Crossroads 2003: Guest Stars


The 2003 series was often in the press because of the famous names cast in “guest” roles. The following list is intended to give a few background details to these characters. It is not yet complete!




Emma Noble as Susie Samson – getting rather too close to her brother in law!


Susie Samson

Played by Emma Noble


One of the “high profile” names bandied about in the run-up to the launch of the 2003 series, Emma was famous as being an hostess on TV game shows, and as the daughter in law of ex prime-minister, John Major. Emma was not the first “name” associated with the character however, the role would have gone to ex-EastEnder, Daniella Westbrook. She had to pull out of the show for personal reasons.


Susie Samson was the (newly married) wife of Main character; Jimmy Samson. Unfortunately for them both, Angel Samson was not in favour of her darling Jimmy marrying beneath his status. Susie was, it turns out, only with Jimmy for the money and status – and soon set her sights on her husband’s twin brother, Ryan, played by Luke Walker.


Sadly for Jimmy, she was willing to take a bribe in order to leave him behind… and sadly for her, Max and Ryan “switched” a briefcase full of cash for a few real notes and bundles of paper.




Jeff Larson, played by Scott Wright


Jeff Larson

Played by Scott Wright


Jeff arrived at the hotel with his son, Tony – and set the hearts of the female receptionists all a flutter. Some other stuff happens… Beena overhears Jeff talking on the phone and asking for money. There is speculation that he might have have kidnapped the child and the call is a ransom call?  Then it is revealed that “Tony” is really “Toni” (with an i)  - a girl.. and that Jeff is on the run from his estranged wife.





Lynda Larson                                  

Played by Sarah Haynes                   





Toni Larson

Played by Sheree Moore                  




Iliria D’Elia as Scarlet – getting rather too close to Ryan Samson… Notice a theme here?


Scarlet Da Silva

Played by Iliria D’Elia


Scarlet catches Ryan's eye and as you would expect, they go to lunch and then to bed together. It emerges that she plans to pull a fast one involving a casino. Ryan, who seemingly never learns from his previous mistakes, is quite happy to go along with this.


Meanwhile Beena has doubts about Scarlet so follows her upon leaving the hotel and finds her getting into a police car…


Elsewhere, Ryan manages to persuade Jimmy into helping with the casino scam. Jimmy devises a"roulette wheel fixing device". They head to the casino to fix the game of roulette. Unfortunately, Max catches them, thus Scarlet loses the game and gets kicked out by Max.




Lady Alice Fox, played by Kate O’Mara – What can we say? Real Dynasty actress in Crossroads!


Lady Alice Fox

Played by Kate O’Mara


Lady Alice is selling her stables, estimated to be worth three million pounds. Max wants to strike a deal with her for said stables and arranges for a game of poker. Unfortunately he's out with other people and has great difficulty getting home in time for the start of the game.


Ryan tries to cover the situation up by flirting with Lady Alice but when this runs out he is forced to draft in Dave Stocks to get things moving. Unfortunately Mr Stocks ends up winning a handsome sum, so Ryan and Jimmy are forced to make amends by 'stacking the cards' - ie fixing the outcome. Unfortunately Lady Alice and Dave switch places so her winning stack ends up going to Dave who wins the lot.


Lady Alice finds out that Ryan and Jimmy cheated by stacking the cards, not aware that it was originally intended to make her win and not Dave. But this has no effect on the outcome - Max finally comes in and Lady Alice withdraws her stables from sale to Max's fury!


Max and Angel discuss a way to get back at Lady Alice - get someone to steal her paintings and make it look like an inside job. Angel convinces Joe Lacey to commit the crime.


While Joe is stealing the paintings, Max tries to convince Lady Alice to sell him the stables. When this doesn't work he decides to get all passionate with her rolling around in some hay at the back of a stable.


This doesn't work either, but when Lady Alice returns home to find her paintings having transformed into playing cards, she storms back in to see Max. He offers her a deal - her paintings for 50% of the stables.




Casper Fox, played by Nicholas Prideaux


Casper Fox

Played by Nicholas Prideaux


Nephew of Lady Alice Fox.




Valentine Starwood played by Whatsisname? Give us a Clue? Its Lionel Blair!


Valentine Starwood

Played by Lionel Blair


Another “big name” associated with the show, and unfairly criticized. Lionel acted his socks off in this role, and did a great job of bringing some realism to the rather clichéd part. He was also in the show for several weeks and should be considered a semi-regular character.


Valentine was an ex-Ballroom dancing superstar, still mourning the death of his beloved wife some years before. He ran dancing classes in the village hall, which were attended by Vince, Helen, Rocky, Betty and Virginia. Vince saw “star potential” in the pairing of Helen and Vince, and he encouraged them to take part in a dance competition. There was also some weird stuff involving dream sequences, dry ice, glitter balls and such like – which actually harked back to the original Crossroads from the 1960s.


Valentine was also friends with judge, Myfanwy Moore….




Wanda Wise played by Birds of a Feather Star, Linda Robson


Wanda Wise

Played by Linda Robson


Okay – you may have to suspend your disbelief here. Max Samson cheated on his rich and glamorous wife with er… “brassy” Wanda Wise – a croupier in his casino many years ago. This would have been fine I suppose, had Wanda not become pregnant…


… of course, in soap land the most convoluted plots often turn out to be the ones chosen – and this was no exception… Fresh from his heartbreak over losing wife Susie, Jimmy Samson falls in love with Belle, a chamber maid who just happened to turn up at the hotel one night with her sister Lola. Well… it transpires that Belle is actually Max and Wanda’s daughter – which does rather put the spanner in as far as Jimmy and Belle is concerned. There is the inevitable blackmail plot too.




Dr Ferguson played by Les Dennis from Family Fortunes!


Dr Ferguson

Played by Les Dennis


Right then… Beena Shah has an obsession with Ryan Samson. It all goes Pete Tong and she sets up a little shrine to her employer’s son, complete with fairy lights and photos. She gets taken into hospital to help her recover, and who should be her psychiatrist? Only Les Dennis from off the telly!


Actually another really good guest performance. Les, of course, hosted family fortunes – one of the biggest shows filmed at Carlton’s Lenton Lane Studio complex.




Murray Simpson, played by Tim Brooke Taylor. Oh Goodie!!


Murray Simpson

Played by Tim Brooke Taylor


Tim played Murray, the partner of chef Vince Vacarro. It was a loving, stable, wonderful relationship… until Vince met model “Garth” who was taking part in a photoshoot at the hotel. (See below).


Anyway – Murray found out about Vince’s very brief fling when he saw them in a clinch together at the hotel. Murray left, heartbroken, and made Garth promise to look after Vince in the same way he had done during their relationship.


Eventually Vince realises the mistake he has made and attempts to reconcile with Murray. Unfortunately Murray is killed in a car accident and there is no opportunity for reconciliation.


During his very brief time at the hotel, Murray also proved himself to be a dab-hand at looking after babies – notably the “surprise” arrival of Phil Wise’s son, William.




Garth Gilder (the model) played by Adam C Booth


Garth Gilder

Played by Adam C Booth


Model who arrived at the hotel for a photo-shoot, only to have a brief fling with Vince the chef. (See above!)




Myfanwy played by Jaci Stephen the TV critic



Played by Jaci Stephen


Old dancing friend of valentine Starwood. Played by TV critic Jaci Stephen. Hmmm.




Harvey Soloman, played by Jeff Harding.


Harvey Soloman

Played by Jeff Harding


Harvey is an old friend of Max, who is helping out the Samsons with their deal to buy Cromwell Leisure… except he isn’t – he’s a double agent working for Ethan Black.


Max is jealous of Harvey when he sees him getting a little too close with Kate Russell.

Ethan is jealous of Harvey when he hears of him getting a little too close with Kate Russell.


Ethan has him shot.




Stafford Wynter played by Paul Shelley


Stafford Wynter

Played by Paul Shelley


Joe Lacey isn’t actually Joe Lacey – He’s Joe Wynter. Stafford Wynter is an ex business partner of Max Samson who feels he was treated unfairly by his former friend. Stafford is dying – and has one last wish – to make Max pay for what he did to him… although apart from swindling a bit of money it isn’t really clear – and certainly not worth losing your health over…


...anyway – Stafford is dying, and his son Joe takes it upon himself to get revenge on Max. He does this by sleeping with his wife, and his daughter. All clear? Not really – you see Joe falls in love with Max’s daughter – so there is always the ominous “skeleton in the closet” over his fling with Cleo’s mother. (Its not that unusual apparently Angel makes a habit of doing that).


Anyway – where was I? Oh yes – Stafford. Hmm it all seems a bit convoluted, but the fight outside the hotel is one of the best scenes in the series. What Stafford doesn’t know of course – and its only hinted at really – is that “Jenny” Max’s mistress who was killed in episode 1 – is really his daughter – so in effect – he is right to hold a grudge against Max. Are you following this? No? Me neither.





Jenny Roberts (Wynter)

Played by Rosie Feller


Mistress of Max Samson in Episode 1. She didn’t last long, and was dead by the end of Part One. It is later revealed that she is probably the daughter of Stafford Wynter (See above




Bishop Black, played by Tim Woodward


Bishop Black

Played by Tim Woodward


Okay – this is Bishop Black. It is revealed in the “flashback week” that the  “black” sheep of Crossroads (Ethan) was the son of this rather mean gentleman, and a Kate Russell look-alike (Mary Black) – who sadly fell to her death after being pushed by… you guessed it – Bishop Black!




Ethan, Max, Kate and Angel as played by their 1970’s counterparts.


The 1970’s Kids

George McGuire (Young Max), Charlie Haynes (Young Kate), Karianne Henderson (Young Angel) and Steven Geller (Young Ethan)


Erm – you’d be better off reading the episode guide or watching the episodes in question…




Ethan Black played by John Bowler.


Ethan Black

Played by John Bowler


Although often billed in the “Guest Star” spot, John Bowler was a series regular. Let’s see – Ethan was a childhood friend of Max, Kate and Angel, but somehow became the “dark side” in later years – possibly over resentment at not having a relationship with Kate (who looked in later years like his mum). To be honest, it all gets a bit confusing – you’re better off reading the episode guides!


At the end of the series, Ethan and Max were both bidding over the worthless company, Cromwell Leisure.


John Bowler was another character that was in the series throughout the run.










Some characters not included yet


Although the characters of Mary Black and Hilary Wesson also appeared in the show, they were played by Jane Gurnett and Roger Sloman. These will be added shortly.