Crossroads 2003: After the end…


The 2003 series was originally scheduled to run for a whole year. Unfortunately the axe fell much sooner, and only 5 months of episodes were produced. Some of the plans for what was to happen next were well under way…


At one stage, there were rumours that producer Yvon Grace had “checked on the availability” of Jordan, was meeting with Linda (Sue Ellen) Gray and was actively pursuing Graham Norton. Whether or not these stories were true, we shall probably never know. The following details have been confirmed though – so feast your imagination on “what might have been”…




Adam Chance Returns (again)


The Return of Adam Chance


Yes! It’s true! Plans were well underway to bring scheming Adam Chance back from the dead. As Executive Producer, Yvon Grace would later reveal…

“Yes its true that we were considering bringing back Adam Chance because in our re-vamped version we wanted only to bring back characters from the 2001 revival that had some sort of sex appeal. I know Adam Chance's sex appeal is a moot point (!) but in our rather heightened re-vamp of the show, Adam Chance would have played Rasputin to Angel's Catherine the Great...(we had in mind a storyline that would take Angel down the obsessed route and Adam into meglamania territory)

We would not have brought back Jill as the remit we had from ITV when we took on the revamp of Crossroads, was to do something entirely different with the show and not hark back to original storylines. That is also why we did not want to get involved in filling in any storyline gaps from the previous revival like the (SARAH JANE / LOUISE DIXON)  imposter storyline…




In an interview with the Crossroads Appreciation Society, actor Tony Adams revealed a little more about the plans.


“Angel Samson meets Adam in a church.  He is dishevelled, dirty and very much down on his luck.  They start talking and Angel takes him back to the hotel, he cleans himself up and she takes him under her wing.  She gives him money, provides him with Armani clothes and consults him on absolutely everything.  He becomes her personal "guru".”


He also revealed that he was a fan of the show, and that he was upset when it was axed…


“I was devastated.  My partner and I used to video the show every day and watch it at about 7 p.m. with a pre-dinner drink!  We never missed an episode.  It was glamorous, fun, at times hysterically funny and the cast were brilliant.  If it had been put on as a completely new show called "The Samsons", with a better time slot, I think it would have been an enormous success”


Calista -  (Liz Smith)


According to several news reports at the time there were also plans for Angel’s mother “Calista” to make an appearance in the show. She was to be played by none other than Nanna Royle herself, Liz Smith.


Yvon confirmed that “at the point of being axed, we had confirmed Liz Smith to play Callista, Angel's mother”




Wally - (Duncan Preston)


Not often mentioned, but one of the most interesting pieces of casting was Duncan Preston. We have read the scripts for the week following the last episode and he was due to have played a character called “Wally” – an old flame of Oona Stocks.


Duncan is (of course) famous for appearing in Crossroads spoof “Acorn Antiques”. He was due to have arrived around the end of the Cromwell Leisure storyline.  Part of his plot involved Dave being his accomplice to the theft of a necklace from a Lady Devonshire…


Wally would also have come up with a plan to help Dave and Oona raise some cash… He was going to pay them £30,000 (enough to buy the pub) in return for… an “indecent proposal” involving Oona. Dave and Oona decide to go along with the plan, until Tracey reminds Dave that love is more important. Episode 103 would have seen Dave burst into Wally’s hotel room before anything happened – and then (following Wally’s arrest) Dave was going to propose to Oona.


Scripts for Episodes 102 and 103




Evelyn Moon - (Rosemary Leach)


Not much is known about this character, other than the fact she was due to be a “Wedding Planner”. This was confirmed by Yvon Grace. It IS known that in Episode 99 or thereabouts, Joe would have asked Cleo to marry him, so we assume that this character would have been involved in their wedding.


Steve - (Dean Gaffney)


It was revealed by THE SUN newspaper that ex-EastEnders actor, Dean Gaffney was due to play a cocky chef called Steve…

“His new character Steve arrives at the Crossroads Hotel as an assistant to gay chef Vince Vaccaro, played by Ben Porter. But he soon shows his ambitious streak as he reveals he would rather be working at posh
London restaurant The Ivy. And…he wastes no time chatting up the ladies — starting with kitchen girl Lola Wise.”



Thanks to: Yvon Grace, Cindy Marshall-Day, CAS and Carlton Television