Features: Episode Guide: January 2003


The following episode guide has been written (where possible) after re-watching the episodes in question. These episodes feature screen captures alongside. Where there is a guide that is accompanied by images of the title sequence it means that the episode has not been viewed and that alternative sources have been used. Previous episodes can be found HERE




Episode 001 / 321 – “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome”

Transmitted: 13/01/03 (Monday) – Written by Faith McKinnon and James Stevenson

Guest Star: Emma Noble as Susie Samson


Time has moved on at the Crossroads Hotel – a whole year in fact! New owners, Max and Angel Samson are busy making last-minute preparations for a lavish 23rd birthday party for their twin sons Ryan and Jimmy. One of the twins (Ryan) flirts outrageously with a woman as he travels to his party by train, and they are soon enjoying an encounter in an empty toilet cubicle.


Elsewhere, Max sneaks off for some fun of his own with his mistress Jenny in room 207. As Max does up his tie he tells Jenny that he doesn't love her and they fight. Jenny threatens to embarrass Max in front of his family by going down to the party. In his fury he attempts to pull her back as she leaves… Unfortunately she falls – and as she does so she hits her head fatally on a cupboard door.  


Angel inevitably arrives in the room at this point - having found the master key that Max left behind when he left their apartment. Instead of the romantic encounter she intended on breaking up she finds a devastated Max and a dead body. Worried that this is going to damage everything she's worked for, Angel takes charge.


Later Dave and Oona Stocks (the new owners of “The Cat in the Moon” pub) gatecrash the birthday party and get thrown out by Kate on Angel's orders - "You never used to take orders from anybody, Kate Russell. How the mighty have fallen" says an irate Oona. Meanwhile Rocky asks Virginia for a dance and ends up dancing with Betty!


Other uninvited guests at the party include streetwise and sassy teens Belle and Lola Wise – who are on a mission to stay at the hotel for free by whatever devious method they can find. They pretend to be a girl band “The Booty Girls” – although their act doesn’t convince everyone.


After Angel calms Max down they head back to the party just in time for Jimmy to turn up late…with his new wife Suzie – the woman his brother “met” on the train!





Episode 002 / 322 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 14/01/03 (Tuesday) – Written by Faith McKinnon and James Stevenson

Guest Star: Emma Noble as Susie Samson


In the dead of night Max digs a hole just outside the hotel in a crude attempt to bury Jenny's body.


Meanwhile Lola and Belle, having checked in on a stolen credit card, continue to milk the scam for all its worth by going swimming. Oona ponders just how low-class the hotel has gone since the Samsons took over. Leather clad biker Joe Lacey arrives at the pub looking for a job to no avail. He gets offered a room in Dave and Oona's pub which he accepts before making his way to the Crossroads Hotel.


General manager Kate Russell and Max reminisce about how he broke her heart 30 years ago when Max chose Angel instead of her. We later learn that Max plans to erect a statue of an angel outside the hotel as a tribute to his wife.


Angel is very obviously unhappy at the sudden marriage of Jimmy to Suzie…in fact she's not fond of Suzie at all and wants rid of her "whatever it takes". On top of this, Jimmy announces he's quit college, so Max is quick to offer him a vacancy at the hotel. Later, while the rest of the family are at church, Ryan and Suzie enjoy a second passionate encounter – in the Jacuzzi – although Ryan pulls back when Suzie offers to continue elsewhere. It appears that he was testing his new sister in law.


Later, Suzie rifles through Angel's room and steals some earrings – only to be confronted by Rocky on his way to fix the TV. He collapses from what looks like a heart attack as Betty rushes in to the room…





Episode 003 / 323 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 15/01/03 (Wednesday) – Written by Jim Guthrie

Guest Star: Emma Noble as Susie Samson


Rocky is recovering from what has been diagnosed as an angina attack. He is about to tell Betty that he saw Suzie stealing but is interrupted by Suzie herself. She tries to convince Rocky that he's going senile in his old age and that he was seeing things in Angel's room. However Rocky tells Betty what he saw and she runs off to inform Angel.


Max takes sons Jimmy and Ryan to a new casino operation he's purchased and informs Jimmy that if he does not ditch Suzie, then he won't own a portion of the casino and subsequent profits.


Elsewhere (in an attempt to wind up Virginia) Belle and Lola promise to bring Rocky some flowers but their scam on the stolen credit card looks to have been rumbled. Instead they steal flowers from a delivery truck and present them to Rocky.


Tracey’s divorce from Jake is full and complete, she can now marry again. Tracey  is devastated having spent ages married to the man and her life feels empty. Meanwhile Helen confides in Vince that she may be pregnant.


Betty finds Suzie in the hotel and offers her some tea and advice. She convinces Suzie to put the earrings back where she had them from to clear her guilt-feelings. Unfortunately for Suzie this is part of an elaborate trap – and as she does Angel walks in…






Episode 004 / 324 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 16/01/03 (Thursday) – Written by Julie Everton

Guest Star: Emma Noble as Susie Samson


Instead of siding with his family, Jimmy rages at Betty and Angel for setting Suzie up as a thief. Suzie quickly concocts a story to reassure Jimmy and says Angel jumped to the wrong conclusions. Jimmy – being a thoroughly decent – and very naïve soul -  believes his new wife.


Things are playing on Angel’s mind when Joe Lacey arrives at the hotel. He charms her and manages to get himself a job – as handyman – although exactly what “duties” he will be expected to perform aren’t clear…


Max is not one to lose a battle and he offers to buy Suzie off by offering her money to leave. Although she is tempted, Suzie refuses this offer – for the time being.


Feeling guilty, Ryan tells the family how he had sex with Suzie on the train. Angel is pleased as this could be the ammunition she needs. Later, in the hotel orangery, Ryan confesses to his brother - causing Jimmy to explode with rage.


Later Jimmy and Suzie drop in on a “celebratory” Samson family meal – and much to her surprise Jimmy distances himself from the family and therefore his chances of a share of the Samson fortune lie in tatters.





Episode 005 / 325 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 17/01/03 (Friday) – Written by Julie Everton

Karaoke: “Sisters are doing it for themselves” sung by Belle and Lola Wise

Guest Star: Emma Noble as Susie Samson


Max and Angel offer Suzie £15k in cash if she writes a letter in which she rejects Jimmy. They tell her that if she stays she will suffer more of the same wrath. Suzie demands a minimum of £25k but agrees to write the letter. She is given a suitcase holding her money - However, she finds out to her dismay that instead of having £25k all she has is a handful of £20 notes - the rest of the bundles under the top note are all blank. Jimmy is devastated at Suzie's running out, so much so he leaves her letter behind in the conservatory and it blows away.


Kate finds a discrepancy in the accounts – “Jenny Roberts” hasn't paid her bill. Angel is visibly shocked at the mention of Max’s dead lover and she is thus forced to concoct a story about the missing money. Kate is instructed to append the missing amount onto the books to make them balance.


Elsewhere Belle and Lola are almost caught out in their “popstars” scam. Helen, on a karaoke night at the Cat in the Moon pub, invites the Wise sisters to sing at the event. Virginia agrees to go along to see them shown up in front of the crowd. Unfortunately for her, the Wise sisters can sing well enough to entertain the pub crowd.


After a worried couple of days, Helen (and bizarrely Vince) take pregnancy tests in the hotel toilets. She is relieved to learn she isn't pregnant after all!


The episode ends with the police arriving at Crossroads…




Episode 006 / 326 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 20/01/03 (Monday) – Written by Chris Fewtrell

Guest Star: Scott Wright as Jeff Larson


When the police arrive at Crossroads,  Angel thinks that they're there to investigate the case of the missing Jenny Roberts – but in actually fact they are at the hotel to investigate the  “missing” credit card that the Wise sisters have been using to finance their stay.


Angel makes up an excuse to the police and they leave satisfied but berates Kate for allowing Virginia to call them in the first place. With the arrival of the police, Belle and Lola are obviously rumbled on their scam when their hotel bill soars above £2,000 with no way to pay it. They prepare to make a run for it but while raiding the mini-bar in their room, Kate stops them. Eldest sister Philomena (Phil) arrives to sort the issue out. She gives her sisters grief but is unable to pay the £2k bill. The only solution, according to Kate, is for them to work in the hotel as chambermaids.


In other developments, one Jeff Larson arrives at the hotel. Beena is interested until she sees his young son Toni behind him. Toni soon befriends Cleo. However on a call to room service, Beena overhears Jeff talking on the phone and asking for money. Could he have kidnapped young Toni?


Meanwhile Vince argues with Tracey over her inability to maintain a stock list while Scott looks on. Having recovered sufficiently from his angina attack, Rocky returns to work and reveals that he is a fan of building miniature model ships in his spare time, a pastime that Virginia finds somewhat disinteresting.


Meanwhile Kate reveals that she can't pay money due back to Max because she's given it to Tracey for Scott's new uniform. Max has another payback idea - rekindle the 30yr-old flame between them. Kate's refuses.


Joe Lacey moves into the hotel and makes hurtful remarks to Cleo about Max - not realising he's her father.





Episode 007 / 327 – “Children of a Lesser God”

Transmitted: 21/01/03 (Tuesday) – Written by Chris Fewtrell

Guest Star: Scott Wright as Jeff Larson


Angel has nightmares about Max leaving her. Although if her sub-conscious isn't bad enough, in real-life she is not happy about the new chambermaids Belle and Lola, nor the fact that Kate gave them the jobs in the first place.


Less than one day into the new job, Lola finds herself having fun with chocolate body paint in the honeymoon suite with Ryan who turns the charm on full-blast. Angel and Kate walk in to check on their new employee….Meanwhile Belle finds her way to Jimmy and they chat, although she's more interested in scoffing all the biscuits available.


Elsewhere, Beena continues to spead her kidnapping theory around the hotel and tells Virginia and Cleo. Neither of them believe it. Cleo, meanwhile, ends up in the middle of a card game with Toni.


Scott plays truant from school, hiding in the kitchen and has a heart to heart with Vince about the general poorness of his life since Jake left. Such a heart to heart allows Scott to persuade Vince to change his way and attitude towards Tracey. It seems the chat is a success even though it appears that Vince and Tracey are chatting each other up!






Episode 008 / 328 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 22/01/03 (Wednesday) – Written by Alan Pollock

Guest Star: Scott Wright as Jeff Larson


Angel reacts furiously to finding her favourite son in the arms of a common chamber maid, however secretly Kate and she share a joke about the situation – revealing something of their past friendship. Angel insists that Lola leave the hotel despite Kate’s statement that it “takes two to tango”. Kate has other ideas – and shifts Lola “below stairs” to a role in the kitchen.


Whilst riding around King’s Oak on her bicycle, Cleo runs into Jeff Larson and Toni. Toni is sporting a dodgy side parting which is fortunately hidden by a baseball cap. She agrees to keep them company while they enjoy time at the park. Later – and emotional Toni reveals that “he” is in fact a “she”.


Poor Jimmy Samson tells his brother that he thinks he may have found just the person to take his mind of Suzie… you guessed it – Lola Wise. Ryan doesn’t have the heart to tell his brother that she too has already had one Samson brother – but of course – this doesn’t stay a secret for long – and soon the brothers argue again.


Rocky continues with his matchstick model of a ship but sadly all his efforts are ruined when Betty and Virgina argue and accidentally destroy it. They attempt to glue it back together – but much to their  horror they are unable to do it successfully. Rocky however is fine when he finds out – after all he would forgive Virginia almost anything.




Episode 009 / 329 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 23/01/03 (Thursday) – Written by Liz Clegg.

Guest Star: Scott Wright as Jeff Larson


Jimmy is enjoying his new role as promotions manager at Crossroads and his first major role is trying to convince a group of Hollywood executives to hold a conference at the hotel… or at least that is what he thinks! Unfortunately he misread the fax and it's turns out to be Bollywood executives instead. Vince (being a typical chef) refuses to change his menu.


Lola starts her new job in the kitchen and is quick to act upon the Hollywood/Bollywood mix-up by driving to the local Indian restaurant and returning with Indian food. It turns out to be a great move as the Bollywood executives decide to book a conference for 75 in three weeks time!


Elsewhere, Cleo gets deeper into Joe and Toni situation. Toni doesn't want to leave and confides in Cleo before ringing her mother on the telephone. Cleo, on the other hand, has now managed to get herself well and truly stuck in the setup. She turns up  at their room to try and get Jeff to change his mind about running away to Paris with Toni. But when (his ex) Lynda turns up it immediately looks like Cleo set the entire situation up...


Elsewhere, Angel has changed the locks to her office, which means that Kate has to work in the bar area until Angel turns up. Angel publicly blames Kate for the fiasco over the Bollywood booking. Jimmy apologises on her behalf but Kate storms out for fresh air where she meets Dave. He offers her a place to live at the Cat in the Moon pub.





Episode 010 / 330 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 24/01/03 (Friday)

Karaoke: “Title” sung by Character

Guest Star: Scott Wright as Jeff Larson


The Larson family's situation comes to a conclusion. Lynda, Jeff's ex wife, is frantically bashing on the door wanting to get in. Toni is in floods of tears with Cleo and Jeff refuses to give in. He's props the door shut with chairs, determined that Cleo set the situation up and thinks that Lynda will only take Toni away back to New York.


Joe takes it upon himself to break the door down to 'rescue' Cleo. Meanwhile Lynda rushes in and scoops Toni up into her arms. All this sparks off an argument between Mr and Mrs Larson which causes Toni Larson to disappear thus initiating a search of the premises. Cleo finds her hiding in the conservatory and returns her to her parents where the three Larsons attempt to sit down together and sort the situation out between them.


Elsewhere, Joe Lacey sneaks into Max's den looking for private documents. He takes snaps of them and sneaks back out. What could he be up Later  Angel catches Max and Kate together, the former wondering how things might have been if they'd stayed together. Totally fed up of Angel's interruptions by now, Kate tells Angel that she's leaving the hotel but not staying to do her job there any longer than she has to.





Episode 011 / 331 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 27/01/03 (Monday)

Guest Star: Linda Robson as Wanda Wise


Phil decides that its time to visit her mother Wanda in prison. However her sisters Lola and Belle don't wish to join her on the trip and Phil is too scared to go on her own. So she gets Joe to go with. However they can't see Wanda so Joe and Phil go to a Bed & Breakfast where Phil is hit by stomach pains - she reveals that she is eight months pregnant!


Meanwhile Kate has now moved out of the hotel into a spare room at the Cat in the Moon pub.


Angel, decides to clear out Kate's old apartment and catches Joe transporting Kate's valued possessions to her new home. She 'accidentally' drops a vase. When Kate finally gets the package it is accompanied by a bitchy note that informs her not to use Joe for such purposes again.


In other developments, Belle finds a necklace in a guest room during its cleaning and keeps it for herself. However Max finds her with it and is horrified to find that it is Jenny's! Tracey develops a crush on Jimmy of all people but is fooled into thinking that he loves Belle.






Episode 012 / 332 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 28/01/03 (Tuesday)

Guest Star: Linda Robson as Wanda Wise


Phil plucks up the courage to visit her mother Wanda in prison and eventually informs her about her pregnancy. Wanda, however, is more interested in borrowing money from Phil to pay off £300 of debt accumulated inside after only three weeks! Later, Lola and Belle apologise to Phil for not going to see Wanda and make it up to her by going to a nightclub instead.


Angel promotes Cleo to be the manager of the health spa. Rocky witnesses Helen and Virginia bickering again so decides that to fix it by booking a joint session for the pair of them into the Jacuzzi.


Ryan continues to flirt with Beena - he tells her that he has the knack of "horizontal folk dancing" and offers to take Beena to the moon and back. Reality? The Cat In The Moon pub instead! She's not happy and leaves but Helen takes her place. They go back to Virginia's house and a naked Ryan is caught in the fridge by Virginia returning home, complete with guests in tow!


Over at the Cat In The Moon pub, Oona finds out by chance that Kate has moved in but is pleased at the development when its potential as a source of gossip is realised.






Episode 013 / 333 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 29/01/03 (Wednesday)


Angel makes copious arrangements for a party of the unveiling of her new statue until Max cancels the entire lot. A furious Angel puts it back on again and then learns that Max has buried Jenny under the new statue. A somewhat perfect hiding place for the evidence, although Angel is bemused at a party going on at what is now a gravestone. In light of this, Angel enforces the party's cancellation to the fury of the staff.


Kate and Jimmy phone around canceling supplies. And then clever Max comes up with the best way to completely ruin everybody's day - the party's back on. "So, you want me to un-cancel the cancellation?" asks Jimmy. Beena's forced to call the supplier of Angel's new ice sculptures to have them ready else Angel will present herself to him with a kettle of boiling water! Beena and Virginia gossip over the reason for the cancellation - have they had a row?


Further effects are felt when Kate technically "sacks" Vince who blows his top at the news of the un-cancellation of the party. Meanwhile Virginia informs Angel that she caught her son in the nude last night but Jimmy says he's not serious about Helen. However when Virginia tries to press the matter further, Angel comes out with "Virginia, my dear, you're confusing me with somebody who gives a damn." Rocky gets involved to stand up for Virginia.


By this time, Kate is fit to explode. She's not had a good day, first her heel broke on the way in, causing excess paperwork to fall in the puddles, then there's the hassle of un-cancelling the party and then shifting some flowers back onto the supplier while grumpy Max looks on. Angel's grilling over her "sacking" Vince is the final straw.


Kate explodes into a fit of rage and throws all kind of insults in all directions. Beena is accused of being so far up Angel's rear end that soon she'll start talking in her voice! Rocky is accused of being a lovesick puppy rushing to Virginia, Tracey gets an earful of being a soppy teenager which explains why her son Scott is now so screwed-up.


Virginia lectures Helen over her dalliance with Ryan, but she softens when Helen points out that he is a well-connected Samson.






Episode 014 / 334 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 30/01/03 (Thursday)

Guest Star: Kate O Mara as Lady Alice Fox


Angel is overcome with fear about Jenny’s body being discovered. Her emotions are in a whirl so she goes to church for confession, but Joe eavesdrops. Later she pours her heart out to Joe in his room and it leads to a passionate kiss. Angel is only just in time to unveil her new magnificent bronze statue of - unsurprisingly - an angel. This follows a speech about forgiveness, so thus Max promises to never let Angel down again.


Elsewhere, everybody is still upset at Kate's outburst although she doesn't show her face - and neither does Jimmy. Max meets up with Lady Alice Fox, who turned down his application for a casino license. Apparently she objects to doing business with an American!





Episode 015 / 335 – “tbc”

Transmitted: 31/01/03 (Friday)

Karaoke: “Torn”


Joe is smitten by the kiss with Angel but Max has his suspicions and warns him off. Angel is also frosty when Joe goes to see her in her room.


Throughout the day, Max and Angel both do their best to humiliate Joe with menial tasks and, in despair, he turns to drink for comfort. Later he throws his bottle at Angel's new statue. Phil is shocked to discover him distraught by the fountain and, after a while, he admits that there is more to his relationship with the Samsons. It appears that Max destroyed his father and he is out for revenge.


A morose Kate finds Helen’s shoulder to cry on, but Tracey is still angry at Kate’s outburst and refuses to forgive her at a karaoke night at the pub later on.


Meanwhile Belle discovers a new secret about Jimmy - he's into engineering drawings. Phil ponders over whether to keep her baby or put it up for adoption.