NOVEMBER 1981: Episodes 3529 – 3540

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NOTE: These episodes did not form part of my “viewing marathon” as they were not shown by UK Gold on their repeat presentation in 1996 – However, I have included them here for reference – in part to show the differences on screen from episodes set “before the fire” and those set afterwards. Also, several storylines directly reference events from this month and it is therefore useful to include them.



Iris Scott has had her pregnancy confirmed and is delighted to tell Ron Brownlow that a baby is what she wants most in the world. Ron has implied he will marry her but Iris does not want to pressure him and has said there is no rush. David Hunter has been invited by his ex-wife Rosemary to spend a few days in Switzerland and he has told Jill Harvey he may very well go. Diane Hunter, meanwhile, recieved a strong rebuke from Sam Hurst over her attitude towards Benny’s attempt at picture painting. (TV Times 31 Oct – 6 Nov)


Crossroads Episode: 3529: Original TX: 03-11-81  (Tuesday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3529


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                    Director: tbc


David Hunter discovers that he was never legally married to Rosemary, (she did not divorce her first husband), and that Chris is not his son, (Rosemary was pregnant when they married). Iris tells Glenda that she is pregnant. (Synopsis from BFI website)


Meg Mortimer is suspicious of Sam Hurst. Glenda Banks gets news which shatters her.

(TV Times)


NOTE: I do not have a complete version of this episode, and have therefore copied portions of the text from the excellent CROSSROADS RETOLD website available HERE (Copied text shown in RED colour)


Barbara is preparing herself a coffee in the Coach House kitchen. There is a knock at the door. It is Adam. Barbara tells him that she has already eaten and if he has come for a free meal he’s “had it!” He asks whether he can get a free coffee. “Why not?” she replies.  She asks if there is  a specific reason why he has called in. “I don’t know if you’d call it specific” he replies. He tells her that he is there to check that she doesn’t feel neglected on her own. She thanks him. “What’s bothering you?” he asks “As if I didn’t know.” She tells him that she had a terrible row with David. “What? About him going to Geneva with Rosemary?” he asks. “Yes – but there was more to it than that” she explains.  “I said some unforgivable things” she goes on. “How often have you heard people say ‘I’ll never forgive you for as long as I live – and they don’t…until the following Thursday?” Barbara points out that “Sometimes they never forgive you! It wasn’t just insults but gratuitously stirring up trouble” she explains. “I just wish that I had kept my mouth shut.” She adds. She explains that David drove straight off to London to meet with Rosemary. “I wouldn’t put it past her to persuade him to go to Switzerland with her… Mind you – its none of my business now” She tells Adam that she will be meeting up with Jimmy in Paris in a couple of weeks. “I suppose David can do what he wants to do” she says. “Then why are you so concerned?” he asks. “Just because I cant live with him – it doesn’t mean to say that I’m indifferent to him. “I mean – we WERE married” she points out. “You still ARE” he replies.


They are interrupted by David, who has arrived back at the Coach House. Adam explains that he was just on his way back from Stone Bank. “I was just a bit worried about Barbara being on her own…Thought I might be able to help a little…” he explains nervously. “That was kind – but we’re beyond help” replies David flatly. Adam suddenly looks and feels even more uncomfortable… “I’m sure you’ve got things to talk about” he tells them, before making a hasty exit. “I didn’t expect to see you back here. Didn’t you go to see Rosemary?” she asks. “We talked. We had a very long…very frank talk. Now its time for me to talk to you…”


Meg is in reception on the telephone to a customer. She tells them that she will book a table reservation for them. After the call Diane comes over to the desk carrying a folder. “Have you got a minute?” Diane asks. She passes over the folder.  “Those are Benny’s paintings… I’d like your opinion” says Diane. “You see Sam says they’re good – they’re very good – and I’m frightened that he’s encouraging Benny” She explains that she doesn’t want Benny to be disappointed. “If they’re good, maybe he could sell them… but if they’re awful…” Meg asks Diane whether she wants her opinion. “Well you do know about these things don’t you?” she replies. “Yes… I like this one particularly” says Meg, looking at a portrait. “They’re quite interesting. I mean there’s no technique… but they’re alive… they’ve got ‘energy’. Meg’s attention is drawn to one painting in particular, which she recognises immediately as not being one of Benny’s. “This one isn’t Benny’s surely?” she asks. “Oh no-  that’s Sam’s” Diane replies. “Yes. Of course it must be.” Meg answers. Diane asks her what she thinks of Sam’s work. “Its VERY good” she replies. “This is very accomplished”. Diane walks round to the other side of the desk. “Its funny isn’t it? He says he doesn’t manage to sell many” says Diane. “I imagine he doesn’t” replies Meg, cryptically. “When I saw that mural on that wall at Stone Bank, it reminded me of the work of an artist that I saw twenty years ago…. He’s that artist” she explains. Diane asks her whether she would have recognised his name. “If he hadn’t changed it” says Meg.


At the Brownlow's house Glenda Banks answers the phone and calls her mother over.  She tells Kath that it is Ron calling.  A few minutes later after Kath has finished talking to Ron she puts her coat on and says she is just popping out for a few minutes. 


The doorbell rings at Mavis Hooper's house and Mavis answers the door to Kath Brownlow.  Kath goes to Iris Scott's room and Iris hugs her aunt.


At the Coach House, David is questioning Barbara about their earlier argument. “Why did you tell me to ask Rosemary about her first marriage?” he asks. Barbara asks what Rosemary has said. “She had no idea what you could be talking about” he replies. “And you believed her?” questions Barbara. “Shouldn’t I?” he asks. “Then I have nothing more to say” says Barbara, having decided not to rock the boat any further. David is furious. “Oh yes you have. You couldn’t have concocted something so bizarre. You weren’t just blurting things out to hurt me… it was too specific” he tells her.  David crosses the room and gets himself a drink. “Whatever my reasons I regret having said anything” she replies. “Because It was a lie?” he asks. “No.. because I was ashamed about the way I found out about it” she admits. “What do you mean?” he asks her. “Oh – it was squalid and dishonest…” she confesses. “Some tape recordings of Rosemary’’s psychotherapy sessions with Lloyd Munroe… got ‘lost’ for a while. I got them from the girl who took them… Iris Scott. I heard Rosemary telling Lloyd about him… about her first marriage. The marriage lasted only a few weeks….then he left her. There was no divorce” she explains. The reality of the situation hits David. “So Rosemary and I were never legally married?” he says, questioning everything in his life. “Chris is illegitimate?” he goes on.


"Why?" asks David.  "Whatever my reasons I regret I said anything," says Barbara.  "Why?  Because it was a lie?" asks David.  "No, because I was ashamed about the way I found out about," says Barbara.  "What do you mean?" asks David.  "Oh it was squalid and dishonest," Barbara tells him.  "Go on," says David.  "Some tape recordings of Rosemary's psychotherapy sessions with Lloyd Munro got lost for a while.  I got them from the girl who took them, Iris Scott.  I heard Rosemary telling Lloyd about it, about her first marriage.  The marriage lasted only a few weeks, then he left her.  There was no divorce," says Barbara.  "So Rosemary and I were never legally married. Chris is illegitimate!" says David. “I understand something of Rosemary’s psychological problems…. Poor Rosemary!”. Barbara cant believe what she is hearing. “Poor Rosemary? After what she’s done?” she asks. “She’s paid for that wouldn’t you say?” he replies “Carrying the burden of that knowledge” Barbara is stunned. “Porr Rosemary?” she repeats. “Yes poor Rosemary – I can forgive her for that! Besides whatever else she did – she IS the mother of my son. She gave my Chris!” he tells her.


Barbara has heard enough and snaps. “She didn’t even do that!” she exclaims. David stares at her furiously. “What ELSE is on those tapes?” he asks. “Was there something about Chris?”. Barbara thinks better of explaining any more. ”Ask HER” she tells him. “I’M ASKING YOU!” he shouts, grabbing her forcibly by the arms and pulling her round to face him. Barbara tells him that he is hurting her. “WHAT DID SHE SAY. WHAT DID SHE SAY ABOUT CHRIS?” he shouts. “That she was already pregnant when she married you. You’re NOT his father” she tells him. (END OF PART ONE)




David says there is nothing left, gone are his plans to travel, his marriage, his son.  Barbara tries to comfort him…“When Chris was born, you were there caring for him and his mother…When he was sick, or afraid, or hurt – Who did he turn to?” she asks. “YOU!... You offered him years of your love and protection. And that makes you his real father.” She adds.  "Except for one important fact.  That another man gave him his life," says David.  “At least there are no more secrets…” she suggests hopefully. “That should be some consolation. You know the whole truth now” she says. David says nothing.


Glenda Banks tells Arthur that she knows her mother has gone to Ron's.  She puts on her coat and tells him that she is going round there to get Kath back. 


The doorbell rings at Mavis Hooper's house and Mavis answers the door.  "Is my mother here?" asks Glenda.  She goes into Iris Scott's room and faces Iris. Glenda tells Iris to leave Kath alone.  "I don't know what your little game is," says Glenda.  "No games.  This is for real. I'm going to have a baby.  Ron's baby," says Iris. 




This episode was missing the opening titles and credits. It was provided by ITC to Crossroads Appreciation Members in the late 1980’s as part of a compilation – however it is the only way I have of watching the events so it will have to do!


A lot has been said over the years about Ronald Allen’s “laid back” style of acting, and while this is true, he proves immeasurably that he is capable of carrying a scene of weight and passion. His fury is evident here – and in fact – is made all the more shocking BECAUSE David is usually so measured. Really though, I can’t help thinking that Barbara is a bit daft here. One minute she seems ready to blurt out Rosemary’s secrets, and the next she becomes coy. You can’t ‘slightly’ open a can of worms.


Please note that there ARE scenes missing from this episode.



Crossroads Episode: 3530: Original TX: 04-11-81 (Wednesday)

Note: VT Clock visible on “Volume 2” from Network DVD – Confirming Episode Number 3530



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3530


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                    Director: John Sholz-Conway



Diane Hunter has shown Meg Mortimer some of  Sam Hurst’s paintings and Meg is now convinced that he is the same artist using a new name – who was quite famous about 20 years ago. David, back from seeing Rosemary has discovered, during an angry outburst, that she was pregnant when she married him, and that Chris is not his son. Glenda Banks has stormed off to see Iris about bothering her mother… only to find out she is pregnant. Naturally, Glenda, who cannot have children is deeply hurt. (TV Times 7th Nov – 13th Nov)


Meg Mortimer quarrels with David Hunter. Meanwhile, for Jill Harvey, the future looks black. (TV Times)


“Funny old world, innit Glen?” Iris asks her cousin as they embrace. “Must seem cruel to you. Don’t cry please!” (TITLES)


“Its so unfair” says Glenda. “I grant you that – You wanting so much and not being able to” agrees Iris. She tells Glenda not to think that she has lumbered herself with something she doesn’t want. “Its wanted – believe me” insists Iris. She goes on to say that the baby will need Kath, Arthur, Glenda and Kevin. “I’m asking for help really” she admits, but Glenda isn’t listening. “When is it?” Glenda finally asks. Iris tells her that the baby is due at the end of April. “Spring!” notes Glenda. “Yeah – best time” agrees Iris a little insensitively.


“Are you getting married?” Glenda asks. “Better had” Iris replies. “Yeah. Got to” agrees Glenda. Even though she is clearly upset, Glenda offers to help Iris look for jobs and a place to stay.


Ron bursts into the bedsit to find Iris and his sister. “What’s all this?” he asks. Iris explains that Glenda has heard about them having a baby and that she is pleased for them. “Int that right Glen?” she asks.


Glenda nods, and then gets up to leave. Ron offers to take his sister home. “Yeah – you do that Ron” Iris agrees.


At the Brownlow’s Kath is telling off her husband for spilling the beans. “You were the only one here with her. Why couldn’t you have kept your mouth shut?” she asks. “Because she looked out of the window and she saw Lottie Wilkins and her Ma as large as life” he explains “…so that was your little alibi blown!”


Kevin asks why she had to go rushing round to Iris. “There’s no keeping it quiet now” Arthur tells Kath. “She’s having a baby” Kath admits. “That’s all we need… she wouldn’t have told Glen would she?” Kevin asks, concerned as to how his wife will react. Kath tells Arthur that he should have hidden the information from Glenda. “She knew there was something up between Iris and Kath and she was round there before I could draw breath” Arthur tells them. Kevin decides that he should get round to Iris’ flat. “Bring her home” Kath tells him.  “The damage will be done if I know anything!” Arthur says glumly.


As Kevin goes to the front room door, he meets Glenda and Ron. “I was just coming to get you” Kevin tells her. “I saved you a trip then didn’t I?” Ron replies. “Is ‘everything’ alright?” Kath asks. “Yeah. ‘Everything’. I know…” Glenda tells them.


In the motel office Jill is talking to Meg about Sam. “Why is he hiding under an assumed name?” Jill asks. “Are you certain that Sam Hurst is Sam Norton the artist?” Meg tells her that she is positive. “Wasn’t he concerned in a fire?” Jill asks. “His house. He started a fire…accidentally” Meg replies. “And his wife and children were killed!” Jill remembers. “It will haunt him for the rest of his life” Meg agrees.  Meg tells Jill that she spoke to Sam only yesterday because of her suspicions. She tells Jill that he confirmed that he had a breakdown, and that he “spent a while in a mental home.” She pauses. “Yes. It will haunt him for the rest of his life” she repeats. Meg tells Jill that Sam will be coming to the motel later for something that “seemed important”


Jill gets up, telling Meg that she is going to help with the bonfire. “It doesn’t seem right does it? November the 4th ?” she asks. Meg points out that Jill will be able to go to another one tomorrow. “One a year is quite enough for me” Jill tells her as she leaves.


In reception, Diane is busy working out some sums on her fingers. She doesn’t see Sharon Metcalfe slip in through the doors. “You’re nice – what’s your name?” jokes Sharon. “If you were the real Sharon Metcalfe you’d have told me you were coming” Diane tells her friend. “I ran into Adam Chance and he said he wanted a chat – so here I am!” Sharon replies. Diane asks Sharon whether she would like to meet later for a chat, and reveals to her that it is their bonfire party later – as the man himself, Adam Chance, makes an appearance. Sharon agrees to meet Diane to light a few sparklers.


“So – have you come about the job I mentioned?” Adam asks her. “I didn’t know then that you’d taken over the garage – I thought you meant in the motel” she admits. He asks her is she has any objections. “No. You and Victor bought out Go-Col, and then you bought out Victor” she replies succinctly. She asks him who the manager is. “We don’t need one” he replies. Sharon is too smart for this. “What you’re saying is I would run the place for a secretary’s salary?” “I’m sure I could make it worth your while” he answers. She agrees. “Yeah – we’ll see how we get on” she tells him. “I’m sure we’ll get along very well” he replies – charming as ever.


In the motel office, Meg is talking with Sam Hurst. He reveals that he will be leaving tomorrow. “The past has caught up with me again” he admits. “But you were innocent?” Meg tells him. “Was I?” he asks. “I was careless – there’s guilt enough in that!” Meg is concerned. “You’ve a lifetime of moving on. Doesn’t it frighten you?” she asks. “Not any more…. Does it frighten you?” he answers. “If I left here…. What would I be?” Meg asks. “At my time of life? Starting all over again?” Sam listens and considers her answer. “What” is the wrong question” he tells her. “WHO would you be? That’s the important thing!... And if you know the answer to that you can begin again at ANY time of life”


“Is it that easy Sam?” she asks. “Yes” he replies confidently. “If you really know yourself” She tells him that he has only left bad memories behind “I’ve got good memories here.” Sam tells her that its all excess baggage “The good memories and the bad” He tells her that it is time to give herself another chance “somewhere else”


He stands up and offers her his hand. “Good luck Mrs. Mortimer” he says. “Travel in hope”.


As Sam leaves, David enters the office. They exchange awkward pleasantries. “You’re back then? How was Rosemary?” Meg asks. “Fine” David replies. Meg asks whether Barbara minded him visiting his ex-wife. “Barbara’s leaving me” he admits. “For God’s sake David – don’t let her go” she tells him. “Its…over” he adds, solemnly.


“Do something positive” she tells him. “…I’m about to do something positive” she tells him. “I’m quitting. You win.” She adds. “What exactly are you saying?” he asks her. “I’m saying that you’ve convinced me. Its only a motel isn’t it? Only a business.  That’s what you’ve really been saying these past few months. “So… I’m convinced” David is shocked. “There’s…nothing to say?” he asks. “Ive said it” she answers. “At long last – I give up.”


Outside the motel the fireworks have started.


At the Brownlow’s Arthur is looking out of the curtains. Kath tells him that it has gone seven and that they are going to be late. “We might miss a couple of bangers and a Catherine wheel. Be the end of the world that will!” he replies sarcastically. “I’ve been thinking about ‘her’ and our Ron” he admits, and refers to their plan to get married. “You cant blame them in the circumstances. I think what they’re doing is for the best” she tells him. She asks him whether he will be gracing the wedding with his presence. “I cant say I relish it, but he is my son” he answers.


Arthur goes out and fetches his old raincoat. “You’re not wearing that? Its past it!” complains Kath. “Aye, and I’m past this lot and all!” he replies. “If you go wearing that you’ll end up on the bonfire by mistake!”


The bonfire is now fully alight and there is a small crowd standing round. As everyone celebrates with sparklers, hot food and fireworks, a group of three rough looking lads walk round.


Sam Hurst also makes it out to the fire, and looks sadly as it blazes in front of him.







In reception Adam is talking to a couple of guests. He explains that the bonfire has been going for couple of hours. As they leave Meg leaves the private wing and walks up to him. She is rather sedate and clearly under the influence of some medication.


Meg asks where the kitchen staff are. Adam reminds her that it was her idea that the motel only do one sitting in the restaurant this evening, and that they are on their break. She asks him whether he would be willing to stay on the desk for another three quarters of an hour. “And miss the fireworks?” he jokes, before agreeing. Meg is clearly zoned out and hardly registers what he is saying. She admits to him that she has taken a tranquiliser. “Not setting a very good example to your daughter” he points out. “If you’ve been what ive been through these last couple of hours…” she tells him. “Like what?” he asks. “Doesn’t matter now” she tells him. Meg tells Adam that she must see Jill about something important. Adam tells her that she is out at the bonfire.


Meg goes to leave, and then thinks better of it. “Is David there?” she asks. Adam says that he is. Meg asks Adam to tell Jill to come to her room. “Its urgent” she says. “Urgent?” he repeats. “I’m….” she goes to tell him, and then changes her mind. “I’ll explain later” she adds.


Adam tells Meg to take a rest. She agrees. She kisses her hand and places it on his before returning back to her room… “Is that for taking over the desk?” he asks, but she doesn’t answer.


He looks lost in though, but is brought back to reality by the ringing of the phone. Adam picks it up “Crossroads Motel, Can I help you?” he asks. He explains to the caller that he can hardly hear them over the fireworks. As he speaks the three rough lads walk into reception and look round. One of them whispers to his mate and they leave quietly. Adam returns to his call.


… He is distracted when he sees the same lads peering through the reception window.


In her bedroom, Meg places a letter for Jill on her dressing table next to photographs of her daughter, Sarah Jane, and Sandy. There is a bottle of tablets there too. Meg picks up the bottle, but changes her mind. She sits down in an armchair.


Outside at the bonfire party, Adam catches up with David. “Going well is it?” he asks. David tells him that he saw him running down the driveway a few moments before. Adam tells him that he was chasing some “yobbos”.


Diane asks Sharon where she saw Adam. Sharon reveals that it was at a club in Birmingham, and that he was with a red-head. “Not Miranda Pollard?” Diane asks. Sharon tells her that she didn’t catch her name.


Adam is stunned at the news that Meg is to quit the motel. David tells Adam that he doesn’t yet know what Meg will do with her shares. “Well – that clears the way” says Adam. David asks for what. “Anything you want” Adam replies.


Benny is pleased to see Sam at the party. “It’s no fun is it? Being stuck in Stone bank all on your own” he asks. Sam tells Benny that he plans to move on. Benny is upset and offers to go with him. Sam refuses.


Adam goes to talk to Jill. “Mum must have picked that up from David, saying everything is ‘urgent’” she suggests. “Jill.. she sounded urgent” Adam tells her. There is no time to go into details as Jill turns round, and is appalled to see the motel on fire in the distance.


“OH MY GOD! THE MOTEL! IT’S ON FIRE!” she screams. “MUM!”


The crowd rush forward. Benny grabs hold of Sam. “I’m not afraid of fire any more Benny” says Sam, pulling free.


Inside reception the flames start to build. Already there is fire all around. Roof timbers have crashed onto the seating area. Sam stares at the scene in front of him…


(CREDITS – Sound of sirens)


Jill is held back. “Mum… Oh my God”


Oh my days. The motel… it’s on fire! Meg! MEG! Can you even begin to imagine what was going through the minds of the millions of fans of the show when this was shown originally?


I was only 5 when this first went out – and I remember watching it with my mum, and being gripped by it! Frankly I could do without the whole Iris / Ron pregnancy storyline as this whole episode is about saying goodbye to Meg.


It seems fitting that her last scenes in the motel should involve David, Adam and Jill.


Noele Gordon had been playing Meg alongside Jane Rossington as Jill since 1964. There is no doubt that the episode is gripping – and features some frankly amazing shots of the motel burning down… but how sad!


How utterly appalling for the fans of Meg and the programme to imagine her being trapped inside the motel – Everyone at the time knew she was leaving – and this is just horrendous.


The “yobbos” are clichéd – and clearly to blame for the fire – it would have been good to see them starting it though – to ensure that Sam doesn’t get the blame. There’s only one thing for it – I’m going to have to watch the next episode now!


Site ref: Episode available to buy on “Crossroads: Volume 2” from Network


Crossroads Episode: 3531: Original TX: 05-11-81 (Thursday)

Note: VT Clock visible on “Volume 3” from Network DVD – Confirming Episode Number 3531



TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3531


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                    Director: John Sholz-Conway


The after effects of the fire at the motel. The bodies of Meg Mortimer and Sam Hurst have not been recovered. Jill reveals that Sam is a convicted arsonist. Barbara Hunter decides to stay with her husband (Synopsis from the BFI website – listed as 09/11/81)


Jill Harvey explains about Sam Hurst being given a second chance by Meg Mortimer. David Hunter returns home to find his wife waiting. (TV Times)

Jill Harvey explains about Sam Hurst being given a second chance by Meg Mortimer.

TV Times (Granada for 05-11-81)


In the motel office, a radio is giving details of the motel fire on its local news report…


“..and two people are missing – feared dead in a fire which last night gutted the main reception and first floor of the Crossroads Motel, Kings Oak. The missing people are Meg Mortimer, the founder-director of the motel and Sam Hurst – said to be ‘Sam Norton’ the artists who mysteriously disappeared nine years ago after a fire, in which his wife and two children died. Firemen had fought the motel blaze for more than three hours. This morning they were still damping down the debris and searching for the bodies…An eye witness said that Mr Hurst dashed into the blazing motel in a vain attempt to rescue Mrs. Mortimer. The motel’s other two directors, Mr David Hunter, and Mr Adam Chance refused to comment on allegations that the fire was started deliberately. Fire brigade chief Owen Turner said they were sifting through the evidence and they may have an answer later today. Meantime, the motel continues to do business on a make-shift basis…”


Diane is listening to the report somberly, but having heard enough,  Adam switches it off. He tells her to go home. She asks him “What about you?”. He replies “I live here remember… I used to!” Diane asks whether there is any news. “They should find Sam Hurst’s body easily enough” he replies. “He didn’t get very far before the upstairs fell in… Meg’s bedroom…” Diane asks whether they have found any sign of Meg. He tells her that they haven’t. Adam looks at his watch and realises that it is five past seven in the morning. Adam is relieved to find that the motel still has a telephone connection. “Thank God for underground cables” he tells Diane. Sharon arrives in the office and asks Adam what she can do. He asks her to re-open the garage. As she leaves Diane goes with her. Adam crosses the office and looks through the vertical blinds at the devastation of the motel, before collapsing exhausted in to the office chair.


At the Brownlow’s, Kath is drinking a cup of tea, with the events of the previous night playing over her mind. “Poor soul” she says out-loud to Arthur, who is eating his breakfast, and Glenda, who is sat at the table with her parents. “We don’t know that, Mum” Glenda tells Kath. “Well you saw it – Can you imagine anybody coming out of that?” she asks. “I said that it was a mistake all along” says Arthur, sourly. “Having that bonfire so near the motel.” He says that there are disasters every year “and this year its OUR turn”. Glenda suggests that they should go to the motel. “You heard what the police said” Kath reminds her. “That was last night to keep the crowds away” Glenda replies. “Yesterday afternoon I saw him. I was talking to him (Sam)” says Kath with tears in her eyes.


The telephone rings and Kevin walks into the lounge to answer it. It is Adam on the other end of the line. After the call Kevin tells them that they want to borrow all of his dust sheets. “The place must be in a hell of a mess” he says.


In the garage office, Jill is slumped over the desk asleep. She is woken by the sound of Sharon and Diane arriving. Sharon tells her that she is sorry. Diane suggests that she should have gone home hours before. “There’s no point in waiting now…” she suggest, before stopping herself, realizing how ‘final’ this must sound to Jill. “If only Adam had given me the message on time!” Jill says, clenching her fists in desperation at the thought that she could have saved her mother. “You might have been trapped as well” Diane tells her.


Sharon collects some keys from the hooks on the wall, and leaves to move some cars back onto the forecourt. “I told her he was dangerous – he’d done it before” says Jill. Diane doesn’t know what she means. “Who’s done what?” she asks. “Sam” replies Jill. “Sam’s dead” Diane reveals. “HE set the fire” insists Jill. “He’s an arsonist – He’s done it before! He’s Mental! He even set fire to his own house and killed his wife and kids!” Diane says nothing.


At the Brownlow’s. they are clearing away the breakfast dishes. Kath goes upstairs to wash her face. “You learn over the years – no consoling her” he says flatly. Arthur suggests that by keeping a level head, it sometimes comes across as not caring about things. “I care- I care as much as the next person” he tells Glenda. Kevin comes into the lounge. Arthur tells him that the women have decided to go into the motel.


In the bed-sit, Ron is making tea for himself and Iris. He tries to persuade her that she would be fine moving up to Aberdeen. “You’d have no worries – I’d see to that” he tells her.  Iris says that she would rather stay where she is. He tries persuading her that the traveling would be exhausting. “The last thing you want is a train trip down to Brum” he suggests. “I’m going to be on me own for a fortnight – and have you flaked out for a fortnight” she realises. “When I’m as big as a balloon you cant go dragging me round clubs in that state” she tells him. “Look we haven’t got any choice love, you’re just going to have to get used to the idea – I’m going to take the job” he replies. “If you don’t come with me its down to sending money back home – is that what you want?” he asks. At that moment, Mavis knocks on the door. She enters in a state. “Have you had the wireless on?” she asks them. “Dreadful – I just heard – there’s been a fire last night -  that place your mum works at – fire brigade – ambulances – the lot” Iris asks whether anyone was hurt. “Worse than that” confirms Mavis “Her what owns it – got caught in the flames – no-one could reach her!” “Mrs. Mortimer?” asks Iris. “That’s the name they said” confirms Mavis. (END OF PART ONE)




In the motel office, Sharon gives Kevin some papers to throw away while Glenda clears away a tea tray. Sharon asks her to organise a further tea trolley to keep people happy. “You have to have tea in a crisis – its an old English custom” she jokes. Kath walks in, distraught “Half the place is gone” she cries. “You’ll find it sinks in Kath” Sharon answers matter-of-factly. “Muck in and keep our mind off things” Sharon adds, slightly more supportively. Kath and Glenda leave to organise some more refreshments. Kevin asks to borrow a phone. Sharon tells him that she suspects that they may have a problem with his mother in law (Kath) “Her and a few more” agrees Kevin. On the phone he asks Ron to come round to the motel and lend a hand.


In the garage, Mac attempts to apply a bandage to Benny’s injured hand. Diane comes into the office and sits down in a chair, exhausted. Diane asks what is wrong with  Benny’s hand. He explains that he got a few blisters when he tried following Sam into the fire. Diane tells Benny that she will take him to get in looked at. “Have you heard anything about Sam?” Benny asks her. “You realise they’re going to find him?” she asks. Benny suggests that he might be OK in a collapsed part of the building, but Diane tells him that he won’t be. “He must have been quite a bloke Benny – going in to help Mrs. Mortimer like that” suggests Mac.


“Did he actually say anything before he went in to help her?” Diane asks. “Just that he weren’t afraid of fire no more” recalls Benny. “Was he afraid of fire?” she asks. Benny confirms that he was. Diane asks whether Sam told Benny about his wife and children being killed in a fire. “It wasn’t his fault” Benny tells her – aware of what she is suggesting. “Jill said HE started it” says Diane. “Well she’s lying int she?” suggests Benny. He gets upset and Diane takes him to the surgery.


In the motel office David is exhausted. Adam asks how they set about running the business. David suggests that they get the duplicate reservations book for a start. David suggests that they ring people that have booked with them and offer an alternative. David reaches for the phone and spills tea all over the desk. Adam tells him that he is no state to be at work. “I can manage” insists David. “Famous last words” states Adam before adding that he feels better for having had a shower and a clean up. “I haven’t been going through what you’ve been going through recently” Adam tells him. “Go home to bed” he adds. “Go back to the Coach House?” laughs David. “Barbara’s not there so I’ve got the place to myself” he explains.


In her room, Iris is talking to Mavis. “I wonder what started it?” speculates Mavis. “Fireworks I suppose” she adds. They talk about Meg. Iris says that she was never friendly, but always fair with her. “You knew where you were with her.” She adds. “I used to try and come it with her sometimes – wouldn’t work. Its an awful thing innit to go like that?” Mavis comforts her. “Upsetting yourself’s not going to do any good” she suggests. “You’ve got other things to thing about haven’t you? New life!”


David arrives back at the Coach House and is surprised to see Barbara’s handbag on the coffee table, assuming that she had left him to be with Jimmy. “What are you doing here? I thought you’d gone to Paris” he tells her. “I didn’t go” she says, rather obviously. He asks her why. “Its not complicated -  I just couldn’t go” she answers. “David what’s wrong?” she asks. “Why couldn’t you go?” he replies. “I should have realised” she answers, sitting next to him on the sofa. “If you’re leaving a man forever, you don’t take his photograph with you” she explains. “Its no logical – even for a woman” she adds. “I’ve come back to stay. That’s if you still want me….” (CREDITS)


“David – don’t you have anything to say?”


Erm.., I have something to say. Considering the “devastation” at the motel, the office, corridor (and as we shall see later, the Sitting Room) have apparently survived… not to mention the cafeteria, the garage and most of the chalets. Exactly which “bit” of the motel was devastated? The reception and upstairs at Meg’s? Now I saw the ferocity of the fire in reception… as the fire brigade arrived. Fire doors are “good” – but can they really be “that” good? Don’t get me wrong – the fire yesterday was amazing – really shocking, but a few bits of soot on Adam’s shirt is hardly enough evidence is it? I want to see the burnt out reception and the destruction… not hear about it on a radio.


Speaking of “that radio” – Has there ever been such a deliberate attempt at “info dumping” or exposition at the start of any other programme?


Comedy performers looking for “Mrs Overall” inspiration should also look no further than this episode. I love Mavis – I think she is played really well usually – but in this episode she is breathy, stilted, and hardly able to walk and talk at the same time. What were they thinking?


Also… while I’m on a roll… why the need to keep stressing that the phones are OK because they have underground cables? I simple “pick up” of the receiver, with a “Wow – the phone is still working” would be much more naturalistic.


All in all – an OK episode, but after the excitement of yesterday I was hoping for a bit “more” really.



Site ref: Episode available to buy on “Crossroads: Volume 3” from Network


Crossroads Episode: 3532: Original TX: 10-11-81 (Tuesday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3530


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                    Director: John Scholz-Conway (BFI)


David Hunter is interviewed by a police inspector. Benny fiercely defends Sam Hurst

TV Times for 10-11-81



David Hunter is interviewed by the police about the fire at the motel (Synopsis from the BFI website – listed as 10/11/81)


“I need you” David admits to Barbara. “Oh darling – that’s all I wanted to hear you say” she tells him. “That’s what I needed. You saying that you’re not as self sufficient and as indifferent as you seem to be”. “Is that how you see me?” he asks. HE tells her that he is so tired that he feels drunk, and that he no longer has any inhibitions.  HE tells her that he has become over-sensitive after being hurt so often before. “I was trying to protect myself against any more hurt” he explains. “I love you” he tells her. “And I love you” she replies. “What have you been doing and where have you been?” she asks him, completely unaware of the damage that has been done to the motel. “There was a fire…” he tells her. “Part of it burned down.” Barbara asks whether anyone is hurt. “Meg” replies David. “Meg was killed” He explains that she was in her room when the top floor collapsed into the cellars.” David tells her that he is filled with guilt as the last one to see her. “We had a row and she went to her room” he explains. Barbara asks how Jill is taking the news. “How do you expect?” he asks.


In the garage Mac asks Benny how he is getting on. Benny shows him his freshly bandaged hand. “That nice nurse did it for me” he explains. “He’s got an eye for a pretty face” Diane jokes. She tells Benny that there isn’t really that much to do. “If he can work the other hand he can push a broom” Mac corrects her.


Benny tells Diane that he doesn’t want to leave until he has had chance to find out about Sam.  Diane asks him whether he is going to go back to Stone Bank. “I don’t know” he replies. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be around Sam’s paints. “I’m sure he’d have wanted you to have his paints” Diane tells him. Benny goes off to fetch a broom. Mac reminds Diane that “Benny has been wrong about his friends before”


In the corridor outside the sitting room Kevin meets Ron. “its not to bad back there” Kevin tells him. “Its funny that” Ron agrees. Kevin tells him that the direction of the wind helped the fire brigade contain the spread of the fire. “Its dreadful about Mrs. Mortimer” says Ron. Kevin agrees. Kevin tells him that they are needed to shift files from the sitting room into the office as they are using that as a temporary reception for the time being. “The cafeteria is still functioning, and most of the chalets” Kevin tells Ron. “But they are trying to put people off until they get their breath back”. Kevin tells Ron that his mum isn’t coping too well with the shock of everything. “Well it follows doesn’t it? It’s a hell of a thing to happen” Ron adds. “Funny thing is – its been a bit of a boost for me” admits Kevin. “Cruel thing fate!” Ron isn’t sure what he means. Kevin explains that there is a lot of work going, and as he has his “foot in the door” a lot of it seems to be going his way. Kevin suggests that Ron might want to stick around and help him out once the rebuilding programme starts up. Ron explains that he is already fixed up on the oil rigs. Ron asks Kevin not to mention the offer to Iris as he is already having enough trouble trying to convince her to go with him without offering a get out clause. They are interrupted by the detective investigating the fire. “The manager about?” he asks. Kevin directs him towards the office. “I wonder if he’s got any news!” he says to Ron.


In the office, David and Barbara are sorting through papers when the detective walks in.  He introduces himself as Detective Inspector Watkins. David introduces himself and Barbara. “Sad business” says Watkins. “I hope you’re properly insured Sir” he adds. “Yes. We are completely covered” David tells him. “They tell me the motel was doing very well” the Inspector asks. David asks who exactly. “Locals. Some of the firemen” explains Watkins.  “The motel was secure and making a good profit” confirms David. “Really?” says the inspector. “You were going to ask?” David checks – aware of where the policeman’s question is leading.


“Is there anyone with a sense of grievance against the mote?” asks Watkins. David tells him that there is nobody he can think of. “You’d be surprised what can set some people off” reveals Watkins. “What about a personal grudge against you or one of your partners?” he asks. “I really can’t think of anyone” David repeats. Watkins asks David whether he has any ideas as to how the fire started. David tells him that he has already spoken with the senior fireman about Meg’s “death.” Watkins tells them that they have made some progress in determining the start of the fire. “It started in the reception area, no doubt of that” he confirms. Watkins tells him that the long settee that used to be opposite the desk is the actual point where the fire started. Barbara asks whether a cigarette butt in amongst the cushions could have caused the fire. Watkins explains that someone would have noticed it smouldering first. Watkins tells them that one thing they are sure about, is that the speed at which the fire spread makes it most likely that the fire wasn’t accidental. Watkins explains that the scientific people have taken away some samples. “What can they tell from that?” asks David. “Oh you’d be surprised – traces of petrol for example” he replies. “Traces of petrol – if there were any” Barbara asks whether that would still be possible after the fire. “Marvellous what they can do – tell the difference between 4 star and lighter fuel no trouble at all!” Watkins tells them that there is another question outstanding. “Sam Norton…” says the inspector. “Or Sam Hurst… tragic fire once before in his life… lost his wife and kids. Ironic isn’t it? We found his body!” David replies that he was trying to save Mrs. Mortimer.  “Trying to” repeats Watkins. “A brave man” adds Barbara.  (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the corridor Kath is talking to Ron. “Try and shrug it off” he tells her. “My mind it just dwells – you know” she replies.  Ron changes the subject and reveals that he has a job on the rigs. Kath tells him that it is good news. “I’ve been trying to tell her that!” he says (meaning Iris). Kath tells him that she wouldn’t like being stuck in Aberdeen all on her own while she waits for him every month. “She can stay down here” says Kath. “You’re beginning to sound like her!” says Ron. “Its you that will have to make the sacrifice, You’ll have to resign yourself to some extra journeys” she tells him.


In the motel office Barbara asks David whether he got the impression that the inspector suspected them of anything. “Detectives are suspicious – its an occupational qualification” he replies. David suggests that the inspector may suspect them trying to pull an insurance job. “That’s ridiculous – the motel’s never been so prosperous thanks to you” she points out.  Diane comes into the office. She asks why Barbara is still around. “Are you staying around for a few days?” she asks.  Barbara tells her that she is back for good. Diane tells her that she is glad.  Diane asks whether there is any news of Mrs. Mortimer. David tells her that there is no news, but that they have found Sam’s body.


In the garage office, Mac is filing papers when Benny comes in. “Do you think we’re going to have any customers today?” Benny asks. “Plenty. Mr. Chance says its business as usual, so its business as usual” Mac answers. Mac suggests to Benny that with a bit of luck he may get his job back as they are stretched.  Benny says that he doesn’t think so as “Mr Chance – he don’t like me!” Mac suggests that Sharon will have him eating out of her hand in no time.  “Just got to find somewhere to live now” says Benny. Mac tells him that he will stay at Stone Bank if he has any sense. “Or with us!” he suggests in a moment of inspiration.  “You could kip in the sitting room – it will give you a good chance to see a bit more of your Godson.” He adds.


“Sam….. He’s dead” admits Benny. Mac tells him that he knows. “Everybody’s saying he started that fire” he adds. “Well he didn’t. I just KNOW he didn’t” answers Benny. “She was liked – Mrs Mortimer – people are going to be angry – at him” Mac tells his friend. “If I don’t speak up for him nobody else is going to are they?” Benny replies. “What’s the point?” asks Mac.


In the coach house, David washes his face and gets himself a glass of milk from the fridge before falling asleep on the sofa. Barbara leaves the bedroom and sits down beside him. They share a kiss. “Feeling better?” she asks him. “Not really – I was thinking about the enormous amount of work getting the motel started again” he tells her. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the paperwork outweighed the bricks and mortar” she suggests. “I don’t think I could tackle it without you” he tells her. “You don’t have to” she replies, and kisses him again.


Site ref: 1981.3 (CAS/ITC)


This episode was missing the opening titles, credits and break stings. It was provided by ITC to Crossroads Appreciation Members in the late 1980’s as part of a compilation.


Not a lot actually happens really – Barbara puts all thoughts of old-flame Jimmy behind her. She and David get back together and people speculate about the cause of the fire. There are several references to Meg’s “death” here, which must have been painful for the fans of the show at the time. The power of hindsight is a wonderful thing!


Please note that there MAY be scenes missing from this episode.



Crossroads Episode: 3533: Original TX: 11-11-81 (Wednesday)

Note: VT Clock visible on “Volume 3” from Network DVD – Confirming Episode Number 3233


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3533


Writers: Edward F Barnes, David Garfield, Arthur Schmidt                    Director: Mike Holgate


The Stories So Far…

Barbara Hunter has returned to David and their marriage is once again harmonious. David has recounted to her the dramatic news and outlined the magnitude of the problem now facing the motel. Ron Brownlow has told his mother Kath that he has the offer of a job on an oil rig but that Iris has refused to go to Aberdeen to live. Kath understands that Iris would want to stay with people she knows during her pregnancy, and has told Ron that he will have to resign himself to traveling from Scotland every two weeks. (TV Times 14th Nov -20th Nov)


David Hunter is deeply worried over Jill’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Jill herself faces a momentous situation.

TV Times for 11-11-81


David and Adam are sorting through files in the sitting room when the telephone rings. Adam picks it up. “No we’re most definitely NOT closing down!” he says indignantly. He invites the caller (a local newspaper) to send a reporter down so that he can show them how the motel intends to keep operating. As he puts the telephone down, Jill and Sharon come in. Jill is clearly beside herself with grief. “Jill you shouldn’t have come in” Adam tells her.


Adam asks David is he can take over things while he runs Jill back to Chimneys. David tells Adam that he will run her back instead.  Jill apologises to everyone for making them more work.  David telephones Barbara to let her know that he will be dropping Jill off, and then heading over to the Fraser’s (Meg’s brother and his wife) to give them the news.


“Its going to take her a long while for her to get over this” Sharon tells Adam once Jill and David have left.  The telephone rings again – this time it is a potential customer. Adam tells them that they wont be taking any bookings for over Christmas as they wont be open. When the call finishes he tells Sharon that she can answer the next call. Sharon tells him that she can just about manage the garage, but not the motel as well. “What are we going to do?” she asks.


Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Inspector Watkins, who reveals that the inquest into the death of Sam Hurst (Norton) has been provisionally booked for the first of December. “Three weeks is an awful long time to wait” says Adam.


Watkins tells him that it is to give the forensic people time to finish their investigations. “And time to find Mrs. Mortimer’s body!” Adam asks whether it is too soon to find out how the fire was started.  “Early days yet Sir. We have to check on the details of the last fire that Norton was involved in” replies the inspector. “We have to see if there was anything in common with that fire and this one”. Watkins asks whether Adam was on duty on the night of the fire. Adam reminds him that he has already confirmed this. “So you did…” suggests Watkins suspiciously.  “You…er… left the area to chase some juveniles?” says Watkins, reading from his notebook. “Lucky really… that you weren’t there when the fire took hold” he says. “Burning plastic gives off highly poisonous fumes” he adds.


Adam tells him that he knows that. “Oh. You know that do you?” repeats Watkins… sounding ever more accusatory.


Watkins leaves. “Good God. I do believe that he suspects that I have something to do with the fire!” Adam tells Sharon.


At the Brownlow’s Iris is disappointed that Kath and Glenda are not yet in. Arthur tells her that he has only just arrived home himself. He invites her to sit down. “You don’t mind?” she asks him. “No… you go ahead” he tells her. Iris says that she is feeling lonely, and that she would have offered to help out at the motel, except that she is feeling rotten because of the baby. “They’ve got all the help they need I dare say” he tells her.  Iris asks whether Arthur has heard about Ron’s job on the rigs. Arthur is surprised. Iris tells him that she will have to go and live in Scotland as well. “Aberdeen on your own with nine months to wait. Magic innit?” she says.  “You want to count yourself lucky. He’ll be earning… and plenty by the sound of it” he replies. “Your place is with him… or near him anyway”


Kath and Glenda arrive home exhausted. Arthur asks what will be happening about work. Glenda says that they will be working something out. “You’ve got to be paid” he tells her. Kath reveals that the investigators have found a body in the fire damage. Iris thinks they are talking about Meg, but Glenda confirms that it was Sam Hurst’s. Glenda and Iris go into the kitchen . Kath sits down and reveals that there have been rumours flying around about Sam Hurst’s involvement in the fire – even though he was actually being brave. “Just goes to show doesn’t it?” Arthur says flatly.


David and Jill arrive back at Chimneys. Jill makes some coffee and suggests that she may not go into the motel tomorrow. David suggests that it might be better for her not to be on her own.  “I’ll always be on my own now” she says sadly. “That is not true. You have your daughter… your friends” he replies. “I don’t want to be there when they find her body”


Jill tells him, hardly able to say the words. “Although until they do I cant entirely give up hope” she tells him.  “Jill I know that it is impossible to realise that someone as vital as your mother has gone…” he tells her. “There is no possibility that anyone could survive that fire… especially when everything collapsed into the basement” he adds, trying to make her realise the truth.  


David tells Jill that he has to go and visit her uncle and his wife. “Every minute increases the danger that someone else will tell them – we don’t want that to happen” She thanks David for bringing her back and promises him that she will manage. “There’s no reason why you should – on your own. I’ll come back in an hour and we’ll have something to eat” he tells her.


As David leaves the telephone rings.


Jill walks over to the table and picks up the receiver… “Hello?” she answers. There is a pause. “Oh my God…..I don’t believe it!”







David arrives back at Chimneys to find it deserted. The phone is hanging off the hook.


He picks it up and hears nothing but a dialing tone. He replaces the receiver.


At Mavis Hooper’s guest house Iris is speaking to her landlady. “I don’t know what to think” she tells Mavis. “Uncle Arthur says I should stay there with Ron – like it was a sort of a duty..” Mavis asks what Kath said. “She says I should stay here and HE should travel down” she replies. Iris says that she wishes Ron could find a job nearer her.


Mavis points out that he has tried “Out all hours he is” she adds. Mavis says that it must be soul destroying turning up for job interview after job interview to find that the job has already gone by the time he gets there. “What would you do?” Iris asks Mavis. “I’d go up there…. No don’t go taking this the wrong way…Men shouldn’t be left on their own. They get tempted!” Iris tells her that Ron isn’t like that. “He’s human love” replies Mavis.


She goes on to say that she knows what it is like to lose a man. “My Sid… He wasn’t what you’d call God’s gift to women, but at least he was mine!”


At Chimney’s David is back on the telephone. He explains to Diane that Jill has disappeared.


Adam comes into the kitchen and tells David that he has found no clues as to where Jill is upstairs.  


“The way she was feeling there’s nothing else for it – we’ll have to ring the police” David says.


A musical crescendo starts to build as Jill’s car drives into Southampton Port….


Jill gets out of the car and runs up to the QE2.


Next we see her running along a corridor, before finally knocking on a cabin door…She pushes it open and finds….


Meg – sitting at a dressing table. Jill runs in and throws her arms around her mother. “Mum. I thought you were….” She starts, but doesn’t finish what she was going to say. “I love you mum” she says. “And I love you – very much” replies Meg.


Meg looks at Jill’s tear stained face. “Darling – what’s wrong?” she asks. “Just hearing your voice on the phone…” explains Jill. “But I told you I’d phone… in my note” explains Meg – unaware that the note (and pretty much everything else) has gone up in smoke. “I put it in the pigeon hole myself” she goes on. “I looked everywhere for you. Adam went to find you – you never came…” explains Meg. “So I wrote a letter – just a short letter. Its still in that pigeon hole – it MUST be!” she adds.  “But Mum…” Jill starts to explain. “Yes?” asks Meg. Jill changes the subject. “What is all this about?” she asks – looking at the pile of clothes in the open suitcase on the bed.


“I’m going away” Meg tells her. “For how long?” asks Jill. “If that means ‘when am I coming back?’ the answer’s never” replies Meg. “I’ve turned my back on the motel – my life there’s finished.” she adds. “Its David Hunter isn’t it?” asks Jill furiously. “I hate him” she adds. “You mustn’t. And anyway – he wasn’t the only disenchantment” she goes on. “When did you decide?” Jill asks. “I don’t know. When Sandy died?” suggests Meg, looking at his photograph, which she has brought with her. “When I was doing the VAT returns for the millionth time?” she suggests.  “I do know that now I’ve opted out I feel happier” she tells her daughter. “You must have decided some time ago. How could you be so secretive?” Jill asks.  Meg explains that if she’d have told anyone they probably would have talked her out of leaving.


Jill asks what Meg did after she sent Adam to find her. “I went to my room and wrote the letter… I nearly took another tranquiliser… in fact I had a compulsion to take the lot…Then I looked at the picture of you and Sandy, and I thought of your love for me…and Sandy’s optimism and love of life. That’s when I finally decided…. I picked up my things and went down to reception…I’d ordered a car… the driver was waiting and he took my cases…I looked round for you again, but no luck…So I put the letter in the pigeon hole... I took one last look round… and then I went… No tears. No fuss.”


“I was down at the bonfire – didn’t you think to come?” Jill asks. “Yes I did. But I would have run into David or Adam or you – and something would have happened and I wouldn’t be here now.” Jill gets up. Meg asks “What’s wrong? I get the strangest feeling… its uncanny…?” Jill tells her that it is her imagination. “Look – you’re going on a lovely holiday – one you thoroughly deserve. You’re just worrying about whether you’ve stopped the milk and the newspapers – that’s all!” Meg laughs.


A voice on a tannoy explains that anyone that is not a passenger should disembark. Meg tells Jill that the solicitor will be in touch soon. “I’ve made all the arrangements” she explains. Jill gets upset and hugs Meg one last time.


“Time to go darling” says Meg. Jill nods and gets up. “Goodbye” she adds.


Meg sits on the bed and cries.


Later, a smiling Meg waves at Jill, who is standing on the dockside, crying.


(CREDITS: “We are sailing” played by the band)


Jill waves her mother off on new adventures…


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen – One of – if not THE best exits for a soap character… ever! She’s not dead. Jaws will have dropped, stitches will have been too. Dinner will have been spilled all over the country.


And why? Quite simply “Meg Is Magic” – as a wise man once said. Public opinion got the better of the producers and Meg was allowed to live on. It would by late 1983 before Noele Gordon would return to Crossroads (albeit as a guest actress – and only for two episodes) but the outcry that killing off a true iconic character would have caused would probably have been too much to deal with.


This ending really does feel “final” though – so in the spirit of the episode “Thank you Meg – for everything. X”


Site ref: Episode available to buy on “Crossroads: Volume 3” from Network



I do not have access to the episodes for the rest of this month. You can read the plotlines and a short story synopsis for each episode at the Crossroads Retold site. HERE.


Crossroads Episode: 3534: Original TX: 12-11-81 (Thursday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3534


Writers: tbc                                                                                  Director: tbc


David Hunter receives a cryptic phone call from Jill Harvey. Twice Sharon Metcalfe outwits Adam Chance.

TV Times (Granada for 12-11-81)


Note: The missing-episodes website lists this episode as officially missing from the archives.



Crossroads Episode: 3535: Original TX: 17-11-81 (Tuesday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3535


Writers: tbc                                                                                  Director: tbc


Kevin Banks provokes Benny to anger. Glenda Banks is deeply worried by what she hears about Kevin’s former boss, Percy Dobson TV Times (for 17-11-81)


Note: The missing-episodes website lists this episode as officially missing from the archives.


Crossroads Episode: 3536: Original TX: 18-11-81 (Wednesday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3536


Writers: tbc                                                                                  Director: tbc


The Stories so far…

Kath Brownlow has persuaded Arthur and Glenda to accept the idea that Iris Scott should live with them again. Kath believes that Iris is now much more responsible and that by the time the baby arrives she and Ron will have found somewhere to live. Meanwhile, Percy Dobson, Kevin’s former employer, has called to see the motel management and Glenda suspects that he may well do Kevin out of a job. (TV Times 21st Nov  - 27th Nov)


Percy Dobson pulls off a smart deal with David Hunter. Glenda Banks’ worst fears are confirmed.

TV Times (for 18-11-81)


Crossroads Episode: 3537: Original TX: 19-11-81 (Thursday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3537


Writers: tbc                                                                                  Director: tbc


Joe McDonald gets a pleasant surprise. Adam Chance gives Kevin Banks some tough but good advice.

TV Times (Granada for 19-11-81)



Crossroads Episode: 3538: Original TX: 24-11-81 (Tuesday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3538


Writers: tbc                                                                                  Director: tbc


Iris Scott learns something unexpected and most unwelcome. Barbara Hunter interviews the least likely applicant for a housekeeper’s job.

TV Times (for 24-11-81)



Crossroads Episode: 3539: Original TX: 25-11-81 (Wednesday)


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3539


Writers: tbc                                                                                  Director: tbc


David Hunter is hostile to his wife Barbara’s choice of housekeeper. Iris Scott makes a decision that astounds Ron Brownlow.

TV Times (for 25-11-81)



Crossroads Episode: 3540: Original TX: 26-11-81


TV Brain CONFIRMS Episode Number 3540


Writers: tbc                                                                                  Director: tbc


Joe MacDonald put his cards on the table with Adam Chance. Kath Brownlow is distressed by what her son, Ron, decides.

TV Times (for Granada 26-11-81)