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Welcome to Crossroads Online: The Online episode guide for Crossroads


I know this is something of a fool-hardy venture. I intend to watch and document episodes of Crossroads– the teatime favourite soap that was loved by millions… (and millions) of viewers between 1964 and 1988. The period of time I am looking at starts at the very end of the “ATV” era of the soap, just after the motel fire in November 1981.


My first month (November 1981) concerns the immediate aftermath of the fire, and the subsequent revelation that previous owner Meg Mortimer (Ryder, Richardson, Fraser) has sailed off to a new life aboard the QE2. It is a period of change on screen– as the familiar 1970’s style motel gives way to the er… purple 1980’s! AND it was a period of change off-screen as ATV became Central Independent Television.


Which episodes are you looking at?


Well ideally– all of them! More realistically, those from the 1980s. My reason for this is clear: The episodes before this have all been released on DVD and more recently these have been broadcast by Big Centre TV HERE. I have chosen to start with the episodes as broadcast by UK GOLD in the late 1990s. The reason for this is availability– I bought them online!


Of course these episodes also coincide with the change to Central Television. On first transmission the episodes I start with were billed “Central Presents” before the familiar ATV ident would crash in… (Although these idents were removed for the UK GOLD transmissions).


The 1982 Crossroads Special was published at around the same time as the episodes I will be starting with.

You can see how Jane Rossington introduced the repeats to viewers by clicking HERE. However, I have also delved back into November 1981, courtesy of the official DVD releases and episode clips supplied by the Crossroads Appreciation Society, in order to “set the scene for my viewing marathon!



Why bother writing an episode guide to Crossroads when everyone already knows what happened?


The first answer has to be “Why not?” I enjoy watching Crossroads and think this is a great excuse to go over the old episodes again. This time I can digest the stories, see links to past and future storylines, and comment on what I feel are the successful… and least successful parts of the show.


There is already a fabulous site that details storylines from 1974 to 1985 called “Crossroads Retold” and I highly recommend that you visit as it contains storylines for episodes that are sadly no longer available in the archive to watch. Click HERE to visit my page of Crossroads links


So how is this site any different?


I hope that by linking episode numbers and transmission dates to each episode I can provide a source of reference for anyone wanting to locate exactly “when” events happened in the show. I hope to include other sources of information– such as TV Times synopsis for some of the episodes.


I hope that by including screen captures from every single scene that it is possible to identify when each cast member appeared and how the sets changed– and of course– to see what the episodes looked like! I also want to show each and every cliffhanger…

Just for fun!


This project would not have been possible without the help of various people, but notably everyone at the Crossroads Appreciation Society who constantly provide a wealth of information on the series.


Can I help?


Yes of course; I am always interested to hear of your opinions about the episodes I have been looking at. If you would like to drop me a comment about any of the episodes, then please do. The address is available on my page of Crossroads links. See above.