APRIL 1988: Episode 4510

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Crossroads Episode: 4510: Original TX: 04-04-88 (Monday)

EASTER MONDAY: This was originally Episodes 4510 / 4511 / 4512

It was edited into a “feature length” episode to complete the series



TV Times (Thames)

6:15 – 7:30


“We’ve done it Jill – We’ve finally done it.” It’s the last visit of all to the famous motel as this long-running serial comes to an end after more than 4500 episodes. But what does the future hold for the staff and guests of Kings Oak Country Hotel?

TV Times (Yorkshire for 04-04-88) (Granada for 04-04-88) (Thames for 04-04-88)


Writer:  Joanna Toye                                                                                              Director: Nicholas Prosser


Synopsis: coming soon


Comment: Coming Soon


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