APRIL 1988: Episode 4510

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Crossroads Episode: 4510: Original TX: 04-04-88 (Monday)

EASTER MONDAY: This was originally Episodes 4510 / 4511 / 4512

It was edited into a “feature length” episode to complete the series



“We’ve done it Jill – We’ve finally done it.” It’s the last visit of all to the famous motel as this long-running serial comes to an end after more than 4500 episodes. But what does the future hold for the staff and guests of Kings Oak Country Hotel?

TV Times: Yorkshire, Granada, Thames


Writer:  Joanna Toye                                                                                              

Director: Nicholas Prosser


Site Ref: “Last Episode”

Source: TV Times Granada


TV Times: Thames

TV Times: Granada

TV Times: 02-08 April 1988

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