MARCH 1985: Episodes 4045 – 4056

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Crossroads Episode: 4045: Original TX: 05-03-85 (Tuesday)



David Hunter is in a very edgy mood – and wife Barbara and Adam Chance suffer the effects. Iris Scott and Pete Maguire’s mother, Sheila, form an alliance to help him.

TV Times: (Thames for 05-03-85)


Script by: Raymond Bowers, David Garfield, Alan Wiggins                    Director: Brian Morgan


At Kath Brownlow’s. Kath is pouring tea while John Latchford is going over some paperwork. He tells her that he has had a continental breakfast at the motel. He then asks her whether things are “fixed for Thursday” – by which he means a business meal with a client. She tells him that she is on early, which meets with his approval. She asks what she should wear and he suggests the dress that she wore a few nights ago. She is not impressed by the idea – despite John telling her that she looked “champion”. Kath then realises something “Thursday night? Thursday the 7th?” she asks. She has realised that Kevin and Glenda will be landing from their holiday to Canada. “Oh I forgot them” she says. “So did I” agrees John. “I’ll want to be there to meet them won’t I?” she tells him. He agrees that he will be able to pick them up from the airport. “I can’t dash off to a dinner party the night they come back” she says. “Kath – they are old enough NOT to burn themselves” he reminds her. Kath points out that they may be jetlagged and probably not want to cook anything. “Leave something” he suggests. “Ask yourself what matters most eh Kath?” he asks her. “Where do I come?”


In David’s office Barbara is looking over a letter from her old nanny, while David grumbles about mail being delivered to the wrong office. “Are we still seeing her for her birthday?” Barbara reads out loud. “I doubt it” David replies, much to Barbara’s surprise. “When?” he asks. Barbara reminds him that he has already agreed to go the previous night. “I wasn’t thinking” he replies dismissively. She tries to persuade him. “You go” he tells her. “Don’t fob me off” she replies. “I am NOT one for birthdays” he tells her. “Goodness – nobody’s going to feel safe today – including me” she remarks about his grey mood. Their conversation is interrupted by Adam, who comes into the office with a complaint about the heating in reception. David reminds him that it was his job to sort it. He also asks Adam to arrange for a notice on the bar to say “Closed due to structural alterations. Please use the Rally bar. ” David then rushes out. Adam laughs “Dear oh dear!”. “Weren’t you warned?” Barbara asks him. “He’s been spitting people out in little chunks since last night” Barbara tells Adam that she watched David the previous night, listening to one of his classical albums. “And when it ended, he just sat there – miles away” she tells him. “Where?” asks Adam. “Do me a favour – find out for me…” she asks. Adam is surprised. “Me?” he replies.


In John Latchford’s chalet office, Elaine Winters is busy. When he enters she tells him what she has been up to so far that morning. She tells him that Cecil has been on the phone. John tells her that it was probably about the meal on Thursday night “An order that size they deserve a plate of grub on us don’t they?” he points out. He asks her to book a table for 4 at his favourite restaurant. “It doesn’t hurt to get to know the bloke who’s gonna keep you in caviar” he points out. “I like Cecil” she tells him. “He likes you an all…” he replies. “Mind you – he can be a rampant old devil at times!” he adds. “He does it to all the girls – chases them round the office desk – by the time he’s caught you he’s forgotten what to do anyway!” he jokes. Elaine phones Cecil’s office to make the arrangements. She gets through to Cecil and starts organising the meal. “My sex life is fine” she replies to an unheard question. John laughs. After the phone call John asks whether Cecil will be bringing his wife. Elaine says “He was expecting me – said that was the only reason he agreed to do the deal.” He realises that having Kath there would be awkward. “She’ll have set her heart on it” Elaine tells him .


At the flat, Pete is asleep on the sofa. Iris has left a note “Ring me at the motel when you wake”. He is woken by a knocking at the door. He gets up from the sofa, looking fairly rough. When he opens the door it his mum. They hug. “Not a pretty sight” he admits. “I was at a party last night” he tells her. “How are you?” she asks him. “Top of the world” he replies. “Where did you get my address?” he asks her. “You gave it to me – on the phone – remember? – when I gave you the money” she replies. His mum sees the note that Iris left. “It’s the girl I’m sharing with” he tells her. “I see – nice girl is she?” she asks. Pete says that she is great. “Was she with you at the party?” she asks. Pete tells her that Iris was working the night before and couldn’t make it. His mum asks him whether he has phoned her – as per the note. “It won’t be anything important – she just likes to hear my voice” he replies. She smiles. “Cares for you then?” she asks. “Sort of” he replies. “You’re not looking to well love – are you sure you’re alright?” she asks. He doesn’t reply.


In the office, David is going over some paperwork when Adam bursts in. “Ah – David there you are – caught you at last – you’ve been two steps ahead of me all morning” he says. David makes up an excuse to leave about the cafeteria. “What is it? You’re on edge. We can all feel it” Adam asks. “You seem a bit down.” David replies sarcastically “Oh very observant”. “Do you want to tell me about it?” Adam asks. David tells him to mind his own business… before thinking things over. He apologises. “May I talk to you later?” he asks. “Yes. Please” Adam replies. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the flat, Pete and his mum are tidying up. “You should eat something” she tells him. “Later maybe” he replies. “Have you seen much of your dad?” she asks. “No – off and on” he replies. She asks how his dad is. “Doesn’t change – well we can’t expect miracles” he adds. “He does care about you, you know?” she tells him. “In his own sweet way” Pete begrudgingly admits. His mum goes into the kitchen to make some toast – as Iris arrives back. “You alright?” she asks. “Why didn’t you phone me? I’ve been going out of me mind?” she asks. “Mum called” he replies –gesturing to where she is coming from the kitchen. “Peter’s been telling me about you” his mum tells Iris. “Just the nice things” Pete jokes. “There ARE only nice things” she replies. “Don’t you believe it!” he jokes again. Pete leaves them alone so that he can have a shave. After he has left Iris talks to Pete’s mum. “I’m so glad you came” she tells her. “That’s all an act” she adds. “I know” his mum replies. “He’s in pieces inside – and I’m out of my depth with him” she admits. “We’ll have to see what we can do together” his mum replies.


Barbara sneaks into the motel office and grabs David’s diary. She is just about to look at the appointments for the day when she is interrupted by Kath Brownlow. Kath tells her that Glenda is coming back on the 7th. “She’s going to need a job when she gets back” Kath asks. “Been expensive has it?” Barbara asks. “She’s spent out poor love” Kath replies. Barbara asks whether she has asked Paul. Kath says that nobody has – and that he is obviously upset about losing Anna. Barbara suggests that she could ask Jill, who could then ask Paul “And we could get an answer quite soon” she adds. Kath leaves and Barbara returns to the diary…


In the motel reception, Sid is speaking with Adam about flirtatious Daphne. “She says she’s been trying to get hold of you all day” Sid tells him. “I am a busy fella Sidney?” he replies. “Busy avoiding her?” Sid asks. Sid points out that he may be able to sell her a Rolls Royce. “I don’t feel like christening the back seat” Adam replies. “I’ll give her a ring” Adam tells him. “Make it long distance – it’ll be safer!” jokes Sid.Adam goes over to the desk where Mrs. Maguire is looking sad. She has been told that her husband has left already. Adam picks up the internal telephone to contact the garage. Mac answers. “I’ve got a lady here at reception…” Adam tells him. “You are not palming off Daphne Philpotts…” Mac replies. “As if I would do that to you Mac….” Adam jokes. Adam asks Mac whether he would be able to drive Harry’s wife to the Hooper’s.


In John Latchford’s chalet office he is busy completing paperwork so that he can get over to Redditch in the morning. Kath comes in with the news that she has asked for a job for Glenda, but he is preoccupied. “You’re not very bothered are you really?” she asks him. “About the whole family scene come to that….” she adds.  She asks him whether they are going to go out to get her a dress for the business meal. “You won’t be going” he tells her. He stumbles for words, but makes up an excuse about not wanting to take her away from Glenda, Kevin and Katy so soon after their arrival back home.  She tells him that she doesn’t want to let him down. “I’ve had words – you won’t let us down – it’s OK” he reassures her. Kath goes out to the car just as Elaine Winters come in. “About Thursday – keep your evening free love” he tells her.


At the Hooper’s Mavis is shaking Mrs. Maguire’s hand. “I’m so pleased to meet you” she tells her. Mavis explains that she is wearing a headscarf as it is bingo night – and she likes to keep her hair looking decent. Mavis asks Mac to call Harry from his room before he runs a bath. Mac goes off. Sid offers Mrs. Maguire a cup of tea, but she declines the offer. “I expect Harry and I will be going out”. She explains that she has booked into the motel and Sid offers to speak to Adam about staff rates. Mavis is embarrassed by her husband’s cheapness.  Harry enters the lounge. He looks stern. “Hello Harry” she greets him. “Sheila” he replies. “Your friends gave me a lift….” she explains. “Oh. Did they indeed?” he asks. “It was kind of them” she goes on. Mrs Maguire tells Harry that they need to talk. “I did not ask you to come here. Now if you’d written to me, informing me of your intentions, I could have saved you time and money. I have nothing to say to you.” (CREDITS)


Is that clear? Nothing at all to say to you 


And here we are… The end of an era in so many ways. The last episode with legendary producer Jack Barton credited on screen. Also the last episode to feature the original Tony Hatch theme tune that had served the programme for 21 years. This was the last episode to feature the orange background to the credits AND the last episode to open with a caption over the first scene. Interestingly this is the last episode to be credited as “Script by” – from now on, just a single writer would be credited on-screen. From the next episode things are going to change…


But back to this episode… I really like the dynamic between Harry Maguire, Sheila and Pete. His overtly military attitude contrasts so well with that of his caring wife that it is difficult to see them together, but as so often in life, opposites attract. I suspect that Harry’s remoteness can be blamed for Pete’s rebellion and his wife’s softness explains how he has been able to pull the wool over her eyes for so long. She has certainly been using the hairspray – that’s for sure. Very glamorous – very Dynasty.


On screen we have a hastily written notice on the bar door – well the door where the bar used to be – informing guests to use the hitherto unmentioned Rally bar. It seems the days of the dark and dingy navy bar are numbered. Can’t say I’m bothered really.


I was amused by the repeated ‘burst into the office’ as people look for David – I mean – where else is he going to be? It’s not as if there are THAT many places to hide in the motel. This is before the days of mobile phones of course – and it is interesting to see how difficult it was to get hold of people back then. Anyway – I’m going to crack straight on with the next episode. So let’s fire up the Maestro….


Site Ref: 43.6


Crossroads Episode: 4046: Original TX: 06-03-85 (Wednesday)



Iris Scott is asked to step into a situation that others can’t cope with. Adam Chance and David Hunter enter a conspiracy.

TV Times: (Thames for 03-03-85)


Written by: David Hopkins                    Director: John Scholz-Conway


“I’ve got nothing to say to you.. Is that clear?” Harry asks Sheila. “Nothing at all to say to you”. He leaves the Hooper’s lounge, leaving Sheila and Mavis dumbstruck. Sid follows him out to the corridor. “We’ve all grieved with you – now she’s grieving too” Sid tells him. “There’s got to be common ground surely?” he asks. Mavis comes into the corridor to tell him that Sheila is very upset. Harry walks back into the lounge. She tells him that she had a phone call. “From Peter?” he asks. “From the girl Iris, she got back to the flat and found him in a terrible state.” Harry is unmoved. “I have told that girl to get shot of him” he tells her. “I warned her what it would be like – but oh no – they know best – the kids these days”. Sheila suggests that they have to do something to help their son Pete. “We can’t just give up on him” she pleads. Harry tells her that they have done enough, but she says ‘enough’ will only be when they have rescued him. She tells Harry what a state Pete was in when she saw him but Harry remains resolute. “We have done everything possible” he tells her. “Maybe we do it all again” she suggests.


“No…” Harry replies. Sheila tells him that she can’t stand by and watch him die. “You do realise that’s what’s happening?” she asks. Sheila talks to him about the first time he saw Pete as a baby – the joy, the pride the love. “Nothing takes that away” she tells him. “Pete will always be your son – all you have to do is reach out for him”. He turns away.


In the motel office, David is working at his desk as Adam comes in. “Are you still slogging away?” he asks. “No – I’m trying to write a letter to Sarah – without much success” he admits. “Then why bother?” Adam asks. “It’s time to!” he replies “The baby will be born by now… I need to know about it Adam – I’m a father” David suggests that Adam could help by talking to Sarah’s housekeeper.


“We went through all this at Christmas” says Adam. “Then we’ll go through it again” replies David angrily. “One phone call” David pleads. “No” replies Adam. “I have watched you drag yourself through all this – and to what end?” he asks. “Sarah has said that she wants nothing to do with you. Can’t you accept that?” Adam tells David he is welcome to pile the suffering back on himself but rules himself out of helping a hand. “There’s a child -  living and breathing because of me. I’ve got a right!” David says. Adam listens, but says nothing before leaving the office.


Back at the Hooper’s Harry and Sheila are still discussing Pete. “We’ve suffered enough. Have you forgotten already what it was like?” he asks her. “Of course I haven’t. I’m never going to forget it” she replies. “We’ve not done wrong. This sort of burden shouldn’t be put on us” he says sternly. “It’s there! We’ve GOT to find the strength to cope with it” she replies. “Let’s take him home” she suggests. “No. Because it wouldn’t work” he answers. “Not ‘US’ – I’m not talking about us” she tells him. “There’s nothing for it then. We’ll have to go to the police” she says. Harry looks at her, surprised. “Do what? What the hell for?” he asks. “They’ll arrest him and put him in prison.” she suggests. Harry tells her that they know all about Pete. “They don’t know about his stealing” she replies. Harry asks her what Pete has been stealing. “Silver from home” she replies. “That finishes me” Harry adds, disgusted at the latest revelation. “I wash my hands of him” he says. “You did that years ago” she replies. “It’s about time you started to soil them again!” – “Come with me and see him. Let’s see if we can’t work something out” she pleads. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the motel office, David is on the phone. “Can you tell me how I can get hold of Mrs Alexander?” he asks. “I just want to send congratulations and flowers….” The response at the other end seems unhelpful. “I see – can you tell me what nursing home she is in?” he tries – as Adam comes in. “My name’s ‘Pollard’” he lies. Adam looks on, shocked by the lie.  After the phone call Adam hands him a file. “Good morning Mr. Pollard. Can you sign these please?” he asks with a wry grin. “A white lie” David replies. “Nothing about J. Henry has ever been white” Adam corrects him. “I have no choice Adam – I must find out about that child” David replies. “What then?” Adam asks. “That will depend on Sarah” he answers. “Sarah has made her feelings absolutely clear” Adam reminds him. David suggests that she may have changed. “What do you think this is doing to Barbara?” Adam asks. “She’ll never know” David replies – but Adam is unconvinced. “How could she?” David asks. “Because she’s a bright intelligent woman – that’s why!” Adam replies. David suggests that a friend of Sarah’s, George Pemberton, who owns a beauty salon may know where she is. “Worth a try wouldn’t you say?” he asks.


Back at the flat, Pete is on the phone to his supplier. “Sammy you’re an angel” he tells him. There is a knock at the door so Pete puts the phone down. When he opens it he is surprised to see his mother and father there. His mum hugs him. His dad nods. They tell him they are there for a chat. Harry is shocked that his son is still unshaven at 2:30 in the afternoon. Pete tells them that he is actually on his way out. Harry questions his intentions but Pete is evasive. “It will have to wait then won’t it?” he says. “I’ve taken time off work to come here – so you’re going to hear us through” Harry tells Pete. Harry tells his son that he is booked into a clinic – and that he will have to stay there until he is off the drugs. “I’m not going through that again” Pete replies. “Fancy prison instead do you?” Harry suggests. Sheila argues but Harry shouts her down. That is enough for Pete who gets up to defend his mother. “You can pack that in” he warns his dad. “You’re not on a parade ground now you know – that’s your wife!” Pete asks him what he means about prison. “A little matter of the family silver you might say….” replies Harry.


David pulls up to the beauty salon. He goes in and speaks to the man behind the counter. The man offers to pick up the phone, but David looks at his watch. He smiles at the man and then gets back into his car.


Barbara walks into the motel office looking for David, but finds Adam sitting behind the desk. “Do you know where he is?” she asks. “He popped out” Adam tells her. She asks where. “He didn’t say” Adam replies with a reassuring smile. She asks whether David will be long. “He didn’t say that either” he answers. “Oh” she replies. “You know David” Adam tells her. “I sometimes like to think I do – I wonder what he is up to” she says.


David pulls up outside a tower block. It is snowing. He takes a large bouquet of flowers from the passenger seat. He then goes into the building and speaks to the commissionaire. “Who exactly are you visiting?” he asks. David tells him that he after Mrs. Alexander. “Out of luck then” he replies. The commissionaire suggests that if he wants to leave the flowers there is mail delivered to her at the nursing home every day. David takes advantage of the situation to check on the name of the home. “Shrubland Court” he replies. David offers him some cash. “Most kind” says the commissionaire. “Most helpful” replies David.


Back at the flat, Pete, Harry and Sheila are discussing the theft of the silver. Sheila suggests that the situation has been sorted and that there are much more important things to discuss. She suggests that they would like him to attend the clinic. “What the hell has ‘like’ got to do with it?” he asks. Harry suggests that Pete will have to go along with their wishes otherwise he will be stuck in a cell for a while. Iris comes back and Pete explains that Harry has given him the ultimatum of a clinic or prison.


David has returned to the office and is on the phone to Shrubland Court. He is concerned that Sarah has been there for two weeks. He asks whether anything unforeseen has happened. “I’m not family I’m just a very close friend” he tells the person on the other end of the phone. Adam comes in just as David puts the phone down. David reveals that Sarah has been in the clinic for two weeks. “There must be something wrong” David suggests. He tells Adam that he wishes he had the nerve to say that he was family – but their conversation is interrupted by Barbara, who bursts in to the office.

“Successful meeting?” she asks. “Very promising” he replies. She sees the flowers on the chair. “I couldn’t resist them” he tells her, before handing them over. “Darling, neither can I – they’re beautiful” she says. “It’s nice to know that even if you do seem preoccupied I’m the centre of your thoughts”. She leaves with the flowers. Adam looks on. “Were they for Sarah?” he asks. “They helped to fool the commissionaire at her block of flats… I shouldn’t have brought them in here – stupid” David reflects. “What’s the next move?” Adam asks. “Somehow I’ve got to see her Adam”. Adam tells him not to imagine that he will be able to keep the situation from Barbara.


“Those flowers – they didn’t fool her one little bit!” 


Oh my goodness me! We really are in the 1980’s now – the famous ‘vertical blinds’ title sequence – in fact the first title sequence in the history of the programme – The Maestro driving through the countryside… It brings it all back. This was the first episode credited to Philip Bowman, although he had been tinkering with the programme for a while I believe.


Apart from the title sequence though, very little has changed, although there are some lovely location scenes involving David driving round Birmingham with the new theme tune being used as incidental music.


Really quite powerful scenes between Harry and Sheila and I really like the way their characters are completely contrasting. Harry’s stiff-upper lip never quite disguises his fear / disappointment / anger – and is a lovely performance.


I do miss the post-credits scene though.


Site Ref: 43.7



Crossroads Episode: 4047: Original TX: 07-03-85 (Thursday)



Glenda and Kevin Banks return from Canada and an important letter is delivered to the motel management.

TV Times (Granada for 07-03-85)


Writen by: David Hopkins                    Director: John Scholz-Conway


Miranda Pollard leaves reception by going into the office, but she is too late – Kath has seen her! Kath apologises for taking up her time, but Miranda feels guilty and also apologises, claiming that it has been a long day.


She is about to ask Kath what she wants – but then remembers that “today is the day” that Glenda is due to return following her holiday to Canada. Kath asks whether she can see the staff rota for the restaurant. She is dismayed to see that there is no mention of Glenda on there. Miranda agrees to have a word with Paul Ross.


In John Latchford’s chalet / office, he and Elaine Winters are congratulating themselves on some profitable business. “You’ve either got it or you haven’t I’ve found” he tells her. He goes on to say that she has also done very well – and compliments her on her appearance.


She gives him a twirl. “Do you like it?” she asks. “Doing us proud – that’s what I meant to say!” he clarifies. “If I was a few years younger….” he jokes. “What’s age got to do with anything?” she responds. Elaine tells him that she is going to go and check their table booking in the restaurant. John also asks that if she happens to bump into Kath, not to make a ‘big thing’ of the evening. “If you get me drift…..” he asks.


In reception, Mr Paul is unhappily complaining about a changed booking when Miranda approaches him about Glenda. Kath hovers in the background while Mr Paul claims that “running a restaurant without customers would be as easy as running a well-oiled machine”. She brings the subject round to Glenda, but Paul replies by saying that there are no vacancies. “I am running a restaurant, not a social services department” he tells her. “You mustn’t let what’s happened to you…prevent you from treating Glenda sympathetically” she says. Miranda leaves Paul, and he is approached by Kath, but before she can speak to him, he also leaves. Elaine Winters then walks up to Kath. “You’re looking very smart” Kath tells her. “I’ve got a sort of…..” explains Elaine, but before she can finish, Kath finishes the sentence “date?” – Elaine agrees. Kath leaves and Elaine checks the details of the booking with Paul.


At the Hooper’s, Mavis is looking through wallpaper samples when Sid returns home. “This decorating is OK, but who’s the muggins who’s got to do it?” he asks. She tells him that their home needs it.


“It hasn’t needed it for 15 years – why should it need it now?” he asks. “Make a difference in here” she tells him. “So would a bulldozer” he agrees. “Did you see the way she looked?” Mavis asks him. It seems that Mavis was embarrassed to be seen in their room in front of Mrs Maguire. “Men don’t see these things. Women notice other women noticing” she reveals.


In reception, John and Elaine are waiting for Cecil to arrive. Mr Paul offers them a menu while they wait. He tells Elaine that he had no idea that she would be joining the party. “What would life be like without little surprises?” she asks. “If I’d known I’d have arranged a more discreet table” he suggests.


“This is purely a business dinner” she tells him. “Business. Purely” agrees John somewhat unconvincingly. Mr Paul leaves them as Cecil arrives.


At Kath’s house she makes a few last minute adjustments to the dining table. She is all of a fluster when the doorbell rings. It is Kevin, Glenda and Katy - all dressed in fur coats and lumberjack shirts. Kevin takes Katy upstairs. “Oh mum, it is good to be home” she tells Kath.


In the Rally bar, John and Elaine walk in after their meal. They order two brandies from Mandy. “It is one of the most gratifying feelings in life to have a punter go home with your contract in his briefcase – especially when you know it’s all down to you” he tells her. “You’re really hooked on this selling aren’t you?” she asks him. “You did very well – more-so considering the sort of man he was” he tells her.  “Can’t have been easy being pleasant to a chap like that” he asks. “You really did very well” he adds, before kissing her on the cheek.  “Here’s to us” she proposes a toast. “To us” he agrees. (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) In the office, Miranda and Jill are discussing Paul’s refusal to give Glenda her job back. Jill tells her that because Barbara put a word-in for Glenda, it made him dig his heels in against the idea. Miranda realises that her also having a word was probably un-helpful. “Sometimes I think it’s the little things in life that cause the most problems” says Jill. Her attention is distracted by one of the letters she is sorting through – “Good heavens – listen to this…” she says. “Dear Mr Hunter, I write to you in my capacity as a representative of Major International Hotels. My principles are interested in your reaction to Crossroads Motel and its assets and goodwill being included in a possible approach that MIH and its subsidiaries might make with regard to expanding its interests in various outlets…” Miranda realises that what it means is a potential takeover bid!


At the Hooper’s, Harry adjusts his tie whilst Mavis cleans the kitchen. He is cross that he has overslept. “You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself” she tells him. He tells her that he is unhappy with the persons that allowed him to sleep in! “Well to be fair to everyone, Mac did suggest giving you a shout… but I decided it would be best to leave you” she confesses. She tells him that he hasn’t been looking his old self. “What you have seen Mrs Hooper has not been my old self” he replies. “My old self would never have allowed the things to happen that have happened.” He asks her to ensure that he does not sleep in again. She tells him that everyone is concerned for him and his wife.  She offers to cook them a meal. He tells her that he will pass on the invitation.


In the motel office, Adam looks over the takeover letter from MIH. “Will you inform the other shareholders?” he asks. “Presumably” she replies. “What do you think will happen?” he asks. “No deal” she says confidently. “They have to get 90% of the share vote” she points out. “And I am certainly not interested” she adds. “Jill – there IS a lot to be said for this” he points out. “No there isn’t darling, and you know it” she replies. “Of course I shall call an AGM to discuss the proposal, but if anyone has any doubts I shall make my position perfectly clear”. Adam says nothing.


In the Rally bar, Paul and Mandy are checking stock levels. Miranda comes in and asks him whether he has seen Kath. He reminds her that it would be unlikely since her family have returned from Canada. She apologises for bringing up the subject of Anna the night before. “These things happen Miranda, you cannot wish them away.” he tells her. She tells him that she feels he is being tough over the subject of Glenda Banks. “Realistic – I cannot put people into jobs that don’t exist!” he corrects her. He then admits that he realy doesn’t want to give her a job. He reminds her that Glenda went off without any warning or consideration. “I will not be cast as a villain, not even by you.” he tells her. “You know you could be as nice as the next man if you would allow yourself” she replies. He agrees (reluctantly) to try his best to help out.


In reception, Adam and Harry are discussing work. When they finish, Sheila Maguire walks over to her husband. “I am on duty – you know better than to approach me when I am on duty” he tells her. She pleads with him about Pete, but he again refuses to talk about private matters while on duty. He remembers that Mavis has invited them for supper and tells his wife. She tells him that she doesn’t feel up to it – but he tells her that they should.


In the office, Adam and Jill are working. Jill takes a phone-call from a George Pemberton for David. She asks Adam whether the name means anything to him. “Tell him it’s from Shrubland Court” she adds. Adam looks blankly at her. “What is it?” she asks. “It’s where Sarah Alexander is” he replies. “She’s had her baby?” she asks. “So it would appear” he replies. “What’s going on?” she asks. “It’s David – he’s desperate – after all – it IS his child” he tells her. “Barbara is his wife! What are you doing Adam?” she asks. “Manipulating companies and big business is one thing… but peoples lives….” – He knows this “I’m trying to help David” he assures her. “Forget about David – What about Barbara?” she asks. “Have you thought what it’s going to do to her?” He sighs. (CREDITS)


And here we go… Yesterday the “blue” bar was shut up, and today the new bar-set arrives in all its grey glory. Actually I think this is an improvement. It is lighter for one thing – and appears to be built into the old part of the motel if the windows are anything to go by. I have a feeling this is just the first of many visual changes that are going to happen over the coming weeks – but that’s not a bad thing really.


Well I never – the other day Kath said that Glenda would be back on the 7th. She was right! I do love it when soaps try to maintain a link to the real world.


Hmm – that Elaine Winters is a bit of a player I think. John had better watch his back. I can’t quite put my finger on it – but I don’t like the way she is quite so happy to play the “bit of skirt” in order to get a deal from Cecil.


Site Ref: 43.8



Crossroads Episode: 4048: Original TX: 12-03-85 (Tuesday)



Kath Brownlow tries to help daughter, Glenda Banks find a job. Larry Wilcox discovers that friendship can be strained when there’s no money. TV Times (Granada for 12-03-85)


Writers: Alan Wiggins                   Director: John Scholz-Conway


At Kath Brownlow’s, Kevin is on the phone, he is enquiring about a site foreman’s job but it has gone. Kath bursts in, not realising that Kevin is talking. She asks Glenda whether he has had any luck. Glenda tells her that it is the fifth phone call that morning. When he gets off the phone he tells them that there might be a vacancy at Trowbridge’s. Glenda asks whether he has their number but Kevin has already dismissed it as a fate worse than death “a right cowboy outfit” he tells them. “Well be a cowboy if it’s a job” she tells him. Kath leaves the house. “Well aren’t you going to ring anybody?” she asks him. “I’ve got a feeling we’ve been here before – before we went away – scratching around after jobs not worth having” he complains. She suggests that it might be alright. “Donkey jacket and donkey work – I know the trade” he replies sadly. “When I think about the way I used to moan at poor old Dobson….” he reminisces. Glenda points out that Kath is looking tired and puts it down to their circumstances – living off her with no hope of a job. Kevin tells her that he was awake all night and she suggests he is having regrets. “About coming back here? It is” he replies.


Kath walks into reception and sees Mr. Paul. She tries talking to him but he tells her that he has urgent matters to attend to. “I wouldn’t interfere” she tells him. “Talking to Mrs. Hunter was interference enough” he replies. “They’re in such a mess – with nothing to come back to” she tells him. Kath suggests that Glenda would even be willing to wash up. “The kitchen has nothing to do with me” he points out. Obviously feeling sorry for her, he asks Kath to get Glenda to contact him. Kath seems pleased. Just as Mr. Paul is ready to leave she asks him whether he has seen John Latchford around. “I’ve not seen him since dinner last night” he replies. Kath says that she knows that he was entertaining an important client. She asks how it went. Mr Paul tells her that eavesdropping is not one of his skills, but that John and Miss Winters seemed to have achieved their goal. “Their client left wined, dined and smiling”. Kath raises a quizzical eyebrow. “Miss Winters?” she says to herself.


Back at Kath’s, Glenda and Kevin are unpacking duty free presents for the family. “You meant go back didn’t you? Go back to Canada?” she asks him. “Yeah – maybe I did mean go back to Canada” he confesses. “This is our home” she reminds him. “We’ve got nothing here – no job – and I’ve just realised what we could have had in Canada.” Glenda is worried and says they would be lost. “My dad would set me up there” he points out. Glenda says that they came back for Kath. Kevin points out that his mum is out there. “She wouldn’t be nearly as good as mum is” she argues. “She’s forgotten which end of a baby is which.” Their conversation is interrupted by Kath, who telephones to tell Glenda that Mr. Paul seems to be in a mood to ask favours. Glenda tells her mum that she will get over as quickly as she can. Kevin goes for a soak.


In a small supermarket, Sheila Maguire catches up with Iris. She tells her that she called at the flat but they weren’t in. Sheila guesses that they were together at the rehabilitation clinic but Iris tells her to guess again. “You didn’t go?” she asks. Iris points out that she can’t physically bundle him into a taxi. “Oh Iris – he promised me” she says sadly. “He promised me too Mrs Maguire” Iris replies. “He’ll promise the earth and wriggle out” she says. “The more you push the harder he’ll kick – and it won’t be his habit neither” Iris tells her. “We’ve had it with his promises Iris” Sheila says. “He’ll lie and he’ll cheat because he has to – to get the space to breathe” she adds. Iris comforts her.


Back at the motel Glenda appears in front of Paul. “I didn’t expect you to materialise quite so instantly” he confesses. He tells her that he hasn’t had a chance to speak to Mr. Hunter so invites her to sit down. “I’ll take anything – honestly” she tells him. He smiles and nods. Kath comes over and asks whether there is any news. “He’s just gone in to bat – this is going to be agony” she tells her mum.


Back at the supermarket, Sheila and Iris are still talking, “You’re young and strong – you can communicate with Pete on a level we can’t” she tells her. “You nag him – that’s why” Iris replies. She is clearly upset by the whole situation but she reveals that Pete may agree to attend a clinic as an outpatient. “is there time for that?” Sheila asks. “It might have to be borrowed – but it’s our only chance.” she replies. “If we could trust him…” Sheila tells her. “Trust me” Iris replies. (END OF PART ONE)




Paul leaves the office. Glenda rushes over. “Well?” she asks. “I wish you were all I had to worry about Glenda” he tells her. He reveals that currently there are no vacancies – but that certain members of the restaurant staff will be transferred to the cafeteria for the Easter period. He suggests that if she is willing to work as “a floater” then she can have a job. He spies the brandy that she is carrying for John Latchford, but assumes it is for him. “This is a most acceptable opening gambit” he tells her, taking the bottle. “Highly irregular – but thank you!”


Back at Kath’s Kevin is on the phone to Mac. “I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I could have been set up for life in my own place by my old man in Canada.” He obviously gets encouraging words. “I’m glad you see it” Kevin replies.  Just then Kath and Glenda return home. She tells him that she has her job back. “Great” he answers with little enthusiasm. “You might sound as though you mean it” she tells him. She then adds that it might help if he were to get off his backside – but this does nothing but antagonise him further. Eventually the conversation comes round to them returning to Canada. “Oh don’t be silly” Kath says. “And take little Katy away from me for good?” she asks – the reality of the situation becoming clear.  “Your place is home here with me!” she tells them. “I know that’s common sense – but if there’s a chance for us….” he replies. “It’s just running away isn’t it?” she asks. Glenda points out that the discussion is upsetting her mum. “Things will get better – I’m sure they will – you’ll see” says Kath.


In the Rally bar, Iris and Mandy are busy when Larry Wilcox comes in. Iris asks him whether he fancies a drink. He tells her that he is at a loose end – so Iris asks him a favour. “As long as it doesn’t cost me” he replies. “Would you look Pete up for me?” she asks. Iris asks him to take Pete for a drink as his parents are “bending his ear-ole” and getting him down. “So what’s wrong exactly?” Larry asks her. “oh he’s just a bit under the weather you know – artistic temperament” Larry is confused. “What can I do?” he asks. “Just give him a bit of a lift – that’s all” she replies.


At Kath’s Kevin and Glenda are discussing the vacancies (or lack of them) in the paper when John Latchford calls round. “It’s Mr Big Business himself” Glenda says. “John’s come to see what sort of a time you had in Canada” Kath tells them. “A darn sight better than here mate” Kevin says sarcastically. “How was last night?” Kath asks John. “Champion” he replies.


She asks him whether he missed her and whether Mrs. Perry (Cecil’s wife) felt a bit left out. John reveals that she dropped out and that Elaine Winters came instead to “take notes”. Kath looks surprised.


At the flat, Pete gathers together his drug paraphernalia. He is in the middle of heating the drugs when Larry knocks at the door. After hiding the equipment Pete opens the door and offers a coffee – as it’s free. He confesses that he will also be unable to pay back the £20 that he owes to Larry. “So that’s why you’re avoiding me” Larry asks. “Things aren’t going much to plan” replies Pete. Larry offers to take him out for a couple of pints – “student nurses and snakebites” on offer. Pete agrees.


Before he leaves he gathers up his hidden equipment and follows Larry out.


At Kath’s she and Glenda are sitting on the sofa. “So who is this Elaine then?” Glenda asks. “He took her on just before you got back” Kath replies. “What’s she doing going to business dinners?” Glenda asks. “She wants to ‘go places’” Kath answers. “None of it adds up” she tells Glenda. “Can you imagine Mr. Paul taking me out to dinner?” Glenda jokes. “She told me she had a date last night” Kath remembers.


Larry Wilcox storms out of the Longboat pub chased by Pete. “When you asked me where my friends hang out I didn’t expect you to go touching them for cash!” Larry shouts. “Load of posers” Pete replies. Larry has heard enough and walks off “You’ve had the hospitality of me and my friends tonight alright?” he adds. “Stuff you then” Pete shouts after him. “ A load of toffee-nosed bum-boys anyway” he adds aggressively. “At least they don’t sponge” Larry retorts. “GET STUFFED!” Pete shouts, but Larry has already gone. Pete reaches into his pocket for his drug equipment and runs off-screen. There is a crash and the sound of smashing glass.




Kevin is a right royal pain in the proverbial. I cannot believe he has the nerve to look back on the Dobson years with rose coloured glasses. He was nothing but trouble for most of the time he worked there – and was the cause of strikes if I remember rightly. The way he is feeling sorry for himself and pushing Glenda to move to Canada is really dreadful. If it were me I’d tell him to sling his hook back there if that’s what he wants.


Yet another scene with little dialogue and the theme tune used as incidental music – they really are pushing it – but it’s a nice arrangement and I like it – so I won’t complain too much. I think the quite graphic depiction of drug use is fairly bold for a teatime soap – although I’m no expert, it seemed to look pretty realistic to me – but also quite understated.


As for the cliff-hanger – I’m am bit confused – did Pete fall? Was he attacked? Was he pushed? It was almost cartoon-esque in the use of a sound effect instead of showing the incident. In the old days we might have had a final shot of him amongst the bins (or whatever) but now we have no idea – hopefully we will find out tomorrow!



Site Ref: 43.9



Crossroads Episode: 4049: Original TX: 13-03-85 (Wednesday)



Barbara Hunter’s intuition and her experience as a novelist put her onto the truth about husband David. Harry and Sheila Maguire attend a dinner party. John Latchford makes an offer. TV Times (Granada for 13-03-85)


Writers: Sue Lake                    Director: John Scholz-Conway


At the flat, the living room is in darkness but the light is on in the kitchen. There is the sound of running water. Pete is washing his hands. Iris has evidently heard a noise and comes out to check. “Pete – Is that you?” she asks. “Gordon Bennett, what have you done to your hand?” she asks – spying a huge cut across his palm. “It’s just a graze” he tries to reassure her. “With a machete?” she asks. “I fell” he tells her. She asks him for the truth. Iris goes to the bathroom in order to get something to dress his wound. When she takes a look at it she is shocked. “Suppose it needs stitching” she says. He tells her that he fell over a bin. “You were with Larry. What happened to him?” she asks. Pete tells her that Larry went home. “You’re still on it in’t ya?” she asks. He tells her that he isn’t. “LIAR – You’re as high as a kite you are!” she replies. She tells him that she is frightened. “It’s just you and me in this nightmare” she says. “You’re doing great” he assures her. “And what are you doing eh?” she asks.


In the motel office, David is packing his briefcase when Barbara walks in. She is pleased to have caught him and tells him that she doesn’t want to drive in the snow. “I’ve decided that you can give me a lift” she tells him. “Do you mean now?” he asks – clearly there is something else he would rather be doing. “It’s a good time to start” she replies. “I’d LIKE to give you a lift – but I can’t…business meeting…. you know how it is” he tells her. “Well at least you can drop me off…” she suggests. “Which way are you going? Through Heathbury?” He tells her that he is going in the other direction and that he must dash as he is late already. He kisses her, and promises to make it up to her.


At the Brownlow’s, Iris is talking to her Aunty Kath about Pete. “Drugs!” says Kath in shock. “Well I don’t know what to say!... I’ve never come across it before – well only reading about the pop stars in the Sundays!” Kath tells her that she should never have taken him in. “Well I didn’t know did I?” she asks. “It’s all very well saying drop him like a hot brick – I’ve already got burnt fingers” Iris says mournfully. Kath points out that if Pete’s mum thinks she has any influence over him, then she should try her best to get him into the clinic. “I can’t give up on him – I’m his only hope” Iris tells her.


David Hunter arrives at Shrubland Court. He presents himself to the reception desk and asks to speak to Mrs. Alexander.


In the Rally bar, Harry Maguire is finishing his drink. He is interrupted by Kath, who tells him that she needs to talk about Pete and Iris. “People get dragged in other people’s actions – like a whirlpool” he tells her. Kath tells him that Iris feels trapped. “It can’t be easy when your only kid goes off the rails like that” she says, somewhat insensitively. “Surely there’s some place he can go to be looked after?” she asks. “You want shot of him – I don’t blame you” he replies. He goes on to say that he is very anxious to have Peter in the clinic – for everyone’s sake.


In the office, Adam is defending his actions to Jill. “What was I supposed to say?” he asks her. “Well Barbara obviously knows something’s wrong” she replies. Miranda tells them that she has finished all of the typing that needed to be done and asks whether there is anything else to do. Jill says that she is waiting to hear from David over the Major International Hotels offer for the motel. Adam suggests that they fish around and try to get them to commit to something more positive. Adam suggests drafting a letter in response – but she questions whether they should wait for David. She then asks where David is – pointing out that he raced out without leaving any messages. “I’ve a good idea where he’s gone” Adam suggests. “Secrets?” questions Miranda. Adam tells her that David will be back later – depending on the weather.


In her hospital room, Sarah Alexander tries completing a jigsaw when David knocks at the door. He comes in gingerly. “Hello Sarah” he says. “Well, well, well – how clever you are” she replies, congratulating him on the fact that he has been able to find her. “Was it difficult?” she asks. “I wanted to see you” he tells her. “Whatever for?” she asks glibly. “To find out how you are… and the baby”. She is unconvinced. “You want to pester me you mean?” she replies. “I’m fine. The baby’s fine. You can go now” she tells him coldly. He tells her that it isn’t that easy  - and asks whether the baby is a boy or a girl. “I’ve told you all you need to know” she replies. She is visibly upset “I didn’t invite you here” she says. “You’ve had a child. WE’VE had a child” he reminds her – but she tells him that she doesn’t want to discuss it. He apologises for not being in touch. “I haven’t been in touch because there was no reason” she tells him.


In the bar, Barbara gets hold of Jill – although Jill doesn’t want to talk. “Why is everyone in such a rush today?” she asks. She tells Jill that she doubts David really is at a business meeting. “Oh” replies Jill. Barbara tells her that she looks shifty. “Really?” she replies. “What’s so special about this bleak March day?” Barbara enquires. She reveals that she has already asked Adam about David – and that he looked innocent. She tells Jill that she hasn’t seen anyone looking so shifty since Christmas when David……. And then the penny drops that Sarah’s baby is due any time soon. “Oh my God” she says.


Back at the hospital David asks whether he has the right to know about his own child. “You don’t have any rights” she tells him. “I’m the baby’s father” he protests. “But you’re not my husband” she reminds him. “You’re wasting your time David – go back to your motel – and your wife” she says. “That’s the choice you made.” she reminds him. “I want to see my child – I insist” he answers strongly. Sarah rings for a nurse. “I don’t want you in my room – I don’t want you in my life” she tells him. “Show Mr. Hunter out. If he comes back at any time I will not see him” she instructs. (END OF PART ONE)




In the office, Barbara is waiting for David. Adam comes in. “David not back?” he asks. “Obviously” she replies. She then asks him why he couldn’t have been more honest with her. “I didn’t lie to you Barbara” he reminds her. “No – but is that better than telling me half-truths?” she asks. “Sometimes” he replies. “I don’t need protecting” she tells him. Adam tells her that he knows. “You serve too many masters” she replies. “I agree that I had a conflict of loyalties” he tells her. Barbara tells Adam that she intends to wait for David to return to the motel – as she is getting used to waiting. “Will you tell that you know where he’s been?” he asks her. “I want David to tell me himself of his own accord – and if he loves me – he will” she replies. “Oh he loves you Barbara” Adam tells her confidently.


In John Latchford’s chalet / office, John and Elaine are discussing paperwork when they are interrupted by Kath. “John’s very lucky to have you working all this overtime” Kath tells her. “I think we’re a good working team” Elaine gushes. John asks Kath how Glenda and Kevin are getting on – and suggests that Kings Oak is a bit of an anti-climax after Canada. Kath agrees that Kevin is moping around, feeling excluded since there is no prospect of a job on the horizon. After Kath leaves, Elaine suggests that she worries too much. “I’ve never met a mother who didn’t” John replies jokingly. He then asks Elaine to give Kevin a ring…


At the guesthouse, Mavis has cooked supper for Harry and his wife. “One of me specials – I hope you like it” she tells them. Mrs. Maguire remarks on how the table looks. “I do pride meself on me table” she replies, proudly. Mavis tells them that her father used to say  that you could face anything on a full stomach. “I wish I had some of his knowledge” Harry replies. “Perhaps I could work out why Peter has done this to me” he adds. “To both of us” Mrs. Maguire corrects him. Just as Mavis is about to serve up, the phone rings in the corridor, leaving them both alone. Harry looks with disdain at his plate – “it looks worse than any canteen food I’ve ever tasted” he says. Mavis reveals that it is Peter on the phone, and Harry goes off to take the call. “Isn’t it always the way – sit at the table and the telephone goes…” says Mavis, making small talk with Mrs. Maguire.


Harry returns to the main room to tell his wife that Pete wants them to meet in her room at the motel – having come to some sort of decision.


In the chalet office, Kevin arrives to speak to John. Elaine greets him and lets them get on. John shows him a brochure. “What’s it got to do with me?” Kevin asks. John replies with “Quite a lot” – and reveals that it is a new training scheme for the area. “How do you fancy being a trainee sales representative?” he asks. “How about coming to work for me?”


David arrives back at the motel office. Barbara greets him. “You’ve been gone all day” she tells him. “You know how it is…” he replies defensively. “Wheeling and dealing as usual?” she asks – desperate for him to reveal the truth. “Barbara – if you have something to say….” he suggests. “Not me David” she replies confidently. “How about a drink?” he asks. “How about telling me where you’ve been all day?” she says – almost instantly. “What’s so important that could have kept you so long?” she asks. “You really want to know?...” he replies – considering his options. After a pause he says “I went to see a rep about a block booking for the summer.” He asks whether she is happy, then stands, telling her that he is going to get changed for dinner. The door slams behind him. (CREDITS)


Talk about simmering tension! That last scene between David and Barbara had me on the edge of my seat! Would he tell her? Would she tell him? This just proves that soaps don’t need to go in “all guns blazing” to create tension – slow storytelling and character development work equally as well – if not better.


I’m pretty sure that John’s arrangement with Kevin won’t end well-  after all, Kevin doesn’t seem bothered about staying in Kings Oak anyway– but I don’t really care as I’ve never really been a fan of his. I do love the fact that the office is so shamelessly in a chalet set – meaning the producers didn’t need to build anything new. I don’t see how they would have got John’s massive desk through the door, and round the corner anyway…. Maybe I’m thinking things through a little too much…?


Site Ref: 43.10



Crossroads Episode: 4050: Original TX: 14-03-85 (Thursday)



Kevin Banks changes his mind. Barbara Hunter gives husband David some important news.

TV Times: (Thames for 18-03-85) – They broadcast the Thursday episode the following Monday!


Written by: David Hopkins                    Director: Brian Morgan


“Is he going into this clinic or is he not?” Harry asks his wife, having arranged to meet their son, Pete in her chalet at the motel.


She reminds him that Pete has already agreed. “Faced with the choice of that or prison, so would anyone” he reminds her confidently. “Listening to you is like listening to a stuck record” Pete chips in – listening from the other side of the room. “Things have happened…. I’ve made up my mind” Pete assures them.


Harry asks when they can expect him to return to the clinic. Pete tells them that he isn’t going back to the clinic, but is going to stay with Iris instead. “I can kick the habit” he assures them.


In the bar John asks Kevin what he thinks of the sales representative training manual as Elaine watches on. “Very well produced” Kevin replies.


John is enthusiastic about the scheme and tells Kevin that anyone that goes on it, and doesn’t succeed - only has himself to blame. “Not really for me then?” Kevin asks. 


He points out that as a painter and decorator he is used to working on his own. John tries to persuade him, but Kevin rapidly downs his drink, makes his excuses and leaves. “What do you make of that?” Elaine asks John. “Younger generation – that’s what I make of that!”


As he walks through reception, Glenda catches sight of her husband. He tells her that John has offered him a job. “That’s fantastic” she tells says, with a huge smile – and sense of relief. He tells her that he has turned down the offer. She is shocked. Mr. Paul comes into reception and sees them talking. Kevin leaves.


Mr. Paul tells Glenda that most people wait until the second day before taking liberties.  He points out guests that have just arrived that may require a drink.


Back in the chalet, Pete’s parents are trying to talk him into going back to the clinic. His mum tells him that she knows he needs to be under close observation – which will mean daily visits. “Yes –but you don’t have to be there all the time” he points out. He tells her that he couldn’t stand living there again.


He promises to attend every day. “That way they know I’m behaving myself” he assures her. He hugs his mum – but as he leaves, Harry tells him that this will be the ‘end of the line’ – “Just think on…” he suggests.


In their bedroom, David and Barbara are preparing to sleep. He tells her that he is absolutely shattered. “Are you?” she asks crossly. “Are you alright? You hardly said a word over dinner.” he says. “I thought I’d let you do all the talking – not that you had a lot to say either” she replies, cryptically.


He asks whether he has done something to make her angry. “Whatever gave you that idea?” she asks – half-heartedly. She switches out her bedside lamp – and they lie in darkness for about three seconds. She switches it back on again – “Seeing as how you ask….” she says “Yes I am angry. Why did you lie to me? Why didn’t you tell me about Sarah?” David realises that he’s been rumbled.


At the Brownlow’s Kevin and Kath are watching the late news when Glenda comes in. Kevin asks how she is. “Fine – run off my feet, but fine – because I’m earning money” she replies. Kath is confused, but Glenda makes it plain. “Your son in law has turned down a job this afternoon.” – Kath is shocked.


Kevin points out that he is no salesman. Glenda tells him that she would rather be a fashion model – or married to Robert Redford than a waitress. “But what am I? Run off my feet as a waitress – but I do it because we need the money.”


Barbara asks David why he hadn’t discussed the situation with her. “I thought that was what marriage was about” she adds. “I didn’t want to hurt you” he assures her. “I didn’t know that you’d find out” he adds. “Have you forgotten what happened? What I accepted?” she asks.


Barbara asks whether Sarah has had the baby. 


David tells her that she has, but that she has also banned him from ever seeing it. “I must see it – I MUST” he tells her.  “Let it end – you have no choice” she replies. 






Jill is in the office when David comes in the next morning. “You or Adam?” he asks accusingly. “One of you told her” he repeats. Jill assures him that neither of them told her about Sarah – and points out that they both bent over backwards trying to keep things from her.  Jill tells him that she had guessed – and that they had no intention of lying to her. “She wanted YOU to tell her yourself” she adds.


Elaine opens the door of the office chalet to Kevin and invites him to sit down. He tells her that he would like to speak to John about the job offer. “I’m sure he’d be delighted” she tells him – handing him a cup of tea.


Barbara comes into the office looking for David, but Jill tells her that he has gone to get changed following a spilt cup of coffee. Barbara tells Jill that they spent a long time discussing things during the night. “I think it all sounds very suspicious” she tells Jill. “Where is the baby? There was no cot in the room – no sign of a child anywhere!” she adds.


In the chalet office, Elaine is trying to convince Kevin that he would be able to use a bit of charm to succeed at the job. “Me?” he asks.  John comes in and Kevin tells him that he has had second thoughts about the job. “You or Glenda?” john asks.  Kevin tells him that he would like to give it a try. He and John shake hands enthusiastically.


Jill is on the phone in the office. After the call, Barbara asks “Well?” – Jill replies “Mother and son doing well”. Barbara looks shocked. “David has a son!” she repeats.


In the motel reception, John asks to book a table for one. Mr. Paul tells him that will not be a problem. “That doesn’t concern you that it won’t be for two?” he asks – regarding Mr. Paul’s recent indiscretion. “My previous arrangements interested you so much that you felt obliged to mention them to Mrs. Brownlow” he reminds him. “I had no intention of upsetting anybody” Paul assures him.


Kath comes into reception and thanks John for offering Kevin a job. He tells her that he is happy to help. He then tells her that she should get out more. She suggests that they have a little dinner party on their own. He smiles.


Barbara goes into her bedroom, finding David changing suits. She tells him that Jill rang the nursing home. “Why?” he asks. “You have a son” she tells him. “It’s everything I’ve ever wanted” he tells her, smiling broadly. “She must let me see him – she must” he adds. “You must try” she agrees, sadly. CREDITS 


Kevin – you are a plonker. There is no nice way of putting this – first of all you turn down a job – after all that moaning about not having one – and then you get your arm twisted by Glenda.


If you’re going to get on your high-horse, at least have the dignity to stay there - especially since John has practically telegraphed the rest of your plot for the next few episodes… “Anyone that goes on it, and doesn’t succeed - only has himself to blame.” Oh dear – oh dear.


Site Ref: 44.01




Crossroads Episode: 4051: Original TX: 19-03-85 (Tuesday)



Pete Maguire makes a resolution, and Iris Scott puts her trust in him.

TV Times: (Thames for 19-03-85)


Written by: David Garfield                    Director: Brian Morgan


Iris and Pete walk along snowy streets on their way to the drug rehabilitation clinic. “There’s no set time” he tells her – but Iris isn’t falling for that. “Nine O’clock” they said she corrects him. “Half the people don’t even show at all” he complains. She tries to convince him that it will be alright. He tells her that she doesn’t have to come. “I want to” she replies.  She reminds him that it was a choice of her or his dad accompanying him.  She asks whether the experience will be tough. “Sort of” he replies. He tells her how the clinic will be assessing his needs –and explains about how they will use a substitute to wean him off.


Glenda brings a tray into John’s chalet office, and introduces herself to Elaine. John bursts in and Glenda thanks him for offering Kevin a job. He tells her that he wouldn’t do it for everyone. “Well we are practically family aren’t we?” she says, gratefully.  He tells her that Kevin will have to work for the job “It’ll be graft all the way” he assures her.  To illustrate the point, Elaine hands John the phone, where he scolds a sales rep for having low figures. “You let the side down and you’re on the transfer list” he shouts angrily.


As Iris and Pete approach the clinic, she asks whether she should wait until he comes out. “It takes all day – they always do” he replies. HE asks to say their goodbyes at the roadside. “I want to walk through the door by myself” he adds. She kisses him “for luck” and he tells her that he will see her soon.  HE walks across the car park and towards the doors. He gives her one last look over his shoulder and then goes in. Iris looks on, concerned and then turns away – completely missing the fact that Pete has doubled back. He has no intention of going to the clinic at all.


In the motel reception, Kath and Miranda are talking about her father. She is complaining that J. henry is sending her on errands, even though he is thousands of miles away. “Just like men isn’t it?” Kath agrees. Glenda comes in and talks to her mum. She tells Kath that she isn’t keen on Elaine. “Too efficient by far” she says. Kath tells her that John thinks the world of her.  “Talk about protecting your boss!” says Glenda. “That’s the way they are these days” Kath replies.  Glenda points out that John is very “tough – in business” - with a “ruthless streak” – Kath seems surprised. “Do you think so?” she asks.


In the motel office, Miranda tells Adam that she has to speak to Estate Agent, Frank Jessop to sign some forms for her father. “That’s curious” Adam replies. “I think it must be the manor house” she tells him.  “Your father’s only just bought it” he replies. “HE never intended to live in it – he bought it as some kind of cloud to drape over mother in one of her more frivolous moments” she corrects him. “Every time your father sneezes, the rest of us feel pneumonia coming on” he says.


Sheila comes into the bar and Iris tells her that she went with Pete to the clinic. “We’re ever so grateful” she tells Iris. “We’re lucky to have someone like you”- They discuss the difference between Harry and Pete. “Chalk and cheese aren’t they?” Iris points out. “Putting it mildly” Sheila agrees.  She tells Iris that she can put up with the failure of her marriage – but the thought that it has hurt Pete… “I don’t think I could ever forgive myself – or Harry for what it’s done to him” she says, sadly. “I wish I could warn everyone I really do. It’s such a waste of a life” Sheila adds. (END OF PART ONE)




Iris and Sheila are laughing as Sid comes into the bar. She tells him the good news that Pete has booked into the clinic. He says that it is terrific news. He orders a light beer and a ploughman’s lunch.  Sheila leaves for lunch. “I’m surprised Pete’s dad didn’t show an interest” she tells Sid. He tells her that Harry was a bit twitchy that morning. John Latchford arrives in the bar and makes to leave, but Sid sees him. Sid greets him enthusiastically, but John seems a bit hesitant. Sid asks Iris to check on his lunch, so as not to ‘curl her hair’ with what he is about to say… “What is it that wears two macs and stands by a grave?” Sid asks John.  John tells Sid that he hasn’t heard that joke. Sid whispers the punchline in John’s ear.


Miranda drives through the snow, and approaches the estate agents office. She goes in and introduces herself to Frank Jessop. “Oh what a fortunate man your father is” he tells her. “He must have that tattooed on his arm” she jokes. Jessop laughs.  He invites her through to the back office and instructs the receptionist Nora to get them a sherry. “Bottom drawer, left hand side” he says. She turns and smiles – then exhales grumpily as soon as they are out of earshot.


In the office, Jessop tells Miranda that her father wants her to act as his proxy in the sale of the Manor House.  Nora brings in three glasses of sherry – and drinks hers as soon as she can. “Here’s to a successful sale” Jessop says. Nora watches on – as the others sip their drinks. Hers is already empty!


In the bar, John seems a little more relaxed with Sid. Sid tells him that the darts team is doing well. Sid tells him that he is vice-captain “and what I don’t know about vice isn’t worth knowing” he jokes. John smiles. Sid asks whether there is a chance that John could sponsor the team, but John tells him that it would be a bit small for them. Kath sees them together and smiles “Just like old times” she says happily. “He’s been hiding himself away from us” Sid jokes. “As if he would!” Kath replies. She asks after Mavis. “I’m just having my meal – don’t spoil it!” Sid jokes. Kath says that she hasn’t seen Mavis for ages. “I’ve managed to get her to hibernate for the winter" he jokes again.  Kath suggests that Sid, Mavis, Kevin Glenda, she and John have a little get-together tomorrow night.  “I’ll run the hoover over Mave and she’ll come up like new” agrees Sid enthusiastically. “You never were short of a good idea were you” he says smiling – although the smile seems anything but sincere.


Miranda returns to the motel office. She confirms with Adam and Jill that the manor house is for sale. “How much?” he asks. “I’m not buying” she replies. Miranda leaves to speak to Paul. Adam suggests that they give serious thought to buying the manor house. He tells her that the idea of having an adjoining property and half a dozen acres could give them the possibility of expansion. Jill suggests that they mention it to David – but Adam suggests that there is no hurry as the details won’t have been printed yet. Adam reveals that David is trying to speak to Sarah Alexander again. Jill questions this, since Sarah had made it clear she wanted nothing more to do with him.  “Nevertheless he’s going to try” he replies.


In the garage workshop, Sheila arrives to speak to Harry. Sid greets her enthusiastically. Harry walks over. “Isn’t it marvellous about Pete?” she asks. “I wouldn’t say that” he replies dryly. Sid agrees with Sheila but Harry is unconvinced. “Like I said – it’s nothing new” he tells them. “We couldn’t have hoped for this a week ago” she says. “I hoped for it a year ago and I’m still waiting” he replies angrily. Sheila suggests that his attitude is different now. “He’s in there – gives them something to work with?” suggests Sid. Harry is unhappy. “Have you got some stupid idea that if we stand around saying how marvellous it is he’s going to somehow be cured?” he asks.  He reminds his wife that she celebrated the first time he went to the clinic. “And what happened? It took him ten days to get back on that stuff!” Harry storms off. Sid tells Sheila that Pete will be okay – and follows Harry. Sheila doesn’t seem convinced though.


In the stores, Sid asks Harry “Did you have to do that?”. Harry says “I’m a realist”. Sid suggests that there is such a thing as hope. “I can’t bear to see her kid herself” Harry admits. “And I’ve seen it often enough”. Harry goes on… “This time I decided to get in first – to lessen the blow. I can’t hope for miracles any more…but if they come…I’ll rejoice. I’ll give thanks – believe me” (CREDITS)


Ha! I love Frank Jessop. I know he’s only an occasional character, but I really do love the fact that the people that inhabit the King’s Oak universe, keep popping back into our lives. I think that “Nora” may just win the award for the best supporting actor in the history of the show. The choice to give her comedic moans, looks, glances and drinking is inspired and adds some much needed lightness to an otherwise quite heavy episode.


It feels like the Pete Maguire story is coming to its natural conclusion – the fact that he is sneaking away from the clinic and Sheila’s misplaced optimism sadly leads me to guess that it won’t be a happy one. Harry is typically guarded, and I really like his performance. As a viewer I feel both sorry for him, and cross with him, that he isn’t more supportive of his son – but then this adds to the characterisation I think.


The extensive location work on this episode really works as well – despite the snowy weather, the production team have gamely battled on – and the bleakness adds to the Pete Maguire story I think. It adds a polish to the show and marks a real change from even just a few months ago. The garage workshop is also particularly effective here – and a great improvement on the dreary office set.


I wish I knew what the punchline to Sid Hooper’s joke was… Actually a quick google suggests that the joke was as follows: “What do you call a man with two raincoats in a cemetery? Max Bygraves!” – surely it wouldn’t be that offensive to Iris? Perhaps there’s a rude version out there? Incidentally, Max Bygraves was the host of Family Fortunes (another Central TV production in 1985) Maybe it’s an-in-joke?


Site Ref: 44.02




Crossroads Episode: 4052: Original TX: 20-03-85 (Wednesday)



David Hunter goes to see Sarah Alexander, and is horrified at what he learns.

TV Times: (Thames for 20-03-85)


Written by: Sue Lake                    Director: Brian Morgan


David and Barbara are in the motel office. She tells him that he has to know (about the baby) one way or the other. “If you don’t ask, you’ll never find out – and that’ll be worse for both of us” she tells him. David tells her that he must go. “Persistent devil aren’t you – in your own way” she replies.


She kisses him for luck – as Adam bursts through the door with the news that J Henry Pollard has put the manor house on the market. “He should get a good price for it. Is that it?” David replies dismissively. Adam tells him that he and Jill would like to put an offer. “Don’t let me stand in your way” David replies – keen to get off.


Miranda walks past in a blur. David leaves and Barbara tells Adam where he is off to. They both follow Miranda into the office and Barbara asks her about her father’s plans.


“My father’s ways are mysterious – even to me” she replies. “I think he’s up to something” Adam tells them both. Miranda is not in a good mood. She tells them that she would rather be reading a book – than finding out about “structural faults”.  “Are there any? Structural Faults in the manor house….?” Barbara asks. “I’ve no idea” replies Miranda.


Miranda leaves. Adam asks Barbara if she is worried. “About the house? No” she replies.


David Hunter arrives at the reception of the nursing home. He is greeted by Dr Armstrong. She tells him that both Sarah and the baby are fine. “Mrs Alexander has told me about you” she tells him – then invites him to discuss ‘certain matters’…


At the Estate Agents office, Frank Jessop explains that he doesn’t have an information sheet about the Manor House due to “tragically unfortunate timing” but promises to send one by first class post the moment they arrive back from the printers.


She asks for more details. “In the pipeline” he promises her. She has heard enough of his snivelling excuses and leaves. He follows her out of the shop, fawning all over her. She drives off angrily.


David and the doctor walk around the grounds of the nursing home. She tells him that Sarah is on the verge of a depressive psychosis- and that she has retreated into a world of her own. “She’s rejected her baby. She knows of its existence of course, but she’ll have nothing to do with it” she adds.


David looks concerned. She tells him that she is putting him in the picture so that he is prepared for his next meeting with Sarah. She goes onto say that Sarah is possibly hearing voices in her head. Finally she says that as a last resort they may even try electro-convulsive therapy.






Pete is arguing in the street with someone that hands him a wrap of something. Pete complains that it isn’t enough, but the other man will hear nothing of it and drives off. Pete heads into a phone-box to make a call….


…to Larry Wilcox. Pete apologises for his behaviour the last time they met – and suggests that they meet up for a beer. Larry tells him that he has to finish an essay, but suggests they meet at Crossroads later.


David is shown into a patient’s lounge in the hospital, where Sarah is waiting. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him – but that the doctor suggested it might be a good idea. David tells her that they must talk about the baby. “I’ll do whatever you say, of course” she replies, although is clearly distracted. “The baby screams all the time” she goes on. She complains that she shouldn’t have let him talk her into having the baby.


She appears to be listening to an unheard voice – then tells him that she doesn’t want anything to do with the baby – and that she would like to leave it under a tree, where the leaves can fall and cover it. David suggests that he and Barbara would like to adopt the baby – but she is too distracted to answer. She does promise to think about it. She tells him that she will get over it and that she will be aright…..


In the bar, Sid is talking to someone “..and the tag is ‘Max Bygraves’ he reveals”. The man seems unimpressed. Things go from bad to worse when Mavis arrives in the bar. “Trouble in Paradise” coughs Iris, with amusement.  Sid has no idea what Mavis is unhappy about until he remembers Kath’s invitation. “I met Glenda in the butchers – SHE told me” Mavis says. “It went clean out of my head” he confesses.


In the office, Barbara arrives looking for David – but he has not yet returned. She tells Adam that she has been to visit Mr. Jessop. “How did you get on?” he asks. “He’s overly charming and anxious to please – but nothing positive on the manor house” she reveals. Adam says that this behaviour is suspicious.


“Instinct tells me that J. Henry is up to something” he says. Adam speculates that J. Henry might be holding off in the hope of getting a better price. Barbara disagrees and points out that the price of houses is pretty stable. Adam suggests that J. Henry already has an offer on the manor house.


Iris is surprised to find out that Pete has arranged to meet Larry at the bar. She suggests that Pete probably would be better putting his feet up after a day at the clinic. He tells her he has been signing papers and meeting people. “Sounds too easy” she replies. “I don’t know why you didn’t go before…” she adds.  Larry arrives and apologises to Pete for not being able to meet him at lunchtime.


They go over to sit at a table. Larry asks whether Pete is OK as he can see him shivering. He is also sweating profusely. “Someone walking over my grave – that’s all” he replies. Pete apologises that he won’t be able to pay Larry the money that he owes him. Larry reveals that his father has given him his monthly allowance. “That’s great…” Pete replies.


In the office, David has been telling Barbara about Sarah’s condition. “I didn’t realise it was as bad as that” she says, as she pours them both a drink. “Any chance of seeing the baby?” she asks. He tells her that it will have to wait for a while. “Did she talk about the baby?” says Barbara. David says that she did- and that she is thinking of putting it up for adoption.


“My next thought is with you…” he says. “I must know – before we go any further with this… You said you were prepared to accept her child… Have you changed your mind? Could you… Could WE adopt the child?”- She looks at him. “No – I haven’t changed my mind” she replies. “If Sarah agrees to it – and its best for the child – and if it’s what you want – then I want it too”. He rests his head on her shoulder. Her words seem positive, her expression looks otherwise. CREDITS. 


So it WAS Max Bygraves! OK – probably not the first thought that should have come into my head – but actually a really nice touch that these flashes of humour are creeping into the script. Again I like Frank Jessop’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-him appearance and this time it helps to sell the story of J. Henry’s manor house sale quite well.


I think Annette Andre’s performance as Sarah is really quite chilling here – the distracted voices and suggestions of abandoning the baby seem quite heavy for a weekday afternoon – but fair play to the producers for dealing with both post-natal depression, ECT and drug abuse in the same episode – this really is a soap for the 1980’s.


I should also add that it felt like over half this episode was shot on location –making it feel very ‘modern’ and NOT like a 32 year old show at all!


Site Ref: 44.03




Crossroads Episode: 4053: Original TX: 21-03-85 (Thursday)



The drama continues to unfold at the famous Midlands Motel. Larry Wilcox takes Pete Maguire to Dr. Wilcox’s house. Kath Brownlow gives a party. (TV Times: Granada – for 25-03-85) – They broadcast the Thursday episode the following Monday!


Written by: Alan Wiggins                    Directed by: Brian Morgan


At the Brownlow’s,  John Latchford talks Kevin through the paperwork he will need in his role as sales-rep. Kath rushes into the room, carrying a vase of flowers and asks them to return the table to its pre-meeting state as their guests will be arriving shortly. She orders Kevin upstairs to get himself ready. John tells her that he isn’t looking forward to entertaining Sid and Mavis, but Kath tells him that he will have to make the effort – for her. She tells him that she isn’t ashamed of her friends – John clearly is!


Glenda comes in – to find John relaxing in the armchair, while Kath is still rushing round. She is quick to point out that Kath has a “right little rebellion” on her hands.


In the motel bar, Sid is enjoying a drink before heading off out. Iris walks over to hand Larry his forgotten change, while he and Pete finish off their drinks. Larry tells Pete that his dad will be out on call (the price of being a doctor) and suggests that they go home and play some tapes. Pete agrees.


Mavis arrives in the bar and asks Iris how she looks. Iris tells her that she looks “a million dollars” – to which humorously adds “all green and wrinkled”.


Mavis asks for a port to settle her nerves, and reveals to Sid and Iris that she is nervous about being around John Latchford. “We haven’t seen him since he went up in the world have we?” Sid asks.  Looking over at the two young lads, Mavis suggests that Larry Wilcox will be a good influence on Pete Maguire.


Back at the Brownlow’s Glenda brings in a bottle of wine for John to open, but he is busy reading the paper. She tells him that she isn’t looking forward to the evening, but that they are both going to have to go along with it for Kath’s sake.  John reveals that the wine is screw-top and opens it easily.


Kath fusses about looking for cherries for the grapefruit as Kevin walks in and the doorbell rings. She instructs everyone to get into their places, as if some grand production is about to start. “Local boozer be alright?” John asks. Kath is not impressed.


Kath opens the door to Sid and Mavis, and Glenda takes their coats. Mavis admires the table through the hallway door and Kevin pours the sherry. After walking into the lounge, Sid starts to tell John about his lucky week at the bookies – John is unimpressed.


Kath tells Glenda to show Sid and Mavis their photos of Canada. Sid asks Kevin how the job-hunting is going. “Mac says things look a bit black…” Sid says, before (somewhat controversially today) adding “…coming from him that’s a bit funny.”  Mavis excuses her husband and suggests that Sid will get worse as the evening goes on.


Glenda reveals that she has got her job back at the motel, and Kevin reveals to them that John has fixed him up as a sales rep. They proceed to look at the photographs…


Back in the motel bar, Larry and Pete are finishing their drinks.  They say goodnight to Iris and head out….

…. They pull up on the bike outside Larry’s house. They get off and immediately spot that the lights are out, meaning doctor Wilcox is out. Larry is pleased as it means they can play their music loudly. He tells Pete that he has a new compact disc player.


At the Brownlow’s Sid and Kevin continue to look over the photos, while Katie cries from upstairs. John is asleep in his chair.


Katie eventually quietens down and Mavis, Kath and Glenda come in. “Have you seen all of Glenda’s snaps?” Kath asks. “I’ve seen all of Glen” Sid replies.  Glenda is unimpressed. “You didn’t show him THAT one?” she asks Kevin.


Sid and Mavis leave and Kevin wakes John up. “Thank heavens for that – I thought they’d never leave” he says. (END OF PART ONE)




Doctor Wilcox pulls up outside his house to find that there is music playing loudly. Inside, Larry is lying on the sofa, surrounded by empty Skol Lager cans.  Doctor Wilcox is distracted by the noise and leaves his case on the back seat of his car. He quickly goes into the house, where Pete is on the telephone to Iris.


Doctor Wilcox turns down the music and suggests that the neighbours might be annoyed. Pete feels awkward and leaves – as he does so, he sees Doctor Wilcox’s case on the seat of the car. He smashes through the window to steal it…. but the music is so loud in the house that nobody hears…


At the Brownlow’s, Kath is unhappy.  She suggests that John feels he is too important to spend time with the Hoopers.  He tries to argue, but can’t dispute the fact he was yawning at them throughout dinner. “It’s the effect they have on me” he suggests.  Kath points out that she was recently willing to make an effort for his business meals. She also tells him that if they are invited to the Hooper’s he will also have to make an effort.  “Ever since your promotion you haven’t been able to see to the end of your nose” she tells him.


Kevin and Glenda listen in from the hallway. Kath tells John that she is treating John and Mavis like the “scum of the earth”. He tells Kath that he likes Sid. Kevin tells them to quieten down. John gets his coat, and suggests that he and Kath need some space between them.


At the Wilcox house there is a call. Larry picks it up. He listens to the caller and shouts up to his dad, who is in the shower. It is clearly another out-of-hours call. Doctor Wilcox instructs his son to take the name and address.


At the Brownlow’s Glenda comes down to find Kath sitting in the dark. She has been crying. “He ruined your night didn’t he?” Glenda asks. “He knew he hurt me – still he stuck to his guns”. She complains that John doesn’t seem to want to compromise with her.  “The top and bottom of it is that he’s risen above us now…” says Kath, sadly.  Glenda suggests that Kath might feel better about the situation once she has had the chance to sleep on it. “I love the man – that’s why it hurts” Kath admits. 


Kath goes to bed as Kevin arrives back. Kevin tells Glenda that John is also feeling pretty upset about the evening.  “I’m beginning to think I was right about that man all along” she says.  “He’s changed alright” Kevin agrees. “HE used to hang off mum’s every word” Glenda adds.


Doctor Wilcox rushes down the stairs and asks Larry if he has seen his bag. Larry says that he didn’t see his father come in with it. The doctor goes outside and sees that his car has been broken into – the contents of his bag have been emptied onto the driveway.


Oh how times have changed! A GP doing house-calls…. Of course the real thing that separates this episode from now is the slightly contentious joke that Sid tells about things looking “black” – which you can read above. It could be argued that it is a throwaway line, but it does feel that Sid is making a joke about Mac’s skin colour here – and in today’s society I think this would be unacceptable. Whilst I don’t think this is particularly offensive, it just feels out of place.


John is doing his best to alienate everyone around him, and I am now completely on the side of Glenda, who saw through him right from the start. He did used to hang off Kath’s every word – and was very much a “man of the people” – Now he is a bit of an arrogant snob.


It is strange that Larry shows off about his CD player – as only today I read an article about some kids not knowing what a CD is. Imagine that – a whole music format has risen and (almost) fallen since this episode was first shown.


Site Ref: 44.04



Crossroads Episode: 4054: Original TX: 26-03-85 (Tuesday)



Kath Brownlow worries about John Latchford’s changing attitude. Kevin Banks starts a new job.

TV Times: (Thames for 27-03-85) – although it clearly matches this episode!


Written by: David Garfield                    Directed by: Phill Hill


A digital clock in the flat reveals that it is 11:20pm. Iris is alone when there is a knock at the door. It is Larry. She opens the door and he asks whether Pete is at home. Iris says that he isn’t. Larry reveals that his father’s car was broken into five minutes after Pete left… Larry is clearly out of breath. Iris asks what was stolen and Larry reveals that it was drugs, pills and prescription pads.  Larry tells Iris that his father has had things stolen before – by junkies…. Iris winces. Larry asks her what the matter is. Iris tells him that she is sure that Pete is responsible for the break in – and that he is hooked on drugs.


Sid and Mavis pull up outside the boarding house. She is furious at the time – Sid tells her that he needed a drink following their meal at the Brownlow’s. They continue to argue about the evening’s events…


Back at the flat, Larry is cross that Iris hadn’t told him about Pete’s addiction. “He needed a friend” she tells him. “I needed a junkie like a hole in the head” he replies.  Iris apologises and asks what will happen now. Larry tells her that his father has already reported the break in and theft to the police. Iris calls Pete a fool. “He’s sick and he’s desperate” Larry tells her.


At the Brownlow’s, Kath is still up. Kevin joins her downstairs. They discuss the events of the evening. Kevin tells her that it will be “water off a duck’s back” to Sid and Mavis. He reveals that he is nervous about starting his new job with John in the morning. Kath assures him that he will be OK. Kath says that she has been thinking about Iris – and in particular her “tearaway” friend, Pete – with his reputation. Kevin points out that what he’s really like might be different altogether! (END OF PART ONE)




Kath and Glenda fuss around getting mittens for Katie, while Kevin looks for his smart blue tie. He comes down the stairs looking every inch the sales rep.  Glenda goes off to look for his matching handkerchief and he reveals to Kath that he still doesn’t feel as if he has it within himself to do the job.


In his chalet office, John arrives to be greeted by an (already working) Elaine Winters. She gives him various pieces of bad news and then asks how his dinner party went. “Sing-a-long with Sid and Mavis Hooper?” he asks. “I had matchsticks propping me eyes open!”


Kevin arrives for his first day and John asks him his opinion of the motif on a tracksuit – but before he can reply, Elaine reveals the news that there new offices will shortly be open. She says that she is looking forward to spreading out. “I’m happy in one cuddly chunk” he replies saucily. There’s more business about the motif, which John tries to turn into a lesson on selling. “Sock it to ‘em, JL” Elaine jokes. “I will love” he assures her.


Iris arrives in the motel reception looking exhausted. Kath notices immediately. “Is it that Pete?” she asks.  Iris reveals that he hasn’t come home and that she is worried. “It’s not your problem” Kath tells her. “Well it feels as though it is” she replies.


Back at the office, Kevin is reading the “All Rounder Sportswear” sales manual. John tells him to read it from cover to cover – and then to read it again. John reveals that since all the film stars have been writing about exercise, there’s loads of “out of shape mums – all over the country – wanting to do aerobics”. He tries training Kevin with a bit of role-play, but it is soon obvious that Kevin is well out of his comfort zone.


In reception Sid is thanking Kath for their meal the previous evening. John arrives and she asks how Kevin is getting on. “Feeling his way” John replies.


Mrs Maguire arrives in the bar and asks Iris how Pete is getting on. “I wish I knew” she replies, sadly.  Iris tells her that there has been no sign of him – and that there has been some trouble at Doctor Wilcox’s place.


In reception Sid thanks Kath again and invites she and John over to their house. John makes up an excuse about moving into his new offices, and declines. Sid leaves them. “A narrow escape” John says when Sid is out of earshot.


In the bar, Mrs Maguire tells Iris that she can’t be sure that the break in was down to Pete. Iris points out that it would be a pretty remarkable coincidence if it wasn’t. Sid arrives and takes up the stool next to Mrs. Maguire. They reveal to him that Pete has disappeared. He tells them both that he is sorry. Mrs. Maguire decides that she needs to tell her husband, and leaves.


In the garage, Harry is upset that his wife’s hopes have been shattered again. “It’s always the same” he tells her.  “How often did I come home and find you like this?” he asks.  “He’s ruined your life – that’s a hell of a price to pay for loving someone that much” he adds.  He tells her that he has finally washed his hands of Pete. “He’s beaten me” he tells her. He does up his coat – and suggests that the police throw the book at him. “That’s what he deserves!” (END OF EPISODE)


Oh Pete! What have you done? It really feels as though this story is coming to a close here and it is a shame as I think it has been covered really well. I have sympathy for Harry Maguire, although I don’t know why – maybe because he seems so damaged by everything that has happened between he and his son.


I liked Elaine calling John “JL” – in a cheeky nod to Dallas’ “JR Ewing” – although I can’t see JR putting up with a desk in a chalet. Thank goodness they are acknowledging the ludicrous nature of using the chalet set within the script.


This feels like an extension of the previous episode, rather than an episode on its own, and I have been impressed how the relatively small cast (12 including Katie) have enough storylines between them to sustain it. It really is about relationships (most of them dysfunctional) – but still rooted very firmly in the real world – a million miles from some of the more modern soap operas.


Site Ref: 44.05



Crossroads Episode: 4055: Original TX: 27-03-85 (Wednesday)



Dr. Wilcox promises to help David and Barbara Hunter.

TV Times: (Thames for 28-03-85)- although it clearly matches this episode!


Written by: David Garfield                    Directed by: Phill Hill


In the office, Jill is on the phone while Adam and David discuss a letter from “Major International Hotels”. Adam reminds David that they are “the biggest in the business”. David tells him that it isn’t worth the bother as they are not selling.  Eventually Adam persuades David to at least investigate what they have to say. Jill reveals that he has talked about nothing else all night. “Fascinating for you!” he says flatly. David reveals that Sarah is thinking of putting their baby up for adoption. They ask what he intends to do. David tells them that he has no intention of anyone else getting the baby. “How does Barbara feel?” she asks. “With me all the way” he assures her.


In the chalet office Elaine catches John deep in thought. He tells her that he was thinking about the lucky fella that will get to tie her down.  “I love my freedom” she tells him. “I’ve had enough restrictions in my life”. He suggests that it might be a lonely life. “Not THIS lady” she assures him. He asks whether there is anyone special in her life. “A variety!” she replies. He offers to take her out for the evening if she is ever in need of company. She says that she might take him up on the offer (although not very enthusiastically) “Please do” he replies…. and leans towards her…


… as Glenda comes in – with a  pen that she has found in the restaurant. Elaine says that waitresses don’t miss much. “That’s right!” Glenda agrees. “…but you’ve got the edge on us – you secretaries – you’re trained to do ever so much more!”


In the office, Adam and Jill reveal to Barbara that they are sending a letter to Major International Hotels to find out what sort of offer they are considering making for the motel. Jill tells Barbara that they know about the adoption. “It’s a bit of a bombshell” Jill suggests. She asks Barbara whether she is happy about the idea. “I want a happy husband” she replies.


At the flat, Iris is surprised to find Pete back. She is clearly cross at the way he has been behaving and that she should have known better than listen to the “garbage” he has been telling her about kicking his habit. “You couldn’t kick a football in a telephone box” she says.  He tries to talk to her but she tells him that she doesn’t want to hear it. “You’ve got your mother’s heart in pieces but you’re not having mine” she tells him.  (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) At the flat, Iris reveals that Larry knows about his drugs habit and that the police were told about the theft. There is a knock at the door – it is Harry. Iris reveals that Pete has returned and Harry nearly strikes his son. He goes over to the phone. Iris pleads with him not to phone the police. “If you try to make a run for it I’ll clobber you before you get down those stairs” she says.  It turns out that he is phoning Mrs. Maguire to tell her that he has found Pete. Harry tells his son to have a shave and a bath before they go out.


In the motel reception, Barbara is pleased to find David. He asks her whether she is unsure about the adoption – having spoken to Adam. “I can’t quite believe that it will be as easy as you seem to think” she tells him….


In the office, Doctor Wilcox has written a prescription for “Mrs Constantine in Number Eighteen”, which he gives to Jill. Barbara and David walk in. Jill goes off to deal with it and David asks Doctor Wilcox about a “friend” of theirs who has had a baby in a local nursing home. “She doesn’t want to keep the child and we would like to adopt it” he adds.  They explain that they are concerned about the mother’s state of mind, and whether she is capable of agreeing to the adoption.  The doctor agrees to talk to a friend of his, who just happens to work in the nursing home.


At the garage, Iris and Sid are discussing Pete.  She tells him that she has left Harry and Pete at the flat, and that she is worried about them. “Pete’s in real trouble and his father wants some sort of revenge”. Adam arrives at the garage looking for Harry. Sid reveals that he is not around and that Pete as stepped out of line.


Pete is washed, changed and in a suit.. He is also stood in front of Doctor Wilcox. He confesses to the break in – and (with his father’s encouragement) reveals his addiction. Doctor Wilcox questions what their next move should be. Harry suggests that he needs to do his duty and call the police.


In the office, Jill and Barbara are discussing why Adam should have told David that she is bothered about the adoption. “You were evasive” Jill reminds her.  She asks Barbara whether she is happy about the adoption. “Basically” she replies.  “I don’t think I could – the ‘other woman’ and all that – it’s bound to matter isn’t it?” she asks. “I can’t give David a child” Barbara replies. “I love David – so that’s what I want too” she adds.


At the surgery, Pete returns the prescription pad and reveals that he sold the drugs on the market. Doctor Wilcox asks Pete when he last had treatment. Pete reveals that it was a couple of months ago – this is news to Harry, who believed that he was there the previous week as an out-patient.


The doctor tells them that he will speak to the police and that there will be charges, but that their first priority must be to get Pete in a fit state to face them. Doctor Wilcox offers to drive him to the clinic in the morning and to pick him up from the flat. “He’ll be there sir. I guarantee it” Harry assures him. “Because from now until you call for him I’m sticking to him like glue!” 


This “Major International Hotels” business is a strange thing. Why would the biggest players in the country be interested in a little motel in Birmingham?


Also – Jill questioning whether Barbara will be happy accepting another woman’s child seems a bit strange – considering that’s exactly what she tried to get Stan to do with Matthew (the son she had with Anthony Mortimer)


Oh Harry – I feel for you – I really do, but it seems that you and your son are just too different. Let’s see though – there’s always the possibility that things will work out for you…


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Crossroads Episode: 4056: Original TX: 28-03-85 (Thursday)



Glenda Brownlow tells John Latchford some home truths.

TV Times


Written by: David Hopkins                    Director: Phill Hill


Harry enters the garage workshop, accompanied by Pete. They run into Sid who is busily working. Sid tells Harry that Mr. Chance has been looking for him. Harry goes to the office to make a telephone call, leaving Sid in charge of Pete. He asks Sid what he would do if he ran off. “You wouldn’t do that would you kid?” he asks.


In the office, Jill is speaking to David and Barbara about the potential offer that Major International Hotels might make for the motel. “For all we know, we could be potential billionaires” Barbara jokes.  Jill suggests that they could jet off round the world. Barbara says that if David can’t sit behind his desk he gets withdrawal symptoms. David points out that any conversation about money would be academic as they have no intention of selling. “At the end of the day, at a motel in the Midlands, it’s nice to dream” Jill says.


Miranda walks in and Jill tells her that they have been wondering what it would be like to be millionaires. She asks whether they have won the pools. Barbara tells them about their conversation. Miranda points out that her one share in the business is hardly likely to propel her to untold wealth. She does however tell them that her father, J. Henry Pollard has sent a Telex and wants everyone to accept the offer from Major International Hotels. “We don’t sell under ANY circumstances” Jill replies.  David tells Miranda to be ambiguous in her reply. “that we’re giving the idea deep and serious consideration!”. Jill looks anxious.


At the garage Sid offers Pete a cup of tea. Pete tells him that he doesn’t really have what he needs.  “Can’t be easy for him can it? Having a son like me? Is that what you’re thinking?” Pete asks Sid. Harry returns and tells them both that Mr. Chance understand there’s been a family crisis. Harry wants to know why he should be thinking that.  “I thought it was better that he knew” Sid replies. Harry tells Sid that he will be leaving for the day – and that he won’t be letting Pete out of his sight.


In reception, Miranda speaks with Paul Ross. She suggests that he appears to be improving following the problems with immigration. “Life goes on” he replies. She asks him whether he has any idea why J. Henry would want to sell the motel to a huge consortium.  “You can be sure there’s a whole viper’s nest of reasons” he replies.  Miranda says that her father has suggested it will be best for everyone. Paul points out that what this really means is that it will be best for him! “There’s no way he can sell this motel – and theres nothing even daddy can do about that!”. She walks off. Paul however is not convinced that J. Henry can be so easily dissuaded….


In the office, Jill answers a call from Doctor Wilcox for David. Barbara and Jill look on nervously. Jame Wilcox tells David that anyone suffering from the condition affecting Sarah Alexander can be expected to make a total recovery.  David tells the doctor that he wants to know when he will be able to ask her about the possibility of allowing him to adopt their son. “It would be an unwise and irresponsible thing to do – you should not attempt to force any woman in that condition to come to any sort of decision.” – suggests the doctor.


In reception, Sid enters and walks over to Kath. He repeats Mavis’ invitation for them to come over for a meal. “He’s changed hasn’t he?” he asks (speaking about John). Kath tries to convince him that John hasn’t – deep down. Kath asks how Mr. Maguire is getting on with Pete. Sid tells her about the latest developments. “And we think we’ve got troubles….” she adds.


Back in the office the call has finished. Sensing David’s unhappiness, Jill leaves. Barbara asks him what James Wilcox has said. He tells her the news that they will have to wait – and be patient in their dealings with Sarah. “If you’re going to have to wait – you’re going to have to wait!” she tells him. David says nothing but Barbara realises why. “You’re afraid that if you have to wait until she’s cured that she might change her mind!” David tells her that he doesn’t feel that Sarah will ever be a suitable person to bring up his son. He tries persuading Barbara to go with him to the nursing home. “She’s a sick woman, David” she reminds him. “I won’t do it – and once you’ve thought it out, you’ll realise that you’re wrong.” (END OF PART ONE)


(PART TWO) – In the office, David is deep in thought. Barbara apologises for reacting the way she did.  “I need your help, Barbara” he tells her. “You know I’ll do anything for you….” she says. “Except this!” he interrupts her.  Reluctantly she agrees to go and see Sarah for herself. “And maybe then I could help” she suggests.


John Latchford arrives at the Brownlow’s. Kevin and Glenda welcome him, but tell him that Kath is not back yet. Glenda tells him that she can’t make three chops stretch to four. John suggests that this will not be necessary as he intends surprising his fiancé with a meal out. Glenda goes into the kitchen and John sits down. Kevin asks John whether he is having doubts about hiring him – and reveals that he is very unsure himself.


In the surgery, Larry is waiting for his father. Doctor Wilcox asks how long he has been covering up for Peter. “Not for long” Larry admits. “The truth is I didn’t know!” The doctor discusses their agreement that he will speak up for Pete if he submits himself for treatment.


John Latchford is giving Kevin a pep-talk about sales. He describes it as a craft that can be taught. “You don’t think Sir Laurence Olivier came out of the cradle being able to act Richard the fifth do ya?” Kevin decides to go for a bath. John asks Glenda whether he has done anything to upset her. “You could say that” she replies. She reminds him about a conversation they had where he told Glenda that he loved her mother – and the one thought in his mind was to make her happy. “That seems to have gone out of the window – don’t you think?” she asks.  He agrees that maybe things have changed –but suggests that tonight things will be different.  “A slap up supper – candlelight – the trimmings…” he tells her.  “Big Restaurants? Expense accounts? Do you think she wants that?” she asks. “She wants it how it used to be – with you sitting on the sofa telling her how much you love her.” He listens. “I’ve had my say” she adds. “You have that love” he replies. “Just think about it!” she pleads. (END OF EPISODE)




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