Crossroads 2003: “Dallas in Dudley”


This is our section devoted to the In a nutshell: Friday evening karaoke, dream sequences, glitter-balls, Lionel Blair, supermarkets, the “Meg Mortimer suite”, flashbacks and Ethan Black… “Oh Fudge!”


The Crossroads that hit the screens in January 2003 was bold, confident and… well let’s face it – nothing like the one that left our screens 4 months before. The sets, the cast (and in some cases) the storylines were completely new. Gone was the corporate image created by the Russell family – to be replaced with – well… something completely different…


Crossroads was back in business!


According to the official site…Pride, power and passion fuel the day-to-day dramas in the refurbished hotel.


The tempestuous Max and Angel Samson have moved in and twelve months on have stamped their inimitable style on Crossroads.


They've given the hotel a glitzy facelift which now boasts a splendid Romanesque entrance lobby, a luxurious spa, swimming pool and health club, stylish cocktail bar and intimate restaurant.


But the glamorous facade cannot disguise the simmering undercurrents of power-struggles within the Samson family and towards the remaining Crossroads staff who have loyally stayed on.


Secrets and scandal are on the new menu.


It certainly was a rollercoaster ride!


Joining cast members Jane Gurnett, Sherrie Hewson, Cindy Marshall Day, Roger Sloman, Di Sherlock, Lucy Pargeter and Rebecca Hazlewood were many new faces including Jane Asher, Stuart Milligan, Anne Charlston, Freema Agyeman, Luke Roberts and Jessica Fox.

The Samsons at Christmas


The launch cast for 2003.

Only 8 faces returned from August 2002