I’m black!” he tells her – and threatens that there are legal ways of sorting out issues  such as this.


At the Brownlows Kath lays the table. Kevin arrives home. She tells him that Glenda has improved since the morning. She asks about the couple that he has offered to do the work for. “I let myself get talked into it” he admits. “How did they do that?” she asks. He tells her that it was the Hunters’ housekeeper, Carole Sands who persuaded him. He tells her that he is too tired to be taking on free work – which confirms what she heard from the Hunters. “How did she manage that?” she asks. He explains about the Polaroid photographs that Carole showed him. “A bit grim was it?” Kath asks. “What sort of woman is this housekeeper? Pretty domineering I suppose” says Kath. Kevin explains that she’s a young girl. He asks her to put his dinner in the oven because he has to go to the Coach House to pick up the cheque for the work he has done. “This Carole Sands has a lot to to answer for” says Kath


At the coach house Carole answers the telephone – but it’s a wrong number. She puts the phone down and there is a knock at the door. It is Kevin. Carole tells him that the Hunters aren’t back yet “Its alright – I can hang on for a few minutes” he tells her. He asks about arrangements for the flat. She tells him that she hasn’t asked the Chester’s yet – to give him a chance to back out. He tells her that he wants to do the work and suggests Tuesday. She tells him that she cant be there on Tuesday. He looks disappointed but tells her he will start on his own “There’ll be other nights” he tells her. She leaves him in the lounge to get on with dinner. Barbara and David come in and give Kevin his cheque. He says goodnight to them. “Next Tuesday then,” he says to Carole “and you’ll introduce me – even if you don’t stay.” “Give our best to Glenda” says Barbara. Carole sighs. (END OF PART ONE)



Kath and Arthur eat their tea. She tells him that Kevin isn’t going to get paid for doing the job in the flat. Arthur isn’t impressed and says that he will be having a word with Kevin when he gets back. Kath tells him to say nothing – and especially not to Glenda. “I don’t want her worrying needlessly” she says. “If it IS needlessly” he corrects her.


In the garage Mac and Sid continue working on the car. Sid discusses betting on the horses and suggests they go for a drink when they have finished the job. Mac tells him that he has to get home. “I don’t want you thinking that just because we’ve done this one job together that its going to be plain sailing” says Mac. “You’ve got my job. Its not your fault… but I’m not going to rest until I get it back.”


At the Coach House David tries phoning Jill again but there is no answer. He tells Barbara that he is worried and that he is going to go and check. “When you get there – be tactful” she tells him. “You’re not angry with (pause) ME – you’re angry with Adam. Not Jill, not me not the whole world”. David leaves and is followed by Carole. “I’m sorry that I mentioned Glenda – it was tactless” she says. “I knew Kevin was married. Anyway – I’m not interested in him like that” Carole replies. Barbara asks whether he told her. “I thought HE might be interested in you in ‘that’ way.” Carole explains that she would have liked Kevin more if he’d have told her he was married himself. “And you’d have liked him MORE if he was single?” asks Barbara. She agrees. Carole tells Barbara that she isn’t looking forward to seeing him again – and that she considered letting the Chesters down – “but I just couldn’t do it” she admits.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer tells Sharon that it has been five years since Ashley moved away. He is just about to tell her that he is a policeman when Reggie arrives home. Jennifer explains that Reggie doesn’t know that Sharon was coming round. Ashley suggests that if he did that he would have been back in a flash. Jennifer greets Reggie at the door and tells him that Sharon is there “I thought you wouldn’t object” she says. “No. Of course not” he says somewhat unconvincingly. He goes into the lounge and she smiles discretely behind his back.


In the lounge, Sharon tells Reggie that Ashley has been taking good care of her. “Takes after his father!” says Reggie. Sharon tells Reggie that Mac is unhappy that Adam has hired a new foreman. Jennifer  reminds Reggie that Sharon probably wants to talk about something other than work. Sharon asks Ashley what he does for a living. “I’m a policeman” he tells her. Reggie asks Ashley to fetch a bottle of wine from the car. After he has gone Sharon says “Now that’s what I’d call a turn up for the books!”. “He’s a cop – and he’s legit. There are areas of my life that he knows nothing about – and I want it left that way!” he tells her. “Not a smile – Not  a joke – Not a tickle!” he continues. “Shaking a bit are we?” she asks. “No – steady as a rock!” he tells her.


David arrives back at the Coach house and tells Barbara that he has spoken to a neighbour and has found out that Jill hasn’t been at home for a couple of days… and that she went off with ‘that nice Mr Chance from the motel’. “It’s the sort of thing I’d expect from Adam. He makes up his own rules as he goes along” says David. “It give me the excuse I need…. I want him out!” (CREDITS)


“He’s not buying back that five percent… He’s selling me the five percent he kept…and HE…is OUT!”


David’s line about the colour of the feathers is hilarious, and a nice contrast to the sombre mood at the end of the episode. I absolutely love the “wrong number” telephone call that Carole has to answer – it is so obviously a ploy to fill time while Kevin moves from the Brownlow’s set to the Coach House set – but it amused me. Sharon’s reaction on finding out that Reggie’s son is a policeman was priceless – and matched mine exactly when I found out. I feel that it took far too long for David to put two and two together about Adam and Jill.


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Crossroads Episode: 3565: Original TX: 26-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 023: Repeat TX: 04-12-96


Sid Hooper and Rose Scott return from an evening out in a merry mood, giving Mavis cause for concern. Reg Lamont has a difficult talk with his son about Sharon Metcalfe and the Christmas present he bought her.(TV Times)


At the Lamont’s Reg pours a drink while Sharon and Ashley talk. “I produced enough to put this little lot together” boasts Reg “and that takes some doing – believe me!” Ashley tells them that he is happy plodding along at a “slower pace” He asks Sharon what it is she does at the garage. “I’m searching for a title” she tells him. Reg tells Ashley that she manages the garage. Sharon points out that Adam is the manager. “There’s going to be some changes made” he tells them. Sharon tells them about Carole Sands and her plans to become a trainee mechanic. “Do I make the decision or does Adam?” she asks Reg. “You’re the boss. The ball’s in your court” he replies.


At the Coach House David is furious. “I expect Adam to let us down, but not Jill” he tells Barbara. “Are you angry because she didn’t ring… or because she went with him” she replies. David speculates that Adam has taken Jill with him to make things more difficult for him. Barbara tells David that it is a bit self-centred to think Adam has acted purely to spite him. “He cares for Jill” she points out “and he’s proved that many times over the last few years.” David argues that he has never crossed the line from friend to lover before – as he didn’t want the responsibility. “He’s not capable of maintaining a business partnership – much less an emotional one.” He tells Barbara that he believes Adam is manipulating Jill to get control of her shares He points out that when they were combined with the 5% he is entitled to under the reversion clause, it would give him a 50% share in the motel and the ability to block any decisions. “Are you planning to play the ‘heavy father’ with Jill?” she asks him. “Do you have the right?”


At the Brownlow’s, Arthur is concerned that Kath is thinking about Rose and Iris. She is worried that neither of them have jobs. “I don’t want to know” he tells her. Kevin brings down a tray from Glenda. “She hasn’t eaten very much” says Kath. There is an awkward silence around the table. Arthur breaks it by asking if anything interesting had happened at work – but Kevin isn’t interested in talking. “Whats the matter with you for goodness sake?” asks Arthur. “NOTHING!” shouts Kevin in reply before storming out. Kath speculates that somebody has something to upset him.


At the boarding house Iris and Mavis clears the table while Rose and Sid sit back. “What about helping with the washing up?” Iris asks Sid. He has other ideas and asks her whether she would like to go out to the pub. “Let’s all have a stroll down there” Only Rose is keen on the idea and they go off to get ready. Mavis tells Iris that she should go to the pub. Iris leaves the room. Mavis is left alone (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the Brownlows’ Kevin has returned to the lounge but the air remains frosty. He apologises and blames the pressures of work for his outburst. “We all have our moments” says Kath. She and Arthur leave the room and Kevin shuts the door behind them. He picks up the telephone and dials through to the coach house…


…Barbara picks up the other end. He asks to speak to Carole, but she explains that Carole has already left for home….


Kath comes back into the lounge and Kevin changes topic – and talks about the damp problem at the Coach House. Barbara is confused while Kath looks on suspiciously…


…Barbara puts down the phone. She tells David that it was Kevin Banks after Carole. David suggests that they employ Kevin to do other jobs around the house and asks Barbara what Kevin wanted with Carole. “Must be personal…” she replies. Since they are talking about their housekeeper, Barbara asks David whether he has had the chance to talk to Sharon about Carol. He agrees to speak to her – since she may have “heard from the wandering boy.” (Adam).


At the Lamont’s Sharon refuses another drink refill from Reggie. Ashley sees her watch and remarks how nice it is. Sharon tells him that it was a present. Jennifer jumps in and says it was from both of them. Ashley also refuses another drink and suggests that he could drop Sharon back home. Reggie suggests that he takes the Rolls Royce – “to really impress the lady”. Ashley agrees. When they leave Reggie tells Jennifer that there was no need to jump in – the watch was a present with “no hidden meaning” Jennifer points out that the watch was so expensive that the person she was “rescuing” was not he, but Sharon.


Mavis is settling down with a cocoa when Sid and Rose arrive back from the pub, singing. Rose tells her that they really enjoyed themselves – but Iris doesn’t seem pleased. Sid points out that Iris spent the night sitting between them “like a red traffic light” otherwise they’d have run off together for some “sin in the sun”. “Would we have to go that far?” she asks – “I’d settle for Edgbaston”. When they leave Iris assures her that they were “only mucking about” Mavis tells Iris that she has decided to have her hair done…


David calls Kath into the motel office. He points out that they are short of staff and due to open in a couple of weeks. He asks her to take on the responsibility of organising the applicants for kitchen staff – as “Doris is less easy with strangers.” She is pleased and offers to make a start straight away. Kevin comes into the office. David tells him that Barbara would like some cupboards in the bedroom and is “making noises about magnolia”. David asks him to call at the coach house tomorrow, and mentions that Carole will be able to let him in. Kath looks on.


As they leave the office, Kath and Kevin stop to talk in the hallway. She brings up the telephone call from the previous evening. “Its odd that Mrs Hunter didn’t mention it last night” she says.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer tries to convince Reggie that she can manage the drive to Birmingham – but he convinces her to go with Peter (his driver). “Nothing but the best – for the best” he says as he kisses her. She smiles. Reggie calls out to Ashley and offers to drive him to the police station. Ashley warns Jennifer that he will be back late that evening. “You were a bit late last night weren’t you?” Reggie asks him. “Ask you in did she?” he continues. Reggie explains that Jennifer was the one who found Sharon – and that they’d been friends for about a month. “Qualified for a present a bit fast didn’t she?” asks Ashley. “Don’t you think you’re knocking on a bit for this lark?” he says. “Just what is going on between you and Sharon?” Reggie asks whether he has asked Sharon. Ashley tells his dad that she said there was nothing between them.” “So what are you worried about?” asks Reggie. (CREDITS)


“When you lay down money, you’re buying something – and you can’t blame me for wondering just what it is!”


Doris is less easy with stranger is she? IS SHE? Is she even alive? I haven’t seen her for the whole two months that I’ve been watching. She could have died in the motel fire for all we know. She’s probably been drinking that summer wine again I expect. I have to say that adding Ashley into the Sharon, Jennifer, Reggie storyline is a masterstroke. Someone that can upset the applecart for everyone. Already I can see that he is a potential rival for Sharon’s affections. Speaking of affections – Kevin… Could you have made your phone call and more suspicious? Get a grip!


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Crossroads Episode: 3566: Original TX: 27-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 024: Repeat TX: 05-12-96 –Thu



David Hunter was convinced that Adam Chance was manipulating Jill Harvey. But Barbara Hunter refused to believe this. When Sid Hooper and Rose Scott went out for the evening, her daughter Iris was suspicious and feared the worst. Mavis Hooper suddenly decided to have her hair done and make herself more attractive. Ashley Lamont harshly questioned his father Reg about his relationship with Sharon Metcalfe and what he wanted from it. (TV Times)


Sharon Metcalfe does some straight talking to Reg Lamont about their relationship. Rose Scott is provoked into what seems the final showdown with Iris. (TV Times)


David walks into the office at the garage. Sharon tells him that Adam has still not returned. David tells her that he is there to speak about Carole Sands. Sharon asks whether he is eager to get rid of Carole. “Not at all” he tells her. Sharon says that she can justify taking her on by using her as a dogsbody – doing Benny’s job – and that way should could get the training gradually. David tells Sharon that he pays her £2 per hour – plus travel. Sharon can only offer her £1.50 but David points out that she would also be getting training. They are interrupted by Reg and Sharon introduces them to each other. David invites Reg for a meeting that afternoon. Sharon tells David she can offer “Three half days a week at £1.50”. After David leaves, Sharon tells Reg that she has decided to take Carole on part time. Reg is more concerned about why David wants to see him. He tells her that he has heard that the motel was under insured by 20%.


At the boarding house Mavis and Iris discuss their plans for the day. They are interrupted by Rose Scott – who is hung over. Mavis tells Rose that she in unhappy at the way her other lodgers were disturbed the night before. Rose leaves and Iris congratulates her on standing her ground. Mavis asks Iris whether she would go with her to Birmingham. “There are one or two things I’d like to get” she says.


At the garage Sharon thanks Reg for the previous night. She reveals that Ashley had been “cross questioning” her. “Still – I suppose its part of his job” she remarks. “He’s convinced something is going on… Why on earth should I feel guilty when I haven’t done anything” she asks. She reaches into her desk drawer, holds up her watch and tells him to take it back. “I’m not trying to buy you!” he says. She asks him whether he would have bought the garage if she wasn’t there. “How do I know?” he replies. “I am not making any grabs” he assures her. He hands her back the watch and leaves.


As Reg walks through the workshop Mac attracts his attention and tells him that he was acting Foreman before Sid arrived. Reg stops him and tells him to speak to Sharon. Sid comes up to Mac and tells him to “leave it” He points out that his money hasn’t been docked and his job is safe. “What are you making waves for?” he asks.


Mac walks into the office holding an envelope in his hand. “Do you know what this is?” he asks Sharon. He tells her that it is from the Commission for Racial Equality and that he has a very good case. Mac says that there are three witnesses to the issue, him, Sharon and Adam Chance. “Its going to be my word against his” She assures him that she will be on his side. “It hasn’t got to come to this” she tells him.


Reg arrives in the motel office for his meeting with David. David points out that there has always been co-operation between the motel and the garage. Reg assures him that there are no great changes planned. David congratulates him on his investment. Reg tells David that he hasn’t really got time to get involved in the day to day running of the garage. “That’s what I’ve got Sharon for” he says (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the boarding house Rose talks with Iris about her memories of the casinos and hotels in Monte Carlo as they tuck into hamburger and chips. They are interrupted when Sid arrives home from work. He jokes that Mavis is out and there’s nobody to look after him and Rose is quick to volunteer. She and Sid continue to flirt until Iris accuses him of being a gigolo.


At the coach house David tells Barbara that Sharon has sorted things for Carole. He goes through to the kitchen to break the good news and she thanks him. Carole assures him that she will still make the time to work as a housekeeper. Before she leaves David asks her whether she would be available to let Kevin in tomorrow so that he can measure up for the bedroom cupboards. “Yes of course” she tells him before she leaves. David tells Barbara that he has invited Reg and Jennifer over for drinks in a few days time and that Jennifer is a fan of her writing. Barbara tells him that it isn’t really a convenient time for decorating. “Carole can follow hi round with a duster and vacuum cleaner” he jokes. “She already does” replies Barbara.


Sid gets up from the dinner table “just goes to show – I’m not the only one good with my hands” he says. When he leaves Iris asks her mum whether she has any self respect. Rose assures her that she and Sid were only messing about. Iris suggests to her mum that she and her move out and get a place together. “You’re not taking it seriously – me and him?” Rose asks. “He’s Mavis’ husband” says Iris “The only one she’s ever likely to get.” Iris tells Rose that she doesn’t want Mavis to get hurt. “When you moved in here you said it was so we could get to know each other… Well all you’ve done is make me feel ashamed.” Iris continues to criticise defend Mavis. “I’m not having you muck up her life like you mucked up ours – just because you cant say no to anything in trousers!” Rose slaps Iris round the face. “I want a daughter – not a second hand conscience” says Rose “And don’t try and take it out on me for the mistakes you’ve made. Sure I’d like us to be mother and daughter – but the price can be TOO high!” (CREDITS)


“Don’t make me choose between my freedom and you – because I need my freedom”


I can’t claim to have experienced racial discrimination, but I can’t help thinking Mac is over-reacting at the fact that Sid has been made foreman. It is clear in the plot that it has nothing to do with the colour of his skin – and everything to do with Adam’s uselessness. I wonder how many viewers in 1981 felt that this was an over-reaction too? I do feel sorry for Mavis – but the idea of her going into Birmingham  to get one or two things is appealing – if only to see her out of that apron! At last there are scenes between Iris and Rose that are interesting to watch. Such venom from Rose felt exciting – and refreshing. Lets hope this new direction continues.


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This was the last episode to feature

an ATV end cap.



Crossroads Episode: 3567: Original TX: 28-01-82

UK Gold Episode: 025: Repeat TX: 06-12-96


Ashley Lamont has a tricky heart-to-heart talk with his mother about the relationship between his father and Sharon Metcalfe. Kevin Banks confesses to Carole Sands about his real feelings for her. (TV Times)


Kath bustles into the garage looking for Mac. He tells her that he has been trying to get in touch with Kevin, but with no joy. He goes on to say that he might be interested in buying Kevin’s van. Kath replies by telling him that she thought it was a write-off. “Its not that bad” he tells her. He explains that he would plan to do it up in his spare time, get it through its MOT and then sell it. Kath asks Mac to call round to the house that evening. He tells her that he has to “drop some forms in” “It’s a bit hard to catch him in these days you know” Kath tells him. “What’s he up to?” Mac asks. “I wish I knew…” she replies.


Almost in answer to her request there is a knock of the door at the coach house. Carol, who is dusting, opens the door to find Kevin standing there. He is early. “Did you see the Chesters?” she asks him. He replies by telling her that she was supposed to be organising it. She tells him that now she has another job he may have to do things on his own. Kevin assures her that he will keep his (and her) word and complete the task. He congratulates her on getting a job in the garage. “We should have a drink on it… then we’d have an excuse to talk” She asks whether they need one. “I wanted to stay that time – when I knew what you were thinking – but I couldn’t – not with the Hunters here” he says. “I don’t know what you’re on about” she tells him. “Glenda…” he replies. “…You thought I was stringing you along” He tells her that he wants to keep in touch with her. “I don’t know how we COULD keep in touch” she replies. Kevin tells Carole that he intends to keep her to the promise of completing the Chester’s flat. “I don’t want to hurt anyone…” she tells him. “Not your wife – Not YOU Kevin… and please don’t hurt me.” He holds her hands and tells her that they are fine – just the way they are.


At the Brownlow’s Kath tells Rose that Glenda is feeling fed up being stuck upstairs. Rose compliments Kath on her curtains but Kath replies by saying that she isn’t keen. “What have you been up to now then?” she asks. “What gave you the idea that I’d been up to something?” Rose asks. She explains to Kath that there is good news and bad news. She explains that she has had a terrible bust up with Iris BUT that Iris has also suggested that they move to London together. Kath tells her that she is pleased but goes on to add that she knows there is something else that Rose isn’t telling her. Before Rose can speak Arthur arrives home from work and makes it clear that he is less than impressed to find her in his house. Kath explains that Rose and Iris will be moving to London. “Do you want a lift to the station?” he asks eagerly. Rose takes the hint and leaves. Arthur is pleased with himself but Kath is furious. “How could you be so rude?” she asks him. “With Rose? Very easily” he replies.


Kevin arrives home clutching a large bouquet of flowers for Glenda. Kath tells him that she is sure Glenda will be pleased. She also passes on the message about the van from Mac.


At the Lamont’s Jennifer tries to decide where to place a silk flower arrangement when Ashley arrives home in uniform. He points out that they must have cost a fair bit. She tells him that they were a present from Sharon. Ashley is surprised that the presents weren’t just “one way traffic” “Did you think it was?” she asks him. Ashley asks his mum whether there is anything going on between his father and Sharon. “No. She told me” says Jennifer. “Why do you put up with it?” he asks her. “Your father is your father. It’s the way he’s made” she laughs. “He can’t pass a pretty girl without turning round for a second look”. She tells him that it doesn’t matter. “I’m not threatened by his office popsies” she says. Ashley points out that Sharon doesn’t fit into that category. Jennifer explains that she spoke with her about it for precisely that reason. Ashley says that he spoke to Sharon at length the night before “I’m used to asking questions” he says “and she was used to avoiding them” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At home Kath lays the table. The phone rings and Kevin rushes down the stairs to answer it – but she beats him to it. “King’s Oak 7570” she says. Carole is on the other end and asks to speak to Kevin. “Its for you” says Kath grimly and hands over the phone. Kevin arranges to meet her at 7:30 and puts the phone down. He leaves the lounge in a good mood as Arthur comes in. Kath closes the door “He’s seeing ‘her’ again tonight” she says. She wonders where they could be going to. Arthur decides to tackle the bull by the horns and ask him directly. Kevin explains that they are going to decorate the old peoples flat. “Do you think you’re being fair to Glenda – leaving her alone like this?” Arthur asks him. Kevin explains that she isn’t alone – as they will be there. “Back early” he says as he leaves smiling.


At the Lamonts Jennifer continues to talk to Ashley. “Its not as though he doesn’t consider me” she assures him. “It is something that I have learned to live with” she says. Ashley tells her that she should leave Reggie – and she replies by saying they have been through that already… “particularly the first time… at least the first time I found out!” She tells Ashley about how she had seen Reggie, dressed up to the nines, in his car, with another woman beside him. “I felt sick” she tells him. She goes on to explain how she packed a bag and told Ashley they were going to go away. She explained how Reggie arrived home at 3am and she “let him lie” until he saw the cases. “He cried” she tells him. “I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting anger because he had been found out. But it just broke him.” She explains that she has always known that whatever Reggie did – he would always come back to her. “You’re a saint mum” he tells her. She disagrees. She points out that the “diversions” wont go on much longer, and that she is looking forward to being part of his ‘comfortable retirement.” “How can you look at it like that?” he asks her. “Because I want to” she replies. Just then Reggie arrives home and bursts into the lounge. “The franc’s down” he says. “Frank who?” she asks – all smiles. Jennifer leaves to make a pot of tea while Reggie makes an urgent call. When he’s finished Reggie tells him it was “moves”. “Do they always pay off? These moves you make?” asks Ashley… “like buying a garage… What do you take mum for? Blind, deaf and dumb? She deserves better.” Reggie is furious that he has been discussing it. “Nothing is happening” he tells his son. “Not for the want of trying” points out Ashley. “It will have to stop!”


Kevin arrives at the Coach House. Carole explains to him that Mrs Chester has rung her to say that her husband is ill and they cant go round. Instead she offers him some supper but he tells her that he has already had some. “You’re not cross?” she asks him. “It must mean you wanted to see me” he tells her. “Yeah – I suppose it does” she agrees. Carole tells him that she wanted to do something “normal” with him, but that she realises his “everyday” is having supper with his wife. “Is she better?” Carole asks. “Much” he replies. Kevin tells her that he could manage an omelette – and they agree to open a bottle of wine. As he opens the bottle she tells him that she thinks of him sometimes “doing ordinary things” Kevin asks where the Hunters are. She tells him that they have gone to their accountants for dinner. “Nothings gonna happen between us is it Kevin? We know the rules… both of us… only I DID want to see you again” she tells him. He moves closer. “You’ll like the Chesters when you meet them”. “I know” he replies.



“No Kevin” says Carole. She walks away. 


“The clues are there” as they say. Kevin’s phone call from Carole, the bunch of flowers, the evening meetings, the furtive behaviour. Kevin isn’t exactly an expert at hiding this affair. Mind you, it seems as though even an old-pro such as Reggie can make simple mistakes. I absolutely love Jennifer Lamont. The pain on her face as she was talking to Ashley made uncomfortable yet compelling viewing. The way Jennifer could “switch on” her smile when Reggie appeared was stunning – or perhaps he really DOES make her feel like smiling? Either way it seems that she is resigned to this way of life – at least for the time being. These two storylines have the most amazing effect of making me feel sorry for Reggie – and his last ditch attempts at an affair whilst being annoyed at Kevin for his uselessness. Cleverly the scriptwriters have kept the race relations story, and the Rose / Iris story on the backburner for the whole episode, and it really feels as the Reg and Kevin plots have moved on a great pace. In terms of typical Crossroads “mistakes” (which are few and far between so far) we did get to see a glimpse of some studio lighting at the top of the screen in Scene 2 but I won’t let that take anything away from the quality of this episode. First rate. (As it should be for the last ATV episode)


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