DECEMBER 1981: Episodes 3541 – 3555

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Crossroads Episode: 3541: Original TX: 01-12-81 (Tuesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3541


Adam Chance has money troubles and tries to involve David Hunter in a new venture. Sharon Metcalfe’s evasive action is not appreciated.

TV Times (for 01-12-81)


Writers: tbc                                                                                                   Director: tbc


NOTE: This episode was not broadcast as part of the UK Gold series of repeats



Crossroads Episode: 3542: Original TX: 02-012-81 (Wednesday)



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3542



GRANADA - 6:30

ATV – 6:05

HTV – 5:20


Barbara Hunter persuades husband David to give a school-leaver a chance. Ron Brownlow has a tender meeting with Iris Scott.

TV Times (Granada for 02-12-81)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: tbc


NOTE: This episode was not broadcast as part of the UK Gold series of repeats




Crossroads Episode: 3543: Original TX: 03-12-81 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 001: Repeat TX: 04-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3543



Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Mike Holgate



Adam, Jill and Barbara are busy in the office checking over paperwork. Only ¾ of the chalets are occupied, the restaurant is closed but nobody is complaining. Adam is pleased that the garage work book contains appointments – not just oily finger marks.


Adam leaves to go to the bank and Jill and Barbara discuss the housework she has left behind.


Barbara reveals that husband David has agreed to give a young girl by the name of Carole Sands a chance as a housekeeper.


“What has made David so co-operative?” asks Jill. “He’s hungry and I haven’t fed him” she replies.


In the garage, Sharon and Mac discuss Benny. Even though he has been a great house guest for Mac, it is time he moved on. Later Mac reveals that Adam has “woman trouble.” Sharon is intrigued.


In the Brownlow’s house Kevin is on the phone – it seems he is booked up until the new year at least. Mother in Law, Kath is pleased.


Her husband, Arthur arrives home unexpectedly for a spot of lunch – which turns out to be cold meat and pickles – Arthur is un-amused - its parky out.


Back at the garage Sharon applies lipstick before Diane arrives to pick up her friend for lunch – and joins with the lipstick application.


Diane teases Sharon over whether she will be having any more business lunches with Adam, but Sharon replies that he has been a bit “tetchy”.


“What have you been doing to him?” she asks. The complications of Di’s love life are discussed before Sharon asks whether she fancies Adam. “I did fancy him – a bit” Diane admits – but reveals that nothing has happened between them.


“Some girls have all the luck.” jokes Sharon.


Glenda talks with Mavis in the hallway of the boarding house – it seems that her cousin, Iris is not yet back. They discuss the fact that (her brother) Ron has left – leaving ex-girlfriend (and cousin) Iris behind  - but Glenda isn’t up to talk.


As Iris arrives back Mavis a phone call – about a room vacancy – a single man is on the phone – Hawkins – Benny Hawkins.






Iris makes a sandwich for herself  - but Glenda isn’t hungry.


“I always seem to be messing up peoples lives” laments Iris.


Clearly the break up with Ron has hit her badly and she goes on to talk about how much she loved Ron.


A “well to do” lady arrives at the garage and is being looked after by Sharon. It seems she has been trying to arrange a service for her car for the last two weeks – Not easy during the Christmas period.


She is exhausted Christmas shopping – especially for Reggie her husband. “What do you give a man who has everything?” the lady asks. “A woman who has nothing?” responds Sharon. The lady tries to get Sharon to organise a service for today – but they are fully booked.


She says she will pay “regardless” of the cost – but the next morning is the best that Sharon can manage.


At the Brownlows’ Kevin agrees to pick up the groceries and some chocolate biscuits. Kath and Arthur discuss what she is to wear for what promises to be a posh evening out.


Back at the garage, Mac agrees to do a simple 12,000 miles service for the lady in distress. She is exhausted and Sharon is concerned enough to offer a cup of tea. Sharon also agrees to drop off the car to the woman (number 4, Delamere Avenue – at the far end of the golf course – clearly posh!). “What about golf clubs?” suggests Sharon – for a present. Sadly it seems that Reggie has all the kit (even if he has none of the skill to play.) The woman reveals that Reggie is a “fixer” – he will fix anything for anyone.


Arthur and Kath discuss the price of a new dress that Kath has seen. It seems £40 is too much – but eventually Arthur gives in “There’s money in the drawer upstairs” he reveals.


Kevin arrives back with the groceries – but things aren’t going well for Arthur – as they were out of chocolate ginger biscuits. Kath receives a letter from her sister Rose (mum of Iris). The letter was clearly written a while ago as it talks about Iris being pregnant. “Fancy me being a grandma” it says – clearly Rose is unaware that her daughter is not pregnant.


The letter goes on to reveal that Rose will be coming for a visit… but not when she will be arriving.




“Typical,” complains Arthur, “Keeping us all on edge”


(Site ref: 1:1)


In a perfect example of battling through the script – no matter what – Sharon and Mac find themselves drying in only scene 2! Both actors recover – but it is Sharon that comes off better and more naturalistic.


In what can only be counted as a running joke on the part of the scriptwriters, Arthur complains about food. Although it is a little “staged” the Brownlow family – and in particular Kath and Arthur offer some sense of “realism” and a nice connection for the majority of the audience. (We had the same sofa when I was little). In a nice contrast the character of Jennifer Lamont arrives at the garage – someone with “breeding”.


There is some sharp and witty dialogue (“A woman who has nothing!”) and it is nice that a mere mention of Rose causes Arthur to visibly wince.


Capture note: The “End of Part One” and “Part Two” caption screenshots came from an ITV2 repeat of this episode, and were not shown on the UK Gold broadcast.


Crossroads Episode: 3544: Original TX: 08-12-81 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 002 : Repeat TX: 05-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3544



GRANADA - 6:30

ATV – 6:05

HTV – 5:20


Joe MacDonald encourages a reluctant Benny to change his board and lodgings. Sharon Metcalfe brings Adam Chance to his senses - very sharply indeed.

TV Times (Granada for 08-12-81)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Mike Holgate



David calls Dianne into the office and asks her what she is doing for dinner. He apologies for having been “anti-social” over the past few months although the truth is it is more to do with the fire than anything else. David is keen to put his new housekeeper’s skills to the test. Diane asks whether the old dear will be up to it – but in David’s opinion Carole is “Not very dear, and not very old.”


At the garage Benny is clearly worried following his conversation with potential landlady, Mavis Hooper. “She sounded snappy on the phone” he complains to Mac. Feeling sorry for his friend, Mac offers to accompany him on the viewing. Benny reveals that the room was the one previously occupied by Ron Brownlow (ex boyfriend and cousin of Iris Scott) and all for the princely sum of £14.


At the Brownlow’s house Glenda and Husband Kevin have been getting the table ready for supper. “It looks smashin’” declares Iris. “Yeah I do, don’t I?” replies Kevin. The cad. Over supper Glenda asks Iris what she is going to do – now that her marriage to Ron has been called off – but Iris doesn’t know. Glenda suggests that Iris apply for a job at the motel. Iris doesn’t seem keen – for one thing she doesn’t plan on hanging around, and for another she is worried that her bad reputation will follow her.


At the boarding house Benny chooses exactly the moment when Mavis is enjoying a quiet cuppa to look round the room – hardly the best of starts.” Benny makes a further fool of himself by accidentally pushing a handful of cash in her direction instead of shaking hands.


At the dinner party Iris is in awe of Glenda’s hot mince pies and Ice Cream. Glenda reveals that her culinary prowess is down to mum, Kath’s influence. “Did she teach you the other things you know?” says Kevin suggestively. The cad. “She’s marvellous in’t she?” asks Iris as she compares her Aunty Kath to her own mother. Suddenly feeling out of place Iris stands up to leave. After she goes, Kevin and Glenda agree that it was good that they didn’t mention the letter that arrived from Iris’ mum earlier in the day. They embrace. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the garage Sharon is in the middle of trying to contact the errant Mr Chance by telephone, when the moustachioed Manger walks in. It seems he has been busy with the accountant, the troublesome builder (Mr. Dobson) and several other motel traumas in between. Sharon has arranged a business meeting with a car hire big-wig who may be able to  put some business their way. Adam invites Sharon along as well “to smooth the way”.


At the boarding house Benny is impressed but Mrs Hooper doesn’t seem keen. Mac tries some gentle persuasion, but it isn’t until Iris arrives that Mavis starts to soften. “First time I saw you I thought ‘Blimey’” she says. “Been like a mum to me” she continues. Eventually Mavis agrees and they seal the deal with a cup of tea.


At the Coach House, David arrives back with Diane – ready to sample (new housekeeper) Carole’s cooking. Diane and David discuss Adam’s difficulties finding a new mechanic – for the princely sum of £110 a week. Carole overhears the conversation and dives in – feet first to start criticising her employer’s thoughts on pay – little realising that she has left the supper to burn. “I suggest you turn the heat off” suggests David. “I’m not paying her for her opinion on industrial relations” says David – “I’m paying her to burn the parsley sauce!” David is unimpressed with Carole’s outburst and tells Diane that he will be speaking to her later.


Late at night, Adam and Sharon arrive back at the garage with a service contract for a fleet of cars – there is a moment of mild flirtation between them and he fetches a celebratory glass of Scotch from the filing cabinet. Sharon would rather not be in this situation. “I don’t think I really appreciate your talents” he tells her. He moves in for a kiss – but – as she tells him “That is by invitation only”. He grabs her in an attempt to pile on the charm – but Sharon feels the need to slap him in order to move away. (CREDITS)

“I don’t know what you came back for….” says Sharon… “But if it was me…..”  She leaves him in the office.


(Site ref: 1:2)


In this episode Kevin comes across as simply annoying. His suggestive remarks and “comedy” responses seem forced (even though there are only two!) Glenda is the “perfect housewife” – able to cope with running a home, cooking meals, looking after her husband and working – I suppose it helps that they live with her mum. Mavis (often cited as at least one inspiration for Mrs.Overall in Acorn Antiques shows off the “battleaxe” and softer sides to her character beautifully and there does seem to be genuine affection between Mavis and Iris. If I were Carole’s employer I would have sacked her on the spot after interrupting my conversation and I think this is the least successful part of the episode. The highlight however is the failed chat-up between Adam and Sharon which ends in the slap. Adam is at his lecherous best and Sharon has never been more feisty.



Crossroads Episode: 3545: Original TX: 09-12-81 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 003 : Repeat TX: 06-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3545



GRANADA - 6:30


David Hunter finds that life is far from tranquil with Carole Sands as his housekeeper. Sharon Metcalfe meets somebody from her past whom she would prefer to give a wide birth.

TV Times (Granada for 09-12-81)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Peter Croft



A letter arrives through the door at the coach house. David opens it as Carole prepares scrambled eggs. Carole offers to take a tray in for Mrs hunter. She apologises for embarrassing her employer in front of Diane. She acknowledges that it wasn’t her place to say anything. David says “I suppose you think I’m pompous”. She says nothing to this but cannot resist adding  “I’m just trying to put some reality into the situation.” David suggests that being a housekeeper “isn’t using all her gifts.” Their argument is interrupted by Barbara.


Adam is also opening his post in the garage as Benny and Sharon arrive. There is an awkward look between them but Benny is oblivious as he tries to tell Sharon about his new room. Adam is unimpressed with their arrival – past nine o’clock. When Benny leaves Sharon berates Adam for not showing an interest in Benny’s excitement.  It seems the working relationship will not be plain sailing.


Back at the coach house Barbara asks David whether he would like to talk about the argument he had with Carole last night – David feels that with Carole hoovering loudly in the background – and the fear that she might join in again – that this probably isn’t the time. “What is the problem?” asks Barbara. David says that he feels “cornered” by his housekeeper.


At the Brownlows’ Kath is disturbed from her carpet sweeping by the arrival of long lost sister Rose. “Where’s Iris?” asks Rose. “Gone to the antenatal clinic?” Kath doesn’t know what to say since Rose obviously doesn’t know that it was a phantom pregnancy. “You haven’t changed much…” Rose tells Kath…. “Didn’t expect you would really!” Tact clearly isn’t Rose’s strong point – and she can talk ten to the dozen… “Come on Kath. What’s happening? When’s Ros….(the actress corrects herself – SHE’S ROSE!)… Iris going to make me a Grandma?” Kath suggests that she makes a cup of tea. Rose has a lot to listen to! (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) “I’ve never heard of that sort of thing before… Phantom Pregnancy!” marvels Rose. Kath has obviously filled her sister in on developments during the break. Kath asks her sister what she has been up to all these years. Rose tells her life story – starting with life after “Scotty” (Iris’ dad). It seems she can’t actually remember his first name. “Cyril” Kath reminds her. Rose reveals that the sailor she left “Scotty” for ditched her soon after but Rose knows nothing of what happened to Rose’s dad. “He snuffed it I shouldn’t wonder. Just living made him tired.” She moans. Kath wonders whether Rose ever considered marriage again. “Not marriage – no…. There was one fella (Bob) – but he was married already!” Kath is unsurprised. “Have there been any other regular men friends?” asks Kath. “Three that I lived with, besides Bob.” Kath wants to know more about her sister’s life. “What have you been doing? Apart from…..?” Rose reveals a whole list of past employment – from chambermaid to exotic dancer (which she took to pay for “an operation”). Kath is unimpressed. Finally Rose asks about her daughter – and reveals that she hasn’t seen her since she was five years old. “A bit late to be getting sentimental” Kath chastises her.


At the garage Sharon tells Benny not to worry about Mr Chance. She tells him that he is just in a bad mood – although she doesn’t reveal that it is because of the incident the night before. Benny reveals that Mac has completed the service for the lady from the previous day. Adam tells her that since she organised to deliver the car – it is up to her to deliver it. “Next time maybe she won’t be in such a hurry to make promises.”


Arthur arrives home and is aghast to discover sister in law Rose in the lounge. She kisses him and he calls out for Kath. “You’re the first man I’ve kissed that has called for his wife.” she jokes. “Some have called for the fire brigade, but never for their wives.” Arthur’s discomfort increases when Rose sits in his chair! Very quickly she convinces Arthur to allow her to stay in Ron’s room – then to pop down to the station to pick up her four cases… and then she eats his lunch.


Jennifer Lamont - he well to do lady from the previous day at the garage opens her door to Sharon. She offers her a scotch and soda and something for lunch. All of a sudden she reveals her life story – about her son in Yorkshire, buying their house from Mrs Owen, the flat that her and Reggie used to live in….” Suddenly they hear a car pull up and Reggie arrives home. His wife goes to greet him at the front door and asks him if he could pop “the girl” from the garage back. He seems reluctant. Sharon, who is in the lounge, can hear the husband’s voice and is concerned. When they see each other there is instant recognition… “How do you do?” he says. “Hello” she replies. “We haven’t run across each other before…” he adds…. Just in case. (CREDITS) “After lunch I’ll run you back… I absolutely insist”


(Site ref: 1:3)


Rose arrives – an absolute whirlwind. Whereas the jokey dialogue in the last episode seemed out of place, stories of Rose’s exotic past and many liaisons are played beautifully… Even though we aren’t supposed to like the fact that she left Iris 13 years ago – we can’t help but be intrigued as to how Kath and her sister can be so different. I like the fact that Kath fills in Rose during the commercial break so that we don’t have to hear about Iris and her traumas – and I love the fact it is all done over tea and cake. The relationship between Jennifer and Sharon seems a little forced here as Jennifer begins to tell Sharon about her entire back story – and it feels a little like exposition overload – but of course the payoff to this is when Reg Lamont walks through the door and is instantly recognised by Sharon. How Jennifer didn’t smell a rat with dialogue like “We haven’t run across each other before,,,” remains to be seen.


Crossroads Episode: 3546: Original TX: 10-12-81

UK Gold Episode: 004 : Repeat TX: 07-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3546


Sharon Metcalfe and Diane Hunter arrange a mutually beneficial deal. Iris Scott meets her mother, who left her 30 years earlier.

TV Times (Granada for 10-12-81)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Peter Croft



“Not a word… Not a glimmer. I want that understood right from the start!” threatens Reggie. There is clearly unfinished business between Sharon and Reggie. “She’s too good for me” says Reggie about his wife. “Far and away” agrees Sharon. Reggie decides to discuss their mutual friend – and the reason for their awkwardness. “I saw Eddie the other day… Visiting time.” At the mention of Eddie’s name Sharon is visibly moved. “Still a little flicker in that torch you’re carrying is there?” enquires Reggie. Sharon doesn’t want to talk about it.


In the motel office Jill is busy with paperwork when Diane arrives with her dinner. Conversation moves onto the fact that Jill doesn’t fancy a roast turkey dinner since they will soon be having that for Christmas. Diane reveals that she will be having enchiladas at Christmas. “doughy bits of things with chicken and cheese.” It seems that Diane will be spending the second Christmas in a row in America with son Nicky. Jill on the other hand will not be spending Christmas with daughter Sarah Jane, who is staying in Germany with her father, Stan and the “second Mrs Harvey.”


Back at the Lamont’s Sharon looks around the lavishly furnished house. “So… Crime pays then?” she asks. Reggie is shocked to be called a criminal “That little incident was a one off.” “Have you heard about grey imports?” he asks her.  He explains how he is in the business of juggling goods until it becomes lucrative to move them. Sharon is far more concerned that (ex) Eddie is doing time for getting involved in one of Reggie’s business deals. “He’ll be looked after” he assures her. Cutting the conversation short, Jennifer Lamont arrives with a prawn salad.


At the Brownlow’s Rose offers to help Kath with the washing up. It is a half hearted offer as Kath completed that task an hour before. Kath is on her way out – and is determined to put Rose off from joining her. “Are you going to see Iris?” she asks. Kath asks Rose to sit down and lays down the law – She doesn’t think it is a good idea for Rose to see her daughter just yet. “You’ll just have to leave it to me” says Kath who promises to find a way of getting Iris used to the idea. Before Kath leaves she asks Rose to promise to leave it to her. Rose has to reluctantly agree since she has no idea where her daughter is.


At the garage Sharon is busy burning a photograph of Eddie Lee when Diane walks in Diane suggests that now she knows where he is she could go and see him. Sharon doesn’t think so. Attempting to take her friend’s mind off the situation Diane reveals that she is free this evening – and that she has a “hotpot that might stretch to a couple of slimmers and a bottle of plonk”. Diane enquires what the fire is for. “You kid yourself that you can burn your boats… don’t ya?” replies Sharon – clearly unconvinced.  (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the Brownlow’s living room Arthur is annoyed to find Rose in his chair again. They exchange small talk until Rose jumps up. “Have you seen a little bit of paper with Kath’s handwriting anywhere?” She pretends that she has lost Iris’ address and that she is going to be late meeting her daughter. Twisting Arthur round her little finger she convinces him to reveal the address – which Arthur (desperate not to have Rose around for any longer than is necessary) is more than keen to provide.


In the office Jill and Barabara discuss the estimates for the work at the motel. Jill is amazed that people should want to come to the “shell” that remains after the fire. Barbara reminds her that at Christmas is probably overflow from family parties. Jill – in a moment of nostalgia – reveals that some of the names on the booking list have been coming since the motel first opened. Barbara invites Jill to celebrate Christmas with her and David at the Coach House.


Kath arrives home to find Arthur sitting in his own chair (at last), and tucking into a sandwich (which he has made for himself). He offers a cup of tea (freshly brewed). They discuss his metabolism – which is either very high – or very low. “This is nice” declares Arthur “just the two us”. The domestic calm is shattered when Arthur asks whether she saw Rose while she was visiting Iris. Kath jumps up from the table and puts her coat on – to try to sort out the “damage” that could be caused by her sister’s unannounced arrival in her estranged daughter’s life.


At the garage Sharon is revelling in the fact that it its 2 minutes past 6, and therefore doesn’t have to rearrange her evening to suit Adam (who is on the other end of the phone.) Diane asks her friend a favour. Since it is another two months before the motel is ready, she asks Sharon to be “caretaker” at the flat. Sharon readily agrees – it is better than her pokey little room after all.


At the boarding house Rose applies lipstick as Mavis irons lots and lots of sheets. Mavis is “not sure it’s a good idea” for Rose to be there before Kath has had a chance to organise things – but Rose is having none of it. Mavis is protective of Iris after everything she has been through over the past few months but she agrees not to reveal who Rose is until she has had chance to have a good look at her. Iris arrives back with some nice cream biscuits.  “You’ve turned out alright” states Rose. “Don’t you know who I am?” (CREDITS)


“You must have guessed who I am… haven’t you got anything to say?”


(Site ref: 1:4)


The scene between Barbara and Jill is welcome here – as it explains why Crossroads should still be operating following the devastation caused by the fire – the idea that people need a bed and breakfast for the Christmas period is a little forced – but plausible. What is less plausible is that Sharon had read the work receipt at the garage for “Mrs Lamont”, and heard her talking about her husband “Reggie” – and not put two and two together that her husband and the man (at least partly responsible) for her ex being in prison are one and the same. There is perhaps another example of a script mishap when the Brownlows are discussing high or low blood pressure – but if it is, the actors cover it extremely well and it actually adds to the naturalism of the scene. The cliffhanger after the credits is pure comedy gold however – watch out for Mavis standing perfectly still with her iron in the air as the camera zooms in on Rose. (pictured)

Oh… and by the way – I am missing the opening shot of the episode – so if anyone can oblige…


Crossroads Episode: 3547: Original TX: 15-12-81 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 005 : Repeat TX: 08-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3547



GRANADA - 6:30

ATV – 6:05

HTV – 5:20


Rose Scott unburdens her heart to sister Kath Brownlow. Carole Sands makes the Hunters feel foolish.

TV Times (Granada for 15-12-81)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Peter Croft



Iris is overwhelmed by the appearance of her mother. “You needn’t have bothered love!” she declares, followed by “I haven’t got a mother.” Before running out of the room leaving Kath, Mavis and Rose behind. Kath is furious with her sister for ruining the work of the last five months – building up the young girl’s trust in other people.


In the motel office David and Barbara discuss the motel Christmas cards – showing the design of the motel when its finished. “When will that be?” asks Barbara. David doesn’t have an answer. Barbara lifts up a tatty box of Christmas decorations that Jill had cleared out from the cupboards in the sitting room. Even though they are no use at the motel this year, Barbara thinks that some of them will be useful at the coach house. David isn’t so sure –after picking up pine needles from the carpet from the previous Christmas. Barbara then asks David whether they should invite Carole round as a guest – and David – acknowledging the meaning of the season rightfully states that he cannot object to his wife’s request.


Rose and Kath arrive back at the Brownlows. “I need my head testing” says Rose – This is stating the obvious to Kath.” Maybe when she gets over the shock of seeing you she may think differently” she replies. Rose suggests that Kath would have been just as keen to see her daughter if she had been in her place. Kath points out that she wouldn’t have walked out of her daughter’s life for 13 years.


David and Barbara arrive back at the coach house with a Christmas tree. “Christmas is going to be very special this year” he says. Carole is impressed by the tree. David makes the offer to Carole but she refuses as she has her dad and brothers to look after.


Kevin is pleased to discover that he and Glenda are alone in the lounge. “Let’s make the most of it – before the magic goes out of our marriage,” He and Glenda kiss…. a lot – before Rose bursts in wearing a jazzy dressing gown. “Oh very nice – don’t stop for me.” she says. “Who are you?” asks Glenda. Arthur walks in and introduces her while Kath brings in the tea. “She ate my lunch” he complains. After a quick change Rose appears back downstairs in a flamboyant polka dot blouse. She puts her foot in it by asking Glenda if they have any children on the way – not knowing that it isn’t possible. Rose goes on to complain that children cause nothing but pain and heartache – no matter what you do for them. “You’re the expert aren’t you?” asks Arthur sarcastically. His amusement is short lived when Rose declares that she has enjoyed being part of a family so much – that she might as well stay on until Christmas (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the Coach House, the Hunters and Carole are busy trimming the tree. Barbara goes off to find their decorations while David asks after Carole’s family. She reveals all about her brothers and that her dad is a shop steward in a carpet factory. She then compliments David on his carpet “Nylon” she declares approvingly. ”Good dye – its probably American…. “ David tells her that he thought it was wool. “They’re clever beggars… it’s a matt finish… no shine.” she insists. Carole asks David what they will be doing about carpets at the motel when the rebuilding is finished. “Gonna buy British?” she asks. She offers her help. Barbara arrives back with a hat box full of sentimental decorations – and stories of her brother stepping on them when he was four. “I thought you would have been an only child” states Carole. “What about me?” asks David. “Oh you’re definitely an only child!” she says. He can only confirm her analysis. “Some girls read palms, Carole reads carpets.” He jokes.


At the boarding house Mac helps Benny, who is petrified of disturbing Mavis, to move in. She hears him and comes out to see him carrying a small suitcase. “Do you mean to say you go round in the same things all the time?” “Oh no – I change me socks and me…. things” he tells her. Mavis tells Benny that he could do with some smartening up- especially in the washing and ironing department.


At the coach house David tells Barbara that he misses Christmas sun in the Bahamas. He regales her with stories of life abroad. “Have you ever been abroad?” Barbara asks Carole. Carole reveals that she went to Bologne, Once – but that she isn’t bothered about going anywhere else. “Carole’s a patriot” says David. “No – Carole’s just poor” she corrects him. Barbara is furious with herself for flaunting their wealth.


At the boarding house Mavis makes Benny a pit of tea before going to her neighbours to watch telly (She has colour). Iris arrives and Mavis apologises for Rose’s behaviour. Benny asks Iris what Mavis was talking about “Must have been a nice surprise” asks Benny. Iris puts him straight. “I don’t understand you sometimes” says Benny. He tells her that if his mum were to walk through the door that he would be really glad to see her. “Yeah? Well not me” she replies. “People can stop being your friend, or your wife” he tells her” but they can’t stop being your mum… Your mum’s your mum forever.”


“if my mum came in here – I’d be really glad to see her.”


(Site ref 1:5)


A great episode this. Comedy in the form of David and Carole – who work really well together in their scenes and emotional depth from Benny – who far from the buffoon he can sometimes appear -  offers Iris some mature and insightful advice. As can be expected from something set in the early 80’s, politics enters the script although it seems subtle and well handled here.


Crossroads Episode: 3548: Original TX: 16-12-81 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 006 : Repeat TX: 11-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3548


Rose Scott unburdens her heart to sister Kath Brownlow. Carole Sands makes the Hunters feel foolish.

TV Times (Granada for 15-12-81)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Peter Croft



Reg Lamont is on the phone “Let him have a couple of grand” he tells the person on the other end. Jennifer arrives downstairs – but he is too busy making sure things don’t go through the books – and confirming shipments have arrived. When he gets off the phone they both look through Christmas cards and discuss friends. Jennifer says that she must get a small gift for Sharon. Reg pretends not to remember her.  “She’s not quite our sort is she?” he asls – trying to put her off – but eventually he gives in. “You buy her what you like.”


In the motel office Adam and Jill arrive to find David already at work. “What would you say if I told you we could open early in February?” he asks them. Adam isn’t sure about David’s optimism. David’s concern is that Dobson’s men spend more time drinking tea than working. Jill offers to find Dobson and send him to the office. Adam asks David whether he has considered the risks of taking bookings and of changing contractors – David is more concerned with bringing money back into the business. Adam still isn’t sure – but points out that since he has 5% and Jill owns 40% in the motel the controlling interest lies with the David and Barbara – who will no doubt vote together on any plans that David puts forward.


Kevin isn’t up for breakfast at the Brownlow’s. “You should always eat a proper breakfast,” his father in law tells him, “It’s the foundation for the whole day.” Kath comes in with a  pot of tea…. With no tea in it. Her mind is preoccupied with the trouble that may have been caused for Iris by Rose’s arrival. Kevin reveals that he isn’t looking forward to working at the motel with the rest of Dobson’s men. They aren’t keen on having him work with them. As Arthur, Kevin and Glenda discuss problems at work, Kath rushes out of the house – Arthur is furious at the trouble caused by Rose and her daughter.


At the boarding house Kath visits Iris. “its no skin off my nose” Iris tells her “I don’t care”. Kath tells her not to say anything you might be sorry for. Iris is cross that Kath wrote to her sister. “If she turns up here again – all she’s gonna get is another mouthful” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the motel office, Dobson tells Adam and David that the job will be finished in “late February or early March.” David asks Dobson for a bit of optimism. “Lads are a bit slack you see.” Replies Dobson. “I blame the unions” he declares before suggesting the 25th of February for completion. This is not good enough for David – who pushes for the 1st of the month. Dobson points out that the contact he signed points out that any dates may be reasonably altered. Kevin interrupts the meeting to ask Dobson to make a decision over some cement. Adam asks how the work is going and if there is a possibility of speeding it up. Kevin confirms that there is always the possibility – before leaving. Dobson again blames the unions for making his men soft. Dobson then informs him that Kevin is not part of the union and that it is having an effect on the morale of his men.


In the garage, Jill asks Adam where Sharon has got to. She asks whether he approves of her efficiency. Adam confirms that he does – even if it is a little chilly round the edges. “Oh dear – not complaining of frost bite are you?” she asks wittily. Sharon enters the office to tell Adam that the pumps are out – and that they are therefore giving away petrol. He is furious with her – but as she points out – she had already told him that the pumps needed checking. In a timely piece of intervention, Reg Lamont arrives through the door of the office bearing a gift of champagne for the mechanic that serviced his wife’s car. He also passes on Jennifer’s invitation to Sharon.


Following Adam voicing his concerns David speaks with Jill. He says that he is worried that since he has taken over the running of the motel, she might feel excluded. Jill tells him that Adam is just being protective. She changes the subject and asks whether it would be possible to bring Adam with her to the Christmas meal. David agrees.


Back in the garage, Sharon is being persuaded by Reg to join Jennifer for a drink. Next he asks what she is doing for Christmas. “Listen – I’m really quite a nice guy when you get to know me?” Sharon declines before Adam interrupts the conversation. As he leaves, Reg tells Adam that he might be able to put a bit of business his way. This is music to Adam’s ears and he tells Sharon that Reg should be “cultivated”. Sharon desn’t like this suggestion at all.


David arrives home and is greeted by Carole, who has prepared him a drink. She tells him that she came in early to use the typewriter for some job applications. David is embarrassed and apologises if he has put her under any pressure. He tells her that he and Mrs Hunter are pleased with her work. She tells him that being a housekeeper isn’t what she wants to do – she wants to train to be a mechanic. “I was just beginning to get used to you” he tells her. She smiles. “Really?”


Arthur arrives back home from work to find Kath in a flap. She tells him that Rose has gone. He is pleased until Kath tells him that she didn’t mean “for good” – as her things are still in the house. Kath is concerned that Rose has gone to see Iris again. “I’m gonna do something” she tells him… CREDITS.


Despite the image I am missing the cliff-hanger dialogue. Anyone got the complete episode?


(Site ref 1:6)


An episode that shows the variety of scope that Crossroads was capable of. On one hand, very small and intimate dramas between Iris and Kath – and on the other – the “big business” and extravagant lifestyles of Reg Lamont who can drop off a bottle of champagne at the drop of a hat. There is genuine affection between Jill and David which really seems to make the most of having the longer established characters working together.


Crossroads Episode: 3549: Original TX: 17-12-81 (THURSDAY)

UK Gold Episode: 007 : Repeat TX: 12-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3549



TV Times (Granada for 17-12-81)


Benny is worried about an unpleasant task he cannot avoid. Barbara Hunter has her worries over a disclosure she has made to Carole Sands. (TVTimes)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: John Scholz-Conway



Mac is busy when Jill arrives in the garage and she is surprised to find him at work so late. Benny arrives with a cup of coffee. Mac tells Benny about how he earned himself an extra few quid by cleaning some spark plugs for a customer but Benny is preoccupied…


In the office Jill goes to pay for some work but can’t resist finding out from Sharon about her friendship with Reg Lamont. “Do you know him well?” asks Jill. “Not at all” replies Sharon. Jill however has other topics to discuss. She wants to know if Sharon and Adam are now seeing “eye to eye”. “You’re not being ‘got at’ are you?” asks Jill. “Whatever does she mean?” ponders Sharon in response. Jill goes on to discuss the fact that its “just Adam’s way”. As Sharon clears away the mugs the telephone rings and Jill answers it to find Jennifer Lamont on the other end of the line. Sharon doesn’t want to speak and Jill makes up an excuse about not being able to find her. She’d rather be left alone.


At the Coach House Barbara arrives back with a stack of library books – research or her next novel. It seems she is rather slack at returning books as there was an outstanding fee of £4.64. David suggests that they ask Carole to remind her about overdue books in future – but Barbara is concerned that they already give her enough to do. David is clearly warming to his housekeeper – just as she is looking for alternative employment. “You are the very model of a modern motel manager” he jokes when Barbara reminds him that she knew that Carole was applying – since she lent her the use of her typewriter earlier in the day. “She has a certain irresistible honesty…. I misjudged her didn’t I?” he asks Barbara. She nods.


Arthur paces around the lounge as he waits for Kath’s return. He jumps up at the sound of the door but is disappointed to discover it is only Kevin and Glenda. Arthur is clearly furious that Rose managed to dupe him into giving her Iris’ address.


At the garage Mac and Benny discuss the fact that Benny needs to be seen by the police – as a witness at the inquest into Sam Hurst’s death in the motel fire. Sharon interrupts the conversation to give Mac the bottle of champagne from Reg. Mac jokes that if Trina gets a taste for champagne he will be on overtime for the rest of his life! Mac tells Sharon that Benny is panicking and she takes it upon herself to have a word with him about his concerns and convinces him that he needs to go.


At the Brownlow’s, Kevin looks at his watch – it is nearly 7 o’clock. Glenda suggests that she start supper as Kath is clearly not back from chasing after Rose. Kevin isn’t fussed about eating. He reveals that he is having trouble at work since he is no longer part of the union. “If the chaps you’re working with are part of the union you can’t be the odd man out” Arthur tells him. Kevin points out that since you need to be proposed and seconded – the chances of him joining don’t look likely.


At the Coach House, Carole hands over the manuscript for Barbara’s latest novel. “Its quite a good story…” says Carole – “but its not ‘true’ is it?” Barbara reveals that she happens to know ‘a man’ that did exactly what it says in her novel – broke his parole, discovered the woman he loved did the killing, and went back to prison to save her. Carole is still not convinced. “Eddie Lee is still doing time – on a manslaughter charge” she lets slip. Carole is gob-smacked. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) “What are they doing?” questions Arthur as Glenda brings in a pot of tea. Kath has still not returned. Glenda and Kevin suggest that Arthur go round to Mrs. Hooper’s to offer some moral support. “She wouldn’t need that in front of the inquisition.” says Arthur. The doorbell rings and Kevin goes to answer it to find Rose clutching a huge armful of Christmas presents. “Where’s Kath?” asks Arthur. “I give up. Where is she?” replies Rose. Kevin tells Rose that they thought she had gone round to see Iris. “What do you take me for?” she asks.


At the Coach House Carole wants to know more about Eddie Lee. “Does Mr. Hunter know?” she asks. Barbara tells her that she told David after the event as he had been out of the country. Besides she seems more concerned with trying to convince Carole that the character she said wasn’t true to life was in fact based in truth. “A woman like you – harbouring a criminal – that’s serious that is!” replies Carole. “You could have gone to prison for what you did…” she adds. “I know!” replies Barbara. Suddenly Carole realises that Barbara is worried that she will “blab” about what she knows. Carole decides that she had better leave.


At the Brownlow’s Rose asks Kevin, Glenda and Arthur to open their presents. Arthur says that since they haven’t bought anything in return they had better wait. Rose agrees – but gives Arthur a special present – aftershave. “Don’t put too much on when I’m around” she warns him… “It drives me wild!”. She’s joking. Probably. They then discuss another present which is on the table “that’s not for here” says Rose – meaning its for Iris. “I’ll take it round later.”


Barbara writes Carole a cheque as David leaves the bedroom. He is surprised to see Carole leaving early. Barbara reveals that she told Carole about Eddie Lee. “That wasn’t very wise” he replies. “Do you think something might happen?” she asks. “No… I don’t think so.” says David – although neither of them seem entirely convinced. (CREDITS)


“That’s another fine mess I’ve got you into!” says Barbara.


After the excitement of Kath rushing off last episode it is somewhat disappointing not to find out what happened. The revelation that Rose has been Christmas shopping is something of a let down – despite the thought of Arthur Brownlow wearing “Macho” aftershave. Things get ridiculous, when Barbara reveals the truth about Eddie Lee to her loud mouth and opinionated, 18 year old housekeeper. Surely an intelligent woman like Barbara wouldn’t be reckless enough to admit what had happened between them? This particular storyline seems even more unbelievable when David takes the news so casually... and frankly ridiculous when Barbara does her best Stan Laurel impression at the end.


(Site ref 2:1)




Reg Lamont  has tried in vain to convince Sharon Metcalfe he isn’t the crook she thinks he is. Rose Scott has visited her daughter Iris for the first time in 13 years and has been told to go away for another 13 years. (TV Times - GRANADA)


21-12-81 (Monday)



THAMES: 6:35

ATV – No episode listed

GRANADA – No episode listed

TV Brain does NOT have an episode listed for today


Benny is very worried.

TV Times (Thames for 21-12-81)

Crossroads Episode: 3550: Original TX: 22-12-81 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 008 : Repeat TX: 13-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3550


TV Times (Thames)

THAMES – 6:35

ATV – 6:05



TV Times (Granada)

GRANADA - 6:30

ATV – 6:05

HTV – 5:20


Kevin Banks has trades unions problems. Percy Dobson confronts David Hunter with a serious ultimatum.

TV Times (Granada for 22-12-81) and (Thames for 22-12-81)


Source: (Thames)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: John Scholz-Conway


At the Lamont’s Jennifer is busy wrapping a present for Sharon. Reggie arrives to make a phone call. Jennifer tells Reggie that she has spoken to their son Ashley. “Is he coming down?” he asks. “No” she replies hesitantly. When Reggie finishes his call she reveals that he is on duty. “Do you want me to have a word?” he asks – offering to ‘pull some strings. “No he’d hate that.” She replies. Reggie sees the present label for Sharon. “I see you’ve sent her a present then.” he says. Jennifer says that she will probably end up dropping the present round as Sharon is busy. “I’ll see about that,” he continues. Clearly he is a man who can ‘fix’ things.


In the motel office Jill is busy doing admin when Mr. Dobson arrives. “Is it urgent?” she asks. Dobson reveals that his men will no longer work with Kevin Banks – and that it is likely to affect the completion date for the building work on the motel. “Its in the best interests of all that I sack him” suggests Dobson. David arrives in the office “I want him kept on,” he states firmly. David suggests that he will ask Kevin to re-join the union. Dobson points out that he doesn’t have a sponsor to join the union. David and Jill tell Dobson that they want to speak to Kevin but he tells them it is the other men they should be speaking to. He points out that there is a union meeting called for that afternoon.


At the Brownlows Kath telephones Arthur at the office to tell him that they have had cards from people they haven’t sent anyone to and to ask him to pick up some cards on his way home. “Is that the only reason you’ve phoned?” he asks. Kath reveals that she thinks she has left her purse at Mrs Hooper’s and she asks him if he could pick it up. He agrees. She reminds him not to talk to Iris.


Back in the office Kevin arrives to talk with Jill. “We’re on your side” she tells him. David arrives back and asks Kevin to tell him about the union trouble. Kevin tries to explain that the problem is being worsened by Dobson – who is unwilling to let previous issues between them rest. David tells Kevin that he cannot let one man prevent them from opening on their target date. Jill asks David whether they should try having another word with Dobson before the union meeting… This is news to Kevin, who had no idea that the meeting was taking place.


Reg arrives at the garage and asks Adam whether his mechanics are any good with Daimlers. Adam agrees. “This all yours is it?” asks Reg – gesturing to the garage. Adam tells him that it is – although it isn’t his first interest and explains about his shares in the motel and a couple of other interests in Australia. “I must remember that” says Reggie. “You and ‘whastername’(Sharon) … You together are you?” Adam replies that they are not. Reggie tells Adam that his wife is very happy with the service she has received at the garage. Adam promises that if Reggie brings his car that he is sure he will be happy too. “Well. It’s the time of year for happiness isn’t it?” says Reggie cryptically. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Jill looks up from the desk as Adam arrives back in the motel office clutching an umbrella. He shakes water over her. “Do you mind?” she asks jokingly. Adam reveals that he has just been collared by Dobson – who wants to borrow the garage for a union meeting because it is raining. Jill guesses that Dobson wants to use the union to sack Kevin. Adam points out that Dobson only got the contract for the building work and the maintenance on the understanding that he saw Kevin right. Jill points out that if David has to choose between keeping the target date and Kevin, he will sacrifice Kevin.


“Don’t you think Banks is a bit of a thorn in my side?” asks Dobson in front of his men at the union meeting. The men murmur in agreement. “Having to take him back after he undercut me…US!” he goes on. Dobson continues to stir up trouble by suggesting that the motel management haven’t listened to their complaints. “The question is… What are you going to do?” he asks them. Kevin arrives at the meeting and pushes through the crowd. “I got a bit lonely in the main building” he says sarcastically. He repeats his offer of rejoing the union in front of the other men. “You always were an eager lad weren’t you?” mocks Dobson from the front. “It’s a union meeting and yow aint in the union” says one of the workers.


Mavis is busy singing Christmas carols and straightening her table cloth when Arthur Brownlow knocks on her lounge door. He introduces himself “You’ll be Iris’ uncle,” says Mavis before offering him a cup of tea. Arthur asks after Kath’s purse but Mavis hasn’t seen it – despite having done a thorough clean that morning. He bids her “Merry Christmas” and is on his way out when Iris meets him in the doorway. “I expect you’ve come to get me to see her?” she asks. ”You’re wasting your time.” She tells him.


In the office Jill asks Adam whether the situation between he and ‘the iceberg’ (Sharon) is thawing. “What’s she been saying?” asks Adam. Jill replies “Nothing” but claims that she is a great reader of ‘signs’. “What have you come up with?” he asks playfully. “A little friction,” she replies. Adam retells the story of the business meal and the “fat little contract” that resulted. He reveals that following a conversation he “pecked at her blushing cheek by way of a thank you” but that as a result “alarm bells were sounded.” “You were beaten off then?” she asks. “Poor love.” Jill sits on the desk right next to Adam. “Are you lonely?” she asks. “Small comforts wouldn’t come amiss.” She states – before pecking him on his sheepish looking cheek. Their flirtation is interrupted by the buzzing of the internal phone. Sharon is on the other end and reveals that the workers have downed tools.


At the Brownlow’s Kath lays the table as Arthur arrives home with the Christmas cards. The TV is on the blink and making funny noises. Kath reveals that she has found her purse – and that it was in the house all the time. She apologises for having sent him to Mrs. Hooper’s for nothing. Arthur reveals that he did bump into Iris. “You’ve got your work cut out there” he tells her.


In the office, Adam, Jill and David are meeting. They are in agreement that if the motel is unable to open on February 1st then Dobson is out. Adam wants assurances that David will support Kevin. “Leave Dobson to me” he assures them. Mr. Dobson walks in and reveals that there is an overtime ban on from tonight – and points out that it means the completion date is impossible. “If you can’t meet the delivery date we’ll get someone who can” threatens David. With an obvious sense of victory Dobson points out that since there is now a strike in place, no other contractor will cross the picket line. (CREDITS)


“So either way, you can forget about opening on February 1st


I am really enjoying watching Jennifer and Reggie Lamont. The contrast between her calm, quietness and his wide-boy business deals and “Mr Fix It” approach to life is refreshing. The storyline involving Kevin and the union moves on at quite a pace – and I really dislike Mr. Dobson – in a good way. Seeing David being out-witted is nice. In this episode we get to see one of the cheapest sets in the history of television – Arthur’s office is represented by a wooden panel, a desk and a painting of the queen. That wouldn’t seem so bad if the contrivance of the missing purse didn’t seem like padding. Speaking of contrivances, this episode shows how necessity can be the mother of invention… I was intrigued by Adam carrying an umbrella until I realised it was to allow the union meeting to take place in the garage “because of the rain”. Clever.


(Site ref 2:2)



Crossroads Episode: 3551: Original TX: 23-12-81 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 009 : Repeat TX: 14-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3551


TV Times (Granada)

GRANADA - 6:30

ATV – 6:05

HTV – 5:20


TV Times (Thames)

THAMES – 6:35

ATV – 6:05



Sharon finds herself drawn into the Lamont household.

TV Times (Thames for 23-12-81) and (Granada for 23-12-81)


Source: (Thames)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: John Scholz-Conway



Kath applies marmalade to her toast as Rose ventures downstairs into the lounge. Rose asks where everyone else is and Kath tells her that everyone else left for work an hour ago. Rose enquires after the weather – Kath tells her that the television said it was going to be “cold” – although since it is still playing up she can’t be sure. “Nearly Christmas,” coos Rose. “I’ve got a feeling its going to be one of the best Christmases ever.” Rose suggest that she will definitely make time to see Iris. Kath is not pleased –and reminds her sister that she is trying to sort things out between them.


At the coach house Barbara is also enjoying a late breakfast when there is a knock at the door. It is Carole who says she has waited until Mr. Hunter will have left for work before coming round. Barbara tells Carole that she invited her round to apologise. “You didn’t have to” replies Carole. “Why do you think I asked you round here?” asks Barbara. “To make sure I didn’t do anything about your friend (Eddie Lee)… about the murder he didn’t do.” she answers. Carole takes the opportunity to apologise to Barbara about losing her temper and explains that she has a rotten temper which her dad says is wasted on a girl. She tells Barbara that she likes stirring things up – but promises that she won’t say anything about Eddie Lee. “You think I should have reported it?” asks Barbara. “Mr Hunter is respectable… He’d stand by me…but he’d hate the publicity” she explains. Carole repeats that she wouldn’t tell anyone anyway. Carole then asks for her job back – and Barbara tells her “You’ve got it.”


In the garage Sharon is unhappy that Adam has taken Mac off a job to do something for the “important” Mr. Lamont but when he lays down the law she doesn’t argue. He tells her that he is leaving – to go the inquest. Sharon reveals that she told Benny that he could travel with him. “Its not too much to ask is it?” “No,” he replies “I will hold his hand all the way.” Adam calls Benny into the office and is surprised to see him dressed in his overalls. Sharon tells Benny that he is fine dressed as he is. Reg Lamont arrives just as they leave – and she rings through to the cafeteria for coffee. Reg describes Adam as a man who is “an obliging fella.” Sharon replies that he is “Charming, dedicated, hard working, tolerant… (He) has all the qualities of a born leader and is going places.” “So what’s wrong with him?” asks Reggie suspiciously. “His secretary lies” she replies dryly. Reg is amused. “Are you really as tough as you make out?” he asks. Mac enters the office to return Reg’s keys. “Did you find anything?” asks Reg. “Its perfect” replies Mac. “That’s a funny thing” says Reg. “Hilarious” replies Sharon – who can see through Reg’s rouse. “Why is everybody nice to me except you?” he asks her.


At the Brownlows, Kevin is studying the newspaper when the doorbell rings. Kath shouts through for Kevin to open the door and Mr Dobson arrives for a quiet word. He makes it quite clear that he wants Kevin out of the way – and offers to mention his name to someone in Castlewich who could take him on. Kevin wonders whether Dobson is afraid of the competition he offers – but before Dobson can respond Rose enters the room. “I thought I heard a man’s voice” she gushes. Her pleasant welcome soon changes when Kevin introduces them. Kath comes into the lounge and Dobson wishes her the compliments of the season. Kath takes Rose into the kitchen – to leave the men in peace. Dobson takes a roll of cash out of his pocket and offers Kevin £100 to leave. Kevin refuses. “Very well then,” says Dobson who leaves. “See yourself out can you?” asks Kevin. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the motel office Barbara is sorting through some wine when Adam comes in. Adam jokingly asks whether she has stolen them, but she replies that they are all bought and paid for. “Is it David’s choice or yours?” asks Adam as he looks at the label. “Mine” she says. Adam approves. Barbara asks Adam how the inquest went. “The inspector gave evidence that the three lads started the fire.” He tells her. “The point was that the fire started before Sam went in to the main block.” “Didn’t make much difference to him – poor chap” replies Barbara. “It did to the three lads that started the fire” he argues. Barbara asks how Benny got on…


“Scared” reveals Benny, who is telling Mac all about his experiences in the garage. Benny isn’t however convinced that it was a “proper” court as the judge didn’t have the white wig on! He goes on to say that hearing the nice things that the man in charge said about Sam made him really proud. They are interrupted by Jennifer Lamont who greets them as she crosses to the office…


…I’ve been trying to ring you” she tells Sharon. “I’m in and out all the time” replies Sharon awkwardly. Jennifer tells Sharon that she dropped in on the off-chance… but is interrupted by a telephone call about trestle tables for the Christmas party that is to take place at the garage tomorrow. Jennifer invites Sharon to their house for drinks after the party, and despite looking slightly uneasy Sharon accepts the offer. Jennifer asks whether she would like to bring anyone but Sharon reveals that there is nobody. She explains that every year she goes alone to the cathedral – to the late service, and thinks of everyone that she might be with – but isn’t, and how she gets tearful…. Then joyous.  She tells Jennifer that she always leaves the service thinking “isn’t it a shame its only once a year”


At the Brownlows’ Glenda enters the lounge, wearing a dressing gown and clutching a mug of something hot – to find Rose sitting on the sofa (in a much smaller, silkier dressing gown) drinking a wine. Rose invites Glenda to sit with her but Glenda doesn’t want to interrupt her Aunt’s film. “The film is so old that the hero punches the villains in the face instead of kung-fu-ing them with his foot,” says Rose. Glenda sits next to Rose and they chat about Kevin. “How long have you been married?” asks Rose “Seven months isn’t it? Do you still love him just as much?” Glenda replies that she does. “I can’t imagine loving one man all my life” says Rose. The conversation turns to the future. “You’re going to be a wonderful mother – I can see that” Rose tells her niece. “I can’t have children” explains Glenda. (CREDITS)


“Oh Glenda, Love. I’m sorry”


The highlights of this episode are towards the end. Sharon’s discussion of her typical Christmas are heart-wrenching and played with such conviction and quietness. Rose works extremely well as a sympathetic ear and it seems like a deliberate attempt on the part of the scriptwriters to soften her down from the brash woman that invaded the Brownlow’s just a few episodes before. The strength of a long running serial is evident here – there are references to the characters back-stories – Glenda’s infertility and Sharon’s lack of luck on the romance front that really help to give three-dimensional lives to them. Not much particularly ‘happens’ but each scene either adds layers to the characters or begins to set up future storylines.


(Site ref 2:3)



Crossroads Episode: 3552: Original TX: 24-12-81 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 010 : Repeat TX: 15-11-96




TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3552


TV Times (ATV)

ATV – 6:05

THAMES – 6:35

GRANADA – 6:30



ANGLIA – 6:35


TV Times (Thames)

THAMES – 6:35

ATV – 6:05


Reg Lamont outwits Sharon Metcalfe over a Christmas present. The Brownlows have a surprising – and happy ending.

TV Times (Granada for 24-12-81) and (Thames for 24-12-81) and (ATV for 24-12-81)


Source: (Thames)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: John Scholz-Conway


The Crossroads Christmas party is in full swing in the garage which has been decked out for the occasion with festive decorations… and a piano. Revellers even include Archie Gibbs. Non speaking extras enjoy a bowl of nibbles, while Arthur (wearing a fetching mini red bowler hat) goes up to Mac (sporting traditional orange pointy hat on one side of his head, and a snazzy pink number on the other) for a refill of drink. Benny and Sharon indulge in a spot of “the Birdy Dance” in the background.


Kevin and  Glenda enjoy a smoochy dance as David wanders behind them. “Isn’t it fantastic?” Kath asks Arthur “The times I’ve wanted to see a sign like that these past months, I can tell you,” she continues. Adam gestures to Sharon, who goes over to see him, while David and Barbara make their way to the bar. Benny continues to dance wildly in the background.


In the office, Adam hands Sharon an envelope – her Christmas bonus. “It comes with our best wishes” he tells her. “I don’t think a kiss is on… shake hands?” Jill arrives and says  “One of Dobson’s men has “made a meal of me under that mistletoe.” “I bet you loved every minute,” states Adam. “Beware – its open season for unattached ladies” jokes Jill. Sharon reveals that she has been invited to the Lamont’s house. Adam is impressed. “Did they say anything about bringing friends along?” he asks. “No they didn’t” she lies.


At the Lamont’s, Reggie is organising gifts… for the superintendent… all the staff at the mayor’s parlour…He asks his chauffer, Peter to take them. “And don’t forget Peter, ‘compliments of Mr’ Lamont’ – that’s the most important part!” Reg reminds him.


Back at the party, Kath and Arthur are enjoying a waltz as Benny makes his way past them to the office. He opens the door and finds Sharon on the telephone kneeling on her desk. He blows a party blower in her ear and asks for his bag, which is in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. Benny gets his bag and takes out a teddy bear to show Sharon. She breaks off from the call to tell him that “Victor sends regards”


Benny makes his way back through the party to Mac and hands him the present which is for Mac’s son, Benjamin. Mac is thrilled, and invites Benny for lunch so that he can hand over the present in person. The party continues, and Adam and Jill enjoy a dance in the corner. On the other side of the room Kath is worried that Arthur is over-doing it. “I’ve got to show my face around here” she tells him. “And what a pretty face it is” he slurs back… “Hey where’s that mistletoe?” he asks – before dragging her off for a kiss. “Who’s next?” he asks.


Things are a lot quieter at Mrs. Hooper’s when Rose arrives with a gift for Iris. “Merry Christmas Mrs. Hooper” says Rose. “Oh. Same to you I’m sure” she replies. Mavis tells Rose that Iris has gone out. “Then I’ll wait,” replies Rose.


Sharon has made her way to the Lamont’s and unwraps a porcelain figurine. “Just a token” Jennifer tells her, as Reg looks on. Sharon kisses Jennifer in thanks, but looks awkwardly at Reg. “Yeah – well it was Jennifer’s present, so I miss out don’t I?” Jennifer excuses herself from the lounge to make a phone call, as Reg tops up their drinks. “What shall we drink to? Absent friends?” he asks. The thinly veiled reference to Eddie Lee is unwelcome. “Go and see him” he tells her. “You’re all churned up inside,” he continues before handing over another gift. Sharon is surprised. “I’ve had my present.” She opens it – to find an expensive looking gold watch. “What on earth makes you think I can accept this?” she asks. “What would Jennifer think?” He calls Sharon’s bluff by opening the lounge door “We’ll ask her”. Jennifer comes back into the room. “We need a referee” he explains. Jennifer sees watch and is momentarily confused, before saying “How lovely”. Jennifer convinces Sharon to accept the watch – and she thanks Reggie with a peck on the cheek. “There you are – Repaid in full” he says. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Iris arrives back at the boarding house. Mavis tells her that Rose has called while she was out. Iris is not impressed. Benny arrives back from the party and settles down with a cup of tea. Iris is even less impressed when Mavis reveals that she had to let Rose into her room. “You cant go on grudging forever” Benny tells her.


David arrives at the Coach House clutching a stack of presents. “Anything for me Santa?” Barbara asks him. “Patience” he tells her. Carole enters the lounge and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Barbara tells David that she has a wonderful recipe for devilled eggs.


Mavis and Benny continue to persuade Iris to see Rose when the situation is taken out of their hands. Rose appears at the doorway. “Hello Iris” she says. Mavis tries to discretely get Benny out of the way - on the pretext of clearing rubbish out of the basement – but he’s not very quick on the uptake. “Do you think some Christmas present is gonna make up for the last 13 years?” asks Iris. Iris asks her mum how she could have walked out on them. “It wasn’t easy” replies Rose. Rose explains how she chose to leave because it was ultimately better for all of them. Rose tells Iris that after a couple of years of marriage to Scotty (Iris’ father) she couldn’t help but see how boring he was. She claims that in all his life he only did one exceptional thing. “What was that?” asks Iris. “He gave me you” she replies. “Haven’t you ever done anything you regretted? Something that upset other people?” asks Rose. Iris says nothing.


At the Brownlows’ Glenda is busy putting tinsel over the picture in the living room while Arthur worries about his fairy lights. “Here you go – instant Frost” shouts Kevin, clutching a can. “This will make your fir cones tingle!” Arthur is unimpressed with the innuendo and directs him towards the tree. Kath comes in with a tray of drinks and they toast each other a Merry Christmas. Kath worries whether she should go and fetch Rose. “She’s made her bed – and she can lie in it!” says Arthur “And there’s an appropriate remark” he jokes to himself. With that the doorbell rings and Rose comes in looking sad. “I told you to let me get used to the idea” Kath tells her. Rose turns back towards the hallway and Iris comes in. “Look who I’ve brought for Christmas” declared Rose – beaming. (CREDITS)


“I told you it would be alright. I told you I knew. You should have believed me.

“Oh Rose!” says Kath.


A Crossroads Christmas – even with the absence of “the motel” is certainly worth celebrating. It is nice that traditional touches like the piano and the sing-song are still evident in some form – but there isn’t any mistaking the fact that Meg is absent. It is nice that Sharon gets a call from Victor – although I’m not sure how or why she would be kneeling on her desk and it seems like a deliberate attempt to be a bit “different”. Something worth mentioning is the fact that Arthur has made his way out of the lounge. It is refreshing to see his character do something a little different. Acting praise must go to Jennifer Lamont though –as the confusion, disappointment and acceptance that appear all over her face in a split second tell us everything we need to know how she feels about Reg’s extravagant present to Sharon. Ultimately this episode does try to cling on to the “feel good” factor of previous Christmas episodes – highlighted by the toast performed by the gathered Brownlow family at the end of the episode. It was lovely to see Iris welcomed into the home again but I can’t help feeling that it seems like she has forgiven Rose for abandoning her just a little too easily.


(Site ref 2:4)


Crossroads Episode: 3553: Original TX: 29-12-81 (Tuesday)

UK Gold Episode: 011 : Repeat TX: 18-11-96



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3553


TV Times (Thames)

THAMES – 6:35

ATV – 6:05



Iris Scott puts a damper on her mother’s hopes and plans. The motel faces a damaging strike.

TV Times (Thames for 29-12-81)


Source: (Thames)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Mike Holgate


At the breakfast table Arthur asks where Rose has got to – he assumes she is still in the bathroom. Kath reveals that (for once) she was actually first! Glenda reveals that Rose and Iris are actually off out together. “They’re still getting on alright are they?” asks Arthur, surprised. Rose arrives in the lounge fully dressed and ready to go to the sales. Kath enquires what she is after. “Clothes for Iris – she looks like an Oxfam reject” replies Rose.


In the office Jill is looking at proofs of some advertising that has been done when Adam comes in with a slight hangover. He tells Jill that he tried to ring her but there was no answer. “I just wanted to see you,” he replies. “Oh well – next time perhaps” says Jill hopefully. Adam wastes no time in inviting her out for New Year’s Eve. There is a knock at the door and Mr. Dobson comes in. Jill makes her excuses and leaves. Dobson wastes no time in telling Adam that there is no way they will be able to meet the February 1st deadline. Adam tells Dobson that he will have to talk to David – but Dobson isn’t finished. He explains that the overtime ban (caused by union trouble and Kevin Banks) is what has finally done them in. Adam loses his temper and makes it clear that they will get someone else to complete the work. Dobson threatens picket lines – but Adam insists they will find someone willing to cross them.


Rose applies make up in the Brownlows’ living room when Iris arrives. Rose offers her a coffee but Iris isn’t interested. Rose tells Iris that her uncle Arthur had talked to her that morning. “What about?” asks Iris, nervously. She relaxes when Rose tells her it was about moving out (After all – there is A LOT he could have told her about Iris!) Iris seems concerned about this line of questioning so she quickly turns their attention back to the sales. Rose isn’t finished yet though and asks Iris what her plans are. When Iris tells her that she is thinking of moving back to London, Rose tells her that she has friends there so she will be able to help her out. Iris tells Rose that she will be going on her own.


Adam is working when Kevin comes into the motel office. Adam asks whether Kevin thinks the men will be able to complete the motel rebuilding by February 1st. Kevin admits that there is little chance of that happening. He goes on to say that even if the ban on overtime were lifted it would still be unlikely. Adam states that his only concern now is that the motel is about to lose a lot of money and that he needs to get rid of all excuses. “Starting with me?” asks Kevin. “I am exploring possibilities” replies Adam. Kevin asks whether his being sacked is Mr Hunter’s idea. Adam tells him that it isn’t and that he doesn’t want him to go either….not without compensation. Kevin is unhappy – the motel formed the main part of his business. Adam admits that he always did the work well – and competitively. As Kevin leaves he says “I want work – not a hand-out. I’m sorry Mr Chance.”


At the boarding house Mavis asks Iris whether she is tired from the sales. “No I had a smashing time” she replies. Iris tells Mavis that Rose only invited her to the sales to be with her – not to buy anything. “I reckon she wants us to live together” says Iris. “You’re not dead set against her now like you were?” asks Mavis. Iris admits that she isn’t. However she goes on to say that there isn’t any real love between them. “Couldn’t be. Could there?” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Arthur arrives home – complete with bowler hat. “Arthur? Is that you?” calls Rose from upstairs. As she comes downstairs Arthur realises that he is home in time to catch the football… but when he goes into the lounge something has happened to the television! Rose has bought them a new television… and its remote control! Arthur very quickly gets engrossed in his programme. “Arthur? How long before you retire?” Rose asks him. “A few years” he replies. “Do you think you’ll last that long?” says Rose. She asks him what he plans to do when he retires but he is far too engrossed in the match… so she switches it off. “Arthur – life is passing you by” she tells him. “Yeah – and so is the football” he replies – before utilising the new remote control himself and switching it back on.


At the guest house Mavis catches up with Benny as he is about to get into the bathroom. She hands him a letter. She is intrigued as to what it might say. “Aren’t you going to open it? she asks him.


Kath and Arthur arrive downstairs to find coffee cups and plates left our by Rose from the night before. “She’s a nuisance Kath” says Arthur. “She’ll settle down.” Says Kath. “Not here she won’t” replies Arthur. He goes on to complain that Rose goes barging in – regardless of the consequences. “It’s a good job she doesn’t fancy you then!” says Kath.


At the garage Benny is thrilled when Mac tells him that Benjamin won’t let go of the cuddly toy that he bought. Benny asks Mac to read the letter that he received earlier – as he can’t make head nor tail of the joined up writing. Benny is shocked to discover that the letter is from Mrs Reed rather than his father. Mac goes on to tell him that his father has had a heart attack and that he is asking to see him. “Must be bad then” thinks Benny. Benny doesn’t know what to do.


Outside the motel office a strike is in full swing. There are men holding placards. Dobson tells Adam and Jill that he had made it clear to the men that the job would be off if they didn’t give way over over-time – and the Kevin Banks issue. Jill asks Adam whether they should ring David. “Its alright. I’m in charge” says Adam. “Of what?” asks Dobson. (CREDITS)


Adam closes the blinds on the strikers and they give a cheer. “Now are you satisfied” he asks Dobson.


Thank goodness that Iris hasn’t forgiven Rose completely and the Christmas cheer has been at least partially forgotten between them. I can’t help thinking that Adam was just far too quick to play into Dobson’s hands. Knowing that a strike was imminent it seems foolish to threaten getting people in to cross a picket line. Surely this is asking for trouble and a businessman like him should know this? I loved seeing Adam and Jill flirting with each other –and arranging for New Years Eve drinks and it follows on well from their dance together in the previous episode. I can imagine audiences back in 1981 looking out for clues to their romance in exactly the way I am now. Don’t do it Jill… it will all end in tears!


(Site ref 2:5)


Crossroads Episode: 3554: Original TX: 30-12-81 (Wednesday)

UK Gold Episode: 012 : Repeat TX: 19-11-96

Note: VT Clock Confirms Episode Number 3554

VT 9877/81



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3554


TV Times (Thames)

THAMES – 6:35

ATV – 6:05



David Hunter wins a battle but loses a war.

TV Times (Thames for 30-12-81)


Source: (Thames)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Mike Holgate


At the coach house David receives an urgent phone call from Adam, telling him about the strike at the motel. “I’m not taking that from Dobson,” says David as e puts down the phone. He goes into the kitchen and tells Barbara that there is no chance of getting the job done by February 1st. Carole overhears that there is a strike. “You’re over-reacting” says Barbara – who is worried David might be risking his health. “I never over-react,” says David “I have been known to under-react. My mistake this time was not reacting quickly enough.”


At the garage, Sharon is on the telephone enquiring the price of some silk flowers that she has seen. It turns out they are rather expensive. She asks the florist to make up an arrangement of about a dozen – ‘nothing skimpy’.


Benny and Nobby enjoy a mug of tea as Adam arrives. When Benny sees Adam he rushes over to ask him – or tell him – that he has to go to Peachey to visit his ill father. “He’s got one of them attacked hearts.” Benny tells him. “I hope you find he’s alright” says Adam.


Sharon is still on the phone when Adam walks into the office. He asks her whether she can work that evening. She agrees but on the condition that it isn’t straight after normal hours as she tells him there is something she has to do. As Adam leaves the office he kicks over a bucket.  Benny comes into the office and tells Sharon that Adam has a lot of problems with Dobson’s men. “They’re all stricken” he tells her. Sharon is beside herself with laughter.


David looks out of the office window at the striking men as Adam walks in. David wants to know what has caused the strike. “I gave Dobson a rocket” admits Adam. David works out that Dobson will be pleased the strike is in place – as it will ensure no other contractor will cross the picket line. They argue until Jill bursts through the partition door. “We could have an emergency directors meeting” she suggests. Jill is not happy at the suggestion of paying lashings of overtime with money borrowed at high interest rates. David listens to what she says then tells them that he wants to see Dobson – alone.


At the boarding house Mavis is ironing while Rose waits for Iris. “Iris is properly looked after, I can see.” says Rose. Iris reveals that Mavis didn’t think much of her at first. Rose tries to get Mavis to persuade Iris not to go to London. “She’s never struck me as silly” says Mavis. Rose tells Mavis that she doesn’t know whether chidren are more of a worry when they are little or on the point of growing up. “Well you wouldn’t – would you?” says Mavis matter-of-factly.


The men are still picketing outside the office when Mr. Dobson joins David inside. “How long do you think this is going to go on for?” asks David. Dobson tells him that he could probably have it sorted in a couple of days. Dobson also says that in the old days he could have a job like the motel wrapped up in a month at most – but not with the men he has now. David tells Dobson to hire a union man to replace Kevin – but keep Kevin on as well. Dobson tries blaming the weather for delays in the work but David is not happy. “What did you expect of England in December?” he asks Dobson. “You get this job done…. Or I’ll make sure this sticks to your firm’s name like glue” he warns. David tells Dobson that he will be signing the maintenance contract with him if there are no more problems. “Count on it” says Dobson as he gets up – indignant. “I did” says David. When Adam and Jill return David informs them of developments. “Congratulations” says Adam. “We’ve won” says Jill. “We’ve lost – one salary – Kevin’s – for as long as this goes on AND we have lost our opening date” replies David. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the boarding house Mavis and Iris clear away the plates. Iris says that she can’t think of Iris as her mum. “You don’t hate her do you?” asks Mavis. “I feel sorry for her” replies Iris. Iris contemplates whether she could twist Rose around her finger while she feels vulnerable. “I expect you’re right – but you wouldn’t do that would you?” asks Mavis. Iris says that she wouldn’t – not any more. Iris asks Mavis whether she would like to get her own back on her husband Sid walking out on her. “No thanks to him you’ve managed” says Iris. “We all manage – when we’ve got to” replies Mavis.


At the Lamont’s Reg pours himself a drink while Jennifer sews on the sofa. He tells her that he had a phone call from Douggie thanking him for a Christmas present he knew nothing about. “I felt a bit of a fool” says Reggie. “I dare say you coped” replies Jennifer. “You can’t just drop people” she tells him. They are interrupted by the doorbell and Jennifer is overjoyed to see Sharon standing there with a flower arrangement. Jennifer offers her a drink, but Sharon tells them that she has to be back at the garage as “Mr Chance does not take no for an answer”. Not put off Jennifer invites Sharon round to the house on new years eve –and Sharon accepts. “What? No arguments? You Miss Metcalfe are improving with every visit” teases Reggie.


At the boarding house Mavis, Rose and Iris sit around the table. Benny knocks on the door and tells Mavis that his dad is ill and that they want him to go and see him. He tells Mavis that he doesn’t know how long he is going to be and that he knows she can’t keep his room for him. Mavis admits that she can’t afford to leave it empty for too long. “I’ll miss you” says Iris as Benny leaves. “Pity about his room” says Mavis.


At the garage Sharon rushes in. Adam tells her that it would be nice if they could work together a little more easily. She tells him that she doesn’t like favouring certain customers. “Now you’re talking about Mr. Lamont” he says. “See he gets the treatment” says Sharon – mimicking a previous instruction that Adam gave her. “I don’t think you need any help there sweetheart” he says sarcastically. He gestures to the gold watch on her arm that was a present from Reggie. “I would say it was a quite a reward for delivering a car to a busy housewife…Wouldn’t you?” he asks. Sharon is furious. “You’re wrong” she tells him. (CREDITS)


“I can’t work with you. I can’t work for someone I wouldn’t buy a second hand car from.”


Sarcasm and satire from the Crossroads script writers? Surely not? David saying that he has been known to ‘under-react’ is surely a swipe at those who have criticised his acting style in the past. Isn’t it? Unfortunately it seems that Benny has become more simplistic in this episode – with references to “attacked hearts” and “stricken” workers although I accept that this allows the other characters to show their caring and softer sides. Adam comes off particularly well here when he is willing to let Benny leave work – and wishes his father well. It offers a nice counterpoint to the sheer rudeness he displays towards Sharon at the end of the episode. Absolute credit to the writers and actor who can make a character loved one minute and hated the next.


(Site ref 2:6)

Crossroads Episode: 3555: Original TX: 31-12-81 (Thursday)

UK Gold Episode: 012 : Repeat TX: 20-11-96




TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3555


TV Times (Granada)

GRANADA - 6:30

ATV – 6:05


TV Times (Thames)

THAMES – 6:35

ATV – 6:05



Reg Lamont pulls a fast one. A surprise gesture from Iris Scott makes Mavis Hooper very happy.

TV Times (Thames for 31-12-81) and (Granada for 31-12-81)


Source: (Thames)


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                               Director: Mike Holgate


In the garage Nobby tells another mechanic that it is time to work. Benny has been waiting for Sharon but suggests that since she is not at the garage that she must be ill. He tells Mac that he would have liked to have seen her before he left. Adam gives Benny his wages and in return he thanks Adam for his kindness – and assures him that his dad’s wife wouldn’t have written to him unless it was serious “cos she doesn’t like me none”. Adam asks Benny to keep in touch – and to let him know how is father is. He then asks Mac to run Benny to Heathbury. Benny wishes him a “Happy new year”. As Benny leaves the telephone rings and Adam answers it. “No. I’m afraid she’s not here at the moment. Can I help?”


Despite the chaos in his house, Arthur is enjoying playing with his new remote control television. He takes a bottle of whiskey from under his cushion and downs a swig. Kevin enters the lounge (topless) and asks whether Arthur has seen a pink bra with lace around the edges. Arthur is momentarily confused until Kevin explains that it is Glenda’s. Kath rushes in with some toast and milk for Arthur – She doesn’t want him drinking on an empty stomach. He tries explaining that it is a proper dinner dance. Kath smells the sneaky booze on Arthur’s breath. “You will be careful what you drink won’t you?” she asks. Fearing that Rose has jumped into the bathroom ahead of him Arthur rushes out of the lounge… and straight into Rose who is wearing a very silky nightdress and little else. “Don’t forget to put on some of that ‘Macho’ aftershave I gave you for Christmas she tells him with a wink. Arthur is all of a fluster when he gets a telephone call… “What?....Who?.....When?.....Where?.....How?” When he puts the phone down he reveals that the TV they thought was a gift from Rose was on 7 day trial –and since it is late back a representative will be calling round for six months rent!


In complete contrast to the chaos, things are very sedate at the Lamont’s. Reg and Sharon are discussing Sharon’s argument with Adam. “So you walked out?” he asks her. “I let him get to me – he’s got a great talent for that.” Reg is surprised when she tells him that their argument had been about him. “He insinuated things about how I earned my watch” she reveals. Reg tells her that she is well shot of Adam, but she replies by telling him that she enjoys working at the garage. Jennifer comes in the lounge to apologise for rushing out since she has a hair appointment. Sharon accepts the offer of a lift home since it is on the way. As they leave Reg picks up the phone…


At the garage, Adam answers. “Mr. Chance? Lamont. Is Sharon there?” Adam replies that she isn’t. Reg then invites Adam over to his house for drinks “since it’s New Year’s Eve”…


At the Brownlows’ Arthur liberally applies his ‘Macho’ aftershave. Kevin walks in “What’s that smell?” he asks. Glenda walks in “I never knew you could look so good” says Kevin. “What’s that smell?” asks Glenda. “Is there a short circuit in the telly or something?” she jokes. Kevin and Glenda go upstairs to finish getting ready and Rose comes in “My word… You look splendid” says Arthur to his sister in law. “Arthur – you’ve put on that aftershave. You’ll have to get away from me before I start grabbing hold of you and biting your neck” she teases. Arthur calls for Kath – who comes in looking dressed up too. The taxi arrives and they leave – but not before Arthur takes another swig from his bottle.(END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) Adam arrives at the Lamont’s with a bottle of wine. After taking his coat Reg asks Adam whether he has had a busy day. Adam replies that he has. “So you missed her then?” he asks. Reg tells Adam that he was looking over some figures for a prospective service contract. Adam asks whether landing the deal depends on Sharon. Reg tells him that he wouldn’t put it as strongly as that in case it ‘gave people ideas’. “It is just that she is efficient, reliable and I like my work to be in capable hands.” “Quite” replies Adam, understanding Reg’s meaning completely. Adam gets even more of a shock when Reg opens the lounge door to find Sharon having a drink on the sofa. Reg continues to talk about the service contract. Adam looks to Sharon when he says that he is sure ‘they’ will be able to take care of it. Things seem settled when Jennifer walks in. Reg introduces Adam. “Sharon you should have told me you work for such a good looking young man.”


At the boarding house Iris is on her way out to a party. She nips in to see Mavis and say goodnight. Iris is unhappy that Mavis is going to be on her own for the New Year. Mavis tells her to go off and enjoy herself.


At the Lamont’s Adam and Jennifer walk into the lounge as Reg tells Sharon “At least you got your job back.” Jennifer takes Sharon to the kitchen for some cake. “Well there we are! Everybody’s happy again” says Reg. The conversation about the garage continues and Reg says that the business is an interesting set-up that would be even better with an investment of capital. Adam asks whether Reggie would be interested. “Its certainly a thought old son” he replies.


Arthur is slightly the worse for wear in the lounge if his singing is anything to go by. Rose comes in and turns on the light. “Rose – it was extremely good of you to help me when I was overcome by food poisoning” he tells her. She suggests that it may have had something to do with the drink. He apologises for the inconvenience of her having to accompany him home because of his temporary indisposition. Arthur realises that Kath is nowhere to be seen –and Rose tells him that she will explain that in the morning. “Rose…” Arthur slurs. “Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful” he continues – as his head lolls forward. He leans forward to give her a cuddle but she moves out of the way – leaving Arthur face down on the sofa – singing to himself.


At the boarding house Mavis listens to the chimes from the church as it strikes midnight. Iris walks in with a bottle of bubbly. “Couldn’t let you see the new year on your own could I?” (CREDITS – WINGS VERSION)


“Here’s to a happy new year – to all of us” says Iris

“A happy and prosperous new year” agrees Mavis.


I enjoyed this episode a lot. Adam displays his caring and sensitive side towards Benny which does make his humiliation at Reg’s hands slightly less satisfying than it should be. The joke about the bra was well played and although I’m not sure he is a convincing drunk, the build up towards the drunken conversation with Rose was well paced. I enjoyed watching Mavis and Iris together and I like how their relationship contrasts with that of Iris and Rose. Scene stealer for me though was Reggie – who seems to have a good line in polite persuasion.


(Site ref 3:1)



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